“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

McMullen County Texas Historical Markers

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By Steve Henderson, May 5, 2011
Calliham Marker
Texas (McMullen County), George West — 1854 — First Producing Gas Well In McMullen County And First Gas Pipeline To San Antonio(South of Frio River, 1 Mi. NE)
Thirty years before the first producing gas well was drilled in this county, traces of salt water, sulphur, gas, and oil in water wells gave hints of the presence of petroleum here. For years wildcat drilling went on, but with only moderate success. . . . — Map (db m42190) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 674 — Camp Rio Frio, C.S.A.
A Civil War home guard post, acting as buffer to protect older settlements from Apaches and bandits. Scattered local men were members of the 29th Brigade, Texas Militia. Picket homes with dirt floors. Diet of prickly pear salad and fruit, . . . — Map (db m131937) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 1118 — Cross
This community (earlier known as Nopal, San Miguel, Franklin) is one of area's first permanent settlements. Named for Samuel C. Cross, who opened grocery store, became first postmaster, 1924. Post office closed, 1934. Gas well completed nearby, . . . — Map (db m43364) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 1242 — Dog Town Jail
First County Jail, built 1880 at cost of $2800. First expenses included 2 blankets, pair of leg irons, 2 pairs handcuffs. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1966Map (db m118695) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 3304 — McMullen County
Created 1858. Organized 1862. Abandoned because of bandit activities in thicket area during the Civil War. Reorganized 1877, with Tilden as county seat. Named for John McMullen (1785-1853), founder with James McGloin of the Irish Colony at . . . — Map (db m117591) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 3799 — Old Rock Store
Built about 1865 by Pat Cavanaugh, Irish stonemason, assisted by Dick Barker. Site of gun battles in Dog Town (now Tilden), "wide open" during lawless era of the 1860's and 1870's. Preserved since 1929 by Clifton Wheeler, owner. . . . — Map (db m118696) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 12675 — Old San Antonio-Laredo Road
Shortly after the founding of Laredo, in 1755, the Spanish established a transportation-communication route across this site. The road provided necessary abundance of water and grass for travel across this arid region, and served as a vital link . . . — Map (db m117621) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 4529 — San Caja Hill(Located 14 Miles South)
The name, originally "Sin Caja", means "without coffin" in Spanish and may refer to the grim aftermath of the Turkey Creek Indian Battle, which was fought a short distance west of the hill in December 1872. The fight developed after raiding . . . — Map (db m131938) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 5492 — Tilden
Settled 1858 as Rio Frio. Later called "Dog Town" because ranchers used many dogs to round up cattle. 1871 townsite was laid out as Colfax. Made county seat 1877.

Renamed for S.J. Tilden, who won popular vote for U.S. President, . . . — Map (db m118693) HM

Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 5546 — Townsite of WentzFive Miles Southeast to
Founded as market center for a 44,000-acre farm development. Thrived for 3 years, 1914-1916. Wentz townsite was named for C.C. Wentz (1872-1957), agent of the Two Rivers Ranch Co. He promoted the townsite for the absentee Kansas . . . — Map (db m131939) HM
Texas (McMullen County), Tilden — 5923 — Yarbrough BendSite of County's First Settlement — (5 mi. NE, on Frio River) —
Founded 1858. Named for John Swanson Yarbrough, an original settler. Town contained about 30 log "picket houses". Settlers were often harassed by Indians, cattle thieves and wild animals. Other original settlers were: Dr. George Dilworth, John . . . — Map (db m131940) HM

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