“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Goochland County Virginia Historical Markers

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By Kathy Walker, October 7, 2007
Beaverdam Episcopal Church Marker
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — Beaverdam Episcopal Church
288 Yards south is the site of the Second Episcopal Church in Goochland County. Built before 1764, this church was in use until about 1861. William Douglas of Scotland was the rector until 1777. Among other rectors were Charles Hopkins and Richard . . . — Map (db m9221) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-35 — Bolling Hall
Bolling Hall, to the south, was built in the late 18th century for William Bolling on land patented by his grandfather in 1714. Col. Bolling served as a county justice, militia officer, and legislator, and founded a pioneer school there for the . . . — Map (db m18354) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-36 — Bolling Island
Bolling Island mansion, overlooking an island of that name, stands at a bend of the James River to the south. John Bolling purchased the land in 1717. Begun about 1771, the house was completed in the late 1830s by Thomas Bolling, son of Col. William . . . — Map (db m18355) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-55 — Byrd Presbyterian Church
Byrd Presbyterian Church's congregation is descended from worshipers, organized by theologian and future Princeton University president Samuel Davies at Tucker Woodson's farm in 1748. By 1759 the group had its own building on Byrd Creek. In 1838 . . . — Map (db m27105) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-27 — Dahlgren's Cavalry Raid
In February 1864 a young Union officer, Col. Ulric Dahlgren, joined with Brig. Gen. H. Judson Kilpatrick to raid Richmond and free Federal prisoners of war. They planned for Kilpatrick's men to attack the city's northern defenses while Dahlgren . . . — Map (db m18351) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-14 — Dahlgren's Raid
Here Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, Union cavalryman, coming from the north, turned east. Dahlgren, who acted in concert with Kilpatrick, left Stevensburg, Culpeper County, on February 28, 1864, and moved toward the James River, tearing up the Virginia . . . — Map (db m18350) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-11 — Dungeness
Seven miles south once stood Dungeness, built about 1730 by Isham Randolph (1685-1742) who was the grandfather of Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, and of James Pleasants, Governor of Virginia. Sea captain, merchant and planter, . . . — Map (db m18353) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-5 — Elk Hill
Two miles south is Elk Hill, once owned by Thomas Jefferson. Lord Cornwallis made his headquarters there, June 7-15, 1781; this was the western limit of his invasion. On June 15 he turned eastward, leaving the place pillaged and carrying off slaves. — Map (db m31605) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-59 — First Baptist ChurchManakin
Organized as Dover Mines Church about 1863, First Baptist Church, Manakin is one of the oldest African American churches in Goochland County. Its members separated from Dover Baptist Church. Initially conducting their services at different sites, . . . — Map (db m18366) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-51 — George's Tavern Crossroads
In 1792 Captain William George (1760-1827), a veteran of the Revolutionary War, established near this site on River Road an ordinary which stood until about 1900. During the campaign of 1781, General Von Steuben crossed the James River at . . . — Map (db m18356) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-9 — Goochland County Courthouse
The present courthouse is the fourth to serve the county and the second to occupy this site. The building was erected in 1826 by Valentine Parrish, a Cumberland builder, and Dabney Cosby, a skilled Staunton brickmason who had worked for Thomas . . . — Map (db m18371) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-10 — Goochland Courthouse
Near here the ancient trail used by the Iroquois Indians in their raids crossed James River. This trail later became the main north-south road through Virginia. In 1781, Lord Cornwallis, in his invasion of Virginia, marched by this point and his . . . — Map (db m18375) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-20 — Huguenot Settlement
In 1700-1701, Huguenots (French Protestant refugees) settled in this region on land provided to them by the Virginia colony. The Huguenot settlement, known as "Manakin Town" centered at the former site of a Monacan Indian town, located south of the . . . — Map (db m18363) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-17 — James Pleasants
James Pleasants was born on 24 Oct. 1769 at his home, Contention, located two miles south. A Quaker, Pleasants served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1796 to 1810, and in 1803 was elected its clerk. He sat in the United States House of . . . — Map (db m18369) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-18 — Sabot Hill
It was named for Sabot Island, supposed to resemble a wooden shoe. Sabot Hill was the home of James A. Seddon, member of Congress and Confederate Secretary of War, 1862-65, who built the house in 1855. It was visited by Dahlgren in his raid, March . . . — Map (db m18352) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-12 — Second Union School
Second Union School, which operated until 1959 is the oldest-surviving of the 10 Rosenwald schools built in Goochland County. The African American community and Goochland County contributed funds to the building. Constructed in 1918, the building is . . . — Map (db m31607) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-70 — The 1936 Virginia Prison Recordings
In 1936 famed folklorist John A. Lomax visited the Virginia State Prison Farm here and at the Virginia State Penitentiary in Richmond. Working for the Library of Congress's Archive of Folk Song, Lomax canvassed southern prisons in search of . . . — Map (db m18368) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Goochland — SA-22 — William Webber
Three miles north are the home site and grave of William Webber, pastor of Dover Baptist Church, 1773-1808. As an early Baptist leader before the Revolution, he was imprisoned in the jails of Chesterfield and Middlesex. He aided in organizing the . . . — Map (db m18365) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Maidens — Early Transportation on the James River
The James River has served as a major water highway since before the settlement of Jamestown. As early as 1728, Atkinson’s Ferry transported people and goods across the river. Today, Maidens Bridge is located not far away from where the ferry . . . — Map (db m86895) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Maidens — Maidens Adventure Hotel
The Hotel, built before 1881, served canal boat passengers on the James River and Kanawha Canal and later railway passengers on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad which was built along much of the canal's tow path. In 1896 Annie and William T. Tucker . . . — Map (db m86894) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Maidens — Maidens, Virginia
This area was most likely first named for "Maiden's Adventure Farm," a nearby estate mentioned in the 1755 will of John Fleming. By 1824, construction of the James River and Kanawha Canal reached Maidens Adventure.In 1825 the Maidens Adventure Dam . . . — Map (db m86893) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Oilville — V-18 — Reuben Ford
A mile north are the home and grave of Reuben Ford, pastor of Goochland Baptist Church, 1771-1823. He was an advocate of equal religious rights for all, a leader in securing separation of church and state in Virginia. — Map (db m27104) HM
Virginia (Goochland County), Richmond — SA-24 — Tuckahoe
Perhaps the oldest frame residence on James River west of Richmond, Tuckahoe was begun about 1715 by Thomas Randolph. The little schoolhouse still stands here where Thomas Jefferson began his childhood studies. Famous guests here have included . . . — Map (db m25625) HM

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