“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Marion County Texas Historical Markers

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By Mark Hilton, June 25, 2018
The Brown Building
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8019 — Brown Building
Old home of Jefferson "Jimplecute" and other newspapers, and the Chesterfield Social Club. Now Brown Building. Recorded Texas Historic LandmarkMap (db m119833) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8020 — Brown-Bender House
This ornate, two-story, stick Victorian residence was built in 1888 by lumberman George Washington Brown (1854-1932), who later became involved in the oil and gas business. In 1928 Harrison County farmer John Griffin Bender (1871-1938), later . . . — Map (db m96042) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8076 — Captain William Perry(April 5, 1813 - January 2, 1869)
William Perry was among the first settlers of Jefferson, arriving ca. 1840. Through his shipping business and his work in dredging a turning basin for ships in the Big Cypress Bayou, he played a significant role in the early growth and development . . . — Map (db m110961) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8024 — Civil War Meat Packing Plant
About 2 miles to the southwest, the meat plant of J. B. Dunn dressed, packed and shipped beef, pork and mutton to the Confederate army. In 1861 began by packing 150 beeves a day. Well located, on the Cypress Bayou shipping route, with cattle in . . . — Map (db m120472) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 14819 — Early Jefferson Lodge Building
Built in the late 1850s, this building first housed the Jefferson Masonic Lodge. A number of businesses were located here during the Civil War, and later it was used by the Knights and Ladies of Honor of Myrtle and the Knights of Honor of . . . — Map (db m110994) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8031 — Excelsior House
Oldest hotel in East Texas. Frame part built in 1850’s; brick wing added 1864. Among famous guests during river port days of Jefferson were presidents Grant and Hayes, and poet Oscar Wilde. Restored 1961-63 by Jessie Allen Wise Garden Club. . . . — Map (db m110989) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8038 — First Ice Factory in Texas
Site of the First Ice Factory In Texas

Established by Boyle and Scott about 1875. Sold ice at ten cents per pound, B.J. Benefield delivered it. The plant was later moved to Harrisburg. — Map (db m127849) HM

Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8036 — First Texas Artificial Gas Plant(5 blocks east)
Jefferson Gas Light Company, chartered 1870 for public and domestic service, used retorts--7 foot iron drums with small necks--to make illuminating gas. (One retort stood on this site.) Loaded with pine knots and rich pine wood, a retort was heated; . . . — Map (db m110963) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 13696 — Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
This parish began in 1863 when Father Jean Marie Giraud held mass for Catholic residents of Jefferson. Immaculate Conception grew as a church and by 1867, members completed the first building. In 1869, the church opened a school and the next year . . . — Map (db m119834) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8043 — Jay Gould Railroad Car
Built in 1888 by the American Car & Foundry Company of St. Charles, Missouri, this was the private railway car of Jay Gould (1836-1892). A native of New York, Gould was a noted financier and the owner of numerous railroad companies, including the . . . — Map (db m110969) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8053 — Jefferson
Home to the Caddo Indians for centuries, this area of Texas attracted Anglo-American colonists to settle here in the early 1800s. Founded in 1839, Jefferson developed along a double-grid pattern. Daniel Nelson Alley platted the townsite in a true . . . — Map (db m110954) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8055 — Jefferson C.S.A.
Metropolis of commerce and culture for East Texas, Jefferson became important center for Confederate activity. Major quartermaster depot for northern Texas established 1862 supplied clothing and camp equipment. Cotton Bureau Station set up to buy . . . — Map (db m110991) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8059 — Jefferson Public Library
Built 1907 by local funds plus a gift from Andrew Carnegie Foundation – one of 34 such grants made in Texas (where the movement for public libraries had begun in 1881). A center of interest in a culture-loving town. . . . — Map (db m123271) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8060 — Jefferson Turn Basin
Wide, deep lagoon in Cypress Bayou, used for turning around ships in Gulf-Red River trade. First steamer to reach here was the "Lama" in 1844, by way of Red River, which for 200 miles above Shreveport was clogged by a "raft" of debris that had . . . — Map (db m119554) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8101 — John M. Vines(1844-1914)
Born in Alabama. Joined W. P. Lane Rangers, C.S.A., 1861; was discharged 1865, rank of farrier. Served as sheriff-tax collector for Marion County, 1874-1876. In April, 1877, sent as agent of the state of Texas to bring Abe Rothschild back . . . — Map (db m95672) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8061 — Kahn Saloon
Built during the early 1860s, this structure served as a boarding house and as a mercantile before opening as the Kahn Saloon about 1900. Temperance movement leader Carrie Nation was denied entrance here during one of her campaigns through Texas. . . . — Map (db m119820) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8069 — Marion CountyCity of Jefferson
Established in 1845. Named in honor of Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) Author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States Early navigation headquarters on Cypress Bayou. County seat of Marion County since 1860. . . . — Map (db m110996) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — Marion County Confederate Monument
Lest We Forget In Memory of Our Dead 1861—1865 — Map (db m120408) WM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 14394 — Marion County Courthouse
The Texas Legislature created Marion County in 1860. Jefferson, established as early as 1841, was chosen as county seat. By 1860, Jefferson was a regional economic center for steamboat traffic on Big Cypress Bayou, navigable due to a logjam on the . . . — Map (db m110949) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 16866 — Marion County Depression Era Roadside Park
This roadside park was constructed by the National Youth Administration (NYA) with the support of President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression. Development began in 1935, after the Mary Louise Hussey family . . . — Map (db m110956) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — Mergenthaler Linotype Typesetting MachineMade in the early 1920’s
This machine was used by the Jefferson Jimplecute to make newspaper printing plates until the early 1970’s. This “hot type” machine actually melted lead that was then cast into strips of lead type that were locked into place on the . . . — Map (db m110995) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8074 — Murphy Building
Brothers John C. Murphy (1816-71) and James M. Murphy (b. 1820) of Tennessee came to Jefferson, Texas, in 1850. They owned a wholesale cotton firm and were prominent businessmen. In the early 1850s they built this structure as a warehouse in the . . . — Map (db m110985) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8034 — Old Federal Court and Post Office Building
Used 1890-1964 by court of Eastern District of Texas. Now a museum. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark–1966Map (db m110997) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8066 — Old Livery Stable
Near Trammel's Trace, a road charted 1813, used by thousands of settlers migrating to Texas. Site was owned 1868 by D. B. Culberson, later a congressman and a lawyer for defense in the Diamond Bessie murder trial. Culberson's 2-story building here . . . — Map (db m119832) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8103 — Richard WaterhouseJanuary 12, 1833 - March 20, 1876
Native of Tennessee, participant in United States war with Mexico, Texas businessman, colonel of the 19th Texas Confederate Infantry, commended for gallantry at Milliken's Bend during Vicksburg Campaign, fought at Mansfield and Pleasant Hill during . . . — Map (db m95673) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8095 — Site of Home of Captain George T. Todd(1839-1913)
Born in Virginia. Came to Texas 1843. During Civil War, served in famous Hood's Texas Brigade. At Chickamauga, took command after Gen. Hood was shot. In 1864-1865, fought west of the Mississippi with Lane's Partisan Rangers. After war, was in . . . — Map (db m119557) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8090 — Sterne Fountain
Settling in Jefferson prior to the Civil War, Jacob and Ernestine Sterne became prominent leaders of the community. Their early management of the post office here and their involvement in civic and cultural activities reflected the dramatic . . . — Map (db m110965) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 13675 — Stilley-Young House
Builders completed this house for Frank Stilley, a cotton broker from Louisiana, and his wife Minerva Fox Stilley shortly after they married in 1860. They owned the house until the early 1880s. By 1885, former slave Charlie Young purchased the home. . . . — Map (db m58480) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8025 — Texas Statesman Charles Allen Culberson(1855-1925)
One of Texas' most forceful leaders; 32 years in office as attorney general, governor, U.S. Senator. Born in Alabama; in childhood moved with parents to Texas. Lived in Jefferson 1861-1887. Was educated Virginia Military Institute, . . . — Map (db m110950) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8018 — The Brooks House
Built 1872 in Victorian style, with long galleries, bay window, 4 gables. Then a hotel, it became famous when guest "Diamond Bessie" Moore was killed west of town at a picnic in 1877. Fellow guest Abe Rothchild, cited for murder, was freed after . . . — Map (db m119835) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8096 — The George T. Todd House
Capt. George Todd (1839-1913) was a Confederate veteran, ex-district attorney, former state legislator, and senior member of East Texas Bar. He built this home in 1893 for his family: wife Marion (Miller); sons Van Dyke, A. Miller, . . . — Map (db m119560) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8098 — Torrans-Clopton-Spellings House
William P. Torrans (1818-1881) built this Greek revival structure on Lafayette Street in the 1860s. It was purchased in 1877 by druggist E. W. Taylor (b. 1838), a former mayor of Jefferson, and Anna Matilda Clopton . . . — Map (db m119841) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8099 — Trammel's Trace
Traces began as foot paths used by the Indians to mark their trails through wilderness areas. They later were used by surveyors in mapping early land grants. In 1824 Nicholas Trammel (1780-1852), a government scout, began opening up the trace that . . . — Map (db m110958) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8027 — Vernon Dalhart(April 6, 1881 - September 15, 1948)
Born in Jefferson, Vernon Dalhart (Marion Try Slaughter II) began his career here at Kahn Saloon, starred later in operas in New York, and recorded for Edison's talking machine. His rendition of "The Prisoner's Song" (1924) was the first folk ballad . . . — Map (db m119818) HM
Texas (Marion County), Kellyville — 8029 — Early Bell Foundry
Site of an Early Bell Foundry

From a log blacksmith shop in 1854 grew a bell foundry owned by G. A. Kelly which manufactured cowbells widely used by pioneer ox-team freighters. Later the Kelly plow, one of the first modern plows . . . — Map (db m127851) HM

Texas (Marion County), Kellyville — 8063 — Kellyville
Named for George Addison Kelly - Died 1909 - Proprietor of an early foundry which cast cow bells widely used bu ox-team freighters. After 1860 his factory turned out the first modern plows used in Texas. — Map (db m127839) HM

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