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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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By Cosmos Mariner, July 21, 2019
Earl Leadbeater Marker
1Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Regional Municipality), New Waterford — Earl LeadbeaterMemorial — Colliery Lands Park —
On March 3rd 1973, No. 12 Colliery experienced an underground fire. The fire claimed the life of coal miner Earl Leadbeater. This memorial has been placed here at Colliery Lands Park in his memory. No. 12 Colliery is his resting place as he is . . . — Map (db m151726) HM
2Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Regional Municipality), New Waterford — Miner's Monument
Erected to the memory of those killed in explosion in No. 12 Colliery New Waterford July 25th 1917 Gaeton Angelo Aged 24 Yrs. • Frank Pancryk Aged 32 Yrs. • Constantino Boa Aged 22 Yrs. • Isaac Boone Aged 38 Yrs. • George Butt Aged 26 . . . — Map (db m151635) HM
3Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Regional Municipality), Port Morien — Morien Bay
The history of the village of Port Morien, rooted as it was in mining and fishing, is tightly entwined with Morien Bay itself. The Mi'kmaq name was "Noolektooch", (Noo-lack-took) meaning "place jammed with ice", or "bivouacking place". Early . . . — Map (db m144077) HM
4Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Beaubassin
[Face] The Acadian village of Beaubassin on this site was founded by settlers from Port Royal around 1672. Upon the arrival of Major Charles Lawrence with British troops in April 1750, the French authorities had the village destroyed in . . . — Map (db m106953) HM
5Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Beaubassin 1672-1750
This area was the site of the Acadian village of Beaubassin, first known Bourgeois settlement. Raided in 1696 and again in 1703 by a force from Boston under Captain Ben Church. Occupied by French troops in 1746 who travelled on snowshoes in . . . — Map (db m106951) HM
6Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Fort Lawrence and English Settlement
Fort Lawrence In the 18th century, the Chignecto Isthmus played an important role in the struggle between France and Britain for North American supremacy. In 1713 the Treaty of Utrecht had failed to clearly establish the border of Nova . . . — Map (db m112110) HM
7Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash StreetscapesOur Harbour • Our Heritage
Historically, the main streets were lined with hotels, merchants, and services one would expect of a long-standing port village. The village endured seven devastating fires between 1877 to 1929 that permanently changed the street-scape . . . — Map (db m108083) HM
8Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — The Mary Crowley MonumentOur Heritage
The Mary Crowley monument is the first public monument in honour of a Canadian-born female. It was erected in 1870 following a unanimous vote of the Nova Scotia Legislature. "Mary E. Crowley lies beneath this sod, a victim to fraternal love, having . . . — Map (db m140763) HM
9Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Canso — In Memory of Tusker 914 En mémoire deJuly 13, 2006
On July 13, 2006 a Canadian Forces helicopter from 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron carrying seven crew members who were exercising rescue techniques with local Canadian Coast Guard auxiliary members crashed in Canso Harbour. . . . — Map (db m139669) HM
10Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 6 — The Great Upheaval 1755-1763Le grand dérangement
With the founding of Halifax in 1749 as a British naval base, the Acadians became the target of concern and possible displacement. Demands on them to accept and sign an "oath of allegiance” to the British crown were made several . . . — Map (db m141258) HM
11Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 8 — The ResettlementRétablissement
The Deportation began in 1755 and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763. This Treaty not only ended what was perhaps the greatest human atrocity committed in British North America but it also gave Acadians the right to . . . — Map (db m141389) HM
12Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 7 — The Scattering of a PeopleLa dispersion d’un peuple
Over the next eight years, or until the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the Great Upheaval continued in what has become known as the first act of "ethnic cleansing” in North America. In an ill-conceived and desperate plan . . . — Map (db m141274) HM
13Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Fairview Lawn CemeteryTitanic
Established in 1893, this non-denominational burial ground was originally known as the Green Lawn Cemetery. In 1894, the Fairview Lawn Cemetery Ltd. took over management of the cemetery which it operated for 50 years. Unable to fulfill its . . . — Map (db m77857) HM
14Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Fort Needham Memorial Parkand the Halifax Explosion
This marker is composed exclusively pictures and their captions. There is a left side and a right side to the marker. Captions are presented left to right, then top to bottom. Click on the marker image to enlarge it. Left side • . . . — Map (db m77955) HM
15Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Halifax and RMS TitanicHalifax et le RMS Titanic
English Here, in Halifax, lie the remains of 150 victims of one of history’s most tragic maritime disasters. Just before midnight on 14 April 1912, the White Star liner RMS Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. The majestic . . . — Map (db m77852) HM
16Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Halifax Explosion Unidentified DeadWe Remember
To the memory of the Unidentified Dead. Victims of the Great Disaster December 6, 1917. ————————————— Here lie buried Unidentified Victims of the Halifax . . . — Map (db m113041) HM
17Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Here We BeganA Marker of Distinction
Just inland from this place, Chebucto Landing, 2,576 first permanent settlers of Halifax came ashore from thirteen small ships in June 1749. Here, you are at the shore of one of the great natural harbours of the world, the focus of Halifax's . . . — Map (db m113185) HM
18Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Lieut. Henry Edward Clonard Keating
. . . — Map (db m112824) HM
19Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Public Garden Foundation Fountain
Hurricane Juan struck Halifax on September 29, 2003, devastating the Halifax Public Gardens. A volunteer-led foundation was formed to raise funds and restore the Gardens and historic Horticultural Hall. This fountain and plaza were dedicated on . . . — Map (db m112821) HM
20Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — The Explosion Clock
The hands on the north clock face in the City Hall tower, opposite on Duke Street, are permanently fixed at 9:04:35 the exact moment of the wartime Halifax Explosion the morning of 6 December 1917. The clock face, a replica of the City Hall . . . — Map (db m139510) HM
21Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — The View from the Citadel / Le panorama vu de la citadelleThe Halifax Explosion / L’explosion d’Halifax — The Convoys / Les Convois —
This marker is composed of five plaques on the same mounting. The marker stands on north wall of the Citadel overlooking Halifax Harbor. The markers are presented left to right. The Halifax Explosion / L’explosion d’Halifax . . . — Map (db m78257) HM
22Nova Scotia (Inverness County), Cheticamp — Jeanne Dugas
The life story of Jeanne Dugas illustrates the experiences of Acadíans in the second half of the 18th century. She and her family fled Ile Royale (Cape Breton Island) to escape the deportation of 1758, but were later captured by the . . . — Map (db m139618) HM
23Nova Scotia (Kings County), Grand Pré — Memorial Church/L'église-souvenir
L'église-souvenir Un témoignage durable L'église-souvenir représente l'attachement profond du peuple acadien au lieu historique national du Canada de Grand-Pré. Construite en 1922 grâce à des fonds recueillis . . . — Map (db m140428) HM
24Nova Scotia (Kings County), Horton Landing — The Tragedy of the Deportation/La tragédie de la Déportation
In 1755, the worldwide struggle for empire between Great Britain and France had tragic consequences for the Acadians of Les Mines and elsewhere in Nova Scotia/Acadie Lt-Col. John Winslow was the Massachusetts officer in charge of the . . . — Map (db m140393) HM
25Nova Scotia (Kings County), Hortonville — Horton Landing Cross
Le lit desséché du crique que l’on aperçoit dans le pré à quelques pas d’ici est l’endroit ou furent embarques sur les chaloupes les victimes du Grand Dérangement de 1755 pour être transbordes sur les transports ancres dans le Bassin des Mines. . . . — Map (db m138777) HM
26Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Bridgewater — 6 — The Great Fire 1899 / Le grand incendie de 1899***Riverfront Renaissance***
Up in Flames In the cold, early hours of January 12, 1899, a fire began in the basement store of E. B. Simonson, located in the Music Hall at the corner of Dominion Street, and Commercial (now King) Street, where you are . . . — Map (db m112426) HM
27Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — “…for those in peril on the sea.”
English Seafaring of all kinds, and fishing especially, is one of most dangerous occupations. Lunenburgers have lived with the dangers associated with making a living from the sea. Fishermen in dories would get lost in the fog, unable to . . . — Map (db m78204) HM
28Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — The Fire / Le Feu
Beginning in the early hours of November 1, 2001, fire ravaged this historic church, substantially destroying the building. Undaunted by the destruction, the parishioners decided to restore the church. With financial help from friends around the . . . — Map (db m112454) HM
29Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — The Jessen Bell / La Cloche Jessen
This bell hung in the tower of St. John's since 1814 and served as the tolling bell for over 185 years. It was cast at the Whitechapel Foundry in London, England. On November 1, 2001, fire ravished through the Church, destroying the tower and . . . — Map (db m112432) HM
30Nova Scotia (Queens County), Liverpool — Beam Trawler Jutland Memorial
In memory of the crew of the Beam Trawler Jutland foundered at sea March 11, 1920 These crossed anchors recovered from fishing banks on Jutland's previous trip are placed as a symbol of our hope that their souls are resting in . . . — Map (db m112407) HM
31Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Harbour of Deception
Harbour of Deception For almost two centuries, Yarmouth's False Harbour has lived up to its name. Located at the end of Cape Forchu, False Harbour's rocky shores have fooled the most experienced and capable of mariners, especially during . . . — Map (db m107719) HM
32Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Lost to the Sea / Perdus en Mer
The year 1879 was a disastrous one for Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, with no fewer than 31 vessels lost along with 106 persons. The ships lost were among the best of the Yarmouth fleet, some carrying valuable cargoes. The loss of life left 26 . . . — Map (db m107392) HM
33Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — The Power of the Sea
Watching the waves crashing around Cape Forchu provides a small glimpse of the awesome and terrifying power of the sea. It continually shapes the lives of those who live and work by it. A source of beauty, bounty and economic prosperity, the . . . — Map (db m107284) HM
34Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — What and Where is Acadie? / L'Acadie, c'est quoi?...c'est ou?
There is not now and never has been a single definition of Acadie, or Acadia. It all depends on the time period and one's point of view. Back in the 1600s and early 1700s, Acadie was a loosely defined region that more or less . . . — Map (db m108271) HM
35Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — Lost at Sea / Perdus en Mer
The year 1879 was a disastrous one for Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, with no fewer than 31 vessels lost along with 106 persons. The ships lost were among the best of the Yarmouth fleet, some carrying valuable cargoes. The loss of life left 26 . . . — Map (db m112154) HM
36Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — 200th Anniversary Commemoration of the "Grand Deportation"Commémoration du Deuxiéme Centenaire du "Grand Dérangement" — 1755 • 1955 —
[Title is text - Le titre est le texte] [Dedicated] August 17, 1955. [Dévoué] le 27 août 1955. — Map (db m108371) HM
37Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), West Pubnico — Perdu aux eaux / Lost to the Waters
L'eau de la mer, des lacs et des rivières peut être source de bonheur, de plaisir, de richesses, mais l'eau peut être aussi source d'épreuves, de malheur. Ce monument veut rappeler la mémoire de ceux et celles qui furent engloutis dans . . . — Map (db m108397) HM
38Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Lost to the Sea
Dedicated to the memory of all those residents of Yarmouth County and crew members of ships owned in Yarmouth County who have been lost to the sea We honour those here named as well as those not yet known to us [Remembered Dead . . . — Map (db m107927) HM
39Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Lost to the Sea / Perdus en Mer
The year 1879 was a disastrous one for Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, with no fewer than 31 vessels lost along with 106 persons. The ships lost were among the best of the Yarmouth fleet, some carrying valuable cargoes. The loss of life left 26 . . . — Map (db m107934) HM
40Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Milton ClockA Symbol of Community Pride & Confidence
Erected in 1911 at a cost of $1,200.00, the original Milton Clock was donated by Mrs. Robert Caie. The mechanical works of the clock were manufactured by J. Smith and Sons, Midland Clock Works, Derby, England. Located in the tower at the . . . — Map (db m106141) HM
41Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Sarah CorningShe Lived to Serve Others
It is a long way from the farming community of Chegoggin, Yarmouth County, to a small village at the foot of Mount Ararat, but no journey was too far for Sarah Corning if there were children in need of care. Sarah Corning was born on 16 March, . . . — Map (db m107902) HM
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