“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Little Round Top virtual tour by markers.
Law's Brigade Marker image, Touch for more information
By Craig Swain, November 11, 2008
Law's Brigade Marker
1Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Law's Brigade — Hood's Division - Longstreet's Corps — Army of Northern Virginia —
Army of Northern Virginia Longstreet's Corps Hood's Division Law's Brigade 4th. 15th. 44th. 47th. 48th. Alabama InfantryJuly 2 Arrived on the Field about 4 p.m. and advanced against the Union positions. The 4th, 15th, and 47th Regiments attacked . . . — Map (db m14982) HM
2Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 9th Pennsylvania Reserves — (38th Pennsylvania Infantry) — 3d Brigade, 3d Division, 5th Corps —
(Front):9th Penna. Reserves (38th Penna. Infantry) 3d Brig. 3d Div. 5th Corps (Back): The Regiment arrived on the field July 2nd about 5 p.m. with 377 officers and men and soon after moved to this position and held it until the close . . . — Map (db m14993) HM WM
3Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — "Hold The Ground At All Hazards" — Colonel Strong Vincent & Colonel Joshua Chamberlain at Little Round Top on July 2nd, 1863. — July 2, 1863 - The Second Day —
On the afternoon of July 2, 1863 Union General Gouverneur K. Warren found Little Round Top undefended. He quickly sent his staff to find troops to defend this vital position. General George Sykes, commanding the 5th Corps, agreed to send a brigade . . . — Map (db m14987) HM
4Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Tenacious 20th Maine — July 2, 1863 - The Second Day
"At that crisis, I ordered the bayonet. The word was enough. It ran like fire along the line, from man to man, and rose into a shout...." Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain, U.S.A. Commander, 20th Maine Volunteers Late on the second day, the 358 men of the . . . — Map (db m14990) HM
5Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Twentieth Maine
(Front):Twentieth Maine Third Brig. - First Div. Fifth Corps (Left):Here the 20th Maine Regiment. Col. J. L. Chamberlain Commanding, forming the extreme left of the national line of battle on the 2nd day of July 1863. Repulsed the . . . — Map (db m9578) HM WM
6Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Company B, 20th Maine
Position of Company B, 20th Me. Vols. Capt. Walter G. Morrill, detached as skirmishers attacking the enemy's right flank, afternoon of July 2, 1863. — Map (db m14980) HM WM
7Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry — 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corps
(Front):The Brigade was hurried to Little Round Top about 5 p.m. of July 2d. This Regiment taking position in front of this monument and repulsing several desperate charges of the enemy after which this Regiment assisted in driving the enemy . . . — Map (db m15002) HM WM
8Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Gen. Strong Vincent
3rd Brigade First Division 5th Corps. Gen. Strong Vincent. Wounded July 2, died July 7, 1863 — Map (db m15005) HM WM
9Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Sixteenth Michigan Infantry — 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corps
(Front):Sixteenth Mich. Inf'ty. 3rd Brig. 1st Div. 5th Corps (Back):Mustered in at Detroit, Mich. Sept. 8, 1861. Mustered out at Jeffersonville, Ind. July 8, 1865. Total enrollment 2318 officers, & men Killed in action 10 officers, 155 . . . — Map (db m15045) HM
10Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Historic Breastworks — July 2, 1863 - Second Day
"Rude shelters were thrown up of the loose rocks that covered the ground." Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain, U.S.A. Commander, 20th Maine Volunteers The increased range and accuracy of Civil War weapons made prolonged exposure to enemy fire extremely . . . — Map (db m14936) HM
11Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 12th and 44th New York Infantry — 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corps
(Front Left Side Plaque): The 44th N.Y. Infantry, Lieut. Colonel Freeman Conner commanding, held position about 100 feet in advance of this monument, designated by a marker, from about 3 p.m. July 2, to about 11 a.m. July 3, 1863.Number . . . — Map (db m15048) HM WM
12Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 140th New York Infantry — 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division — 5th Corps —
(Around the Top of the Monument):Fraternity Valor Patriotism Duty (Right):140th N.Y. Infty. 3rd Brigade 2nd Division 5th Corps. July 2 & 3, 1863 (Left):Number engaged 526. Casualties. 26 killed. 89 wounded. 18 missing. (Front):col. . . . — Map (db m14937) HM
13Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Deadly Sharpshooters — July 2, 1863 - Second Day
"The sharpshooters also began their deadly work, and the sharp zip - p-i-n-g-g-g - of the spiteful rifle ball, more dangerous than its larger brother, added to our perils." Capt. G. Carter, U.S.A. 22nd Massachusetts Infantry Little Round . . . — Map (db m14913) HM
14Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Michigan Sharpshooters — 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 3rd Corps
(At Top of Monument): Michigan Sharpshooters (At Base): 2d Brig. 1st Div. 3d Corps(Front):Company C, 1st Regiment U.S. Sharpshooters. Mustered into U.S. service at Detroit Mich. Aug. 26, 1861 Served until war . . . — Map (db m66616) HM WM
15Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Defense of Little Round Top — July 2, 1863 - Second Day
"A great basin lay before us full of smoke and fire, and literally swarming with riderless horses and fighting, fleeing, and pursuing men." 1st Lt. Porter Farley, U.S.A. 140th New York Infantry Col. Strong Vincent and his 1,300-man Union infantry . . . — Map (db m14934) HM
16Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Third Brigade — First Division - Fifth Corps — Army of the Potomac —
Army of the Potomac Fifth Corps First Division Third Brigade Col. Strong Vincent, Col. James C. Rice 20th. Maine, 16th. Michigan, 44th. New York 83d. Pennsylvania InfantryJuly 2 After 4 p.m. moved with the Division left in front to the support . . . — Map (db m14964) HM
17Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Battery D Fifth U.S. Artillery — Artillery Brigade - Fifth Corps — Army of the Potomac —
Army of the Potomac Fifth Corps Artillery Brigade Battery D Fifth U.S. Artillery Six Rifled 10 pounders Lieut. Charles E. Hazlett commanding July 2 Marched to the left of the Union Line about 4.30 p.m. and in rear of Brig. General J. Barnes's . . . — Map (db m11748) HM
18Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 91st Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment — (Hazlett and Weed Memorial)
91. P.V.V. Reg. Position July 2 ,3, 4, 1863.Erected by the 91 Reg P.V. in memory of Brig. Gen. Weed 3 Brig. 2 Div. 5 A.C. and Lt. Chs. E. Hazlett 5th U.S. Arty. who fell at this spot July 2, 1863. — Map (db m14917) HM WM
19Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 91st Pennsylvania Infantry — 3d Brigade, 2d Division, 5th Corps
91st Penna. Infantry. 3d. Brig. 2d. Div. 5th Corps. (Front "Door"): July 2d moving at double-quick in the evening, the Regiment took position here and, having aided in repulsing the attack of the enemy upon this line, remained until the close . . . — Map (db m14914) HM WM
20Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Valley of Death — July 2, 1863 - Second Day
"The night of July 2d was bright moonlight but it seemed to me there were spirits flitting from Little Round Top to Devil's Den and back, all night; and as I lay awake, the only sounds I could hear were the groans of the wounded lying between the . . . — Map (db m14928) HM
21Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Union Fishhook
"On the whole this was an admirable position to fight a defensive battle...." 1st Lt. Frank A. Haskell, U.S.A. Aide to Brig. Gen. John Gibbon You are standing on Little Round Top looking north and west over the center of the battlefield. Much of . . . — Map (db m14921) HM
22Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — The Eye of General Warren — July 2, 1863 - Second Day
"I saw that this [Little Round Top] was the key to the whole position..." Brig. Gen. G.K. Warren, U.S.A. Chief of Engineers, Army of the Potomac About 3:30 p.m. on July 2, the Union army's Chief Engineer, Brig. Gen. G.K. Warren, stepped out on . . . — Map (db m14919) HM
23Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Warren
Led to this spot by his military sagacity on July 2, 1863General Gouverneur Kemble WarrenThen Chief Engineer of the Army of the Potomac detected General Hood's flanking movement and by promptly assuming the responsibility of ordering troops . . . — Map (db m14941) HM WM
24Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Signal Corps U.S.A.
Memorial Tablet to the Signal Corps U.S.A. which through valiant and heroic service at Little Round Top July 2-4, 1863 and on many historic battle fields throughout the war of 1861-1865 contributed so greatly to the success of the . . . — Map (db m6753) HM WM
25Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Third Brigade — Second Division - Fifth Corps — Army of the Potomac —
Army of the Potomac Fifth Corps Second Division Third Brigade brig. Gen. Stephen H. Weed Col. Kenner Garrard 140th. 146th. New York 91st. 155th. Pennsylvania InfantryJuly 2 Arrived early in the morning and lay on the Baltimore Pike near Rock . . . — Map (db m14940) HM
26Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 146th New York Infantry — (5th Oneida) — 3d Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Corps —
(Front):146th New York Infantry. (5th Oneida) 3d Brigade, 2d Division, 5th Corps. Col's Garrard, Jenkins, Grindlay.(Right):From this position Maj. Gen. Meade observed the battle for a time on July 3d. (Back):July 2d and 3d 1863. . . . — Map (db m15013) HM WM
27Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 155th Pennsylvania Volunteers — 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Corps
(Front):155th Pa. Vols. Position occuped July 2d. 3d. & 4th. 1863. Organized at Pittsburg Sept. 2nd. 1862. Mustered out of service June 6th. 1865. (Left):3rd Brigade Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, . . . — Map (db m15018) HM WM
28Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery — Artillery Brigade - Fifth Corps
(Front):Captain F. C. Gibbs Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery Artillery Brigade 5th Corps Erected by the State of Ohio (Back):Battery L 1st Ohio Light Artillery July 2. 3. 1863Arriving on the field at 8 a.m. July 2, went into . . . — Map (db m15033) HM
29Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Fifth Corps — Army of the Potomac —
Army of the Potomac Fifth Corps Major General George SykesFirst Division Brigadier General James Barnes Second Division Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres Third Division Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford Artillery Brigade Captain Augustus P. . . . — Map (db m15021) HM
30Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 121st New York Infantry — 2d Brigade, 1st Division — 6th Corps —
(Front):121st N.Y. Infantry. (Col. Emory Upton.) 2d Brig. 1st Div. 6th Corps. Held this position from evening of July 2d 1863 until close of battle. (Right):Organized in Herkimer and Otsego Co's. Mustered in Aug. 23, 1862. Officers 30, . . . — Map (db m15030) HM WM
31Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 98th Pennsylvania Infantry — 3d Brigade, 3d Division, 6th Corps
(Front):98th Penna. Infantry 3d Brig. 3d Div. 6th Corps Leading the Corps in the march from Manchester, Md. Arrived here July 2d about 5 p.m. immediately charged to the Wheatfield and woods to the left. About dark rejoined the Brigade north . . . — Map (db m15031) HM WM
32Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — Artillery Brigade — Fifth Corps — Army of the Potomac —
Army of the Potomac Fifth Corps Artillery Brigade Capt. Augustus P. Martin Mass. 3D Battery C Six 12 pounders Lieut. Aaron F Walcott 1st New York Battery C Four 3 Inch Rifles Capt. Almont Barnes 1st Ohio Battery L Six 12 Pounders Capt. . . . — Map (db m15037) HM
33Pennsylvania (Adams County), Cumberland Township — 147th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
(Front):147th Regiment Infantry Pennsylvania Veteran Vols. Night of July 1 1863. (Back):1st Brigade 2nd Division 12th Army Corps — Map (db m15044) HM WM
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