“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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William G. Pomeroy Foundation Legends & Lore Series Historical Markers

This series is intended for markers in the Pomeroy Foundation's Legends & Lore marker series that describe traditional customs, tales, sayings, dances or art forms of a community shared by word of mouth or observation.
Trickem Marker with Hatton fire station in background. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, August 27, 2021
Trickem Marker with Hatton fire station in background.
1Alabama (Lawrence County), Hatton — 86 — Trickem — Legends & Lore —
A saloon and its whiskey -“Tricky Trickum Stuff"- purportedly inspired area's name in 1850s. After 1882 adopted more dignified Hatton.Map (db m180451) HM
2New York (Allegany County), Canaseraga — 36 — A Hairy Legend — Legends & Lore
First sighted Aug 18, 1926 hairy women of Klipnocky, once young girls, inhabit this forest, waiting for their parents' return. Map (db m127569) HM
3New York (Chenango County), Pitcher — 45 — Pink Hill Legend
Zella Droff was murdered in 1870s by husband for attending dances here at former Pitcher Hotel. Her ghost returns to travelers on Pink Hill Road.Map (db m146667) HM
4New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — 55 — Champy
Legendary lake monster lives here. Over 300 sightings reported since 1819. Up to 200 feet long. NYS Law protects this regional icon.Map (db m136671) HM
5New York (Columbia County), Hudson — 9 — Spook Rock — Legends & Lore
Beautiful Indian maiden and her lover from opposing nation rests beneath this rock. When church bell rings, rock turns over, lovers appear.Map (db m129044) HM
6New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — 19 — Ichabod Crane — Legends & Lore
Washington Irving based the character Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on Kinderhook school teacher Jesse Merwin.Map (db m118567) HM
7New York (Cortland County), Homer — 50 — David Harum
Home of legendary folk character from 1898 novel & 1934 Will Rogers movie. Based on David Hannum who lived here 1867-1892.Map (db m154505) HM
8New York (Erie County), Buffalo — 6 — Job's Last Stand — Legends & Lore
Near here, Job Hoisington gave his life when he held the enemy & allowed Hull's militia to escape Buffalo's burning. Dec. 30, 1813.Map (db m129080) HM
9New York (Erie County), West Seneca — 27 — "Old Shep" — Legends & Lore —
Hermit of Leydecker Road William Sheppard CA. 1840-1933. Was thought to be an outlaw of Jesse James' Gang. Roamed town as a scissors grinder.Map (db m111417) HM
10New York (Erie County), West Seneca — 119 — Kau-Qua-Tau
Seneca woman executed for witchcraft in 1821. Her spirit blamed for ghostly disturbances in cabin once on this site.Map (db m182856) HM
11New York (Genesee County), Bergen — 3 — Dr. M. Townsend — Legends & Lore
Saved life of Adelaide Richmond by performing appendectomy. Drove horses so hard answering call one died on the way. Ca 1885.Map (db m151543) HM
12New York (Genesee County), Bethany — 8 — Rolling Hills — Legends & Lore
Legends & Lore Rolling Hills This asylum is a nationally known center of supernatural activity. Spirits believed to still roam grounds crossing between this world and next Map (db m140629) HM
13New York (Livingston County), Geneseo — 11 — Phantom Indian of Conesus Lake — Legends & Lore
Promoted by Colonel S. Tooey Appearing by moonlight in canoe calling for help Tales still shared today Map (db m129046) HM
14New York (Madison County), Cazenovia — 14 — Crazy Luce — Legends & Lore
Lucy Dutton, Lived ca. 1795 near Cazenovia Lake. Jilted by man who wed her sister. Went mad and wandered Madison County for 30 years.Map (db m143881) HM
15New York (Madison County), Morrisville — 53 — The Loomis Gang — Legends & Lore
The Loomis Gang burned courthouse in 1864 to prevent their trial, but first cut fire hoses here. No culprit found. One of many tales involving gang.Map (db m145681) HM
16New York (Madison County), West Edmeston — 21 — Gorton Turtle — Legends & Lore
As Tom Dorsey cleared land his wagon load of huge rocks couldn't be moved by horses. A giant turtle surfaced and dragged wagon into the lake.Map (db m129043) HM
17New York (Montgomery County), Amsterdam — 44 — Widow Susan Road — Legends & Lore
Legend of Susan DeGraff, widow of Harmanus, died 1848. Passersby see her crying Ghost Searching for husband's grave.Map (db m152466) HM
18New York (Montgomery County), Charleston — 12 — Amos Clayton — 1875-1942 — Legends & Lore —
AKA "Amy" or Island Hermit. Peddler Who Walked Great Distances, Danced For Pennies. Inspired Many Local Tales Map (db m101679) HM
19New York (Onondaga County), Manlius — 28 — Pompey Stone — Legends & Lore
1800s prank believed true. Engraved "Leo de L'N VI 1520" as memorial for 1500s explorer. Found 1820 near this site. 1894 hoax revealed.Map (db m129020) HM
20New York (Onondaga County), Skaneateles — 15 — Benjamin C. Cook — Legends & Lore
Native of Mottville NY Civil War veteran who suggested flags to decorate graves, honoring both Union and Confederate soldiersMap (db m129024) HM
21New York (Onondaga County), Syracuse — 34 — Thirteen Curves — Legends & Lore
Along this route a woman in white searches for her groom. Both died on their wedding night in the early 1900s while driving the 13 curves.Map (db m129018) HM
22New York (Orange County), Goshen — 22 — Claudius Smith — Legends & Lore
Reputed Tory marauder hanged nearby in 1779. His skull believed embedded in masonry over front door of this 1841 courthouse. New York Folklore Society William G. Pomeroy Foundation • 2016 • 22Map (db m135999) HM
23New York (Orange County), Goshen — 35 — George Washington — Legends & Lore
During the American Revolution Washington stopped to chat with the children here at this old stone schoolhouse on his way to Newburgh.Map (db m129019) HM
24New York (Orange County), Huguenot — 4 — Painted Aprons — Legends & Lore
Black Rock School attacked by Brant's raiders, 1779. Girls spared as aprons marked with emblem signaling raiders not to harm them.Map (db m129078) HM
25New York (Orange County), Sparrowbush — 24 — Cahoonzie — Legends & Lore
Hamlet named for Chief Cahoonzie or Cahoonshee buried nearby ca. 1750. Last of his tribe to live here. Wise leader, stood 7 ft tall.Map (db m129022) HM
26New York (Rensselaer County), Hoosick Falls — 47 — Natty Bumppo
In this burial ground lies Nathaniel Shipman, the inspiration for James Fenimore Cooper's famous "Natty Bumppo” character.Map (db m147932) HM
27New York (Saratoga County), Corinth — 40 — Bill Greenfield
Lumberjack & folk hero whose tall tales described exploits. Among feats, used cedar trees as stilts in 1850s to help catch fish on Palmer Falls.Map (db m144969) HM
28New York (Saratoga County), Quaker Springs — 18 — Quaker Springs
Local lore states mineral springs found here used by Native Americans for medicinal purposesMap (db m144968) HM
29New York (Schenectady County), Duanesburg — 26 — Esperance Witch — Legends & Lore
Lived Near Here In 1800s. French Settler Accused Of Witchcraft By New England Settlers. Killed By Silver Bullet Shot Through Her Window Map (db m109404) HM
30New York (Schenectady County), Duanesburg — 16 — Michael Righter — Legends & Lore —
Michael Righter 1718-1804 Buried Here First Permanent Settler of Duanesburg Who Lived In Small Cave Near Here ca 1765 Before Building a Log Cabin Map (db m109359) HM
31New York (Suffolk County), Brentwood — 5 — Red Owl Legend — Legends & Lore
In 1877, Charles A. Codman met Indian spirit in form of an owl. His kind act toward the spirit is why the Hermitage of the Red Owl.Map (db m143385) HM
32New York (Suffolk County), Fort Salonga — 64 — Richard Smith — Legends & Lore —
Richard Smith Rested here during his legendary bull ride. Lunched on bread and cheese giving valley and road their names.Map (db m148340) HM
33New York (Suffolk County), Lake Ronkonkoma — 17 — Indian Princess — of Lake Ronkonkoma — Legends & Lore —
Legend says she claims one male each year by drowning to be with her at bottom of lake as she seeks her true love.Map (db m147179) HM
34New York (Suffolk County), Orient — 1 — Mile Marker #30 — Legend & Lore
According to local legend, Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin set milestones in 1755 that mark the Post Road from here to RiverheadMap (db m129079) HM
35New York (Suffolk County), Smithtown — Smith's Bull Ride — Legends & Lore
Smith's Bull Ride Town Limits Determined By Distance of One Day Ride. Land was Gift of Montauk Chief For Assistance In Return of Kidnapped Daughter. New York Folklore. William G. Pomeroy Foundation 2019 Map (db m147620) HM
36New York (Suffolk County), Wheatley Heights — 13 — Jacob Conklin — Legends & Lore
Legend says after sailing with pirate Captain Kidd in 1690's, Conklin built home here in 1710. House destroyed by fire in 1918.Map (db m133222) HM
37New York (Washington County), Shushan — 38 — Shushan Postmaster
A streamer fishing fly created in 1953 by Lew Oatman as a tribute to Al Prindle, Shushan's postmaster & a muse of Norman Rockwell.Map (db m159529) HM
38New York (Wayne County), Sodus — 2 — Underground RR — Legends & Lore
Believed to have been underground railroad safe house ca 1846. Original owners Elizabeth and John Preston were known abolitionists.Map (db m129077) HM
39New York (Westchester County), Ossining — 10 — The Leatherman — Legends & Lore
For no known reason from 1883 to 1889 he trod a 365 mile loop every 34 days between NY and CT clad in 60 lbs of leather.Map (db m127580) HM
40New York (Westchester County), Sleepy Hollow — 63 — Headless Horseman — Legends & Lore
Tethers His Horse Nightly Among Graves In This Churchyard According To The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Author Washington IrvingMap (db m170057) HM
41North Carolina (Macon County), Highlands — 49 — Moccasin War — Legends & Lore
Moonshiners from Georgia laid siege to Highlands near here in 1885 to free arrested men. War ended peacefully with a threat and a prayer.Map (db m156232) HM
42North Carolina (Randolph County), Randleman — 48 — Naomi Wise — Legends & Lore
Drowned in Deep River by her lover in 1807. Became subject of well-known North Carolina ballad bearing her name.Map (db m172043) HM
43West Virginia (Greenbrier County), Hickory Grove — 65 — The Pavilion — Legends & Lore
Site of Blue Sulphur Springs Resort 1835-1858. Water from spring said to have healing powers. Known as early settler campground & Buffalo Lick.Map (db m159703) HM
44West Virginia (Jefferson County), Middleway — 77 — Wizard Clip
After the 1794 death of a stranger at Livingston Farm, mysterious noises & clippings of garments frightened Middleway residents for years.Map (db m157722) HM
45West Virginia (Marion County), Fairmont — 56 — Johnnie Johnson — Legends & Lore
1924-2005, Fairmont native. Rock & Roll pioneer who helped define early genre. Inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.Map (db m174887) HM
46West Virginia (Marion County), Fairmont — 57 — Pepperoni Roll — Legends & Lore
West Virginia delicacy created by Italian families in Fairmont to feed local coal miners. Variants now popular statewide.Map (db m172336) HM
47West Virginia (Mingo County), Matewan — 78 — Sid Hatfield — Legends & Lore
Known for flashy gold teeth "Smilin' Sid" fought for miners in Battle of Matewan. His 1921 murder sparked the Battle of Blair Mountain. West Virginia Humanities Council William C. Pomeroy FoundationMap (db m164956) HM
48West Virginia (Raleigh County), Beckley — 81 — Ferguson Rock — Legends & Lore
In 1814 an injured young man thrown and abandoned by his horse on Piney Creek purportedly carved his own tombstone awaiting death.Map (db m177144) HM
Nov. 29, 2021