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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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By Devry Becker Jones, October 31, 2020
Hupp's Hill Marker
1Virginia (Shenandoah County), Strasburg — Hupp's HillThe Battle of Hupp's Hill or Stickley's Farm — 1864 Valley Campaign —
During mid-October 1864, Union Gen. Philip Sheridan's army was camped along the north bank of Cedar Creek, confident his Valley campaign had successfully ended following smashing victories at Winchester, Fishers Hill and Toms Brook. But the . . . Map (db m3045) HM
2Virginia (Shenandoah County), Strasburg — Cedar CreekStrategic Crossing — 1864 Valley Campaign —
When Gen. U.S. Grant came East to assume command of all Union forces in 1864, he ordered Gen. Franz Sigel to seize control of the Valley. As Sigel moved south along the Valley Turnpike, Confederates on May 9, 1864, burned the bridge here delaying . . . Map (db m636) HM
3Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — 128th New York Volunteer Regiment
Dedicated on 15 October 1907, this monument is adjacent to the original Valley Pike right of way. It marks the eastern limit of the XIX U.S. Corps positions occupied on 19 October 1864 and is at the approximate point where U.S. Generals Horatio G. . . . Map (db m3397) HM
4Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Union Trenches
The main portion of the XIX U.S. Corps earthworks began here and extended one mile westward. Colonel Daniel Macaulay's 3rd Brigade, a part of Brigadier General Cuvier Grover's 2nd Division, occupied them with the 128th New York and 38th . . . Map (db m3399) HM
5Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — 1st Maine Battery
Captain Eben D. Haley's 1st Maine Light Artillery occupied a knoll behind the contact point of Colonel Daniel Macaulay's 3rd Brigade and Brigadier General Henry W. Birge's 1st Brigade. The battery quickly came under Confederate artillery fire and . . . Map (db m3427) HM
6Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Molineux's 2nd Brigade
The westernmost brigade of U.S. Brigadier General Cuvier Grover's 2nd Division, XIX U.S. Corps, the 2nd Brigade first came under pressure when C.S. Major General Joseph B. Kershaw's Division attacked its front and left. Then C.S. Major General John . . . Map (db m3428) HM
7Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Union Withdrawal
Elements of Brigadier General James W. MacMillan's 1st Division, XIX U.S. Corps, left their part of the earthworks to fight C.S. Major General John B. Gordon's men closer to the Valley Pike. When Colonel Edward L. Molineux's and Brigadier General . . . Map (db m3429) HM
8Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — The Battle of Cedar Creek
Fought on these hills and fields, Oct 19, 1864. Gen. Jubal A. Early's 22,000 Confederates attacked Gen. Philip H. Sheridan's 60,000 Federals. The first assault a surprise flank movement by Gen. John B. Gordon, was a Confederate success. This . . . Map (db m3380) HM
9Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Ramseur Monument
Esse Quam Videri Northwest of this tablet, 800 yards, is the Belle Grove House in which died, October 20, 1864, of wounds received at Cedar Creek October 19, 1864, Maj.-Gen. Stephen Dodson Ramseur, C.S.A. A native of North Carolina, he . . . Map (db m18684) HM
10Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — A-56 — Battle of Cedar Creek
In early Oct. 1864, portions of Union Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan’s army bivouacked here on the hills and rolling farmland just north of Cedar Creek along the Valley Turnpike (present-day U.S. Rte. 11). Just before daybreak on 19 Oct., Confederate . . . Map (db m50310) HM
11Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Heater House
Probably built around 1800, this clapboard-covered log house was once the center of a prosperous 600 acre farm owned by Solomon and Caroline Wunder Heater. Although two of her sons died in Confederate service, Mrs. Heater, a native of Pennsylvania, . . . Map (db m155785) HM
12Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Heater Fields
The 2nd (Vermont) Brigade of the 2nd Division, VI U.S. Corps, briefly deployed around the Heater House as skirmishers in the first federal effort to stop the 19 October 1864 Confederate morning attack. When this proved unfeasible, the entire . . . Map (db m155787) HM
13Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Battlefield Center
From this position (Belle Grove Mansion is west of here) most of the VI and XIX U.S. Corps camps were visible on 19 October 1864. The XIX Corps camped close to their earthworks along the ridge to the south. VI Corps units were placed along the . . . Map (db m3363) HM
14Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Battle of Cedar Creek
The Battle of Cedar Creek 19 October 1864 (a.m.) Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan’s Union forces established themselves on both sides of the Valley Pike, north of Cedar Creek, centered on Belle Grove. Confederate Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early . . . Map (db m15171) HM
15Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Battle of Cedar CreekOctober 19, 1864
General Philip Sheridan defeated General Jubal Early here for the third time in 30 days. Sheridan’s pursuit of Confederates from Fisher’s Hill halted at Mount Crawford. On his return he encamped his three corps in this immediate area. Early followed . . . Map (db m581) HM
16Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — The Cauldron
The defense of the high ground around Middletown Cemetery by the 2nd Division, U. S. VI Corps, stopped the Confederate momentum. Confederate forces from the divisions of Generals Stephen D. Ramseur and Gabriel Wharton regrouped in the area between . . . Map (db m36752) HM
17Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — Colonel Charles Russell Lowell
Commanding Reserve Brigade Cavalry Corps Army of the Shenandoah Fell in action near this place October 19, 1864 Useful Citizen * Gallant Soldier He died too early for his country (reverse side) Cedar . . . Map (db m1868) HM
18Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — A-14 — End Of Sheridan’s Ride
This knoll marks the position of the Union Army when Sheridan rejoined it at 10:30 A.M., October 19, 1864, in the Battle of Cedar Creek. His arrival, with Wright's efforts, checked the Union retreat.Map (db m577) HM
19Virginia (Frederick County), Middletown — A-15 — Battle of Cedar Creek
Near this point General Early, on the morning of October 19, 1864, stopped his advance and from this position he was driven by Sheridan in the afternoon.Map (db m568) HM
20Virginia (Shenandoah County), Strasburg — A-21 — Battle of Cedar Creek
The breaking of this bridge in the evening of October 19, 1864 permitted Sheridan to retake most of the material captured in the morning by Early.Map (db m3461) HM
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