“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Walworth County South Dakota Historical Markers

"Fool Soldier Band" Marker image, Touch for more information
By Ruth VanSteenwyk, April 30, 2017
"Fool Soldier Band" Marker
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — "Fool Soldier Band"Dedicated to the Indian People in Honor of the
In 1882, a dramatic rescue of white captives held by a band of hostile Santee Sioux, took place near this spot. A group of eleven young Teton Sioux boys left Ft. Pierre on a cold November day determined to overtake and meet with the . . . — Map (db m112090) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — "MO.Bridge"
In 1906, one hundred years after the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through this area, Milwaukee Railroad crews labored to build a bridge across the Missouri River. They carefully worked, balancing themselves on high metal beams as the . . . — Map (db m112089) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — "Sakakawea and Lewis & Clark"
One of the most notable women in American History may well be Sakakawea. A Shoshoni Indian girl named Sakakawea, acted as an interpreter while traveling with the Corps of Discovery on their way to and from the Pacific Ocean. As the Corps headed . . . — Map (db m112141) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — "the track of the white bear"
Near present-day Mobridge, South Dakota, Captain William Clark wrote in his journal that he saw "White bear" tracks. These tracks, which are "…3 times as large as a mans track…" were actually from a grizzly bear. During the entire . . . — Map (db m112150) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — "they just did a man's job"
During the Indian uprisings in Minnesota in 1862, a band of Santee Sioux Indians took several white women and children captive. They brought them to an area near here, opposite the mouth of the Grand River in present-day Walworth County, South . . . — Map (db m112137) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — A Final Resting Place
In 1806, not long after Lewis and Clark passed through this area, a young man was born in a Village near the Grand River (near present-day Mobridge, South Dakota). This young man, known as Sitting Bull, was a famous Sioux medicine man and . . . — Map (db m112116) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — A Valuable Member of the Team
Captain William Clark enlisted his slave, York, as one of the members of the Corps of Discovery. York grew up in Virginia with Clark and traveled with the party during the entire journey to the Pacific Ocean and back to St. Louis, Missouri. . . . — Map (db m112155) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Ensign Nathaniel Pryor
Here on Sept. 9, 1807 Ensign Nathaniel Pryor attempting of return Big White, Mandan Chief, to his people was stopped and had 19 Casualties in the First battle with Indians in South Dakota. — Map (db m112092) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — History Beneath the Waters
A bit of history lies under the water behind Oahe Dam. Before the dam was built many islands and sandbars were commonly found along the Missouri River. When the Corps of Discovery traveled along this river on the way to the Pacific Ocean they . . . — Map (db m112088) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Honored Leaders
Leadership in the American Indian culture is much different than the Euro-American views. Unlike the Euro-American concept of a formal majority vote to select a leader, American Indians were made leaders by those who simply chose to follow them. . . . — Map (db m112118) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Lewis & Clark
Here on October 9-12, 1804 Lewis & Clark counseled and sojourned with the Aricara Indians and were again here on their return from the Pacific on August 21-22, 1806. — Map (db m112106) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Lewis & Clark meet the Arikaras
By the 1500s, the descendants of the Skiri Pawnee People, the Arikara (or Ree) Indians, inhabited this area. Twelve village bands lived along the Missouri River in present-day South Dakota. Three of the villages were near the mouth of the . . . — Map (db m112108) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Lewis and Clark Expedition
In 1804-06, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led about 40 soldiers and boatmen on an epic journey. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned this "Corps of Discovery' to find a route to the Pacific Ocean through the newly acquired . . . — Map (db m112122) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Lewis and Clark/Mobridge
Lewis and Clark The Lewis a nd Clark Expedition, officially the Corps of Discovery, was in what is now South Dakota from August 21 to October 14, 1804 and from August 21 to September 4, 1806. While here they would make numerous . . . — Map (db m112145) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Mobridge Bridge1924
1924 Mobridge Bridge Dedicated to The People of South Dakota November 12, 1924 Built under the Direction of The State Highway Commission Governor W.H. McMaster - Chairman Made possible by loans to the State of South Dakota . . . — Map (db m112105) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — Pierre Choteau
Here on Sept. 12, 1809 Pierre Choteau Managed to Pass the Aricara with Big White. Here in June - July 1811 Manuel Lisa & Astorians joined forced, Pacified and traded with the Aricara — Map (db m112107) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Mobridge — River of Hardship
This wide, low moving, Missouri River of today is quite different from when the Corps of Discovery navigated in then torrent waters in 1804. Lewis and Clark fought against the strong current, using ropes to pull the boat upstream. By the time . . . — Map (db m112114) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Selby — Bangor
This monument marks the side of Bangor County seat of Walworth County 1884 -1909 Scranton 1883-1884 Bangor 1884-1904 Selby 1904-1905 Bangor 1905-1909 Selby 1909-1950 — Map (db m44714) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Selby — The Mickelson Governors
George T. was born to George and Emma on a farm south of Selby in 1903. He received his education here and at the University of SD graduating with a law degree in 1927. Madge Turner and he were married in 1928. While operating his own law firm . . . — Map (db m112048) HM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Selby — Walworth County, South Dakota Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all Veterans Men & Women Through Peace or War Their Memories will Never Die They fought Honor to our Country And Promise to our Dreams Walworth County Veterans Memorial Sponsored by Frederick Schauer Legion Post . . . — Map (db m112047) WM
South Dakota (Walworth County), Selby — You are now on the 100° Meridian
Historically that meridian is significant. For two generations the Insurance Companies and other worldwide lending agencies would not, as a matter of agreed policy, lend a shiny dime west of this line. There reason was that some geographer had . . . — Map (db m44712) HM

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