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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Postal Code 1890

104th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., July 3, 2009
104th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment Marker
1Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — 104th Pennsylvania Infantry RegimentThe "Ringgold Regiment"
To the memory of the Officers and Men of the One Hundred and Fourth Pennsylvania Regiment who fell in the late war “Their good swords rust, and their steeds are dust, but their souls are with the saints we trust.” . . . Map (db m23480) HM
2Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — 1748 Fountain House
Designated a National Historic Site by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m114611) HM
3Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Aaron Siskind(1903-1991)
Preeminent 20th century photographer. Siskind’s influential images of Bucks County architecture from 1939 to 1945 brought about a change from documentary style to a radical abstract style, setting a new standard in American art photography.Map (db m49809) HM
4Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Bucks County
One of Pennsylvania's three original counties. Formed 1682 by William Penn and site of his home, Pennsbury Manor. Name is derived from abbreviation for Buckinghamshire in England. Doylestown, chosen as county seat in 1812, was incorporated 1838.Map (db m21461) HM
5Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Bucks County Jail
This prison cell is modeled on a cell from the old Bucks County Jail, the former occupant of this site. Designed by the noted Philadelphia architect Addison Hutton, the jail was built in 1884 and was based on Quaker ideas of reflection and . . . Map (db m114616) HM
6Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Bucks County Korean War MemorialJune 25 1950 - July 27, 1953
To Honor Those We Left Behind Freedom Is Not Free [Honor Roll of Names]Map (db m23479) WM
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7Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Bucks County Persian Gulf War Memorial
In honor of all Persian Gulf War veterans “I have seen in your eyes a fire of determination to get this job done quickly so that we may all return to the shores of our great nation. My confidence in you is total. Our cause is just! Now . . . Map (db m23478) WM
8Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Bucks County Vietnam War Memorial
To remember and honor those Americans who gave of themselves in the Vietnam War Dedicated June 16, 1984 On June 20, 2009, the 25th anniversary of the dedication of this Bucks County Penna Vietnam War Memorial, veterans of the Vietnam War and . . . Map (db m23472) WM
9Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Bucks County War Memorial
To honor and to perpetuate the memory of those brave men and women who gave their lives in the defense of our country and the ideals of liberty and justice upon which our nation is founded. From these memories of service and sacrifice may we in . . . Map (db m23463) HM
10Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Bucks County World War II Memorial
To the honor and the everlasting glory of the citizens of Bucks County, Pennsylvania who served in our armed forces during 1941 - World War II - 1945 Dedicated May 30, 1998Map (db m23464) WM
11Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Camp Lacey / Doylestown Fair
Camp Lacey Bucks County's own 104th Vol. Regiment est. a Civil War military tent city here in 1861. Their training completed, 1,049 men led by Colonel W.W.H. Davis, departed the Doylestown train station to join the Army of the Potomac. . . . Map (db m23517) HM
12Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Casimir A. Sienkiewicz(1890 - 1974)
Prominent economist and banker who emigrated from Poland in 1906. He was an advisor to federal, state, and local governments, an active civic and community leader, and was also a well-known impressionist painter. In 1964, he was named first chairman . . . Map (db m21485) HM
13Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Charles Sheeler(1883-1965)
Modernist painter and photographer, known for a seemingly impersonal, machine-inspired style called precisionism. Subjects included factories, skyscrapers, and Bucks County barns. He rented the Worthington House, 1910-26, and here he did important . . . Map (db m46516) HM
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14Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Corporate Business Partner Entrance Courtyard and W.B.U.X. Sculpture Garden
Honoring program founders Herman Silverman and Bettina A. Murdoch for their commitment and dedication to the Corporate Business Partner Program. And, in recognition of the outstanding support of the Corporate Business Partners to The James A. . . . Map (db m114629) HM
15Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Doylestown Agricultural Works
Constructed in 1867, this factory produced farm machinery and ironwork and was, for many years, the area’s largest employer. It sold products around the world and, like other midsize metalworking firms, contributed to America’s industrial growth. In . . . Map (db m21464) HM
16Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Doylestown Fire Company No. 1 World War II Memorial
In honor of the men of Doylestown Fire Co. No. 1 who have served their country in World War II In memory of John E. Miller Killed in action, 1945 Monroe R. Bethman • Alexander Price • Robert M. Miller • Horace L. Funk • . . . Map (db m23496) WM
17Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Doylestown High School1890 - 1973
This plaque is dedicated to the long procession of devoted administrators, teachers, and students who constituted the School. The School consisted of first through twelfth grade and an opportunity class now called special education. Built . . . Map (db m21490) HM
18Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Doylestown National Guard Armory
Built in 1909, the Doylestown National Guard Armory stood on this site for more than 100 years, original home to the only military unit based in Bucks County: Company G, 6th Infantry Regiment, National Guard of Pennsylvania. Having served as . . . Map (db m136895) HM
19Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — General George Washington
enroute from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to Monmouth, New Jersey, spent the night of June 19-1778 at the farm house directly back of this marker. The Continental Army encamped along the road and billeted in the village of . . . Map (db m116078) HM
20Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — James A. Michener(1907 - 1997)
The world famous author grew up in Doylestown and graduated in 1925 from the public school formerly here, having been a top-ranking student. His first novel, "Tales of the South Pacific", received the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. His many other . . . Map (db m21491) HM
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21Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — James Emory "Jimmie" Foxx(1907 - 1967)
Nicknamed "Double XX" and "The Beast." Born in Sudlersville, MD. Was one of the most outstanding players in major league baseball history. He lived in Maplewood in 1951, the year he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. His illustrious . . . Map (db m136932) HM
22Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Last Hanging
Within these walls of the Bucks County Prison, just inside the Main Gate, lived the sheriffs of Bucks County who maintained order and supervised punishment including death. On July 19, 1914 James Linzi was the last of two men hanged here and in . . . Map (db m114614) HM
23Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Margaret Mead(1901 - 1978)
The world-renowned anthropologist and writer lived in this house and graduated in 1918 from Doylestown High School. Among her most famous works are “Coming of Age in Samoa” (1928) and “Male and Female” (1949).Map (db m22319) HM
24Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Oscar Hammerstein II(1895-1960)
Lyricist and librettist whose collaboration with composer Richard Rodgers transformed the Broadway musical. Their works include South Pacific (1949), The King & I (1951), and The Sound of Music (1959). The bucolic landscape of Hammerstein's nearby . . . Map (db m86325) HM
25Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — The Expansion
Three years later, a capital campaign was launched to raise the funds necessary to construct a professionally oriented facility with greatly expanded exhibition galleries and an art storage vault that would meet the highest museum standards. With . . . Map (db m114639) HM
26Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — The Lenape Crossroads
Here stood an ancient crossroads, the meeting place of two major Lenape trade routes dating back before 1000 AD. The route extended from Shackamaxon (Philadelphia) to Lechauwekink (Easton) and connected the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers to the . . . Map (db m114612) HM
27Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — The Mercer Museum
Castle, Fortress, or Museum Surprisingly this building has always been a museum. Henry Mercer designed it specifically to house his collection. Although the design seems unusual, it met Mercer's goals perfectly. He believed that a . . . Map (db m114640) HM
28Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — The Museum
After a century of use, the antiquated prison was closed on June 18, 1985. That same year the warden's house was placed on the National Register of Historic Buildings and Sites. For many years the Bucks County Council on the Arts (predecessor to . . . Map (db m114638) HM
29Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — The Site
In 1884, due to overcrowding at the county jail, a grassy field on Pine Street was chosen to house a new Bucks County prison. Groundbreaking took place on April 21, 1884. Stone work from the former jail, located on Main and Court Street in . . . Map (db m114634) HM
30Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — Thinking Green
Green Roofs: A Long History Green roof technology is not new. As far back as the 4th century, ancient writings mention the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the Middle East. Sod and thatch roofs have also been used in Europe for centuries. An . . . Map (db m116112) HM
31Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — W. Atlee Burpee(1858-1915)
Founder at age 18 of the seed company bearing his name. At Fordhook Farm nearby, he developed Golden Bantam Corn, Bush Lima Beans, Iceberg Lettuce, & other plant varieties. He gave this park to the Borough in honor of his wife Blanche.Map (db m86319) HM
32Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — W. W. H. Davis(1820-1910)
Statesman, historian, author, lawyer, soldier, he wrote 10 books, rose to Civil War general, was acting governor of the Territory of New Mexico, and founded the Bucks Historical Society (1880). He lived here for 51 years.Map (db m156348) HM
33Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown — William H. Eastburn III, Esquire (1932-2008)A Lawyer For All Seasons
Bill Eastburn, was a tall, imposing man - his good looks and magnetism made him almost larger than life. A graduate of Trinity College and Penn Law School, he became a top trial lawyer and the managing partner of the law firm of Eastburn & Gray . . . Map (db m114608) HM
34Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown Township — Community Service and Veterans Memorial
This monument honors the citizens of Doylestown Township and surrounding Central Bucks municipalities who through public service and volunteerism have devoted themselves to the betterment and welfare of their communities as well as those who have . . . Map (db m23458) HM
35Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Doylestown Township — Henry Chapman Mercer(1856 - 1930)
Archaeologist, scholar, collector, tile maker. Mercer was born and worked in Doylestown. Between 1908 & 1916, he designed and built three unique concrete structures: Fonthill, his castle-like home; the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works, where he made . . . Map (db m23461) HM
36Pennsylvania, Bucks County, New Britain Township — Layle Lane (1893 - 1976), educator, social activist, humanitarian and political leader
Layle Lane (1893 - 1976), educator, social activist, humanitarian and political leader, lived and ran a camp for inner-city Philadelphia and New York, NY, youth on this property of 23 acres called Lacitadelle Camp (now Manor), named after the . . . Map (db m136929) HM
37Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township — Air ForceEstablished September 18, 1947
[Chronology] Revolutionary War · 1775-1783 April 19, 1775 "Shot Heard Around the World," the American Revolution begins The War of 1812 · 1812-1815 The Mexican War · 1846-1848 The Indian Wars · 1835-1891 The Civil War · . . . Map (db m143917) HM
38Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township — ArmyEstablished June 14, 1775
[Chronology] Revolutionary War · 1775-1783 April 19, 1775 "Shot Heard Around the World," the American Revolution begins June 14, 1775 Continental Army established July 3, 1775 George Washington appointed Commander . . . Map (db m143998) HM WM
39Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township — Coast GuardEstablished August 4, 1790
[Chronology] Revolutionary War · 1775-1783 April 19, 1775 "Shot Heard Around the World," the American Revolution begins 1789 The Lighthouse Service was established under the Revenue Marine Service 1790 Revenue . . . Map (db m143902) HM WM
40Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township — MarinesEstablished November 10, 1775
[Chronology] Revolutionary War · 1775-1783 April 19, 1775 "Shot Heard Around the World," the American Revolution begins November 10, 1775 Continental Congress authorized the first two Continental Marine Battalions March . . . Map (db m143969) HM WM
41Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township — NavyEstablished October 6, 1775
[Chronology] Revolutionary War · 1775-1783 April 19, 1775 "Shot Heard Around the World," the American Revolution begins October 6, 1775 Continental NAVY established December 1775 Eric Hopkins appointed Commander of . . . Map (db m144330) HM WM
42Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township — The Doan Gang
In 1783 the Pa. State Government declared six Doan family members outlaws for robberies, burglaries, and felonies. During the Revolutionary War, the Doans of Plumstead Twp. spied for and sold stolen horses to the British Army. They robbed the county . . . Map (db m86298) HM
43Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township — The Plumstead Township Veterans Park
Who is a Veteran? "A veteran - whether active duty, retired, National Guard or Reserve - is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America' for an amount of 'up to and including . . . Map (db m143865) HM WM
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