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Battle of Peachtree Creek by markers.
Battlefield of Peachtree Creek Marker facing Peachtree Street from Palisades Road image, Touch for more information
By Felch Dumas, August 14, 2008
Battlefield of Peachtree Creek Marker facing Peachtree Street from Palisades Road
1Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-31 — Battlefield of Peachtree Creek
Lt. Gen. John B. Hood, on taking command of the Army of Tennessee [CS], July 18, 1864, began aggressive action against the Federal approach to Atlanta from upper Chattahoochee crossings. July 20. Hood’s 1st move was to attack Thomas’ Army of the . . . Map (db m14415) HM
2Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-26A — Federal Right Wing to Peachtree Creek
July 18, 1864. The 14th A.C., which was posted on extreme rt. of the Cumberland Army, left camp at Mt. Paran Rd., crossed Nancy´s Creek & moved S. on Howell Mill Rd. to Peachtree Cr. Mitchell´s brigade of Davis´ div. covered the Ridgewood Rd. area . . . Map (db m14348) HM
3Georgia, DeKalb County, Atlanta — 044-28 — 4th A.C. at Durand's Mill
July 19, 1864. In deployment of Federal forces approaching Atlanta, it became necessary to fill a gap between those on Peachtree Rd. at the creek & Schofield’s 23d A.C. on Pea Vine Cr. at the Paden plantation (Emory University). Sherman directed . . . Map (db m9764) HM
4Georgia, DeKalb County, Atlanta — 044-29 — Closing the Gap
July 20, 1864. A critical factor in the alignment of Federal troops moving on Atlanta, from Peachtree Creek valley, was a wide gap between Peachtree Rd. (the left of Thomas’ forces) & Schofield’s 23d A.C. posted at the intersection of N. Decatur & . . . Map (db m9500) HM
5Georgia, DeKalb County, Atlanta — Historic Ground
This modern tv station, WAGA-TV stands in land lot 57 of the 18th District of the original Henry, now DeKalb County, near the south fork of Peachtree Creek, was erected in 1966. In July, 1864 the present Briarcliff Road was the route of the . . . Map (db m9766) HM
6Georgia, DeKalb County, Atlanta — 044-42 — Wheeler Delays Blair
McPherson's Army of the Tenn. (US) seized Decatur July 19, 1864 & on the 20th moved towards Atlanta in two columns - the 15th & 16th A.C. via the Ga. R.R., the 17th by roads S. of it where Wheeler's Cav.,(CS) guarding the right of Atlanta's outer . . . Map (db m8894) HM
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7Georgia, DeKalb County, Decatur — Dr. Chapmon Powell’s “Medicine House” and W.J. Houston Plantation
About 1826, Dr. Chapmon Powell erected a log cabin beside the Shallowford Trail near this site. His Indian patients called it the “Medicine House.” His cabin had been relocated onto this site by 1863 when Powell’s son-in-law, . . . Map (db m9361) HM
8Georgia, Dekalb County, Decatur — 044-20 — Logan's 15th & Blair's 17th A.C. to Decatur
July 19, 1864. Logan's troops, in "light fighting order" left camp at Henderson's mill (0.8 mile N.E.), at 5 A.M. & marched to Decatur. They were joined at this point by Blair's corps which had camped at Blake's Mill, 2 miles west. Both corps, . . . Map (db m8761) HM
9Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-58 — 33d N.J. State Flag
July 20, 1864. To this high ground, 500 yds. in front of Geary’s div. (20th A.C.) [US] on Collier Rd., the 33d N.J. regt., Jones’ brigade, was sent to establish & support a battery position. The regiment had scarcely reached this hill when, in a . . . Map (db m16407) HM
10Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-36 — Coburn's Brigade
Four regiments ~ 33d & 85th Ind., 19th Mich. & 22d Wis. ~ Col. John Coburn’s brigade, Ward’s 3d div., 20th A.C., were posted in this sector ~ the 22d Wis. on the ridge as skirmishers, the other three in the ravine N. of the road. The left of . . . Map (db m16382) HM
11Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-35 — Featherston’s Brigade
Gen. W.S. Featherston’s Mississippi brigade of Loring’s div., Stewart’s A.C., [CS] together with Scott’s brigade (on his left), advanced from trenches at & near Loring’s Hill, .9 miles S.W. Traversing a broken area of tangled forest, the brigade . . . Map (db m16380) HM
12Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-54 — Green Bone Creek Reported missing
A small tributary of Peachtree Creek, which rises near Pace’s Ferry Road & drains the valley between Arden, Dover, Howell Mill rds. & Moore’s Mill Road; a landmark of military operations in the Summer of 1864. July 19. Federal 14th A.C. troops . . . Map (db m50501) HM
13Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-57 — Williams' Div. Deployed
July 20, 1864. Williams' div., 20th A. C., having crossed Peachtree Cr. 750 yds. N., deployed his 3 brigades - Robinson's, Knipe's & Ruger's in the order named, on this ridge from this point W. This was part of a general move on Atlanta by Fed. . . . Map (db m16408) HM
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14Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-34 — Wood's Brigade
Col. James Wood's brigade, Ward’s div., [US] was the left of the 20th A.C. line. It was posted in the ravine N. of Collier Rd. where its left joined Kimball’s brigade. Newton’s div. 4th A.C. Featherston’s [CS] attack was delayed by skirmishers . . . Map (db m16381) HM
15Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-30 — Hardee at Peachtree Creek
Troops of Gen. W.J. Hardee’s A.C. [CS] were posted in this sector, July 18, 1864, to guard the creek crossings when it was learned that Federal forces were moving toward Atlanta from Pace’s & Power’s Fys., Chattahoochee River. Wheeler’s Cav. . . . Map (db m16426) HM
16Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-87 — Atlanta's Outer Line
Johnston’s army [CS] moved to this side of the river July 9-10, 1864. French’s div., Stewarts A.C. was posted astride the R.R. to guard the left bank pending Federal crossings up river. July 18. With the Federal advance S. to Peachtree Cr. Valley, . . . Map (db m16583) HM
17Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-39 — Collier's Mill
150 ft. down stream, on the right bank of Tanyard Branch, stood an ante-bellum grist mill built & operated by Andrew J. Collier, pioneer resident of this area. (1827-1887). A notable landmark at the time of the Battle of Peachtree Creek - July 20, . . . Map (db m16497) HM
18Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-56 — Geary’s Three Bridges
July 19, 1864. Covered by the fire of Geary’s 12 guns [US] on the ridge N. of the cr., together with the musketry of a heavy skirmish line, the division pioneers hastily built a foot bridge with timbers previously prepared. Ireland’s Brigade . . . Map (db m16516) HM
19Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-71 — Hardee’s Attack
July 20, 1864. At 3:30 P.M., 3 divisions of Hardee’s A.C., [CS] Bate’s, Walker’s, & Maney’s, moved to the attack of Newton’s 4th A.C. div. [US] posted on the ridge 200 yards north of Collier Road. Bate, on the right of the corps, was just west of . . . Map (db m16506) HM
20Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-40A — Harrison’s Brigade
The 5 regts. of Col. Benjamin Harrison’s brigade of Ward’s div. (20th A.C.) [US] were N. of this ridge when the Confederate attack in this sector was made. The brigade was moved forward in support of Geary’s line & deployed astride Tanyard Branch . . . Map (db m16498) HM
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21Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-83 — Land Lot 104
The area E. (L. L. 104, 17th Dist.), long known as Collier’s Woods, was part of the ante-bellum plantation of George W. Collier (1813-1903). Clear Creek P.O. (1831-1839), probably in this land lot, was named for the stream flowing across it; old . . . Map (db m16545) HM
22Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-48 — Maj. William C. Preston C.S.A
Commanding Artillery Battalion attached to Alexander P. Stewart’s Corps [CS] - killed in action while supervising placement of two sections of Selden’s Ala. Battery, Lt. Chas. W. Lovelace, commanding, near the Embry House, July 20th, 1864, during . . . Map (db m16505) HM
23Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-84 — Old Montgomery Fy. Rd.
A section of the old Montgomery Ferry Road ran N.W. from Geo. W. Collier’s house (Land Lot 104) & crossed Peachtree Road (below Palisades). This point, on the old rd. is S.W. of the site of the war-time house of Andrew J. Collier which stood until . . . Map (db m16517) HM
24Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-42 — On Geary's Front
In 1864, Collier Rd. topped the ridge N. Descending the slope E. it crossed the branch below the dam at Collier’s Mill. Geary’s left – Candy’s brigade & Aleshire’s batteries [US] - were aligned along the old road facing south. The 33d N.J. . . . Map (db m16532) HM
25Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-46 — Reynolds’ Brigade at the Ravine
July 20, 1864. Four regiments of Reynolds’ Arkansas brigade, Walthall’s div., Stewart’s A.C., [CS] having deployed abreast at old Mt. Zion Ch., moved in a right oblique across Howell Mill & Collier rds. into the wooded ravine. The assault fell upon . . . Map (db m16515) HM
26Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta — 060-32 — Ward’s Div. Deployed
July 20, 1864. Gen. W. T. Ward’s 3rd div., 20th A.C., having crossed the creek at Peachtree Road, moved to the low ground at stream-side, its three brigands aligned westward, facing S. From East to West were Wood’s, Coburn’s and Harrison’s . . . Map (db m16501) HM
27Georgia, Fulton County, Sandy Springs — 060-13 — Hascall's Div. Joins Cox's Line of March
July 17, 1864. Gen. J. D. Cox’s 23d A.C. [US], enroute from Isom's Ferry via Mt. Vernon Rd., turned S.E. at Sandy Springs & followed a rural trail (now Johnson’s Ferry and Chamblee roads) to & beyond Nancy’s Creek in DeKalb Co. Cox’s div. was . . . Map (db m16424) HM
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