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Pennsylvania, Battle of Hanover Walking Tour Historical Markers

Eighteen wayside exhibits depicting points of interest and events during the Battle of Hanover, the first Civil War battle on Pennsylvania soil.
The 1860 Map of Hanover image, Touch for more information
By Craig Swain, June 28, 2008
The 1860 Map of Hanover
1 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Abbottstown Street/Broadway
A Glimpse of Hanover's Past The chaotic fighting at the Center Square quickly spilled over onto several side streets, alleys, and fields. At the first sign of trouble, Major John Hammond led an organized withdrawal of the 5th New York Cavalry . . . Map (db m8658) HM
2 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Conrad Moul - The Public Commons — Reported permanently removed
The original Moul Townhouse stood to your right. It was the mirror image of the 215 Broadway townhouse behind you. By 1915, the Moul Family replaced it with the Neoclassical Revival style brick home designed by Dempwolf Architects of York, which you . . . Map (db m22416) HM
3 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Hanover's Wounded — Physicians Administer Aid
A lull in the fighting after the first charge of the Battle of Hanover prompted several Hanover physicians to begin caring for the wounded on the streets and sidewalks. Among them were Drs. George Hinkle, Henry Eckert, Horace Alleman, Jacob Smith, . . . Map (db m201486) HM
4 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Heroics of the Union Cavalry — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
The heroic achievements of the Union cavalry during the Battles of Hanover and Gettysburg were impressive. At Hanover, on June 30, 1863, Confederate Gen J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry division of 5,000 men outnumbered Union Gen. H. Judson Kilpatrick's . . . Map (db m197241) HM
5 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — High Noon in Hanover — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
Cannons Blast for Two Hours After the Confederates' initial surge and taking of the square, on June 30, 1863, the Union's swift, steady onslaught pushed the gray tide back from Broadway to where they came, down Frederick Street . . . Map (db m197085) HM
6 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Hospitality Before Hostility — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
At 8:00 a.m. on June 30, the head of Gen. H. Judson Kilpatrick's Union Cavalry Division halted on Frederick Street outside community leader Jacob Wirt's home, which formerly stood in front of you at the site of the Hanover Theater. Kilpatrick . . . Map (db m197066) HM
7 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Killed in Action at Hanover — Reformed Cemetery — Reported permanently removed
Hanover photographer Peter S. Weaver, who operated a studio on Baltimore Street, recorded this view dated February 6, 1864. The man holding the book in the photo is Samuel Weaver, Peter's father. Samuel supervised the operation in which the . . . Map (db m201488) HM
8 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Pleasant Hill Hotel Becomes Hospital
"Every desired comfort is furnished in great abundance, and every luxury, with which this country abounds in great profusion, is supplied by sympathetic people, and administered to the suffering wounded by devoted women. A heartier response to . . . Map (db m22722) HM
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9 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Profiles in Union Cavalry Courage — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
To some, the nameless, stoic picket on horseback on the Hanover Square symbolizes the dignity and honor of the cavalry, and the vigilance of every day, tough-and-tumble Union soldiers. In order of military rank, some notable Union cavalry leaders . . . Map (db m197243) HM
10 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Search and Destroy, Hide and Seek — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop — Heart of Hanover Trails —
On June 27, 1863, three days before the Battle of Hanover, Confederate Lt. Col. Elijah White's 35th Virginia Battalion of about 260 men was on a mission: search for and destroy Pennsylvania railroad bridges and telegraph lines. In the 1860s, . . . Map (db m197361) HM
11 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Stuart's Fruitless Odyssey — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
After disengaging from the Union cavalry in the late afternoon of June 30, Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry division, bogged down by 125 fully loaded Union supply wagons and 600 mules saddled with Union materials, left Hanover. Stuart and . . . Map (db m197242) HM
12 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Aftermath & Stench of Death — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
You are looking at the Reformed Cemetery, one of Hanover's oldest graveyards. During the Battle of Hanover on June 30, 1863, at least 39 men were killed — two Union officers, 17 enlisted men, and about 20 Confederate soldiers. The number of . . . Map (db m197244) HM
13 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Center of the Storm — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
Mayhem and Melees In 1863, charming brick and wooden homes, many of them still standing, lined both sides of Frederick Street from Center Square to the Winebrenner Tannery and the Karl Forney Farm. The Karl Forney residence was . . . Map (db m197084) HM
14 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Confederates Take Stock
"After they had passed out Frederick Street the doctor and I picked up three or four dead soldiers, lying in the street between Centre Square and the Reformed Church, and carried them to the side-walks" -Rev. Wm. K. Zeilber, pastor Emmanuel . . . Map (db m10394) HM
15 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Daniel Trone House — Reported permanently removed
Fragments of several Union and Confederate cavalry regiments continued to fight a running battle as they galloped on horseback along Frederick Street. Other Confederate bands had retreated down the intersecting alleys and streets. This action . . . Map (db m5026) HM
16 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Forney Farms — Fighting Focused on Forney Lands
As the initial attack by the 13th Virginia and 2nd North Carolina Cavalry Regiments gained momentum, they charged along Frederick Street and through the Forney fields which were located on the land in front of you. On your left, the retreating Union . . . Map (db m8652) HM
17 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Hanover Spectator Covers the Battle
"Our town on Tuesday for the first time saw and felt all the incidents, scenes and horrors of actual war." The Hanover Spectator, founded by Senary Leader in 1844, was owned by his widow, Maria, at the time of the Civil War. It was published . . . Map (db m8650) HM
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18 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Jacob Wirt House — Reported missing
At approximately 8:00 a.m. the head of Kilpatrick's Union Cavalry Division halted on Frederick Street. When Reverend William K. Zieber, pastor of Emmanuel Reformed Church learned about the hungry cavalrymen, he encouraged the crowd of townspeople to . . . Map (db m104722) HM
19 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Square is Now Recaptured — The Scattered Debris of Battle — Reported missing
From Hanover's Center Square, major roads radiate to York, Baltimore, Frederick and Carlisle. For the second time that day the Center Square would become the scene of brutal combat. A few blocks to the north, nearly 400 mounted cavalrymen from . . . Map (db m201491) HM
20 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Turning Point
Elements from the 2nd North Carolina Cavalry Regiment charged past this point in pursuit of disorganized remnants of the 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment which was retreating toward the railroad tracks. The Union Cavalry appeared to have abandoned . . . Map (db m8647) HM
21 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Union Strikes Back — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
The Square is Liberated On June 30, 1863, as the Confederates surged toward the railroad tracks on Abbottstown Road (present-day Broadway), the Union regrouped for fierce counter-attacks. Union Major John Hammond re-formed the 5th . . . Map (db m197086) HM
22 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Winebrenner House
"We had better go down stairs; we are in danger here," Mrs. Henry Winebrenner said to her daughter, Martha, after seeing the flash and hearing the roar from Confederate artillery. - The Evening Herald, January 25, . . . Map (db m8653) HM
23 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — The Winebrenner Tannery — The Scene of Repeated Cavalry Charges — Reported missing
By the time the counter attack on the 5th New York Cavalry Regiment had reached this area, the center of Hanover was once again under Union control. The New Yorkers continued along Frederick Street but were soon halted by gunfire from Confederate . . . Map (db m201492) HM
24 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover — Warfare Engulfs Downtown — A Heart of Hanover Trail Stop
Rebels Capture the Square In the Battle of Hanover, the center of town was an up-for-grabs, back-and-forth crossroads that both sides wanted and occupied. Major roads radiated from the center of town. All went to destinations for . . . Map (db m197087) HM
25 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover, Penn Township — Consequences on the Battle of Gettysburg — Reported permanently removed
Possibly less than twenty minutes after the first shots, Hanover was once again in Union control. Although the intense fighting along Frederick Street had subsided, the conflict was far from finished. A standoff ensued as the Confederates . . . Map (db m197220) HM
26 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover, Penn Township — Custer at Hanover — Reported permanently removed
This painting by Civil war artist Dale Gallon is one of four paintings featuring Civil War weapons. George Armstrong Custer had been promoted from Captain to Brigadier General on June 28, 1863, and been given command of the Michigan Brigade, . . . Map (db m5021) HM
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27 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover, Penn Township — J.E.B. Stuart's Jump
The ground occupied by the Confederate cavalry during the Battle of Hanover was the rich, rolling farmland found in much of southern Pennsylvania. On the eastern side of the Westminster Road there was a field of timothy, a grass widely grown for . . . Map (db m149208) HM
28 Pennsylvania, York County, Hanover, Penn Township — The Confederates Invade Pennsylvania — Reported unreadable
In early June 1863, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia led by General Robert E. Lee began to leave its camps in Virginia and march northward to Pennsylvania. Lee hoped that a victory on Northern soil might break the will of the Northern . . . Map (db m5020) HM
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