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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Lincoln 1861 Inaugural Train Stops Historical Markers

Abraham Lincoln traveled 1,904 miles by train from Springfield, Illinois, to Washington, D.C. for his inaugural, typically giving speeches from the rear platform at stops.
Abraham Lincoln Walked Here marker - photo on reverse image, Touch for more information
By Richard E. Miller, March 7, 2010
Abraham Lincoln Walked Here marker - photo on reverse
1District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — .5 — Abraham Lincoln Walked HereCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail —
On F Street Northwest at 8th Street Northwest on F Street Northwest.
"Tonight, beautiful women, perfumes, and the violins’ sweetness... At 10:30 p.m. on March 4, 1865, a tired and gaunt President Lincoln arrived at this site, his wife Mary in white lace and silk with purple and white flowers in her . . . Map (db m28665) HM
2District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — W.6 — Willard Inter-Continental HotelCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail —
On 14th Street Northwest (U.S. 1) at Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, on the right when traveling south on 14th Street Northwest.
"This hotel, in fact, may be much more justly called the center of Washington and the Union than either the Capitol, the White House, or the State Department...." Nathaniel Hawthorne, Civil War reporter for the Atlantic . . . Map (db m10905) HM
3Illinois (Champaign County), Tolono — Lincoln 1861 Inaugural Train Stop
On N. Long Street (U.S. 45) at West Strong Street, on the left when traveling south on N. Long Street.
Abraham Lincoln made his farewell address to the people of Illinois at the Tolono Station February 11, 1861. "I am leaving you on an errand of national importance, attended as you are aware with considerable difficulties. Let us believe as some poet . . . Map (db m4720) HM
4Illinois (Champaign County), Tolono — Lincoln in TolonoLooking for Lincoln
On Long Street (U.S. 45) at West Austin Street, on the right when traveling north on Long Street.
Abraham Lincoln traveled through Tolono by locomotive at least eighteen times. He whiled the time away for his train connections by playing horseshoes and visiting with the Tolono residents. While campaigning in Illinois, Lincoln would frequently . . . Map (db m23816) HM
5Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Great Western Railroad Depot
On E. Monroe Street at 10th Street on E. Monroe Street.
This depot, built in 1852, was the site of Abraham Lincoln's famous farewell address upon leaving Springfield on February 11, 1861, to assume the presidency of the United States.Map (db m48555) HM
6Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Lincoln’s Farewell to SpringfieldFebruary 11, 1861
On E. Monroe Street at 10th Street (railroad), on the right when traveling east on E. Monroe Street.
My friends, no one not in my situation can appreciate my feelings of sadness at this parting, to this place, and the kindness of this people, I owe everything. Here I have lived a quarter of a century, and have passed from a young to an old man. . . . Map (db m4611) HM
7Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — The Lincoln Depot
On Monroe Street at 10th Street (railroad), on the right when traveling east on Monroe Street.
From this building on February 11, 1861 Abraham Lincoln departed Springfield, Illinois to assume the Presidency of the United States. After bidding farewell to a number of friends, he delivered a brief, spontaneous and moving farewell address to the . . . Map (db m4595) HM
8Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Abraham Lincoln
On Main Street at Washington Street, on the right when traveling west on Main Street.
At noon on February 11, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural train stopped at the Great Western Depot located here. It was the day before his 52nd birthday. He had been coming to Vermilion County for twenty years to attend Circuit Court in . . . Map (db m5489) HM
9Indiana (Boone County), Lebanon — Abraham Lincoln
On South Lebanon Street (State Road 39) south of South Street (State Road 32), on the right when traveling south.
Enroute to Washington, D.C., to become 16th President of the U.S., addressed citizens of Lebanon and Boone County from rear of railroad passenger car at this place on the evening of February 11, 1861.Map (db m3811) HM
10Indiana (Boone County), Zionsville — Lincoln's Stop in Zionsville, Indiana
Near South First Street at West Oak Street, on the left when traveling north.
Abraham Lincoln enroute to Washington as President Elect on February ll, 1861 addressed the Citizens of Zionsville at the Railroad Depot which stood on this site.Map (db m8326) HM
11Indiana (Dearborn County), Lawrenceburg — Abraham Lincoln
Near South Walnut Street south of New Street.
Abraham Lincoln made a famous pre-inaugural speech from his train platform near here Feb. 12, 1861, placing emphasis on the people's part in justice and good government.Map (db m20600) HM
12Indiana (Dearborn County), Lawrenceburg — LawrenceburghFirst in New Modes of Transportation — 1802 —
On Walnut Street at High Street, on the right when traveling north on Walnut Street.
1802 - - Village of Lawrenceburgh founded in the Wilderness by Capt. Samuel C. Vance Commerce and travel are via the Ohio River. Pioneers constructed flatboats to carry goods to New Orleans Markets. The “Kaintucks” . . . Map (db m22029) HM
13Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — Ellis Mansion
On North 2nd Street north of Busseron Street, on the right when traveling north.
Abner Turner Ellis, a Borough President, Probate Judge, and State Senator, promoted the Charter of Ohio & Miss. R. R. (later a part of B & O) and was its first president. His stately home was built by John Moore about 1838. Abraham Lincoln . . . Map (db m23286) HM
14Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Here, Abraham Lincoln Said
On West Washington Street (U.S. 40) at South Missouri Street, on the right when traveling west on West Washington Street.
Here, Feb 11, 1861, Abraham Lincoln, on his way to Washington to assume the Presidency, in an address said “I appeal to you to constantly bear in mind that not with politicians, not with presidents, not with office-seekers, but with you is the . . . Map (db m3809) HM
15Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1961.2 — Lincoln to the Citizens of Indiana
On West Washington Street (U.S. 40) at South Missouri Street, on the right when traveling west on West Washington Street.
“…it is your business…if the Union of these States, and the liberties of this people, shall be lost.... It is your business to rise up and preserve the Union....” From speech by President-elect Abraham Lincoln at . . . Map (db m564) HM
16Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — Lincoln in Lafayette
On N. 5th Street.
"We are united in one feeling for the Union. We believe in...every star and stripe of the glorious flag." On these tracks Abraham Lincoln stopped in Lafayette and spoke those Unifying words on Feb 11, 1861 on his "Whistle Stop Tour" en route to . . . Map (db m92078) HM
17Indiana (Warren County), State Line City — Abraham Lincoln
On East Woodard Street at Main Street, on the right when traveling east on East Woodard Street.
Abraham Lincoln made his only speech in Warren County, Indiana near this spot Feb. 11, 1861.“Gentlemen of Indiana: I am happy to meet you on this occasion, and enter again the state of my early life, and almost of maturity. I am under . . . Map (db m5490) HM
18New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — State House
On West State Street 0.2 miles west of Barrack Street, on the right when traveling east.
The State House is the heart of New Jersey’s State government, the second oldest State House in continuous use in the United States. First built in 1792 and expanded in every generation, the State House is a witness to two centuries of American . . . Map (db m3850) HM
19New York (Albany County), Albany — Lincoln in Albany
"I hold myself without mock modesty, the humblest of all individuals that have ever been elevated to the Presidency....You have generously tendered me the united support of the great Empire State." - Abraham Lincoln speaking to the New York . . . Map (db m5191) HM
20New York (Chautauqua County), Westfield — The Lincoln-Bedell Statue ParkEstablished July 10, 1999
On East Main Street (U.S. 20) at South Portage Road (U.S. 20), on the right when traveling west on East Main Street.
The meeting of President-Elect Abraham Lincoln and his famous corresponent, twelve-year-old Grace Bedell took place on February 16, 1861, in Westfield at the train station. Prior to this, Grace had penned a letter to Lincoln suggesting that whiskers . . . Map (db m64706) HM
21New York (Erie County), Buffalo — First Unitarian Congregational Society Building
On Franklin Street at West Eagle Street, on the right when traveling south on Franklin Street.
This building was erected in 1833 by the First Unitarian Congregational Society of Buffalo which worshipped here until 1880. Abraham Lincoln in February 1861, attended church services here and sat in the pew of his host Millard Fillmore.Map (db m92879) HM
22New York (Monroe County), Rochester — Morning of February 18, 1861Abraham Lincoln
On Inner Loop at Mill Street, on the right when traveling west on Inner Loop.
Near this spot on the morning of February 18, 1861 Abraham Lincoln addressed the citizens of Rochester.Map (db m41805) HM
23New York (New York County), New York — Hudson River Railroad
On West 3oth Street at Ninth Avenue, on the right when traveling east on West 3oth Street.
On this site stood, in 1861, the station of the Hudson River Railroad The first passenger to use it was Abraham Lincoln who came to New York on February 19, 1861, on the way to his inauguration as President of the United States . . . Map (db m113057) HM
24Ohio (Franklin County), Columbus — 79-25 — The Ohio Statehouse / Lincoln at the Statehouse
On Broad Street (U.S. 40) east of High Street, on the right when traveling east.
In 1812, the Ohio legislature designated Columbus as the state capital, with local landowners contributing land and resources for a capitol building and penitentiary. The first Columbus statehouse, a Federal-style structure completed in 1816, . . . Map (db m9986) HM
25Ohio (Harrison County), Hopedale — Abraham Lincoln at Cadiz Junction
On Cadiz Junction Road (County Route 46) east of Tipton Road (County Route 175), on the right when traveling east.
Here, February 14, 1861, Abraham Lincoln alighted from a train en route from his home in Illinois to the nations’s capital, where on March 4th he would become our sixteenth President. Cadiz Junction, a breakfast stop for the President Elect, saw him . . . Map (db m40966) HM
26Ohio (Jefferson County), Steubenville — 8-41 — Abraham Lincoln's Visit to Steubenville
On North 3rd Street at Market Street, on the right when traveling south on North 3rd Street.
Abraham Lincoln and his family stopped in Steubenville on February 14, 1861 on their way to Lincoln's presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. Traveling by train, once in Steubenville he departed the depot to address a large crowd of Ohioans . . . Map (db m33905) HM
27Ohio (Portage County), Ravenna — Abraham Lincoln, Ravenna, OhioTrain Stop — Historic Site —
On Main Street, on the right when traveling east.
At this site on February 15,1861 President - Elect Abraham Lincoln's inaugural train stopped at the Cleveland & Pittsburgh RR station to pick up Horace Y. Beebe of Ravenna. Beebe's convention vote had ensured Lincoln's Republican nomination in 1860.Map (db m61504) HM
28Ohio (Summit County), Hudson — President-elect Abraham Lincoln
On South College Street when traveling south.
President-elect Abraham Lincoln, en route to Washington for his first inaugural, stopped in Hudson aboard a special Presidential train on February 15, 1861. A crowd of over 6,000 people greeted Lincoln at the old Hudson Depot, located near this . . . Map (db m41269) HM
29Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — The First Visit of Abraham Lincoln
On Federal Street at South Commons, on the right when traveling south on Federal Street.
This tablet commemorates the first visit of Abraham Lincoln who arrived at this point on February 14, 1861 remaining in Pittsburgh a few hours enroute to Washington for his inauguration.Map (db m40305) HM
30Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Bristol — Abraham Lincoln
On Pond Street.
On Feb. 21, 1861, the train carrying the President-elect from Springfield, Ill., to his Inauguration in Washington, D.C., stopped briefly near this point. Mr. Lincoln appeared on the rear platform and spoke to the assembled crowd, estimated at more . . . Map (db m87067) HM
31Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Abraham Lincoln
On 2nd Street, on the right when traveling north.
On February 22, 1861, while journeying to Washington for his Inauguration, Lincoln stopped at the Jones House, on this site. From the portico of the hotel, he addressed a large crowd gathered in Market Square.Map (db m6577) HM
32Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — The Jones House
On 2nd Street at Market Street on 2nd Street.
On this site, the southeast corner of Second and Market Streets on Market Square, stood the Jones House, a mid-Nineteenth Century Hotel, which later evolved into the larger Commonwealth Hotel and later, the Dauphin Building. It was here that Abraham . . . Map (db m6550) HM
33Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Abraham Lincoln
On Chestnut Street, on the right when traveling east.
Abraham Lincoln stood here when he raised the flag on Independence Hall February 22nd 1861.Map (db m9259) HM
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