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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Louisiana, Marksville Historical Markers Driving Tour Historical Markers

Series of over 100 markers of historic homes, buildings and sites in celebration of Marksville's Bicentennial in 2009. Markers placed by either the City of Marksville, Hypolite Bordelon Home Society, Marksville Chamber of Commerce or the State of Louisiana. Mostly a driving tour.
Alfred Greenhouse, Sr. Home Marker image, Touch for more information
May 20, 2018
Alfred Greenhouse, Sr. Home Marker
1 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Alfred Greenhouse, Sr. Homec. 1881
Large story and a half Acadian style residence built by Alfred Greenhouse and his wife Cecilia Bontempt. Greenhouse was a farmer, cattleman, landowner and hunter who often cared for cattle kept in the lowlands during the winter months. Indian . . . Map (db m117693) HM
2 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Auguste Voinche Storec. 1843
Oldest commercial building site remaining in city. Built by Voinche, native of Paris, France. Later Victorian upper structure on only underground basement in city. Basement used to hide cotton from Union troops during Civil War.Map (db m98022) HM
3 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Bailey Theaterc. 1916
Movie theater built in the Arts and Crafts style by the Mayer family. First known as the "Palace Theater". Home to "silent" movies and later "speaking" films until about 1975. High school commencements were held here prior to 1927.Map (db m98270) HM
4 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Barbin-Satterthwaite Home1904
Turn of the century Victorian home featuring Colonial influence. Wrap around porch with complete central hallway. Built by Dr. Aristide Barbin. Restored by Tucker Couvillon family in the 1950's and the Leon Satterthwaite family in the 1990's.Map (db m120982) HM
5 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Belle Oak
Raised Greek Revival dwelling with Victorian influence built in 1872 by Alfred and Elizka Bordelon. Occupied by direct descendants. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Map (db m122655) HM
6 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Bettevy-DeNux-Roy Home1917
Full two story Arts and Crafts dwelling with Colonial Revival facade. Built by Michel Bettevy, prominent local banker. Later home to Leroy Havard family and the family of Dr. Alton DeNux, former Mayor and State Representative.Map (db m120955) HM
7 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Bordelon-Decuir-Robinson Home1910
Victorian dwelling Colonial influence. Built by Alfred Bordelon who practiced dentistry and law in Cottonport and Marksville. Built along northern edge of Spanish land grant of Francois Bordelon.Map (db m120984) HM
8 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Bordelon-Laborde Homec. 1925
Arts and Crafts style house built by Judge Lester Bordelon. Features a large central hallway flanked by gracious rooms and beveled glass entrance.Map (db m120973) HM
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9 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Brashear-Lafargue-Gremillion Homec. 1843
Part of home built by Marksville's first mayor, Charles Brashear. Located originally at corner of Cappel and Monroe Sts. Later housed Bell's Tavern. In 1856, Adolph Lafargue opened a boys' school in building and published "The Villager" newspaper . . . Map (db m120887) HM
10 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Brouillette-Guillot-Luke House
Arts and Crafts style house Circa 1920. Built as a spec House by T. James and Zepher Newton Brouillette. Purchased as rental property in May 1934 by Ceran R. and Eliza Zimmer Guillot. Similar to the house next door, but smaller in size.Map (db m121174) HM
11 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Carlos De Grandpré Home Sitec. 1796-97
Grandpré, Spanish Lieutenant Governor of the Red River and Ouachita Settlements resided at this site.Map (db m145725) HM
12 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Coco-Piazza Home1911
Full two story dwelling built in classic Arts and Crafts style. Features tile roof, stained glass and original Arts and Crafts interior. Designed by Favrot and Livaudais of New Orleans for L. Jules Coco, prominent local merchant.Map (db m121066) HM
13 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Confederate Hospital Sitec. 1864
A Confederate military hospital was maintained in this area during the Red River campaign of the Civil War. Patients were housed in a Mr. Richaud's buildings on Monroe Street according to an 1864 newspaper account.Map (db m121012) HM
14 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Congregational First Baptist Church
Organized in 1889 under the leadership of Rev. J.W. Womack of Beggs, Oklahoma. Rev. and Mrs. Womack opened the first private "colored" school in Avoyelles Parish. Rev. A.L. Holmes was pastor of this church for 37 years.Map (db m138654) HM
15 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Corrine Saucier Birth Site
Author of History of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana published in 1943. Was an Asst. Professor of Spanish and French at Louisiana State Normal College, Natchitoches, Louisiana.Map (db m121237) HM
16 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Cushman Home Sitec. 1840
The two story plantation home of Judge Ralph Cushman was near this site. Cushman died of yellow fever in 1855, and is buried in this cemetery which bears his name. Other family cemeteries which were founded during this period include the Cannon . . . Map (db m120388) HM
17 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Decuir-Gaspard Home1910
Modified Victorian and Arts and Crafts style home built by Albert Decuir, dairyman and farmer on Spanish land grant property of his ancestor, Francois Bordelon. Presently owned by Decuir's grandson.Map (db m120983) HM
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18 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Dr. John Ware's Mule Tramway Sitec. 1896
Mule driven tramway. Flat cars on rails from Marksville to Red River, a distance of six miles. Carried supplies and produce to and from Ware's Landing on the river to a warehouse on this site.Map (db m120927) HM
19 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Dr. Sylvan DeNux Home1913
Arts and Crafts home built by Samuel Moreau, a local attorney, and given a Colonial Revival look by Dr. DeNux in 1922.Map (db m145715) HM
20 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Dupuis-Mims Homec. 1921
Arts and Crafts style home built by Forest Dupuis, merchant and undertaker. Located on the grounds were a mortuary, "filling station", dance hall, and garages to house a horse-drawn hearse and family vehicle.Map (db m97845) HM
21 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Fort De Russy
Fort De Russy, four miles north, potent Confederate stronghold defending lower Red River valley, yielded to land attack of General A. J. Smith's Union Army on March 14, 1864. Lower Plaque Dedicated June 13, 1954 By the Central . . . Map (db m97846) HM
22 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Founding Of Marksville
Marcos Litche, a native of Venice, Italy and a traveling peddler, migrated to the Avoyelles Post c. 1794. Because of a broken wagon wheel, the pleasant environment, and friendliness of the Indians and local residents, he decided to stay in this . . . Map (db m99098) HM
23 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Frank Hotel Sitec. 1840 - 1921
A large Eastlake Victorian one and a half story structure with heavy Victorian ornamentation stood on this site. Built by Adolph Frank, German native. Local folklore states that Andrew Jackson stayed at an earlier inn on this site.Map (db m122504) HM
24 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Gardiner-Laborde Home1896
Built by Alfred Dupuy for J. R. Smith. Later home to the Gardiner and Benjamin Laborde families. Full two story Victorian dwelling with upper and lower galleries. Strong Eastlake influence of both interior and exterior.Map (db m103560) HM
25 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — German Prisoner of War Camp1944-45
German prisoners of war were housed in tents in a barbed wire enclosure during the last years of World War II. They assisted in the maintaining of levees and harvesting of crops, and were expatriated after the war.Map (db m97649) HM
26 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Graham-Guillory-Luke Home
Arts and Crafts style house Circa 1948. Rufus and Enola Dupuy Guillory purchased the property in April 1948 from Tillman and Mabel Graham. Perma Stone (faux stone) was Placed on the exterior walls and posts of the chain fence. One of the . . . Map (db m121176) HM
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27 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Gremillion-Degrusha Homec. 1915
Arts and Crafts style home built by Judge Phidias Gremillion. Is unique because it features a gabled roof. The wainscoted dining room is highlighted by a plate rail.Map (db m103700) HM
28 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Holy Ghost Catholic Church1923
Frame structure with Greek Revival influence was built for the Black Catholic families of Marksville and staffed by the Holy Ghost Fathers. Rev. Fr. T.J. Nolan was the first pastor and this church was built by Rev. Fr. John Cooney.Map (db m117651) HM
29 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Holy Ghost Catholic School
Founded by Rev. Fr. Nicholas Juderman as a school for Black Catholic children. Land donated by Daughters of the Cross. Funding obtained from Mother Katherine Drexel, founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Opened in 1917. First . . . Map (db m122502) HM
30 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Hypolite Bordelon House
This c. 1820 Creole house is typical of the dwellings of early Avoyelles Parish families. The Bordelon family, who built the house, was one of the parish's pioneer families. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.Map (db m97631) HM
31 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — J. Horace Ducote Law Officec. 1900
Ducote, a local attorney and former Mayor, practiced law from this Victorian brick and frame building at the turn of the century.Map (db m103692) HM
32 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Joe Printz Storec. 1890
Two story brick mercantile store with Victorian embellishments features business quarters downstairs and living quarters upstairs. Mr. Printz, an Italian immigrant, began his career as a fruit peddler in Avoyelles Parish.Map (db m174211) HM
33 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Joffrion-Roy-Luke Home1908
Classic Greek Revival home with heavy Colonial influence built by attorney, J.W."Buddy" Joffrion. Features a tile roof and spacious gardens. Designed by Favrot and Livaudais of New Orleans.Lower plaque: Joffrion House Has been placed on . . . Map (db m120928) HM
34 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Jules Coco Building1899-1918
Left section of this building was built in 1899 and the right section was added in 1918 by Jules Coco, a local merchant. This building has housed general merchandize (sic) stores, a Ford dealership, photo studio, hat shop, record shop, . . . Map (db m122079) HM
35 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Laborde Building1926
Arts and Crafts two story brick building built by Dr. E. M. Laborde and Cliffe E. Laborde for commercial use downstairs and dental and legal offices upstairs. Tidewater Marine, Inc., founded here in 1956.Map (db m103567) HM
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36 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Lewis P. Roy, Sr. Buildingc. 1900
Victorian mercantile store built by Lewis P. Roy, Sr. Restored in 1984-85 by attorneys Tucker Melancon and Rodney Rabalais and certified public accountants Aloysia C. Ducote and Van P. Major.Map (db m103699) HM
37 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Marc Eliché Home Site
Marc Eliché founder of Marksville, and his wife Julie Carmouche resided in a home on this site.Map (db m121009) HM
38 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Marksville "Colored" School Site
. . . Map (db m138653) HM
39 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Marksville Baptist Church
First organized in 1896 at the corner of Waddil and Lee Sts. by Rev. C. R. Dellapine. Later moved to corner of Monroe and Ogden Sts., and to this location in 1947.Map (db m98179) HM
40 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Marksville Masonic Lodge Building1925
The Masonic Lodge was first organized in 1900 and chartered on February 12, 1901. The lodge moved to this two story frame Arts and Crafts style building in 1925.Map (db m122417) HM
41 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Marksville Methodist Church
Organized in 1897 by Rev. W.T. Woodward in a frame church. Present church building erected in 1958.Map (db m99102) HM
42 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Marksville MoundsAncient Mounds Trail
Marksville is a ceremonial center with two earthen ridges enclosing seven mounds. Indians built these earthworks between 100 BC and AD 400. During that time, the site covered 200 acres and included other earthworks that are now destroyed. The . . . Map (db m97726) HM
43 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Marksville Race Track Sitec. 1890-1920
Marksvillians enjoyed horse racing on a hard earth track located on this site. A wood grandstand existed for visitor seating. Begun by Dr. Aristide Barbin who also organized a baseball field and golf course in this area. Dr. Barbin played on the . . . Map (db m117463) HM
44 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Maxwell Bordelon Law Officec. 1890
Small brick edifice with Victorian influence built by William Peterman, native of Pennsylvania and a railroad attorney. He married Belle Bordelorn and later moved his practice to Alexandria.Map (db m121177) HM
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45 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Mayer Hotel Sitec. 1880-1930
A two and one half story Eastlake Victorian structure with twin turrets stood on this site. Built by Alfred Mayer. Served for many years as the city's main hotel and renowned throughout state for its French cuisine.Map (db m99100) HM
46 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Molenar Photography Studio Sitec. 1890-1900
H. Molenar and J.A. Dalsuet photographed much of early Marksville and its early inhabitants. Most of the photographs that have survived were made by Molenar who had a studio on this site.Map (db m122654) HM
47 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Old Church of the Nazarenec. 1932
The Marksville Church of the Nazarene was organized on October 26, 1926 in the home of Mrs. L.J. Coco. Rev. L.L. Latham was the first minister. This "New England” style building has outstanding twelve over twelve windows. . . . Map (db m122524) HM
48 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Peerless Cleaners and Hotelc.1910
Full two story frame structure housing a business and hotel. Property originally owned by Madame Marc Eliché. Purchased in the 1940's by Jules Moreau for a "pressing shop". Also housed a tractor dealership at one time.Map (db m121367) HM
49 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Poste Des Avoyelles
A Spanish military post was established c.1780 in Marksville by Carlos de Grandpré, Civil Lieutenant Governor of the Red and Ouachita River Settlements to protect the Avoyel Indians from the encroachment of white settlers on Indian lands and to . . . Map (db m97870) HM
50 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Presentation Academy
Founded by the Daughters of the Cross of Treguier, France in 1854 at Hydropolis (Cocoville), and relocated to this site after the Civil War. First Catholic girls' school in Avoyelles Parish. Later became co-educational.Map (db m122415) HM
51 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Presentation Convent Chapelc. 1855
Originally located in Hydropolis (Cocoville). Served as the chapel for the Daughters of the Cross and students at Presentation Academy. Later moved after the Civil War to Marksville and attached to the first St. Joseph Church. Moved to the grounds . . . Map (db m97771) HM
52 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Roy-Cappel Homec. 1911
Built by L. P. Roy, Sr., prominent bank president, State Representative and local entrepreneur. Designed by Favrot and Livaudais of New Orleans in the Arts and Crafts style. Features a tile roof and much use of beveled glass throughout. "Sister" . . . Map (db m121196) HM
53 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Site of General Store
Site of general store and post office where Sam Bass mailed Solomon Northup's letter to obtain his freedom from being kidnapped into slavery. Northup was a free man of color living in Saratoga, New York and was hired to play violin in Washington, . . . Map (db m122414) HM
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54 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — St. Joseph Catholic Church
Founded by Rev. Fr. Jules Janeau in 1869 with worship in a Gothic frame Church. Replaced in 1926 by Msgr. Henry Van de Putten with this Romanesque structure designed by W. T. Nolan.Map (db m98023) HM
55 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — St. Peter's Episcopal Chapel Site1902
Congregation established in 1881 as a mission from St. James Church in Alexandria. Rev. W.S. Slack was pastor of the church on this site in 1902.Map (db m121239) HM
56 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — The First Bowie Knife
Rezin P. Bowie, brother of Alamo hero James Bowie, wrote, “The first Bowie knife was made by myself in the Parish of Avoyelles.” With this knife James killed Norris Wright in the famous Sandbar Fight near Natchez, Miss., Sept. 19, 1827.Map (db m98048) HM
57 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — The Marksville Site
One mile east is the Marksville prehistoric Indian ceremonial center. This site, occupied from 1-400 A.D., was related to the Ohio Hopewell Culture, and was noted for its elaborate trade networks and mortuary ceremonialism.Map (db m98269) HM
58 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Tunica-Biloxi Indian Reservationc. 1790
Lands granted to the Tunica tribe by the Spanish government comprise part of the present reservation. The Tunica-Biloxi Tribe is a fusion of the Tunica, Biloxi, Ofo, and Avoyel peoples.Map (db m97810) HM
59 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — Watts-Dupuy-Scallan Homec.1916
Arts and Crafts style home built by Roy Watts and home to Carnot Dupuy for many years. Mr. Dupuy, a pharmacist, was mayor of Marksville in 1920 and also served on the School Board.Map (db m103559) HM
60 Louisiana, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville — William Edwards Plantation Home Sitec.1832
A two and one half story Greek Revival frame structure with upper and lower galleries stood here. Built by Edwards on land purchased from Marc Eliche'. Later owned by Judge Aristide Barbin.Map (db m98055) HM
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