“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Genoa, Nevada Historical Markers

About Your Journey... Marker - Wide View image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, July 15, 2016
About Your Journey... Marker - Wide View
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — About Your Journey...On the Trail Today
Whichever direction your travels take you, you’re going to have a similar experience to what the California-bound immigrants had. You’re going to see the same country, except for the towns and ranch meadows. The big difference, though, is that . . . — Map (db m98183) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — CR-33 — Carson Trail - Hot Springs
"We passed around a barren portion of the mountain, where there gushed from the base... almost a thousand springs of hot water in half a mile,... The springs form a hot water lake all along their course." - William R. Rothwell, Aug 18, 1850 — Map (db m99871) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — CR-32 — Carson Trail - Original Mormon Station
"At the... foot of the mountains, the Mormons... have established a trading post.... Passing on from this place, as fast as we could,... to save what money we had, we continued up Carson Valley" - Edward Patterson, Jul 11, 1850 — Map (db m99870) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Douglas Lodge #12, F& AM
Chartered on September 17, 1868 by the newly created Grand Lodge of Nevada, their first Worshiper Master was Robert W. Bollen. In early 1873 they purchased this building in a partially finished condition. It was subsequently completed in November of . . . — Map (db m20677) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Douglas Seminary
In 1864, the fledgling Nevada State Government was comprised of ten counties with twelve school districts, eight school houses, and eighteen schools. This was a time when no one seriously contemplated making Nevada a permanent home as people . . . — Map (db m115736) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — GenoaIn Search of the Pony Express — Station Marker
[Front of Marker:] Genoa Original Home Station April 3, 1860 – Aug. 30, 1860 Relay Station Sep. 1, 1860 – Nov. 20, 1861 By Town of Genoa Genoa Volunteer Fire Department Carson Valley Historical Society . . . — Map (db m20663) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Genoa Church
Built by volunteers to replace the church destroyed in the Terrible Fire of 1910, this pioneer refuge served the town for town meetings as well as church services for many years. The bell tower and porch were added in 1978 by volunteers. Genoa . . . — Map (db m21245) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Genoa or “Mormon Station” of the Pony Express
Near this spot stood the Genoa or “Mormon Station” of the Pony Express 1860 – 1861 St. Joseph, Missouri To Sacramento, California. _________ Dedicated June 9, 1934 By Citizens of Nevada. Under Leadership . . . — Map (db m20668) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Hanging Tree
On this tree, early morning Nov. 26, 1897 occurred the blackest episode in the history of Nevada. Adam Uber of Calaveras Co. Cal. was forcefully taken from jail abused and hanged by an angry mob, for the pistol killing of Hans Anderson a local . . . — Map (db m20655) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson(Jon A. Torsteinson – Rue) — Mailman of the Sierra
Born: April 30, 1827, Tinn, Telemark, Norway Emigrated to America from Norway: May 30, 1837 Carried the mail: January 1856 – May 1876 (Twice a month - during the winter for 20 years.) Distance: 90 miles between Placerville, Ca and . . . — Map (db m20679) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson
Born April 30, 1827 at Upper Tinns, Telemark District of Norway, John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson’s parents Tosten Olsen and Gro Johnsdotter baptized him as John Tostensen. At an early age he learned to “snow skate” (snow ski). In . . . — Map (db m20712) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — John A. “Snow-Shoe” Thompson
[Upper Marker:] As a Tribute To a great compatriot from Telemark This plaque was presented by the Norwegian Olympic Ski Team Competing at Sqaw Valley In February 1960 [Lower Marker:] Dedicated to John A. . . . — Map (db m20748) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Judge Daniel Webster VirginJuly 4, 1835 – August 19, 1928
Served as first elected judge of Douglas County from 1864 – 66. Later on he served as District Attorney and Superintendent of Schools. While in the practice of law he was considered one of the foremost jurists of his time and was engaged in . . . — Map (db m20785) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — 132 — Mormon StationNo. 132 — Erected June 1949
In 1851 Col. John Reese, with a little band of eighteen men crossed the great deserts and built the first trading post in Nevada, “Mormon Station”. Later came more members of the Mormon Faith who settled and established the town of . . . — Map (db m20686) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — 36 — Mormon Station - Genoa
In early June, 1850, a party of Mormons led by Abner and Thomas Blackburn, Hampton S. Beatie and Joseph Dumont, established a trading post about a mile to the north of this site. In September, as they returned to Salt Lake City, a party of Bannock . . . — Map (db m20698) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Nevada’s First Newspaper
The Territorial Enterprise Was founded at Genoa December 8, 1858 Mark Twain Began his career as A writer on its staff ——————— Placed December 8, 1938 University of Nevada . . . — Map (db m20665) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — 12 — Nevada's Birthplace1864 - 1964
Carson Valley is the birthplace of Nevada. By 1851, people settled at a place they called Mormon Station, renamed Genoa in 1856. With the early establishment of a post office and local government, the community can lay claim to the title of . . . — Map (db m99652) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Old Genoa Bar
In 1863, Al Livingston built this building and called it Livingston’s Exchange. In 1884, Frank Fettic bought it and renamed it Fettic’s Exchange. He operated it as a “Gentlemen’s Saloon” allowing no rough stuff or excessive drinking. It . . . — Map (db m20661) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Old Mormon Station
The principle emigrant trail to California’s gold fields in the 1850’s passed about 50 yards east of here. In June, 1850, Hampton S. Beatie and Abner Blackburn, two Mormons from Salt Lake City, established Nevada’s first trading post a few yards . . . — Map (db m21218) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Originally – The Raycraft Dance Hall
Built: Spring of 1886 Foundation: Rock Building Size: 80 x 33 Feet – 16 Foot Ceiling Flooring: Best Quality Wood Available Constructed: By the Sons of Joseph Raycraft Joseph, acting as a wagon master for 300 souls, headed west with . . . — Map (db m98073) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — 2 — The Cary Mill
Here stood the first grist mill in Carson Valley built in Mill Canyon Genoa in 1854 by wheelwright Thomas Knott for Colonel John Reese. It was moved to this site by William M. Cary in 1865. Behind the mill stood a dwelling house, which served . . . — Map (db m99863) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — The Demise of Sam BrownJuly 6, 1861
“Brown was a heavy man, about 200lbs, noted as a lawless desperado whose name was terror to all who know, or had heard of him. He made his brags on the day of his death, which was his 30th birthday, that he had killed 11 men, and was going to . . . — Map (db m115737) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — The Pink House
. . . — Map (db m20658) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — The Pony Express1860 - 1960 ** 1861 - 1961
These plaques are near the site of the original Pony Express Station. The Pony Express passed through Genoa, the oldest city in Nevada, until the completion of the telegraph. Erected by the Nevada Pony Express Centennial Committee. . . . — Map (db m20711) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — 120 — Walley's Hot Springs
Like many Nevada hot springs, these dot a fault break along which the mountains rise. In 1862, along this Carson branch of the emigrant trail, David and Harriet Walley developed a $100,000 spa with 11 baths, a ballroom and gardens. The thermal . . . — Map (db m89511) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — We Made It! The End of the Great BasinGenoa - Mormon Station — California Trail
You’re now standing at the western edge of the Great Basin. If you were an emigrant headed to California, you would have entered the Great Basin 450 miles back along the trail in southern Idaho, or 500 miles back in Salt Lake City if you had taken . . . — Map (db m98142) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — We Salute John “Snowshoe” Thompson / A Tribute From Three Lutheran Churches
We Salute John “Snowshoe” Thompson On his homemade snowshoes John carried the mail and supplies over the snowy Sierras for 20 winters. As he traveled, he saved the lives of seven people who were snowbound in mountain cabins. In . . . — Map (db m20729) HM

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