“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Lincoln County Nevada Historical Markers

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By Dawn Bowen, June 15, 2007
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Nevada (Lincoln County), Alamo — 58 — Old BoundaryNevada’s Southern Boundary 1861-1867
The 37th degree north latitude is marked at this point as the dividing line between the Territories of Utah and New Mexico under the provisions of the Compromise of 1850 which originally organized the land ceded by Mexico in 1848. When the . . . — Map (db m1289) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Alamo — 38 — Pahranagat Valley
“The Rolling Stones of Pahranagat,” a hoax article on magnetic currents written in 1862 by Dan deQuille of the Territorial Enterprise, made this valley world famous. Its lakes are filled and its fields are irrigated by three springs, . . . — Map (db m1290) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Caliente — 55 — Caliente(Culverwell's Ranch)
Caliente was first settled as a ranch, furnishing hay for the mining camps of Pioche and Delamar. In 1901, the famous Harriman-Clark right-of-way battle was ended when rancher Charles Culverwell, with the aid of a broad-gauge shotgun, allowed one . . . — Map (db m69469) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Caliente — 90 — Delamar, "The Widow Maker"1893 – 1909
text from: Nevada State Historic Preservation Office Gold was discovered here in 1889. This isolated, treeless metropolis of over 1,500 residents had a newspaper, hospital, school, churches, saloons, and a stockbroker. Entertainment . . . — Map (db m69457) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Caliente — 248 — Union Pacific Depot1923
Constructed as a Union Pacific Railroad depot in 1923, this mission revival structure was designed by well-known Los Angeles architects, John and Donald Parkinson. The depot represents an imposing example of Mission Revival design. Much of its . . . — Map (db m14338) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Crystal Springs — 206 — Hiko
As early as 1865, a camp was established here and in the Spring of 1866, Colonel W.H. Raymond and others laid out the townsite. Hiko, situated in the Pahranagat range of mountains, is an Indian expression for "white man's town." Raymond, with . . . — Map (db m1300) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — 203 — Bullionville
Bullionville began early in 1870 when John H. Ely and W.H. Raymond removed their five-stamp mill at Hiko and placed it at this point. The enterprise prospered and during the next two years most of nearby Pioche's mills were located here because of . . . — Map (db m69474) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — Cathedral Gorge
More than a million years ago, a large freshwater lake covered all of Meadow Valley - the area along U.S. 93 between Caliente and Panaca. Later, uplifting and faulting of the terrain caused the waters to drain, leaving behind a thousand feet of . . . — Map (db m62077) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — Clover Valley Mountains Steam Engine/Sawmill
This steam engine powered a portable sawmill in the Clover Valley Mountains of Lincoln County. Brought to the West in the late 1860s by William and O.P. Sherwood of Pioche, the engine changed hands several times during its half century of operation. . . . — Map (db m69473) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — Miller's Point / Cathedral Gorge
Miller's Point Named by the Union Pacific Masonic Club February 22, 1935. Dedicated by St. John Lodge No. 18 F & A M August 18, 1935. Cathedral Gorge Named by Mrs. W. S. Godbe 1894. Designated a state park by Gov. Jas G. Scrugham . . . — Map (db m27287) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — 39 — Panaca
Southern Nevada’s first permanent settlement and perhaps one of its most unique, was settled as a Mormon colony by Francis C. Lee and others in 1864. Poor in resources but rich in people, Panaca has changed but slowly down through the years. . . . — Map (db m14340) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — 93 — Panaca Mercantile
This building, popularly known as the Panaca Co-op, was constructed of adobe in 1868, by the (Mormon) "Panaca Cooperative Mercantile Institution" comprising more than one hundred stock holders -- to meet barter, merchandising, and marketing needs. . . . — Map (db m69470) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — 160 — Panaca Spring
The large and constant flow of sweet, warm water from this spring makes possible the desert oasis of Meadow Valley. First noted by Manley's ill-fated Death Valley Party in 1849, the site was cultivated in 1858 by Brigham Young's White Mountain . . . — Map (db m69472) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — Panaca Summit Charcoal Kilns
These beehive-shaped kilns were built in the mid-1870's to produce charcoal for the silver mills of Pioche and Bullionville, Nevada. Skilled stone masons quarried Rhyolitic tuff from nearby outcrops. The blocks were carefully dressed, then joined . . . — Map (db m89432) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Panaca — 182 — Panaca Ward Chapel
Oldest building in Lincoln County, constructed in 1867-1868 of adobe from the swamps west of town. Built as a Mormon chapel, used also as a school and recreation hall, it is typical of the development in small Mormon pioneer communities in the . . . — Map (db m14339) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Boot Hill Cemetery
Crime was rampant in Pioche in the early 1870's. During the first few years of Pioche's boom days it was said that 72 men "were buried with their boots on" before anyone died of natural causes. Many of these men are buried in this old Boot Hill . . . — Map (db m89497) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Christ Church
The First Episcopal Church built with money raised by the people of the town, was dedicated July 21, 1872. It was located across the street. In 1897 the building was moved to Delamar where it burned. Bishop Hunting bought this building, which was . . . — Map (db m89474) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Commercial Club
1864 - 65 this building survived the ravages of fire as well as gunfire. Probably used at first as a social center, later to be used by interested citizens and businessmen. Organized as "The Pioche Commercial Club," its purpose was to work for . . . — Map (db m46401) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — 204 — Jackrabbit
Local legend attributes the discovery to the locator picking up a rock to throw at a jackrabbit and finding himself holding high grade silver. The Jack Rabbit District, named for the mine, was located in 1876 by Isaac Newton Garrison. Early mine . . . — Map (db m69484) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Masonic Hall
Masonic Lodges have used this building since 1872. The Royal Arch Masons first owned the building when they were issued a Dispensation on June 12, 1873. Shortly after that St. John's Lodge #18 was issued a Charter on Nov. 20, 1873. At the . . . — Map (db m89471) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Mountain View Hotel
This hotel was built in 1895 by the Ely Valley Mines to house their guests. And lay claim to such overnight guests as Herbert Hoover, Nel Murbarger (Famous author of the "Old West") Many U.S. Senators and Nevada Governors and many other notables. . . . — Map (db m89473) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Oddfellows and Rebekahs
This building was erected in 1872, one of the oldest in town. This historic lodge hall has served Pioche in Friendship, Love and Truth for over a 100 years. Pioche Lodge #23 was founded in 1872. Mt. Vernon Encampment #8 in 1875 and Miriam . . . — Map (db m89470) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Old Fire Hall
Constructed in 1929 to serve the community as a fire hall. This building housed Pioche's first fire truck purchased in 1928. Fire chief Herbert Cleine and wife "Ben" resided in the basement apartment for 25 years until the new fire hall was . . . — Map (db m69482) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — 5 — Pioche
Silver ore was discovered in this range of mountains in 1864, but no important development took place until 1869 when mines were opened and the town of Pioche appeared. Pioche soon became the scene of a wild rush of prospectors and fortune seekers . . . — Map (db m132469) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Pioche's Boot Hill
A mining town from the late 1860s, Pioche is one of the most intact historic communities in Southern Nevada. Named for Francois L.A. Pioche, a San Francisco financier who, with partners, acquired some of the earliest claims in the area, the town . . . — Map (db m89454) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — The Veitch House
The house was erected in the 1870's by Mr. Veitch. It has served well for many folks through the years. Dr. W. W. Stockman used it as an office and residence for many years during the 1920's. It was the first real meeting house in Pioche for the . . . — Map (db m89472) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Pioche — Wheeler Monument
. . . — Map (db m69475) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Rachel — 205 — Crystal Springs
The discovery of silver in Pahranagat Valley in 1865 resulted in the creation of Lincoln County with Crystal Springs designated as the provisional county seat in 1866. With the intention of organizing the new county, Governor Henry G. Blasdel left . . . — Map (db m1291) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Rachel — Rachel
D.C. Day started his Nevada Farms in the Sand Springs Valley in the mid 1960s, after moving here from Lubbock, Texas. Day subdivided a portion of his farm in 1973, eventually creating the town of Rachel in 1978. The town was named for Rachel Jones, . . . — Map (db m106979) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Rachel — The Groom Mining District
In 1864 signs of silver and gold were found approximately 8 miles south of this location. About 1870 the Groom Mining District was organized. The Groom Mine operated until the mid 1870's thanks to English capital investment of about $80,000, but . . . — Map (db m61007) HM
Nevada (Lincoln County), Ursine — Spring Valley Cemetery
In this cemetery are buried members of the Rice Family and other early residents of Spring Valley. Along with other pioneering families, The Rice's helped settle his valley in the mid-1860's. The graves in the cemetery extend from that time period . . . — Map (db m89602) HM

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