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Yreka Trail Historical Markers

The Yreka Trail opened up far Northern California and Southern Oregon to gold mining, ranching, farming and lumbering. The emigrants used the Yreka trail for eight to ten years.
South Road - Forks Of The Yreka Trail / Yreka Trail - The Trail Forks Marker image, Touch for more information
By Douglass Halvorsen, April 4, 2015
South Road - Forks Of The Yreka Trail / Yreka Trail - The Trail Forks Marker
1 California, Siskiyou County, Dorris — A-50, Y-1 — South Road - Forks Of The Yreka Trail / Yreka Trail - The Trail Forks
(front plaque) South Road - Forks Of The Yreka Trail “All in need of provisions were supplied by a government agent at this camp. Near this point the road forks-one leading to Jacksonville, in Oregon, and the other to . . . Map (db m151605) HM
2 California, Siskiyou County, Dorris — Y-2 — Yreka Trail - Willow Springs
"A cold day went 10 miles came to Willow Springs and camp" - Phoebe S. Terwilliger, Oct. 9, 1854Map (db m151578) HM
3 California, Siskiyou County, Grenada — Y-16 — Yreka Trail - Down Shasta Valley
"Drove 16 miles down Shasta Valley, most of the way good roads, no hills to cross now, but in places the road is stony. Today passed one or two houses. The first I have seen for several months" - James S. Cowden, Oct 11, 1853Map (db m151631) HM
4 California, Siskiyou County, Macdoel — Y-4 — Yreka Trail - No Water
"After noon we drove on until night and no water to be seen anywhare; so we pitched camp and stayed all night without water; in the morning we hitched up and pushed on for water" -James Baron, Aug 9, 1855Map (db m151586) HM
5 California, Siskiyou County, Macdoel — Y-5 — Yreka Trail - One Very Steep Stony Hill
"At noon we came to a pine forest. Traveled in it the rest of the day. One very steep stony hill to go up. Road considerably stony at intervals all day." - George McCowen, Aug 28, 1854Map (db m151589) HM
6 California, Siskiyou County, Macdoel — Y-3 — Yreka Trail - Over Rocky Roads
Drove only 12 miles, but over rockey roads. Good feed." - James Cowden, Oct. 7, 1853Map (db m151580) HM
7 California, Siskiyou County, Macdoel — Y-6 — Yreka Trail - Quite a Stream
. . . Map (db m113120)
8 California, Siskiyou County, Macdoel — Y-6A — Yreka Trail - Quite Stony Today
"Started at 6  went on to pine woods  took dinner  no water or grass  then passed on to Butte Creek & followed it three miles & campt round a little lake  quite stony to day poor country" - Hinsdale Truman Shepard Sep 4, 1852Map (db m151590) HM
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9 California, Siskiyou County, Montague — Y-18 — Yreka Trail - Shasta River
"Started & went 15 miles to Shasta River & campt verry cold nights  frost last night  not [feeling] any better" - Hinsdale Truman Shepard, Sep 7, 1852Map (db m151633) HM
10 California, Siskiyou County, Montague — Y-17 — Yreka Trail - Splendid Roads
. . . Map (db m151600) HM
11 California, Siskiyou County, Montague — Y-15 — Yreka Trail - The Snelling Ranch
"The first day of October we journeyed west fourteen miles to the Snelling Ranch, now called the Hurd Ranch, near Sheep Rock, Shasta Valley." - Andrew Soule, Oct 1, 1854Map (db m151629) HM
12 California, Siskiyou County, Mount Hebron — Yreka Historic Trail(1852 - Present)
. . . Map (db m99899) HM
13 California, Siskiyou County, Tennant — Y-11 — Yreka Trail - A Big Meadow
"Went 15 miles came to a big meadow [grass lake] & campt we took water with us this morning found no good water here" - Phoebe S. Terwilliger, Oct 11, 1854Map (db m151608) HM
14 California, Siskiyou County, Tennant — Y-9 — Yreka Trail - Are Yet On Butte Creek
"Only drove 6 miles to a good camping place. Are yet on Butte Creek. There is a large amount of timber ... The hills and mountains are nearly all covered with a heavy growth of pine timber" - James S. Cowden, Oct 9, 1853Map (db m151604) HM
15 California, Siskiyou County, Tennant — Y-8 — Yreka Trail - Near a Little Lake
. . . Map (db m151593) HM
16 California, Siskiyou County, Tennant — Y-6B — Yreka Trail - Out of Danger
"We are now out of the diggers and and in the Shasta Valley tribe (country) they are not so hostile" - Sophronia Helen Stone, Sep 20, 1852Map (db m151592) HM
17 California, Siskiyou County, Tennant — Y-7 — Yreka Trail - Up Butte Creek
"The next day we followed up Butte Creek for six miles and pitched our tents. We lost a fine horse here." - Andrew Soule, Sep 29, 1854Map (db m151595) HM
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18 California, Siskiyou County, Tennant — Y-10 — Yreka Trail-Splendid Pine Timber/Yreka Trail-To a Swamp
Original Marker (2008): Yreka Trail - Splendid Pine Timber "Passed through splendid pine timber & fur [sic] & spruce ... Passed the dividing ridge of the Shasta Mountains Verry [sic] rough & bad roads this afternoon 18 miles to day . . . Map (db m151902) HM
19 California, Siskiyou County, Weed — 517 — Emigrant Trail
As early as 1852 wagon trains of overland emigrants crossed 600 feet to the north into Shasta Valley and Yreka; and at this point the 1857 Military Pass from Fort Crook emerged to join the westward emigrant road.Map (db m151607) HM
20 California, Siskiyou County, Weed — Y-12 — Yreka Trail – A Splendid Cite
“Here we came in cite of the bute It is a splendid cite Went down the hill on to the flats Spencer & Brill shot a deer.” – Hinsdale Truman Shepard, Sep 6, 1852Map (db m151609) HM
21 California, Siskiyou County, Weed — Y-12 — Yreka Trail - Down hill to Sheep Rock
'Left camp early. About 10 o'clock commenced down hill. Nooned at the Sheep Rock' - George McCowen, August 30, 1854 For guidebook availability Trails West Inc., www.EmigrantTrailsWest.orgMap (db m195081) HM
22 California, Siskiyou County, Weed — Y-13 — Yreka Trail - Sheep Rock
"Stop at Sheep Rock  Here is ceder [sic] and pine   Large strait [sic] and tall Now this is a large rocky region where the mountain sheep abounds   Deer and antelope to[sic]" - Sophronia Helen Stone, Sep 22, 1852Map (db m151610) HM
23 California, Siskiyou County, Weed — Y-14 — Yreka Trail - Sheep Rock Springs
"Made a drive of 20 miles and campt by what are called Sheep Rock Springs, at the head of Shasta River Valley and about 30 miles from our destination, Yreka City." - James S, Cowden, Oct 10, 1853Map (db m151627) HM
24 California, Siskiyou County, Yreka — Y-20 — Yreka Trail – A Mighty Town
“Drove into town (Yreka) and a mighty town it is... several very good brick buildings. ...nothing can be bought here for less than two bits, a loaf of bread that use to cost five cents is 25, salt 25 per lb.” George McCowen, Sep 1, 1854Map (db m151576) HM
25 California, Siskiyou County, Yreka — Y-19 — Yreka Trail - Our Journeys End
"Today we have landed to our journeys end neare Yreka, whare we stopped to graze our teems ... we exspect to stay here some days to rest   for the man that crosses the planes will feel like resting when he gits through" - James Bardin, Aug 11, . . . Map (db m151637) HM
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