“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers in Dominica

Death of Sadwill Bruney Marker image, Touch for more information
By J. Makali Bruton, June 6, 2019
Death of Sadwill Bruney Marker
1Dominica, Saint David, Salybia — Death of Sadwill Bruney
In memory of Sadwill Bruney who was shot in cold blood in this spot by Cpl. Edward Thomas on 1st June 1994. Let us not forgetMap (db m135265) HM
2Dominica, Saint David, Sineku — Carib History
Carib war, September 19th 1930. Two Caribs died. Dudley John and Royer Frederick, two injured Tilson Bruney and Ferdinand Sanford. Sauteus of Grenada Kioumoue titanyem oubecouyum Santiquet ala eyeti Our father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy . . . Map (db m135260) HM
3Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Anglican Church — Explore Roseau
Anglican Church 1820 A permanent Anglican church was constructed on current site. British government funded the construction of the church for £6,500. It was built in the style of the Regency period which consists of a square, solid stone . . . Map (db m135310) HM
4Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Carnegie Library of Roseau
This building is the gift to the people of Dominica of Andrew Carnegie Esquire of Skibo Castle, Sutherland N.B. A.D. 1905Map (db m94399) HM
5Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Cecil E. A. Rawle
Dominica Cecil E. A. Rawle 1891-1938 Faithfully he strove for progress in Dominica and for West Indian UnityMap (db m93898) HM
6Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — David the Goliath
David the Goliath The African Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata) was blown down on the bus during Hurricane David on August 29th 1979. Fortunately the bus was empty at the time. The main stem is now more than 21 ft (6.4 m) in circumference and . . . Map (db m135318) HM
7Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Glory to the French from Dominica
Glory to the French who lost their lives in the years of resistance 1941-1945 Honneur aux Francais tombes dans la resistanceMap (db m93899) WM
8Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Methodist Church — Explore Roseau
Methodist Church 1787 • First Methodist missionary, Dr. Thomas Coke arrived. It was originally a dwelling house. 1800 • The lot where the church is now was initially leased to Catholics who later converted to Wesleyan . . . Map (db m135311) HM
9Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Morne Bruce Garrison — The Defence of Roseau
Morne Bruce Garrison The Defence of Roseau Dominica was ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris in 1763. To keep the island under her rule, Britain had to defend it from the French. Some small forts were started in 1765. Military engineers . . . Map (db m135344) HM
10Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Morne Bruce Garrison — North Point Battery
Morne Bruce Garrison North Point Battery Cannon and Signaling Station To get messages up and down the coast, Captain James Bruce organised a line of signal stations. The signals were a combination of gun salutes and flag signals. Each . . . Map (db m135345) HM
11Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Neg Mawon Emancipation Monument
This monument is a symbol of freedom and emancipation. It is a tribute to all the enslaved Africans who suffered and were executed in the history of Dominica. It honours the Maroons who risked their lives to fight for the emancipation of all. It . . . Map (db m94220) HM
12Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Pottersville — Explore Roseau
Pottersville Was once known as Ballahoo Town and then Lod bor – creole for “the other side”. Was mainly occupied by fishermen, domestics and port workers who worked in Roseau. Pottersville was named after . . . Map (db m135316) HM
13Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Pottersville — By the Pottersville Savannah — Explore Roseau —
Pottersville By the Pottersville Savannah View of Woodbridge Bay in 1960 prior to the construction of the Deep Water Harbour. Walking distances to various historic sites and landmarks Map, key and emergency information . . . Map (db m135343) HM
14Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Roseau Bayfront — Roseau Cruise Ship Berth — Explore Roseau —
Roseau Cruise Ship Berth Left: The origins of our main streets are based on footpaths leading to and from the market and landing place at the old harbour. Where you now stand is the site of the old harbour. Below: View of Roseau . . . Map (db m135309) HM
15Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Roseau Bayfront — Ferry Terminal — Explore Roseau —
Roseau Bayfront Ferry Terminal Roseau Bayfront 1900, at the time it was known as Bay Street. For many years the town was fronted by a wide beach but after a series of hurricanes, sea defence walls were built along the waterfront. . . . Map (db m135342) HM
16Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Roseau Cathedral — Explore Roseau
Roseau Cathedral 1730 First started as a 16 x 40 ft solid timber church. This was fashioned after the Kalinago Kabays, consisting of strong posts and woven palm leaves. It was constructed by French lumbermen and peasant farmers. The original . . . Map (db m135314) HM
17Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Simon Bolivar
Simon Bolivar Born in Caracas 24th July 1783 Died in Santa Marta 17th December 1830 Liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru Founder of BoliviaMap (db m117234) HM WM
18Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — Woodbridge Bay — Explore Roseau
Woodbridge Bay 1777 Woodbridge Bay is named after William Woodbridge, who from 1777, was the owner of Goodwill Estate. 1925 Prior to the construction of the Deep Water Harbour, it was a popular bathing spot lined with private beach huts and a . . . Map (db m135259) HM
19Dominica, Saint George, Roseau — World Wars Memorial
Dominica In memory of those from Dominica who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918 Capt. A. E. Anderson · Capt. C. M. Blandy · Major Geo. W. Carew · Capt. G. Carter · Capt. C. H. Hill · Lieut. H. T. S. Johns · Lieut. F. Johnson · Capt. R. . . . Map (db m93900) WM
20Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Cabrits Calendar of Events — Calendrier des Evθnements des Cabrits
3000 BC - The first Amerindian people settle in the bay. Les premiers Amιrindiens s'installent dans la baie. 1493 - One ship of Columbus fleet on his 2nd Voyage enters the bay and sees dwellings and people. Un navire de la flotte de Christophe . . . Map (db m94478) HM
21Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Cabrits National Park
This is the second national park established in Dominica and comprises both land and sea - rich in natural resources and historical features, the area supports a wide range of important activities, including diving, snorkeling, yachting, cruise . . . Map (db m94440) HM
22Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Fort Shirley
Fort Shirley was positioned between the two hills with a direct line of site (sic, sight) to all parts of the garrison and guarding directly over Prince Rupert's Bay and the dock. The land side of the fort was protected by batteries in other . . . Map (db m94476) HM
23Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Guard House, Powder Magazine
The Guard House, manned at all times, was the nerve centre of the entire garrison. All signals and comings and goings were monitored here. Gun slits faced onto the entrance passage in the event of an invasion. The room behind was the prison or . . . Map (db m94499) HM
24Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Officers' Quarters
The officers lived in separate quarters. Some had their families with them, in the married quarters on the slope or down in Roseau as the garrison, close to the swamp, was considered unhealthy. The Commandant live in an elegant house up against the . . . Map (db m94500) HM
25Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Prince Rupert's Garrison
The Cabrits headland was recognized by the British in the 18th century as a strategic site for a garrison to protect ships anchored in Price Rupert's Bay to collect fresh water and provisions, and for a defence stronghold between French colonies of . . . Map (db m94474) HM
26Dominica, Saint John, Chance — The Trees Return
During the 18th and early 19th centuries, most of the forest on the Cabrits was cut down to clear land for the garrison. The forest you now see around you dates from after 1854, when the garrison was abandoned. There are also some experimental . . . Map (db m94475) HM
27Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Upper Battery, Signal Station
The garrison at the Cabrits never saw any action, although the Battle of the Saints, fought between the French and British fleets on 12 April 1782, occurred within sight of the ramparts, and Fort Shirley was the scene of the revolt of the 8th West . . . Map (db m94501) HM
28Dominica, Saint John, Chance — Water Catchment, Troops' Kitchen, Stables
Fort Shirley was served by three cisterns that collected water from the roofs and the water catchment platform. If there was threat of an attack, water from the nearby rivers was brought into the fort by oxen cart. Food was purchased from . . . Map (db m94502) HM
29Dominica, Saint Joseph, Salisbury — The Salisbury Declaration
The Salisbury Declaration of Independence This Monument is in Commemoration of The Declaration To Seek Independence From Great Britain By Honourable Patrick Roland John On Sunday August 29 1976 Unveiled by His Excellency The President Mr. . . . Map (db m117231) HM
30Dominica, Saint Paul, Mahuat — Edward Oliver Le Blanc
1923 · 2004 In Honour of: Edward Oliver Le Blanc Statesman Member of the Federal Parliament of the West Indies (1958-1960) Chief Minister and Minister of Finance (1961-1967) Premier of Dominica 1967-1974 The construction of the West Coast Road . . . Map (db m94387) HM
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