“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Perry County Ohio Historical Markers

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By J. J. Prats, June 27, 2019
Hemlock Marker
Ohio (Perry County), Hemlock — 35 — HemlockLosses and Recovery at the Sanders Farm — John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan and about 600 Confederates rode into Hemlock, on July 22, 1863, coming from Snow Creek to the southwest. The raiders stopped at the Benjamin Sanders Farm for food and to water their horses. The farmhouse, which was . . . — Map (db m140131) HM
Ohio (Perry County), McLuney — 3-64 — Milligan, Ohio’s Icebox
On February 10. 1899, a United States Weather Bureau Station operated by Steve Eveland, in the small hamlet of Milligan, Ohio, now part of McLuney, reported a temperature of 39 degrees below zero. To date, this is the lowest temperature . . . — Map (db m122407) HM
Ohio (Perry County), New Lexington — 4-64 — Mariah Storts Allen
Mariah Storts Allen was Ohio’s last surviving first generation daughter of a Revolutionary War soldier. She was born August 4, 1842 in Bearfield Township and died May 2, 1933 in New Lexington. Her father, John Jacob Storts, volunteered to fight . . . — Map (db m122418) HM
Ohio (Perry County), New Straitsville — 9-64 — Robinson’s Cave
On a forested hillside south of New Straitsville. the spacious 1000 square foot Robinson’s Cave offered a secluded location with great acoustics where large groups of Hocking Valley coal miners could meet in secret. Beginning in about 1870, . . . — Map (db m122775) HM
Ohio (Perry County), New Straitsville — 12-64 — World’s Greatest Mine Fire
During the 9-month Hocking Valley Coal Strike beginning in June 1884, tensions between the Columbus & Hocking Coal and Iron Company and striking miners led to violence and destruction. Starting October 11, 1884, unknown men pushed burning mine . . . — Map (db m122804) HM
Ohio (Perry County), New Straitsville, — Paynes CrossingHistoric Underground Railroad Site
Side 1 Payne Cemetery (1852-1945) is the only remnant of a freed African American community known as Paynes Crossing. Research indicates that the area was involved in the Underground Railroad Movement, and may have been established expressly . . . — Map (db m86103) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Rendville — 11-64 — RendvilleBreaking the Color Barrier
Established in 1879 by Chicago industrialist William P. Rend as a coal mining town, Rendville became a place where African Americans broke the color barrier. In 1888, Dr. Isaiah Tuppins, the first African American to receive a medical degree in . . . — Map (db m122447) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Roseville — 19-60 — Nelson McCoy Pottery Company1910–1990
In 1910, Nelson McCoy Sr. established the Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company on Gordon Street in Roseville. The company made utilitarian stoneware using regional and local clay. In 1933, the company name became the Nelson McCoy Pottery . . . — Map (db m122408) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Shawnee — 4 — A Boom Town
Shawnee’s founder, T.J. Davis, purchased land from his fellow investors including this site, then occupied by the farm house of Israel Gordon. Within several months of the town’s platting in March, 1872, the farm house became the town’s first hotel, . . . — Map (db m139214) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Shawnee — 5 — A Little City in the Forest
By the 1930’s the boom was over. The hillsides were scarred. Thousands of openings, natural and man-made, lead to mines and miles of abandoned underground tunnels. Gob piles of useless coal created huge black swaths of barren land. The region became . . . — Map (db m140060) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Shawnee — 3 — Black Diamonds and Bricks
Due to the remote and rugged nature of the land that would become Saltlick Township in 1823, the first European settlers did not settle in this area until 1814, eleven years after Ohio’s statehood. Shawnee was platted in 1872 by a single . . . — Map (db m139207) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Shawnee — 13-64 — Knights of Labor Opera House
In 1869 a secret organization. The Knights of Labor, was founded in Philadelphia. The K.O.L. promoted an ideal society based on bettering life for others with the slogans. “labor was the first capital” and “an injury to one is . . . — Map (db m122800) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Shawnee — 2 — Tecumseh Theater
This building, first known as the Red Men’s Hall, was completed in 1908. In 1976 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Saved from the wrecking ball, and renamed the Tecumseh Theater. An early example of skyscraper . . . — Map (db m139179) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Shawnee — 1 — Welcome to Shawnee and the Little Cities of Back Diamond Region
Welcome to Shawnee and the Little Cities of Back Diamonds Region. This green space celebrates the place we call home by acknowledging and honoring the courage and hard work of thousands of people who labored here to mine the coal that helped power a . . . — Map (db m139147) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — 2-64 — A Seed of Catholic Education in Ohio / The Cradle of Catholicity in Ohio
Side 1 A Seed of Catholic Education in Ohio In April 1830 four Dominican sisters from St. Catherine's, Kentucky, founded St. Mary's Academy, the first Catholic school in Perry County. Bishop Edward Fenwick, first Bishop of Ohio, donated . . . — Map (db m11996) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — 5-64 — First Catholic Church in Ohio
St. Joseph Church, “Cradle of the Faith in Ohio.” was the first Catholic church in the state. Dominican Father Edward Fenwick, later the first bishop of Cincinnati, came from Kentucky to visit local Catholics for the first time in . . . — Map (db m122412) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — 6-64 — First Lutheran Synod
Lutheran congregations formed in Perry County beginning in the late eighteenth to early nineteenth century. The Mother Synod, the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania, sent missionary pastors to Ohio to preach to the growing number of . . . — Map (db m13094) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — 7-64 — General Philip Henry Sheridan
(Side A): Philip Sheridan was most likely born in County Cavan, Ireland in 1831, but records do not indicate his actual birthplace. His family moved to Somerset when Philip was a child and lived down the avenue from this site. His family . . . — Map (db m12012) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — 10-64 — Jacob Miller’s Tavern
In 1805, for $1.50 an acre, Jacob Miller purchased this property in the Congressional Land Office in Chillicothe, capital of the new state of Ohio. He and Somerset co-founder John Finck then each built a tavern on either side of town along the . . . — Map (db m122410) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — Nellie Sheridan Wilson1869-1947
Nellie Sheridan was born into a traditional Irish family but was not content to fill the usual role of a 19th century woman working only inside the home. Somerset's first female postmaster and one of the youngest one in U.S. history, Nellie at 19 . . . — Map (db m133508) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — Somerset
Home of Civil War General Phil Sheridan — Map (db m133367) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — The Sheridan Homestead
The present frame dwelling was built by Gen. Sheridan for his parents in 1859. Under the large oak tree near the house, William Henry Harrison, Corwin, Ewing and Hamer addressed political meetings before the Civil War. In the grove in front of the . . . — Map (db m13095) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Somerset — 1-64 — The Sheridan Monument / 1829 Courthouse
(Side A): The Sheridan Monument The Sheridan monument was erected by and given to the Village of Somerset by the State of Ohio in 1905 to honor the memory of Somerset's General Phillip Henry Sheridan. "Little Phil" was raised in Somerset . . . — Map (db m13096) HM
Ohio (Perry County), Thornville — 8-64 — Zion Reformed Church
Zion (Ribel's) Church was built on this site in 1808. The log structure was located in the Zion Ridge Cemetery, adjacent to the first school in Thorn Township. The congregation of Zion Reformed Church is the oldest in Perry County still in . . . — Map (db m16260) HM

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