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10th Ward War Memorial image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., March 20, 2018
10th Ward War Memorial
1New York (Albany County), Albany — 10th Ward War Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of the men and women from The 10th Ward who served their country in time of warMap (db m115725) WM
2New York (Albany County), Albany — 200th Anniversary of the Birth of George Washington
By his faith in God and man he built our nation Erected in 1932 by the New York State Commission for the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of George Washington Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor Hon. . . . Map (db m8126) HM
3New York (Albany County), Albany — Albany Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Commission of the City of Albany, New York Mayors Charles H. Gaus • Henry F. Snyder • James B. McEwan Commissioner of Public Works Wallace Greenalch Commissioners * John S. McEwan * John L. Newman • Peter Kinnear * . . . Map (db m144262) WM
4New York (Albany County), Albany — NY-21 — Gen. Henry Knox Trail
Through this Place Passed Gen. Henry Knox In the Winter of 1775 - 1776 To Deliver To Gen. George Washington At Cambridge The Train of Artillery From Fort Ticonderoga Used to Force the British Army to Evacuate Boston . . . Map (db m23717) HM
5New York (Albany County), Albany — General Washington
traveled this road on his tours of the Mohawk Valley 1782 and 1783.Map (db m115354) HM
6New York (Albany County), Albany — LaFayette Park
Named in honor of the Marquis de LaFayette who commanded troops at Albany in 1778. Returned here in 1784 on his way to Fort Schuyler was entertained by the State of New York and the City of Albany during his visits in 1824-1825.Map (db m64999) HM
7New York (Albany County), Albany — NSDAR Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial
The New York State Organization National Society Daughters of the American Revolution honors the courage and valor of more than 41,000 patriot troops in the line. The levies and the militia from New York Colony and State who left their homes and . . . Map (db m64998) WM
8New York (Albany County), Albany — Parading and Promenading
This straight path, sometimes known as the "Knox Street Mall", is the only portion of Washington Park that follows the pattern of the surrounding urban grid. It marks the west side of what was known as Middle or Washington Square. This precursor . . . Map (db m144256) HM
9New York (Albany County), Albany — Philip Livingston
One of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence was born on this site January 15, 1716 (O.S.) This tablet was erected under the auspices of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York by Philip . . . Map (db m116732) HM
10New York (Albany County), Albany — Spanish-American War Memorial
Erected by The City of Albany July 22, 1928 in memory of those who served their country in the Spanish-American War —————————— William S. Hackett John Boyd Thacher . . . Map (db m115726) WM
11New York (Albany County), Albany — U.S.S. Slater — (DE-766)
Time: The Second World War, 1942 During the “dark days” of 1940, after the German conquest of France and prior to the U.S. involvement in World War II, England stood alone against the threat of Nazi world domination. An island . . . Map (db m18188) HM
12New York (Albany County), Altamont — Family Cemetery
Family Cemetery Of Early Pioneer Jurrian Severson Grave of John J. Vanaernam Ensign, Revolutionary War Born 1730 - Died 1814Map (db m44022) HM
13New York (Albany County), Berne — Pioneer
Col. Jesse Wood of Long Island Settled Here About 1800. Served in War of 1812. Died July 23, 1853 At Age Of 83 Years Map (db m101719) HM
14New York (Albany County), Cohoes — A Park Named Craner * Cohoes Recalls a Hero — Cohoes Remembers Vets Craner Park Cohoes, NY Saturday, May 20, 2006
Robert Craner was born in 1933 to Grace and Alfred Craner and grew up at 27 Church Street in the "Orchard" section of Cohoes. He graduated from the local Catholic Central High School in 1950 and enlisted in the Air Force at the age of 19. Craner . . . Map (db m40821) HM
15New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Breastworks
Erected under direction of Thaddeus Koscuiszko in August-September 1777 to check Burgoyne's invasionMap (db m115356) HM
16New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Misty 17
"Misty" was the call sign used by the F-110F Fast Forward Air Controllers (Fast Fac's) during the Vietnam War. There were 155 pilots officially assigned to fly missions over North Vietnam from June 15, 1967 to May 19, 1970. 21 other attached pilots . . . Map (db m40826) HM
17New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Peebles Island in the 18th-20th Centuries
During the Revolutionary War, American troops camped on Van Schaick and Peebles Islands. Thaddaeus Kosciuszko, a prominent Polish engineer who aided the American cause, designed the earthworks that are visible today near the bridge to . . . Map (db m115385) HM
18New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Van Schaick Mansion
1735 - 1927 Van Schaick Mansion Home Of John G. Van Schaick and his Wife Anna Patriot Americans Built by Anthony Van Schaick Son of Goosen Gerritsen original patentee Headquarters August 18-September 8-1777 Northern . . . Map (db m7250) HM
19New York (Albany County), Fullers — Abraham Wemple
Col. Schenectady militia during American Revolution owned farm here 1765 to death in 1799. Buried on high knoll above reservoir.Map (db m144957) HM
20New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Battle of Normanskill
Fought north of the creek Schenectady Militia with 40 Rhode Island troops dispersed large group of Tories on August 11, 1777 Map (db m49379) HM
21New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Captain Jacob Van Aernam
Captain Jacob Van Aernam 1732 - 1813 Revolutionary hero buried here Courageous always he fought for his beloved Country's independenceMap (db m44031) HM
22New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Frederick Crounse
Farm of Frederick Crounse Officer 3D Albany Co. Militia in Revolution. Carried food to Army Battle of Saratoga. Buried Here Map (db m48377) HM
23New York (Albany County), Guilderland — Jacob Van Aernam
Jacob Van Aernam 1723 - 1813 Capt. 3rd Albany Regiment Leader of Patriot forces in the Helderberg region during American Revolution Lived on farm hereMap (db m44020) HM
24New York (Albany County), Selkirk — Hamlet of Selkirk
Named for James Selkirk 1757-1820. 2nd Regiment-Line, American Revolution. Native of Scotland settled here in 1786Map (db m129515) HM
25New York (Albany County), Slingerlands — Andrew Conning
Nearby is Burial Site of Andrew Conning, 3rd Regt. Albany County Militia Under Capt. Vanderheyden The American Revolution Placed by Tawasetha Chapter NSDAR Map (db m44963) HM
26New York (Allegany County), Andover — 308 — Early Cemetery
Cole-Dike cemetery first burial Zeriah Dike in 1798. Revolutionary War veteran Nathaniel Dike 1747-1813 buried here.Map (db m133057) HM
27New York (Allegany County), Houghton — To Civil War Veterans of Caneadea New York
albert andrews • benjamin f. andrews • charles b. alfred • daniel blake • col. lyasander burr • fred a. burr • henry l. bigelow • hugh p. bennett • andrew banister • milford butler • crandall bacon • beerly bacon • benson bacon • columbus balcom • . . . Map (db m157247) WM
28New York (Bronx County), Bronx — St. Ann's Shrine
Here Rests Lewis Morris, "signer" Declaration of Independence; Gouverneur Morris, "penman" Constitution of U.S.A. Judge R.H. Morris, Mayor of New York.Map (db m160849) HM
29New York (Bronx County), Bronx — Yankee Stadium September 11 Memorial
We remember On September 11, 2001, despicable acts of terrorism were perepetrated on our country. In tribute to the eternal spirit of the innocent victims of these crimes and to the selfless courage shown by both public servants and private citizens . . . Map (db m35653) HM
30New York (Broome County), Harpursville — Robert Harpur — 1731-1825
Revolutionary War Veteran Professor at Kings College Deputy Secretary of State Pioneer of Local Lands Namesake of Harpursville and Harpur CollegeMap (db m93548) HM
31New York (Broome County), Vestal — War Memorial
Everlasting Gratitude from the people of Vestal to their servicemen and women who served, gave their lives, and carried the torch of freedom. World War II Dead Floyd Beam • Chester Bennett • R. W. Bingham Robert Bingham • . . . Map (db m154395) WM
32New York (Broome County), Whitney Point — Gen. John Paterson — 1744 - 1808
Revolutionary Patriot New York State Assemblyman United States Congressman Colonial PioneerMap (db m104535) WM
33New York (Broome County), Whitney Point — M60 A3 Battle Tank — [War Memorial]
Years in Production: 1960 - 1987 Manufacturer: Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant, Chrysler Weight: 46 Tons Main Armament: 105mm (4.1in) M68 Gun Engine: V-12 Twin Turbo Diesel Top Speed: @30mph (road) This display is in honor of all service . . . Map (db m104532) HM WM
34New York (Cattaraugus County), Allegany — 520 — Oscar F. Wilber
Civil War private buried here. Died in 1863 from wounds rec'd at Chancellorsville. Subject of Walt Whitman's 1864 essay "A New York Soldier".Map (db m132668) HM
35New York (Cattaraugus County), Little Valley — 496 — War Memorial
Bldg. dedicated Sept. 7, 1914 to honor the nearly 3,500 Cattaraugus County citizens who served in the Army and Navy during the Civil War.Map (db m132670) HM WM
36New York (Cayuga County), Auburn — William H. Seward — 1801 - 1872
William H. Seward, 1801 - 1872 "How through these years in silence thou hast borne the cruel doubt, the slanders of debate, the assassin's knife, and keener blade of scorn, wielded by party in its narrow hate: How could'st thou pause each step to . . . Map (db m88395) HM
37New York (Cayuga County), Moravia — World War Memorial — 1917 • 1919
In memory of those of Moravia New York who served in the Great World War ☆ Died in Service ☆ Frank G. Churchill • Walton D. Rowe Honor Roll Martin L. Aspell • Howard Bates • Edgar K. Canavan Kit C. Card • Ross Card . . . Map (db m159511) WM
38New York (Cayuga County), Summerhill — 235 — Early Cemetery
Known as Summerhill Cemetery burials from 1806-1905 final resting place of soldiers who served in Revolutionary & Civil WarsMap (db m133165) HM
39New York (Chautauqua County), Dunkirk — Tadeusz Kosciuszko
. . . Map (db m117511) WM
40New York (Chemung County), Big Flats — William Mapes
5 years a Drum Major in the Continental Army, was present at the surrender of Cornwallis, and received an Honorable Discharge written by the hand of Washington. Died April 1, 1836 In the . . . Map (db m154253) HM WM
41New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Colonel John Hendy
Erected by his fellow citizens to the memory of a Revolutionary officer, a brave soldier, a faithful citizen, and an honest man who died Mar. 15, 1840 Ag'd 82 y'rs, 6 mos, 12 dy's He was one of the oldest settlers and the first white man . . . Map (db m154284) HM WM
42New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Sullivan's Army Encampment
Encampment Sullivan's Army on return from expedition against the Indians Sept. 24-29, 1779Map (db m41577) HM
43New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Veterans of All Wars
Memorial Dedicated to veterans of all wars of the United States.Map (db m90179) WM
44New York (Chemung County), Elmira Heights — World War II Memorial — In Memoriam
Proudly we pay tribute to the members of our community who gave their lives in the service of their country in World War II Harry L. Bright Jr. • Herman Burns • Joseph L. Carpenter Russell E. Cowan • Gordon L. Dockstader • James E. Dykins . . . Map (db m154316) WM
45New York (Chemung County), Elmira Heights — World War Memorial — 1917 - 1918 — Elmira Heights Roll of Honor —
Let Us Hold in Honored Memory Those Who Served Their Country [Honored Dead] Fred Butters • Raymond M. Crandall • William Ellison John M. Fanning • Floyd H. Miller • William McCarrick Elmer E. McKinney • Clarence R. Oliver • Paul J. . . . Map (db m154368) WM
46New York (Chemung County), Millport — Green Bently
1741-1821 served in Sullivan-Clinton Campaign and was a pioneer in Millport, dedicated by Boy Scouts of MillportMap (db m77929) HM
47New York (Chenango County), Afton — About Two Miles Down The Susquehanna River
About two miles down The Susquehanna River on an island and adjacent shores was the camp site of the army of General James Clinton on the night of August 13, 1779. The site of Afton was occupied by the Indian village of Conihunto Destroyed by a . . . Map (db m93323) HM
48New York (Chenango County), Sherburne — West Hill-1802
Colonel William S. Smith, aide to Washington, owned 150,000 acres hereabout in 1791; married Abigail Adams. Buried at rear, due north.Map (db m93154) HM
49New York (Clinton County), East Beekmantown — East Beekmantown
Here lie buried
Revolutionary Soldiers and sons who resisted invading southbound British forces in this forested area
September 6, 1814 East Beekmantown Cemetery Corp.Map (db m137920) HM WM
50New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Plattsburgh Barracks Veterans Park
Dedicated to all Veterans who served this great nation in her time of need from the battles of the Revolution to the presentMap (db m47532) HM
51New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — The Remarkable One-Armed Joe Forkey
. . . Map (db m47536) HM
52New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — War Memorial
Erected by the Clinton County Gold Star Mothers in Memory of Their Sons Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in World Wars I and II [Roll of Honored Dead] [Added panels for other wars?]Map (db m115225) WM
53New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — Zephaniah Platt Home
Site of home Zephaniah Platt 1735 - 1807 Founder of Plattsburgh Built in 1799Map (db m47945) HM
54New York (Columbia County), Germantown — Burned by the British
October 1777 marked a defining moment in Clermont's history. Seeking to put down the rebellious colonists, British forces burned Kingston, several private homes, and the Livingston estate. Upon receiving word of the potential danger only days . . . Map (db m149833) HM
55New York (Columbia County), Germantown — Clermont
Built 1730, on Livingston Manor. Home of Chancellor Livingston, one of the five drafters of the Declaration of Independence.Map (db m149645) HM
56New York (Columbia County), Germantown — Robert R. Livingston — Born 1746 - Died 1813
Robert R Livingston Born 1746 - Died 1813 Recorder Of New York 1773-1775 Member Of Continental Congress 1775-77, 1779-81, 1784-85 On Committee Of Five Which Drafted Declaration Of Independence Member Of Provincial Congress, 1775-77 . . . Map (db m149811) HM
57New York (Columbia County), Hillsdale — American Revolution Memorial
In memory of the Men of Hillsdale who fought for our independence in the American Revolution 1776 — 1781Map (db m118752) WM
58New York (Columbia County), Hillsdale — Hillsdale Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Erected by John K. Cullin in memory of the Soldiers and Sailors who defended our country and flag 1861 - 1865 [ Lower Plaque ] Hillsdale Comrades 14th N.Y. Regiment John K. Cullin • A. Frank B. Chace • Sylvanus Snyder 44th N.Y. . . . Map (db m42095) HM
59New York (Columbia County), Hudson — 128th New York State Volunteer Infantry
Here in 1862 the 128th. New York State Volunteer Infantry, the Columbia-Dutchess Regiment was organized. It served in the Union Army until 1865.Map (db m118548) HM
60New York (Columbia County), Hudson — Veterans Memorial — For God and Country
Erected by the Citizens of Hudson in grateful recognition of her Sons' and Daughters' services in the Armed Forces of the United States.Map (db m118543) HM
61New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — NY-26 — Gen. Henry Knox Trail
Through this Place Passed Gen. Henry Knox In the Winter of 1775 - 1776 To Deliver To Gen. George Washington At Cambridge The Train of Artillery From Fort Ticonderoga Used to Force the British Army to Evacuate Boston . . . Map (db m23750) HM
62New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — Kinderhook World War I Monument — 1917           1919
In memoriam John M. Dahm     *     Joseph B. Kennedy who died in the service of their country *         *         * and in honor of Harry G. Cole • Charles S. Collier • Everett Decker • George D. Earll • Harold Fowler • Nathan D. Garnsey • William . . . Map (db m42088) HM
63New York (Columbia County), Taghkanic — Veterans Memorial — "Lest We Forget"
This Plaque is dedicated to the Men and Women of the Town of Taghkanic, who served in the Armed Forces of the United StatesMap (db m118758) WM
64New York (Columbia County), Valatie — Gov. Glynn Square
Gov. Glynn Square and War Memorial Garden est. 1994 Site of Union School 1876 – 1929 Marker donated by Andrew Earl Boy Scouts Veterans Day Run 2006Map (db m56672) HM
65New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Civil War Memorial
Centennial offering of Cortland County, to the memory of those who fought in defense of the Union. 1861. 1865.Map (db m126614) WM
66New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Cortland County Civil War Honored Dead
Civil War Cortland County Killed in Action [Roll of Honored Dead]Map (db m126619) WM
67New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Cortland County Vietnam War Memorial
Vietnam Memorial Dedicated to Cortland County Veterans R.I.P. SGT. R. William Byrnes - U.S.A. U.T.C.N. John Phillip Vandusen - U.S.N. SP/5 Ernest Melvin Plattner - U.S.A. Sgt. John A. Patriarco Jr. - U.S.A.F. SP/4 Bishop . . . Map (db m126623) WM
68New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Cortland County Women Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the Women of Cortland County who served their country in war and peaceMap (db m126618) WM
69New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Cortland County Women's Veterans Memorial
[Honor Roll of Veterans] [Armed Services' Emblems]Map (db m126616) WM
70New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Cortland County World War I Honored Dead
Cortland County World War I Killed in Action [Roll of Honored Dead]Map (db m126621) WM
71New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Cortland County World War II Honored Dead
Cortland County World War II Killed in Action [Roll of Honored Dead]Map (db m126620) WM
72New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Korean War • Honor Roll • Vietnam War
Cortland County servicemen who gave their lives for their country Korea Natalie Arena • Roger L. Brown • David Cashion Joseph Christmas • John Dalola, Jr. • John F. Favaloro Richard M. Fitzgerald • Ivan J. Greenwood • Abner C. Hall . . . Map (db m126553) HM
73New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Korean War Honored Dead
This memorial has been erected by a grateful community to the memory of our Korean dead Roger L. Brown • Robert W. Hickman David J. Cashion • Donald Mayerle Joseph P. Christmas • Francis P. Odinek John Dalola, Jr. • Robert Phalen . . . Map (db m126622) WM
74New York (Cortland County), Cortland — Lt. James W. Wilson
In memory of U.S. Air Force pilot Lt. James W. Wilson who sacrificed his life for the citizens of Cortland Sept. 6, 1952 ———————————— POW/MIA Freedom . . . Map (db m126617) WM
75New York (Cortland County), Cortland — World War II Memorial — In Memoriam
Cortland County servicemen who lost their lives during W.W. II [Roll of Honored Dead]Map (db m126559) HM
76New York (Cortland County), Cortland — World War Memorial
Lest We Forget Cortland County's Sons and Daughters Who Served In The World WarMap (db m126624) WM
77New York (Cortland County), Homer — Civil War Memorial
In memory of the Soldiers & Sailors buried here who fought to save the Union 1861---1865Map (db m141471) WM
78New York (Cortland County), Homer — Early Settler
Thomas Gould Alvord, Sr. built his cabin here in 1794 on land granted for services in the Revolutionary WarMap (db m159440) HM
79New York (Cortland County), Homer — Eli DeVoe
Born here in log cabin Member U.S. Secret Service Detected and frustrated a plot to kill LincolnMap (db m159442) HM
80New York (Cortland County), Homer — Homer Village Green
Military tract deeded by Revolutionary soldiers to first religious society of Homer, 1805, for meeting house and burial ground This society organized 1799Map (db m141512) HM
81New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Civil War Memorial
Dedicated May 30, 1893, to the memory of those who fought for the preservation of the Union. 1861 — 1865 Comrades G.A.R. - F.C. & L. - W.R.CMap (db m131032) WM
82New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Dr. Japheth Hunt — 1711 - 1808
Retired Army surgeon First Marathon settler arrived with family 1794 by canoes, up Tioughnioga [River]Map (db m131029) HM
83New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Flag Pole
Made in Marathon, NY by Climax Company, erected by Sons of Veterans of the Civil War, 1914 Original pole was 110 feet with arrow weather vane. *Restored and Rededicated September 8, 2007* Those who unselfishly gave of their time, talent, . . . Map (db m131030) HM
84New York (Cortland County), Marathon — Vietnam War Memorial
. . . Map (db m131033) WM
85New York (Cortland County), Marathon — War Memorial
In honor of the men and women of this community who served their country during World War I☆World War II☆Korean War and In memory of those who gave their lives for God and Country 1917· ·World War I· ·1918 . . . Map (db m131048) WM
86New York (Delaware County), Hancock — Hall-Whiting Memorial — ...Let Freedom Ring
This memorial is dedicated to two young men, who willingly gave their lives to protect our freedom Lieutenant Cameron N. Hall U.S. Navy 4-29-77 · 8-15-07 Staff Sergeant Justin R. Whiting U.S. Army . . . Map (db m122147) WM
87New York (Delaware County), Hancock — St. Paul's Catholic Church World War Memorial
Memorial to those who served in the World War Edmund J. Cotter Jr. • Andrew Dunn John L. Dunn • Charles Esolen Edward Guinan • Ambrose McGranaghan Edmund McGranaghan • Eugene McGranaghan Thomas McGranaghan • Aloysius Meyer . . . Map (db m122205) WM
88New York (Delaware County), Hancock — War Memorial
In memory of all those who gave their lives and to those who served their country in time of war —————————— This flag pole presented to Hancock Central School by . . . Map (db m122148) WM
89New York (Delaware County), Stamford — In Memory of Our Heroic Dead — The American's Creed
I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect . . . Map (db m147280) WM
90New York (Dutchess County), Clinton Corners — 542 — Bear Market
Bear Market aka Sutherland Cemetery. Grave of Solomon Sutherland, Revolutionary War patriot, first Stanford town clerk, NYS Senator, 1800-1802.Map (db m158871) HM
91New York (Dutchess County), Fishkill — Veterans of the Fishkill Supply Depot
In memory of those who served in the Continental Army, while at the Fishkill Supply Depot. Near here lie buried Revolutionary War heroes, patriots who were among the first to fight for our freedom. On behalf of these valiant soldiers, we dedicate . . . Map (db m88762) HM
92New York (Dutchess County), Germantown — Clermont
Built 1730, on Livingston Manor. Home of Chancellor Livingston, one of the five drafters of the Declaration of Independence.Map (db m149637) HM
93New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — General Casimir Pulaski
General Casimir Pulaski Father Of American Cavalry Polish Patriot Who Fought For American Independence Mortally Wounded At Savannah Georgia Died October 11, 1779 [ back ] Erected Thru The Efforts Of Polish American . . . Map (db m37785) HM
94New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — World War II Memorial
Dedicated by the Polish American Citizens Club Gr. 368 P. N. A. to the memory of American youth of Polish descent who gave their lives in the service of their country in World War II John Banik • Walter Biegusiak • James Detmer . . . Map (db m130559) WM
95New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Brigadier General Albert James Myer — "Old Probabilities" — September 20, 1828* - August 24, 1880 —
Born in Newburgh, NY, raised in Buffalo, Geneva College 1847, University of Buffalo 1851, Telegraph operator, U.S. Navy assistant surgeon, invented motion telgraphy, U.S. Army Signal Corps founder, Civil War meteorologist, U.S. Weather Bureau . . . Map (db m65476) HM
96New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Peter B. Porter
General, Congressman and later Sec. of War, lived here until his home was destroyed by the British at the burning of Buffalo 1813Map (db m171192) HM
97New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Robert "Frankie" Franklin
Near this location stood a log cabin, home of Robert Franklin, an African American who helped successfully repel a British invasion during the War of 1812 at the First Battle of Black Rock, July 11, 1813. Franklin was killed five months later when . . . Map (db m74782) HM WM
98New York (Erie County), Buffalo — Samuel Manning Welch
Samuel Manning Welch 1851 1919 citizen soldier 1879 1915 Served in the National Guard of New York 1887 1911 Colonel 65th Infantry 1898 Colonel 65th New York Volunteer Infantry in Spanish American War 1911 1915 Brigadier General 4th . . . Map (db m92806) WM
99New York (Erie County), Buffalo — This Purple Heart Memorial
. . . Map (db m84695) WM
100New York (Essex County), Essex — World Wars Memorial
In memory of those who gave their lives for their country in World War I and World War II. They shall, by their sacrifices, live forever among us. We honor the brave men and women of the Town of Essex who served our country in . . . Map (db m108924) HM

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