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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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San Diego - Gaslamp Quarter Historical Markers

Markers have been placed on over 90 historic buildings in the Historic Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego.
Broker's Building, 1889 and Marker image, Touch for more information
By Keith Applewhite, May 18, 2012
Broker's Building, 1889 and Marker
1 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 11 — Broker's Building, 1889Gaslamp Quarter
The original building on this site housed Klauber's and Levi's wholesale business. It suffered from a collapsed foundation in 1887 and was destroyed by fire in 1888. Rebuilt in 1889, this building continued to be home to Abraham Klauber's and Simon . . . Map (db m155044) HM
2 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 62 — Callan Hotel 1878
In 1886, Till Burnes leased this structure as his Acme Saloon. Here he kept his menagerie which included a wildcat, noisy monkeys, an anteater, and his pet bear who escaped on a least two occasions. The bear was also known to lick the face or even . . . Map (db m109358) HM
3 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 7 — Casa de Thomas Addition, 1930
While it appears to be part of the Quin Building, this structure is actually a separate addition built by Thomas Quin. Between 1930 and 1944, it was leased to several proprietors, and operated as an automobile service garage known as the Empire . . . Map (db m52685) HM
4 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 88 — Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assoc., 1911
The original tenants of the two-story, Oriental-theme structure were the Gee Goon Tong, famous for their help in plotting the 1912 revolution which formed the Republic of China. The Benevolent Society was founded in 1920 as an outgrowth of the Tong, . . . Map (db m52949) HM
5 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 2 — Chinese Laundry, 1923
The south half of this building was the Hop Lee Chong Laundry, a Chinese laundry in continuous use from the building's construction in 1923 until 1964. The north half was the home of several Oriental businesses such as the "American Company", . . . Map (db m52651) HM
6 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 86 — Chinese Mission Building, 1927
This California Mission Revival-style building was designed by Louis Gill, nephew and protege of Irving Gill. The facade of the one-story chapel features a sloping red-tile roof over a central bell tower. The Chinese Mission, located in the building . . . Map (db m52947) HM
7 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 8 — Cotheret Building, 1903
Throughout the Gaslamp, this is the only building with an original second story balcony. The upstairs has operated as rented rooms under the names of the Cotheret, Ardmore, and Gaslamp Hotel. The Canary Cottage, run by San Diego's most notorious . . . Map (db m52688) HM
8 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 10 — Frey Block, 1911
The Frey Block Building contains a rich ethnic history. In its first few years, the Frey brothers from France operated a second hand store here. The site later housed several Oriental restaurants. Near one entrance, one can find a tile advertisement . . . Map (db m52690) HM
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9 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 75 — George Hill Building, 1897
This three-story structure was built to replace the landmark Horton’s Hall, which was partially destroyed by fire. The building was designed for five storerooms on the first floor, and thirty offices on the upper floors. The San Diego Normal School, . . . Map (db m51597) HM
10 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 93 — Horton Grand - Kahle Saddlery – 1886Historic Building
San Diego’s oldest Victorian hotel, the Grand Hotel was renamed the Hotel Horton in 1907, and is now the Horton Grand. In 1981, the Horton and the Kahle Saddlery, both located at different sites and slated for demolition, were disassembled, moved . . . Map (db m51358) HM
11 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 77 — I.O.O.F. Building, 1882
A joint effort of the Masonic and Odd Fellows Lodges, this Classical Revival-style building required nearly a decade to complete due to a lack of money and materials. A parade kicked off the long awaited laying of the cornerstone, into which was . . . Map (db m51620) HM
12 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 31 — Keating Building, 1890
This Romanesque-style structure was financed by George Keating, but he passed away before its completion. His wife Fannie directed the completion, which is evidenced in the more feminine and decorative appearance of the upper floors. In 1893, San . . . Map (db m51740) HM
13 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 13 — Labor Temple Building, 1907
This building was the meeting place for various unions, including bartenders, cigar makers, theatrical employees, and the Women Union Labor Leagues. Also home to the San Diego Machine Shop, which operated here for four years during the 1920s. Other . . . Map (db m180801) HM
14 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 5 — Lester Hotel, 1906
The first floor of this building has a colorful tenant history. The Goodwill Bar operated from 1906 to 1945. In 1945, Mike McIntosh and Sam Dini purchased the business. They were responsible for the "McDini" corned beef sandwhich of local fame. In . . . Map (db m52682) HM
15 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 35 — Marston Block, 1881
In 1881, George Marston located his third department store in this two-story Victorian Italian-style building. It remained here until 1896 when it was relocated to a larger building. Until the 1970s, Marston’s was the largest and most successful San . . . Map (db m77092) HM
16 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 30 — Mercantile Building, 1894
The Mercantile Building is an extension of the Ingersoll-Tutton building to the north. This is evident in its matching architectural beauty. This structure housed several retail and service-oriented businesses, including A.M. Ingersoll’s ice cream . . . Map (db m51952) HM
17 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 56 — Montijo Building 1881
This one-story building with 12-inch-thick walls was used as John Young's morgue from 1881 to 1885. John Young was the County Coroner, and claimed embalming to be his specialty. The basement vault was surrounded by ropes used to lower caskets into . . . Map (db m109363) HM
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18 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 4 — Pacifica Hotel, 1910
This building has been the home to several hotels beginning with the Midland in 1914. Later it was known as the New York, Seery, and finally Pacifica. In the 1930’s, it catered to San Diego’s military personnel. From 1917 to 1928, part of the . . . Map (db m52426) HM
19 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 68 — Pioneer Warehouse1918
The Pioneer Truck Company was the first occupant of this building owned by Roscoe Hazard and Elwyn Gould. It was used as a furniture and van storage warehouse. In order to avoid extra handling the San Diego & Arizona Santa Fe Railroad spur tracks . . . Map (db m191981) HM
20 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 82 — Produce Market, 1918
Holding true to its name, the Produce Market building has been the home to various produce companies. One of its more notable proprietors was the Nason Sales Company. They were the first company to import bananas into San Diego directly from . . . Map (db m191978) HM
21 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 6 — Quin Building, 1930
In 1930, this Spanish Colonial Revival style structure was built in the heart of Chinatown for Thomas A. Quin. The top portion had two apartments, and the bottom floor was a combination storefront and storage space. Seven years after its . . . Map (db m52687) HM
22 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 87 — Quong Building, 1913
The Quong Building is not only an historical structure, it has also been the site of archeological digs. The building gets its name from Mow Yuen Quong, a business man who operated the structure from 1889 to 1928. The building has been listed in . . . Map (db m52948) HM
23 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 9 — Royal Pie Bakery 1884
Originally known as the San Diego Steam Cracker Factory, this brick structure has remained a bakery since its construction in 1884. During the first part of the 20th century, when the Gaslamp was deteriorating into a red-light district, the upper . . . Map (db m109361) HM
24 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 94 — San Diego Lumber Company Building, 1926Historic Building
Philip Morse, 1845-1932, Started the first major lumber yard in San Diego at this site in 1884 with financing from Dolbeer and Carson's Mill at Eureka, CA. This location served a large pier where sailing, and later steam, vessels unloaded great . . . Map (db m141057) HM
25 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 74 — Sheldon Block
This solid brick building was once four-stories high with a basement. The first floor was for retail, while the upper floors were for offices and lodging. Unfortunately, the upper floors had to be removed, because the structure was weakened when the . . . Map (db m51731) HM
26 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 79 — Simmons Hotel, 1906
This three-story brick structure consists of a composition roof with an eighteen-inch parapet on top. It was constructed in close conjunction with the nearly identical building next to it. The first floor has been used for stores, consisting of a . . . Map (db m191969) HM
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27 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 73 — St. James Hotel, 1912
Now dwarfed by the city’s modern skyscrapers, the ten-story St. James was once the tallest building in San Diego. In 1914, the San Diego Union extolled it as “first class in every respect, with excellent service.” The hotel featured 146 . . . Map (db m51793) HM
28 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 80 — Sterling Hardware Building, 1887
Numerous and complicated transfers are recorded since 1867 when Alonzo Horton first sold this lot for $150. In 1889, half of the building was leased to Ramona Wolf whose name was probably used by Helen Hunt Jackson for the novel Ramona, the somewhat . . . Map (db m191976) HM
29 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 71 — The Buel-Town Building 1898
With its arched corner entrance, bay window, and corbelled brick cornice, this building reflects the originality of the architects Hebbard and Gill. Gill, the principle designer, had a preference for natural forms, over the highly ornate European . . . Map (db m109351) HM
30 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 59 — The Lewis Brick BlockStingaree Hotel, 1887
Known as the Lewis Brick Block, the upper floors were referred to as the Stingaree Hotel in reference to the area's red-light district. The main floor was used for a cigar and tobacco shop, billiard hall and revival center. This Victorian building . . . Map (db m109353) HM
31 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 60 — The Lincoln Hotel 1913
This four-story, steel-framed building features distincitive architectural treatment. Conveyed through a red clay tile roof and decorative white glazed ceramic tile on the facade. It was used initially as a wine business on the first floor with a . . . Map (db m109352) HM
32 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 81 — The New York Hotel, 1887
This structure has been used as a hotel for the bulk of its history. Beginning in 1906, it has been known as the Hotel Van Dorne, the Hotel De Luxe, and the New York Hotel. The first floor has contained several business including a coffee and tea . . . Map (db m191977) HM
33 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 55 — Timkin Building, 1894Historic Building
Henry Timkin invented the roller bearing for the horse-drawn carriage, and was one of San Diego’s leading real estate investors. In 1894 he built this building at the cost of $7,200. It is most notable for the top brick overhang and the large . . . Map (db m51547) HM
34 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 1 — William Heath Davis House, 1850
The Davis house is the oldest surviving structure from San Diego's New Town. It is an example of a prefabricated, "salt-box" style home. Built on the East Coast, shipped around Cape Horn, and assembled in San Diego, The Davis House originally stood . . . Map (db m51791) HM
35 California, San Diego County, San Diego — 61 — Yamada Building, 1869
Although this building was not originally built by or used by Oriental tenants, its has found its home in the Asian community due to a succession of Japanese owners beginning in 1920. Under various proprietors, the structure was used primarily as a . . . Map (db m109356) HM
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