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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Marker detail: Family vault sketch
1New York (Albany County), Albany — Ten Broeck Family Burial Vault
On this site, two generals of the Revolutionary War were interred. Major General Philip Schuyler and Brigadier General Abraham Ten Broeck, both natives of Albany. General Philip Schuyler died in November of 1804 and was buried here following a . . . Map (db m139508) HM
2New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Fonda Cemetery
Early Settlers at Boght and Crescent. Intermarried with Lansing's. Organized the Boght Reformed Church in 1784. Fonda Rd. is named for the family.Map (db m129626) HM
3New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Van Schaick Burial Plot
First Settlers of Cohoes And Owners of Half Moon Patent Buried Here Map (db m7249) HM
4New York (Albany County), Colonie — Shaker Cemetery
First burials occurred on this historic site in 1787- Mother Ann Lee and early leaders reburied here laterMap (db m41150) HM
5New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Captain Jacob Van Aernam
Captain Jacob Van Aernam 1732 - 1813 Revolutionary hero buried here Courageous always he fought for his beloved Country's independenceMap (db m44031) HM
6New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Frederick Crounse
Farm of Frederick Crounse Officer 3D Albany Co. Militia in Revolution. Carried food to Army Battle of Saratoga. Buried Here Map (db m48377) HM
7New York (Albany County), Guilderland — The Vale of Tawasentha
Iroquois name for a burial ground near mouth of the Normanskill Creek.Map (db m142822) HM
8New York (Albany County), Menands — Historic Albany Rural CemeteryEst. 1841
Burial site of Pres. Arthur, governors, statesmen and private citizens. Noted for it’s natural beauty, sculptures & architecture.Map (db m37463) HM
9New York (Albany County), Menands — Saint Agnes CemeteryMedal of Honor Recipient Burial Place
Saint Agnes Cemetery has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 2008Map (db m62357) HM
10New York (Allegany County), Andover — 308 — Early Cemetery
Cole-Dike cemetery first burial Zeriah Dike in 1798. Revolutionary War veteran Nathaniel Dike 1747-1813 buried here.Map (db m133057) HM
11New York (Allegany County), Angelica — Angelica Cemetery
Site gift of Church family, 1801; First burial, 1803; among noted men of Allegany Co. Buried here are; Major M. Van Campen, Capt. P. Church, Judge M. Grover and Rev. C. FairbankMap (db m65538) HM
12New York (Allegany County), Bolivar — Early Cemetery
Used as a burial ground for pioneer families: Lesuer, Tyler, Cowles, Kellogg, Mead, Daniels, Beers, Davie stones date from the 1820's.Map (db m88284) HM
13New York (Allegany County), Cuba — Cuba Cemetery
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015 by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m153618) HM
14New York (Allegany County), Houghton — Copperhead
The last one of the Seneca Tribe of Indians that lived in the Town of Caneadea, N.Y. was buried here. His wife died some years before his death. He died March 23, 1864. He said he was 120 years old.Map (db m155771) HM
15New York (Bronx County), Bronx — David Glasgow Farragut
Erected by his wife and son to the memory of David Glasgow Farragut First Admiral in the United States Navy Born   July 5, 1801 Died   August 14, 1870 ---------------Map (db m40012) HM
16New York (Bronx County), Bronx — St. Ann's Shrine
Here Rests Lewis Morris, "signer" Declaration of Independence; Gouverneur Morris, "penman" Constitution of U.S.A. Judge R.H. Morris, Mayor of New York.Map (db m160849) HM
17New York (Broome County), Deposit — Revolutionary Cemetery
Historical Marker Revolutionary Cemetery War veterans of 1776 & 1812 Originally and Indian Burial GroundMap (db m93203) HM
18New York (Broome County), Endicott — Riverside Cemetery
Est. 1792 Burial place of early settlers and Joshua & John Mersereau, heroes of the Revolutionary War NYS & National Register of Historic PlacesMap (db m141694) HM
19New York (Broome County), Vestal — Rounds Cemetery
Pioneer Alfred Rounds and some of his descendants are buried in this stone-walled family cemetery on land son Jacob purchased in 1825.Map (db m127574) HM
20New York (Broome County), Vestal — 312 — Vestal ParkCemetery Est. 1834.
Revolutionary War veterans John Rush and William Weston, Civil War veterans and early town settlers buried here.Map (db m128009) HM
21New York (Broome County), Vestal — 396 — Willis Cemetery
Burials 1810-1934 David & Phebe Willis arrived in Willow Point CA. 1796, Elias Willis owned local tavern. Buried here with family.Map (db m127997) HM
22New York (Cattaraugus County), Ellicottville — Jefferson Street Cemetery
Jefferson Street Cemetery has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012 by the United States Department of the Interior Map (db m89102) HM
23New York (Cattaraugus County), Franklinville — Cadiz Cemetery
Cadiz Cemetery Earliest burial Abigail Curtis in 1837. Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War veterans buried here.Map (db m86623) HM
24New York (Cattaraugus County), Persia — Ahaz Allen
Ahaz Allen Pioneer settler in town of Persia in 1810. Built first saw and grist mill, bridge, frame house, Forty Rd. Gave land for cemetery in 1836. Map (db m104212) HM
25New York (Cayuga County), Auburn — 500 Feet → Fort Hill
500 Feet → Fort Hill Prehistoric Indian fort. Traditional birthplace of Chief Logan. Now a cemetery. Map (db m166864) HM
26New York (Cayuga County), Auburn — Cold Spring Cemetery
First Irish Catholic cem. Resting place of immigrants from famine in Ireland 1845-1850. Many Civil War vets buried here Map (db m87940) HM
27New York (Cayuga County), Auburn — Fort Hill
Fort Hill of moundbuilder origin. Later Cayuga council seat and village Fort Wasco traditional birth place of Chief Logan Map (db m88170) HM
28New York (Cayuga County), Auburn — North Street Cemetery
North Street Cemetery Most of the settlers of Hardenbergh's Corners and early inhabitants of Auburn are buried here. Main cemetery until 1852 Map (db m88476) HM
29New York (Cayuga County), Brutus — William McCreedy
William McCreedy and family, burial site. Soldier in Revolution. Born 1755 - Died 1824. Early Methodist meeting held in nearby family home. Map (db m88480) HM
30New York (Cayuga County), Ira — Burial Place
Burial Place of the pioneers of this section, including several revolutionary veterans 1809-1860 Map (db m83811) HM
31New York (Cayuga County), Montezuma — Early Cemetery
Early Cemetery Old Montezuma Cemetery Revolutionary War veteran Richard Damewood buried here 1850. Served at seige of British at Yorktown.Map (db m83546) HM
32New York (Cayuga County), Summerhill — 235 — Early Cemetery
Known as Summerhill Cemetery burials from 1806-1905 final resting place of soldiers who served in Revolutionary & Civil WarsMap (db m133165) HM
33New York (Cayuga County), Weedsport — God's Acre
God's Acre First community cemetery in the town of Brutus 1801 - 1863. Most stones removed, 1916. Declared town park, 1974. Map (db m87920) HM
34New York (Chautauqua County), Fredonia — The Pioneer CemeteryTown of Pomfret
This site was given by Hezekiah Barker for a cemetery and the first burial here was in 1807. There are 15 known revolutionary soldiers and many other earlier settlers of Pomfret resting here in this Pioneer Cemetery. This marker placed by the . . . Map (db m96228) HM
35New York (Chautauqua County), Jamestown — First Burial Ground1815-1822
5 adults and 12 to 14 children were buried here. Their remains were later moved to the new cemetery on West 5th Street.Map (db m64695) HM
36New York (Chemung County), Big Flats — Miller Cemetery
Restored in 1953 by the Big Flats Rotary ClubMap (db m154251) HM
37New York (Chemung County), Big Flats — William Mapes
5 years a Drum Major in the Continental Army, was present at the surrender of Cornwallis, and received an Honorable Discharge written by the hand of Washington. Died April 1, 1836 In the . . . Map (db m154253) HM WM
38New York (Chemung County), Elmira — A National Cemetery System
Civil War Dead An estimated 700,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died in the Civil War between April 1861 and April 1865. As the death toll rose, the U.S. government struggled with the urgent but unplanned need to bury fallen Union . . . Map (db m90119) HM
39New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Confederate Burials in the National Cemetery
Elmira Prison Camp Overcrowding at the military prison at Point Lookout, Maryland, led the U.S. Army to establish Elmira Military Prison in May 1864. Elmira, New York, initially a rendezvous point for enlisting Union soldiers, had barracks, . . . Map (db m90076) HM
40New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Confederate Soldiers MemorialElmira New York
In Memory of The Confederate Soldiers in the War Between the States who died in Elmira Prison and lie buried here erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy November 6, 1937Map (db m32179) HM
41New York (Chemung County), Elmira — John W. Jones Museum
John W. Jones (1817-1900) was the courageous stationmaster of the Underground Railroad in Elmira. Escaping from slavery in Virginia, he made the dangerous 300-mile journey to freedom on the Underground Railroad and arrived in Elmira in 1844. Working . . . Map (db m90202) HM
42New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Knoll Cemetery
Revolutionary War veterans & their families, including casualties of the Battle of Newtown, August 29, 1779.Map (db m43926) HM
43New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Mark Twain
Samuel Clemens Dies in Redding, Connecticut On Thursday, April 21, 1910, Samuel Langhorne Clemens died at his home, Stormfield, in Redding, Connecticut. Beside him on his bed lay a beloved book -- Carlyle's The French Revolution: A . . . Map (db m90181) HM
44New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Old Second Street Cemetery
1838-1919 here are buried pioneers, and soldiers of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and the Union ArmyMap (db m43937) HM
45New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Underground Railroad Participants
[Locator map of Woodlawn Cemetery] 20. Elizabeth Adams, (Leer Green) - Sec. P. (free ground) 4. John Arnot, Sr. - Sec. H (vault) • • • 3. Olivia Lewis Langdon - Sec. G Lot 37 12. Harwood Badger - Sec. D. Lot 73 • • • 21. Anderson Murphy - Sec. . . . Map (db m154366) HM
46New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Veterans of All Wars
Memorial Dedicated to veterans of all wars of the United States.Map (db m90179) WM
47New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Woodlawn Cemetery History
THE BEGINNING: The development of Elmira's Woodlawn Cemetery was the result of a need for more burial space and an outgrowth of the "rural cemetery movement" which became increasingly popular after 1830. Elmira's earliest known burial ground . . . Map (db m154291) HM
48New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Woodlawn National Cemetery
Elmira Military Depot On April 15, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln issued a call for volunteers to put down the Confederate rebellion. Three days later, New York Gov. Edwin G. Morgan appealed for 13,280 troops to fill the state's quota of . . . Map (db m90151) HM
49New York (Chemung County), Lowman — Riverside Cemetery
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012 by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m150084) HM
50New York (Chemung County), Lowman — Soldiers of the American RevolutionBuried in this Cemetery
Libertas et Patria Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in this Cemetery Lt. Israel Parshall Pa. • Lt. Christopher Denn Pa. Sgt. Daniel McDowell Pa. • Sgt. Alexander Murry N.Y. Pvt. Abraham Brewer N.Y. • Pvt. John Brewer N.Y. Pvt. Thomas . . . Map (db m33359) HM
51New York (Chemung County), Lowman — Soldiers of the American RevolutionBuried in this Cemetery
Libertas et Patria Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in this Cemetery Lt. Israel Parshall Pa. • Lt. Christopher Denn Pa. Sgt. Daniel McDowell Pa. • Sgt. Alexander Murry N.Y. Pvt. Abraham Brewer N.Y. • Pvt. John Brewer N.Y. Pvt. Thomas . . . Map (db m90334) HM
52New York (Chemung County), Southport — Fitzsimmons Cemetery
Contains remains of many pioneers and members of the Sullivan-Clinton CampaignMap (db m66951) HM
53New York (Chenango County), Coventryville — Coffin Man
Simon Jones' stone here was carved by J.W Stewart 1818. Local history suggests J.W. is now known as Coffin Man for carving many similar stones.Map (db m93286) HM
54New York (Chenango County), Guilford — 626 — Walter A. Baldwin
Moved to Georgia 1852 and conscripted in Confederate Army 1864. Taken prisoner 1865 and died of disease 1 month after release. Buried here.Map (db m148983) HM
55New York (Chenango County), New Berlin — St. Andrews Church and Cemetery
Worship began in 1808 led by Fr. Daniel Nash. First Episcopal Church in Chenango County. Cemetery owned by church.Map (db m93163) HM
56New York (Chenango County), Oxford — Lake Warn
According to tradition burial place of Thick Neck, giant Chief of the Antones, a tribe of the Tuscaroras killed by the Oneidas.Map (db m93276) HM
57New York (Clinton County), Chazy — Riverview Cemetery
In 1811 Dr. Nathan Carver gave land for a cemetery. This is the burial place of local philanthropist William H. & Alice T. Miner.Map (db m106416) HM
58New York (Clinton County), East Beekmantown — East Beekmantown
Here lie buried
Revolutionary Soldiers and sons who resisted invading southbound British forces in this forested area
September 6, 1814 East Beekmantown Cemetery Corp.Map (db m137920) HM WM
59New York (Clinton County), Keeseville — 221 — Evergreen Cemetery
Est. 1849. Final resting place of veterans, members of U.S. Congress & citizens who were critical in Keeseville's historyMap (db m136668) HM
60New York (Clinton County), Morrisonville — 229 — Soper Cemetery
A.K.A. Ayer-Soper Cemetery. Burial site for Ayer, Hall, Robinson & Soper families. Headstones remaining show interments from 1832-1863.Map (db m133083) HM
61New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Addoms - Hagar Burial Ground
The burial site of John Addoms, Luther Hagar and their families, 1807-1853Map (db m136767) HM
62New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Old Post Cemetery
Last resting place of soldiers from this nations wars Est. 1812 - 1970 PFC Robert A. LaFountainMap (db m47375) HM
63New York (Clinton County), Schuyler Falls — 230 — Schuyler Falls
Cemetery est. Nov. 21, 1876 resting place of many early area families - Eels, Keet, Mason, Merchant, Lobdell, Ladue, Turner, WeaverMap (db m133082) HM
64New York (Clinton County), Town of Plattsburgh — Gilliland Cemetery
First burials were in 1810. Cemetery ground donated by Henry and Abigail Gilliland to the Port Gilliland community in 1848.Map (db m108642) HM
65New York (Columbia County), Canaan — Queechy Church Burial Ground
1828 -1963 Queechy Methodist Church 1829 Building erected. 1929 September 21-22 One Hundredth Anniversary, Rev. D.A.Cataldo, Pastor. The following is copied from the booklet published for the celebration. 1964 N.Y. Conf. Minutes, . . . Map (db m145309) HM
66New York (Columbia County), East Chatham — New Concord
Final resting place of 28 known Revolutionary War patriots in this Mountain View Cemetery and nearby Dewitt Brown Cemetery, honored May 19, 2012 by the Sons and the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Veillette-Nifosi Foundation and the . . . Map (db m158652) HM
67New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — 345 — Burial Ground1816-ca 1861
Bequest by John Rogers provided this quarter acre exclusively for burials of persons of color.Map (db m128003) HM
68New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — Gravesite
Martin Van Buren 1782 – 1862 Governor of New York Eighth President of the United StatesMap (db m37474) HM
69New York (Columbia County), Mt. Ross — Church Cemetery
Connected with Reformed Protestant Dutch Church. Known as Stissick, Gallatin, Ancram, Greenbush, and Vedder Church. Oldest stone 1770Map (db m165653) HM
70New York (Columbia County), Rayville — Founded 1782Friends Burial Ground
Founded 1782 Friends Burial Ground at Rayville, by the religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Incorporated 1902.Map (db m158859) HM
71New York (Columbia County), Silvernails — Dings Cemetery
Oldest cemetery in Gallatin. Private for Dings family before 1748 Map (db m165604) HM
72New York (Cortland County), Cincinnatus — Bentley Family
aka Hawley burial ground Early burials in mid 1820s and final resting place of Revolutionary War soldiers Henry and Jacobus BushMap (db m146731) HM
73New York (Cortland County), Homer — Civil War Memorial
In memory of the Soldiers & Sailors buried here who fought to save the Union 1861---1865Map (db m141471) WM
74New York (Cortland County), Homer — 208 — Glenwood Cemetery
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018 by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m141463) HM
75New York (Cortland County), Homer — Glenwood Cemetery
Opened in 1867 Named and landscaped by Paris Barber 1814 - 1876 A public spirited citizen of HomerMap (db m141466) HM
76New York (Cortland County), Homer — Rev. Samuel and Roenna Clark Day
Rev. Samuel S. Day 1808-1871 Roenna Clark his wife 1809-1881 Founders of the American Baptist Telugu Mission India Mary M. Day their dau. 1839-1915 Missionary in India 32 y'rs. The Lone Star Mission and their example of faith . . . Map (db m141474) HM
77New York (Cortland County), McGraw — Old Baptist Cemetery1820-1864
1st cemetery in McGrawvilleMap (db m146611) HM
78New York (Delaware County), Sidney — Sidney PlainsPioneer Cemetery
1787-1890 N.Y State and National Register of Historic PlacesMap (db m92596) HM
79New York (Delaware County), Walton — Walton Cemetery
"Exceptionally well operated and maintained"Map (db m149532) HM
80New York (Dutchess County), Beacon — Burial Site
Burial site of William Few, Jr. 1748 – 1828 Signer of U.S. Constitution for the State of Georgia – 1787 Reinterred in Augusta, Georgia – October 1973Map (db m44515) HM
81New York (Dutchess County), Beacon — William Few
In this tomb rests the remains of William Few Born June 18, 1748 – Died July 16, 1828 Lieut. Colonel, Georgia Militia during the American Revolution, 1776-1779. Member, Continental Congress, 1780-1788 Signed Federal Constitution, 1787 . . . Map (db m44562) HM
82New York (Dutchess County), Beekman — Burying Ground
Burying Ground Vanderburgh Family Col. James Vanderburgh 5th Regiment D. C. Militia In Revolutionary War Born 1729. Died 1794. Map (db m24879) HM
83New York (Dutchess County), Clinton Corners — 542 — Bear Market
Bear Market aka Sutherland Cemetery. Grave of Solomon Sutherland, Revolutionary War patriot, first Stanford town clerk, NYS Senator, 1800-1802.Map (db m158871) HM
84New York (Dutchess County), Fishkill — Veterans of the Fishkill Supply Depot
In memory of those who served in the Continental Army, while at the Fishkill Supply Depot. Near here lie buried Revolutionary War heroes, patriots who were among the first to fight for our freedom. On behalf of these valiant soldiers, we dedicate . . . Map (db m88762) HM
85New York (Dutchess County), Hopewell Junction — Van Wyck Family
came to Dutchess County from Long Island in 1733. Buried their dead in this vault during 19th century, monuments bear 36 names.Map (db m89074) HM
86New York (Dutchess County), Hyde Park — The World Mourns
I felt like the moon, the stars, and all the planets had fallen on me. - President Harry S. Truman, Roosevelt’s successor. I’m walking south on Michigan Boulevard and I can’t stop crying. Everybody’s crying. - Studs Terkel, writer. . . . Map (db m83112) HM
87New York (Dutchess County), Millerton — Irondale Cemetery
Irondale, Millerton, Town of North East. Old Stone 1818.Map (db m135709) HM
88New York (Dutchess County), North East — North East Center Burying Ground
Early stone marked 1801Map (db m137993) HM
89New York (Dutchess County), Stormville — Halstead Berry
Families cemetery on largest farm of this location in 1792. Stone restored by residents in 1982.Map (db m62413) HM
90New York (Dutchess County), Union Vale — Potters Corners Burying Ground
Potters Corners Burying Ground Early stone marked 1785 Site of Trinity Methodist Church Until 1860’s Union Vale Historical Society Map (db m24880) HM
91New York (Erie County), Amherst — 631 — Former Cemetery
Amherst residents buried here CA. 1811-1910 in what was Eggertsville Cemetery moved to Skinnerville Cemetery 1952-1956.Map (db m150708) HM
92New York (Erie County), Boston — Horton Hill
Horton Hill Bros. John & Truman Horton walked from New Lebanon, NY to Concord. Bought land in 1815 from Holland Land Co. Bought land in Boston 1834. Map (db m80635) HM
93New York (Erie County), Boston — West Boston
West Boston A German evangelical church was organized 1834 with 20 members. Rev. Jacob Bastian served for many years. All that remains ia a cemetery. Map (db m93781) HM
94New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Albert James Myer, M.D.1829-1880
Surgeon - Brigadier General - Inventor of the 'Wig-Wag' signal system - First director of the Army Signal Corps - Founder of the U.S. Weather Bureau - U.S. Delegate to the International Meteorological Conferences of Vienna, Austria, 1873 & Rome, . . . Map (db m65473) HM
95New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Ebenezer Walden"Pioneer Patriarch of Buffalo" — May 15, 1777 - November 10, 1857 —
Born in Beckett, Massachusetts, Williams College class of 1799, first lawyer west of the Genesee River. Escaped captors during the War of 1812. Buffalo board of trustees president in 1816, founding member of the Buffalo Harbor Company, first Judge . . . Map (db m65474) HM
96New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Final resting place of The Senecas
Final resting place of The Senecas of the Genesee Valley that the Mt. Morris Dam inundated. Buffalo Creek Council Fire. June 22, 1952Map (db m137877) HM
97New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Forest Lawn CemeteryFounded 1850
Burial place of Millard Fillmore, Samuel Wilkeson, Red Jacket and other famous Buffalonians, including veterans of seven wars. Site of homestead of Erastus Granger, first Indian Agent.Map (db m81167) HM
98New York (Erie County), Buffalo — In Memory of Millard Fillmore
13th President of the United States of America Born January 7, 1800. Died March 8, 1874 Dedicated by The Millard Fillmore Republican Women's Club Memorial Day May 30, 1932Map (db m65479) HM
99New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Red Jacket
Sa-Co-ye-Wat-Ha (He keeps them awake) Died at Buffalo Creek January 20, 1830 aged 78 years. "When I am gone and my warnings are no longer heeded, the graft and avarice of the white man will prevail. My heart fails me when I think of my people, so . . . Map (db m65478) HM
100New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Seneca Indian Park
In this vicinity from 1780 to 1842 dwelt the larger portion of the Seneca Nation of the Iroquois League. In this enclosure were buried Red Jacket, Mary Jemison the white woman of the Genesee and many of the noted chiefs and leaders of the nation . . . Map (db m137871) HM

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