“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Logan County Kentucky Historical Markers

Boyhood Home, 1793-1802 Marker at the Greenwood Cemetery. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, September 14, 2018
Boyhood Home, 1793-1802 Marker at the Greenwood Cemetery.
Kentucky (Logan County), Adairville — 1334 — Boyhood Home, 1793-1802
Rev. Peter Cartwright, 1785-1872. A dedicated itinerant Methodist preacher in Kentucky for 22 years. Saved from "sins of his youth" and “licensed to exhort" during the Great Revival of 1800. Ordained 1808. He was presiding elder for 50 . . . — Map (db m123332) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Adairville — 1252 — Dromgoole's Station
Site of station, built 1788, one of several erected in this area. James Dromgoole came from Tenn. with Philip Alston, whose daughter he had married, and settled at Alston's Station, on the Red River, about 1785. After three years he established his . . . — Map (db m123338) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Adairville — 100 — Jackson-Dickinson Duel2 Miles West
On the Jeff Burr farm in Second “Poplar Bottom” is site of the duel fought May 30, 1806. Andrew Jackson was wounded. Half mile west of site is Will Tyler farm where Charles Dickinson died. Miller's “Buttermilk Spring" is south on . . . — Map (db m123335) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Adairville — 71 — Red River Meeting House
Three miles east on Hwy. 663 is the site of this early pioneer church which was organized by "A Society of Presbyterians" before 1789. Rev. James McGready took charge of the congregation in 1797. It was the site of the first known camp meeting in . . . — Map (db m123339) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Auburn — 1931 — McCutchen Meadows
Earliest land grant to property is dated 1798 and signed by James Garrard, 2nd gov. of Ky. Issued to Elizabeth, widow of John McCutchen. Built by 1825, mansion originally had four rooms and wide central hall upstairs and down, with rear wing. Family . . . — Map (db m123374) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 6 Pdr Field CannonModel 1842
Used in war with Mexico–1846. Re-bored and rifled about 1861 to use 3.8 in. James or Hotchkiss shells indicating Civil War use. Mr. Marion Humphries, a local jeweler and businessman, was instrumental in fitting the cannon with a complete new . . . — Map (db m123967) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 2471 — A Civil War Skirmish/ A Future President
A Civil War Skirmish On September 30, 1862, 600 Union troops led by Colonel Benjamin Harrison came here and surprised an element of Confederate Colonel John Hunt Morgan’s cavalry, led by Captain John Baker Dortch. After a sharp skirmish, . . . — Map (db m123399) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 2480 — Bethel College / Bethel College Campus
Bethel College The school began as a Baptist-sponsored high school for boys in 1854 and was chartered as a college in 1856. It closed in 1861 due to the Civil War but reopened two years later. It continued as a four-year college until . . . — Map (db m123350) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 958 — Bowie, A Kentuckian
James Bowie, Col. of Texas Rangers and co-commander at the Alamo, was native of Logan Co. With 187 others-P. J. Bailey, D. W. Cloud, W. Fountleroy of Logan Co. among them-he chose death rather than surrender. "Remember the Alamo" was battle cry of . . . — Map (db m123373) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1071 — Cedar House
Site of the seat of justice for all Western Ky., 1793-1798. Logan Co. citizens erected two-story, four-room house of cedar logs, 1792, for first Logan Co. sheriff, Wesley Maulding. First court was held here, 1793. Also used as inn and tavern where . . . — Map (db m123410) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1960 — Civil Rights Activist Author / Alice Allison Dunnigan 1906-1983
Civil Rights Activist Author In 1948, Alice Dunnigan was first black reporter on campaign trail with a president--Truman. Under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, she was member of President's Committee on Equal Opportunity. Author of: A . . . — Map (db m123369) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 74 — Confederate State Convention
Here November 20, 1861, Confederate leaders from 64 Kentucky counties seceded from the Union. The state was admitted as the 13th into the Confederate States of America Dec. 10, 1861. — Map (db m123371) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1138 — County Named, 1792
For Gen. Benjamin Logan (1743-1802), pioneer and Indian fighter who called the Danville Assembly, 1784, leading to ten conventions preceding Kentucky's separation from Virginia, 1792. Logan served as a delegate in all ten, later in the legislature. . . . — Map (db m123395) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 658 — Governor's Corner
Home of Gov. John Breathitt, born 1787, Va. Came here, 1800. Lawyer, Legislator. Elected Lieut. Gov., 1828, and Governor, 1832. He was advocate of need for preserving Kentucky's valuable documents. He wrote: "There is a laudable solicitude to know . . . — Map (db m123361) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 657 — Governors' Corner
John J. Crittenden, 1787-1863, lived here, 1811-18. War of 1812, State Legislator, 15th Kentucky Governor. U.S. Atty. Gen. under three Presidents. Five times U.S. Senator. Noted for Crittenden Compromise, 1860, futile effort to avert Civil War and . . . — Map (db m36113) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1260 — Governors from Logan
Seven residents of Logan County became governors in four states: KY.     John Breathitt 1832-34     James T. Morehead 1834-36     John J. Crittenden 1848-50     Charles S. Morehead 1855-59 FLA.     Richard Call 1836-39, 41-44 ILL. . . . — Map (db m123397) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 871 — John Littlejohn
Born Eng., 1756, came America, 1767. Became Methodist preacher at age 20, riding the circuits in Md., Va., Ky. Came to Louisville from Leesburg, Va., 1818. Moved Warren Co., Ky., and then 7 miles south of Russellville in 1822. Died in 1836 after 60 . . . — Map (db m123367) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 2275 — John Littlejohn Cemetery
Burial place of John Littlejohn, esteemed Methodist preacher. He came to Russellville in 1822 and conducted camp meetings, services, & ministered throughout Logan Co. While he was a sheriff in Virginia, during the War of 1812, he was entrusted by . . . — Map (db m123402) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 2218 — Lewis and Clark in Kentucky / Death of Meriwether Lewis
Lewis and Clark in Kentucky William Clark's 1809 Visit William Clark, coleader of the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition, visited Russellville with his family October 3-7, 1809, while traveling to Louisville and farther east. Benjamin & . . . — Map (db m123376) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1791 — Logan County Jail, 1874-1977
This building replaced an old jail three blocks east which burned. To finance construction of new jail, a property tax was passed, 1869. By December 1874, jail operated on this site. Jail restored, 1979-1980. County records stored here by order of . . . — Map (db m123396) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1261 — O'Bannon House
Lt. Presley N. O'Bannon, USMC, the first American to raise our flag on foreign soil, April 27, 1805. Barbary coast pirates who were holding 180 American seamen for ransom were overcome in an attack led by O'Bannon. He came to Logan County in 1807. . . . — Map (db m36114) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 969 — Old Bank, Robbed 1868
Part of building erected about 1810 by Wm. Harrison, used as a residence by him and later by the Nortons. In 1857 front part built for Southern Bank of Ky. Building owned by Judge Hardy family sixty yrs. (1966). Mar.. 20, 1868, it was scene of . . . — Map (db m123354) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1314 — Revolutionary War Widow
Abigail, wife of General Daniel Morgan, died in 1816 and was buried in family cemetery ½ mi. south. Her husband, one of Washington's chief strategists during the Amer. Revolution, campaigned from Boston and Quebec, 1775, to the Carolinas, 1781. . . . — Map (db m123411) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — RussellvilleSite of the Sovereignty Convention
Here on Nov. 18-20, 1861, delegates from 68 counties of Kentucky in convention, by the ancient right of self determination and revolution, set up a newly constituted State of Kentucky. Henry C. Burnett, Trigg, was President of the Convention. Robert . . . — Map (db m124170) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — To Honor Generals1776
Benjamin Logan William Russell John Adair — Map (db m123970) WM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1514 — Townhouse of Maj. Richard Bibb
Bibb, a Revolutionary War soldier was born in Va., 1752. He came to Lexington, Kentucky in 1798; moved to Logan Co. the next year where he built Bibb's Chapel. Later erected this house for his wife. Maj. Bibb freed 29 of his slaves in 1829 and sent . . . — Map (db m123348) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), Russellville — 1972 — United Methodist Temple
Church became known as a temple after a news story praised its windows during 1917 renovation. Its first pipe organ was provided by matching funds from Andrew Carnegie. Here, on Christians Heritage Day 1965, Logan Countians honored the memory of . . . — Map (db m123353) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), South Union — 170 — Gasper River Meeting House
One of three churches of Rev. James McGready, a Presbyterian minister, in Logan County-Gasper River, Muddy River, and Red River-around which the great frontier revival of 1797 to 1805 began. — Map (db m123375) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), South Union — 1455 — Shaker Colony
Organized 1807, as Gasper Society of United Believers in Christ's Second Appearing. Building program started and trade established in textiles, seeds, mill products, and purebred cattle. Peak membership 350; acreage 6,000. Most prosperous period . . . — Map (db m123415) HM
Kentucky (Logan County), South Union — 716 — The Shaker Tavern
Built 1869, nine years after the completion of the Louisville and Nashville railroad thru South Union land. Members approved tax to build line thru here, furnished material and constructed depot. Visitors increased and trustees built the hotel, . . . — Map (db m123413) HM

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