“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Anoka County Minnesota Historical Markers

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By McGhiever, April 19, 2019
Anoka Post Office
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Anoka Post OfficeCirca 1916
This building was designed by U.S. Government architect James Knox Taylor. It is a textbook example of Georgian Revival style architecture with its massive rectangular size, brick façade, cornice, arched windows, modillions under the eaves, and . . . — Map (db m132571) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Bridging the Mississippi
The Mississippi River was an obstacle to overland travelers attempting to cross to the other side. From1855 to 1884 a flat bottomed cable ferry was maintained between Anoka and Champlin. For a time two ferry companies operated at this . . . — Map (db m70875) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Circle of Life
The Dakota and Ojibwa people believed that the confluence of two great rivers was a sacred place. The Point was used as an encampment and gathering place for several tribes. It was also a meeting place to form hunting parties going north . . . — Map (db m70897) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Fireman's Grove
Fireman's Grove is located here in the area just above the confluence of the Rum River. It was named for the firemen who pastured their horses at The Point. Fireman's Grove became a favorite gathering place for townspeople and visitors who . . . — Map (db m70973) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Highway of Exploration
The Rum and the Mississippi were highways for the earliest recorded European explorers of Minnesota. Many explorers traveled past The Point and some may have camped here including Radission, Hennepin, Du Luth, Pike, Faribault and Nicollet. . . . — Map (db m70569) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Logbooms Meet Sawmills
The white pine forests fell to the logger's ax in the northern Rum River pineries, "Seventy mills in seventy years could not exhaust the white pine I have seen on the Rum River" predicted Daniel Stanchfield, a lumber-wise timber cruiser . . . — Map (db m70937) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Perseverance Needed
Struggles and hardship are expected in building a community, but Anoka may have had more than its share of disasters. Through each trial, the community rebounded and Anoka continues to be a vital, dynamic community. Anoka County was . . . — Map (db m70953) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — River Highways
The Rum and the Mississippi were river highways for the Dakota, the Ojibwa, European explorers, traders and settlers. Between 1850 and 1870 the Rum and the Mississippi became "working rivers" for lumbermen. In the fall loggers traveled . . . — Map (db m70914) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Rum River Dam
The first dam was built here in 1853 of logs and earth fill by Caleb and W.H. Woodbury. It washed away in high water in the Spring of 1854. A second dam was built in 1854 by James McCann. This dam and its pool provided 5 sluiceways for water power . . . — Map (db m70264) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — The Gathering Place
The square of land on the east side of the Rum River just south of Main Street has been a place for Anoka citizens to gather since the town began in the mid-1800's. Known as Bridge Square, it was a place to share news, to hear speeches and . . . — Map (db m70586) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — The Stone House / Robert W. Akin
The Stone House Three stone houses were built during the 1920's by Thaddeus P. Giddings (1969-1954). Giddings was the Supervisor of Music for the Minneapolis Schools and founder of the National Music Camp in Interlachen, Michigan. The . . . — Map (db m70825) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Where Cultures Meet
Native peoples and traders met at a trading post constructed across the Rum River from The Point in 1844 by Joseph Bellanger. The Ojibwa brought furs and skins to trade for copper cooking pots, cloth, blankets, decorative beads and iron . . . — Map (db m70921) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Where Land and Water Meet
The Mississippi River forms a unique and complex ecosystem spanning 2000 miles. From its origin at Lake Itasca in Northern Minnesota to its outlet in the Gulf of Mexico the river encompasses a diversity of life found only in a very few places . . . — Map (db m70908) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Why Settle Here? / Time to Play
Why Settle Here? Looking for Work Timber was a resource that drew many west and in 1847, surveyor Daniel Stanchfield noted, "Seventy mills in seventy years couldn't exhaust the white pine I have seen on the Rum River". The rivers . . . — Map (db m70982) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Coon Rapids — Coon Rapids Dam Regional ParkMississippi National River and Recreation Area-Partner Site — East Visitor Center —
The Mighty Mississippi River One of the world’s great rivers, the Mississippi trickles from Minnesota’s Lake Itasca, gathering the waters of the nation’s heartland as it flows to the Gulf of Mexico. On its timeless journey, the river weaves . . . — Map (db m70952) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Ramsey — Ice Age Souvenir — Great River Road Minnesota —
Twenty thousand years ago, a great sheet of ice, the Superior lobe, covered this area. At its farthest advance, it formed the St. Croix moraine, a series of high hills to the west, south, and east. When it melted, it left behind vast . . . — Map (db m70297) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Ramsey — AN-RMC-008 — Itasca Village Townsite
Itasca grew up around an Indian trading post which was established 800 feet east of here in 1849 by Thomas A. Holmes and James Beatty. At the suggestion of Territorial Governor Alexander Ramsey, the settlement was named in honor of Lake Itasca, the . . . — Map (db m69908) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), St. Francis — History of the Rum River
The Rum River, a 148 mile river of gradual grade, is rich in history. The French explored it. The Chippewa and Sioux fought along it, and the pine logs that helped build the cities of the Midwest were floated down it during the lumber boom of the . . . — Map (db m94721) HM

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