“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Marshall County South Dakota Historical Markers

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By Ruth VanSteenwyk, April 12, 2016
Adjutants Office Marker
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Adjutants Office — Constructed in 1869
As the assistant to the commanding officer, the adjutant kept track of the men who were on furlough, in the hospital or on field patrol. Soldiers shared many new experiences while on patrol. Many were farm boys, away from home for the . . . — Map (db m101241) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Andrew Jackson Fisk Historic Trail
Andrew Jackson Fisk was fourteen when he enlisted in the Second Minnesota Cavalry, Company A. Two years later, he began his service as quartermaster sergeant as Fort Wadsworth (later named Fort Sisseton). Join Andrew as he shares with you, in . . . — Map (db m101242) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Bulldozing the Landscape
About, 20,000 years ago, a series of glaciers scoured and scraped their way across South Dakota, creating in their wake the Coteau des Prairies. As the glaciers retreated, they left a deposit known as glacial moraine - consisting of soil and rocky . . . — Map (db m101726) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Commanding Officer's Quarters — Constructed 1865-1867
Major Rose commanded Company F of the First U.S. Volunteers and the Second Minnesota Cavalry, of which Andrew was a member. Company F was a group of Confederate prisoners who agreed to serve at western outposts. They were known as "galvanized . . . — Map (db m101239) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Doctor's Residence — Constructed in 1881
One of the doctor's duties was to record mammal sightings. In 1869, elk, buffalo, antelope, grey wolf, and black bear were recorded. The antelope is the only animal still sighted in this region. Due to dwindling numbers, an order was . . . — Map (db m101238) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Fort Sisseton
Rebuilt by State of South Dakota and Works Progress Administration WPA Project Number 3384 Nineteen Thirty Nine Centennial Time Capsule In Cement Block, beneath this Marker Placed July 35, 1984 - To be opened at Bicentennial . . . — Map (db m91620) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Fort Sisseton Military Reservation, Dakota Territory
In February 1871, President Grant approved an 82,000 acre parcel of land measuring nine miles by fifteen miles as the Fort Sisseton Military Reservation. The land was set aside for use by the military for training exercises and hay ground for . . . — Map (db m101225) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Fort Wadsworth 1864 — Fort Sisseton 1876
Major John Clowney, 30th Wisconsin Infantry with Cos. B. E. G. and K, Captains Burton, Devlin, Swain & Klatt, started the fort on 1 August 1864, pursuant to orders of General John Pope, Department Commander. They were mostly from the north woods and . . . — Map (db m91618) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Governor William J. Janklow and Fort Sisseton
In 1996, with Executive Order 96-06, South Dakota Governor William J. "Bill" Janklow created the Governor's Commission on Fort Sisseton. His action ensured that input from dedicated local individuals, with a knowledge of history and a passion . . . — Map (db m103085) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Guard House — Constructed in 1865
Low morale often led to discipline problems at the Fort. For disobeying orders, a soldier may have been forced to "ride" the wooden horse. Serious infractions resulted in time spent in the guard house. Journal Entry Memorandum: Dick . . . — Map (db m101229) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Hospital — Constructed in 1887
During the Roaring Twenties, the Fort was leased for use as a hunting lodge. The hospital became the club room and main gathering place. Sportsmen came to hunt prairie chickens and ducks. For the poor marksmen, and for those who had more interest . . . — Map (db m101236) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Library — Constructed in 1881
Filling the countless hours proved to be a soldier's greatest challenge. According to one soldier, "everybody is writing who can raise a pencil or sheet of paper." When mail was delayed, soldiers turned to reading books. The library was . . . — Map (db m101227) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Magazine — Constructed in 1867
The U.S. Springfield and the British-made Enfield were the two basic firearms of the Civil War period. Both muzzleloaders had a similar .58 caliber bore, so ammunition was interchangeable. With practice, each weapon could be loaded and fired ten . . . — Map (db m101228) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Marshall County South Dakota — You Are Entering
The last county organized east of the Missouri, on May 2, 1885; it had been in Sheyenne County 1862; a gigantic Hanson 1870; coincident with Stone 1873; the north half of Day 1879 and was created by the 1885 Legislature and named for Governor . . . — Map (db m91617) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — North Barracks — Constructed in 1864
Living conditions at the Fort were crude. Wood bunks were furnished with wool blankets and mattresses filled with straw. The bunks were uncomfortable and often infested with a variety of unwelcomed guests. A poor diet of beans, cornmeal . . . — Map (db m101233) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Officers' Quarters — Constructed in 1867
Officers at Fort Wadsworth were assigned and relieved of their commissions with almost monotonous regularity. Some lasted a month or less, while others often returned to their commands. Andrew often hoped his company would be reassigned . . . — Map (db m101237) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Post Cemetery
The cemetery roster reveals countless hardships. Nine of the people interred in this cemetery succumbed to typhoid, and four to consumption (tuberculosis). Two each died by fever, drowning, freezing, bronchitis, pneumonia, meningitis and . . . — Map (db m101226) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Quartermaster and Commissary Building
The log building had a shingled roof and was 145' long and 24' wide. A storage cellar sat under on-third of the building. While large, the building was not well constructed. Rain and snow blew through the roof and damaged supplies. When . . . — Map (db m101230) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Senator Curt Jones and Fort Sisseton
Curt Jones loved history for a lot of reasons. He saw history as a collection of great stories that can be told and retold. He saw history as a book of lessons to be learned. Most of all, he saw history as an experience that you can keep only if . . . — Map (db m103086) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — South Barracks — Constructed in 1864
Soldiers spent much of their off duty time playing chess, checkers and card games. Drinking and gambling were commonplace. Stag dances became popular and helped to counteract the loneliness and isolation they experienced at this frontier post. . . . — Map (db m101231) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — The Laundress Quarters
The log buildings along the south side of the fort were used as officers quarters in the early years of the fort. When the brick officers' quarters were completed the log buildings became married enlisted men's and laundress quarters. . . . — Map (db m101234) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — This Fort is for the Birds
The prairie pothole lakes region that surrounds Fort Sisseton is a haven for birds. Birds and waterfowl were found in abundance when the military arrived at Fort Sisseton. In 1868 and 1869, Fort surgeon Dr. B. Knickerbocker recorded 44 species of . . . — Map (db m101243) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Lake City — Wealth of Wildlife — Fort Sisseton State Park
The Coteau des Prairies and glacial lakes region was a wonderful habitat for wildlife. The post surgeon, who also served as the post naturalist, kept records of the wildlife he observed. Through his records, we learn that human interference has . . . — Map (db m101727) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Langford — First Presbyterian Church
Former Site of First Presbyterian Church Langford, South Dakota 1896 - 1997 — Map (db m101258) HM
South Dakota (Marshall County), Veblen — Veblen, South Dakota World War I & II Veterans Memorial
In Honor of Those Who Gave Their Lives World War I & World War II Edward H. Robertson Post 76 Gordon Brubakken Godfrey Halverson Donald Hill Richard Hilliard Louis Labelle Conrad Dickinson Selmer Langager Knute Myhren . . . — Map (db m123358) WM

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