“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Allatoona, Georgia Historical Markers

4th Minnesota Regimental Headquarters image, Touch for more information
By Brandon Fletcher
4th Minnesota Regimental Headquarters
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — 4th Minnesota Regimental Headquarters
On this site stood a wood frame "dog-trot" style house that served as the regimental headquarters for the 4th Minnesota Regiment, the permanent Federal garrison at Allatoona under the command of Lieutenant Colonel John E. Tourtellotte. Here . . . — Map (db m87376) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — 008-44 — Allatoona Pass
Allatoona was in pioneer days a travel hub, because ridges from east and south met here where it was fairly easy to cross the Allatoona Mountain range by winding over a low ridge, or pass. The Sandtown or Tennessee Road from the south, and the . . . — Map (db m13843) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Assault On The Star Fort
By 11:00 a.m., after overrunning Rowett's Redoubt, the Confederate attack swept up this hill from the west and the north, forcing the Federals to retreat inside the Star Fort. As the last of the fleeing Federals entered the fort, a three-inch . . . — Map (db m87383) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Confederate Withdrawal
"A shout of triumph rolled over those fields … Men grasped hands and shouted … and embraced each other. The wounded joined in the delirium of rejoicing. The dying looked to the Flag, still proudly floating above these hills…" History of . . . — Map (db m87386) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Demand For Surrender
On the morning of October 5, 1864, following a two hour bombardment from Major John D. Myrick's Confederate artillery on Moore's Hill located 1,200 yards to the south, Confederate Major General Samuel G. French sent his adjutant, Major David W. . . . — Map (db m87342) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Federal Trenches
During the night of October 4, Federal troops anxiously awaited in their defenses for the attack they knew would come. Harvey M. Trimble at the 93rd Illinois Regiment recalled: "That night the command slept under arms. All knew that . . . — Map (db m87379) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Grave of the Unknown Hero
Local families once recalled that a few days after the battle, a wooden box addressed "Allatoona, Georgia" arrived at the station with no information as to its origin. Six local women found a deceased Confederate soldier in the box and buried . . . — Map (db m87382) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Iowa
They Died so that our Nation Might Live 39th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Brigadier General John Corse of Iowa commanded victorious Federal forces at Allatoona Pass October 5, 1864 Reverse: 39th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Fallen soldiers at . . . — Map (db m65172) HM WM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Military Service Road
The Federal defenses at Allatoona included a military service road that crossed the Tennessee Wagon Road at this point. The military road connected the fortified positions at the Eastern Redoubt on the right side with positions closer to the . . . — Map (db m87373) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Allatoona Mountain Range
The Allatoona Mountain range is the southernmost spur of the Appalachian Mountains. Years before the war, Lieutenant William T. Sherman spent time surveying this area for the U.S. Army; therefore, he understood the formidable military defense . . . — Map (db m87374) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Battle of Allatoona Pass
Allatoona Pass is the site of a significant and bloody Civil War battle that took place after the fall of Atlanta in September 1864. With no city to defend, the Confederate Army retreated from Atlanta and began a new tactic of attacking Federal . . . — Map (db m87341) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Crow's Nest
At this approximate location stood the Crow's Nest, a sixty-foot tall Georgia Pine surmounted by a signal platform. Before and after the battle, information to General Sherman was sent by signal flag communication from this platform to signal . . . — Map (db m87378) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Deep Cut
The immediate level, directly below the top, is a berm or shoulder excavated to prevent earth from falling into the cut and blocking the tracks and corresponds to the top of the rock strata. Beyond this berm, the Western and Atlantic Railroad . . . — Map (db m87372) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Eastern Redoubt
The eastern redoubt was constructed with six-foot tall earth parapets and a six-foot deep ditch surrounding the fort on all sides. Gun embrasures allowed cannon to be fired at the enemy from this defensive position. Under the command of . . . — Map (db m87377) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Foot Bridge
At this point, a crude wooden bridge spanned the cut about 90 feet above the railroad tracks. It was constructed by felling two pine trees across the cut, planking over them and adding a handrail. During the battle, Private Edwin R. Fullington . . . — Map (db m87380) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Memorial Field
This battlefield, along with its memorial ground, is dedicated to the Union and Confederate forces that fought here on October 5, 1864. During the battle, units representing five Union states and six Confederate states were present. Most of the . . . — Map (db m87346) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — The Railroad
Chartered by the State of Georgia in 1837, workmen completed the Western & Atlantic Railroad in 1850 over a winding 137-mile route from Atlanta, Georgia, to Chattanooga, Tennessee. At Allatoona, massive quantities of earth and stone were removed . . . — Map (db m87344) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Wartime Allatoona
In 1866, George N. Barnard photographed Allatoona looking north from approximately the same location as this marker. The Western & Atlantic Railroad from Atlanta to Chattanooga penetrated the Allatoona Mountain range at this point through a 175 . . . — Map (db m87338) HM
Georgia (Bartow County), Allatoona — Welcome to Allatoona Pass Battlefield
The Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, Redtop Mountain State Park, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Friends of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, and the Etowah Valley Historical Society welcome you to Allatoona Pass Battlefield. . . . — Map (db m87340) HM

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