“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Hale County Texas Historical Markers

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By Bill Kirchner, November 17, 2015
First Baptist Church of Hale Center Marker
Texas (Hale County), Hale Center — 1637 — First Baptist Church of Hale Center
Organized religion in Hale County can be traced to 1883, when Methodist minister Horatio Graves and his family became the first permanent settlers of the area. Their home became a community gathering place, school, and Union church. A post office . . . — Map (db m91325) HM
Texas (Hale County), Hale Center — 2663 — J. Frank Norfleet — (1865 - 1967)
Son of a rancher and Texas Ranger, J. Frank Norfleet was born in Lampasas County. With little schooling, he grew up working on ranches. He served as foreman for 20 years on the Spade Ranch. Norfleet married Mattie Eliza Hudgins . . . — Map (db m91329) HM
Texas (Hale County), Hale Center — 3597 — Nils Akeson — (1866 - 1944)
In the late 1880s Swedish born Nils Akeson moved from Iowa to this sparsely populated area of north Texas. As an officer of the Hale County Townsite Company Nils helped establish the town of Hale Center. He worked for the famous XIT Ranch from 1893 . . . — Map (db m91326) HM
Texas (Hale County), Hale Center — 4179 — Ranching and Farming in Hale County
Pioneer ranchers began to settle Hale County in the early 1880s. Land was plentiful and cheap, but life was hard. Many settlers lived in dugouts. Supplies were freighted from Colorado City until the railroad reached Amarillo. Cattle roamed the free . . . — Map (db m91324) HM
Texas (Hale County), Hale Center — 4778 — Site of Epworth — (1883 – 1892) — (1 Ό miles southwest) —
First settlement in county. Established as a post office in 1884 by Horatio Graves of New York, a Methodist minister. Then only county resident, he planned to found religious colony here; named place for Epworth, England, birthplace of John Wesley, . . . — Map (db m91328) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 363 — Bellview Community and School
Much of this rural community's early social and religious history is closely associated with its schoolhouses. Area residents built their first schoolhouse in 1903, one year after organizing a rural school district. Named for trustee John Bell, the . . . — Map (db m104524) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 433 — Blasingame Home
When J.W. Pipkin constructed this Colonial Revival residence in 1910, Plainview was experiencing a period of dramatic economic development as a railroad center. In 1918 the home was purchased by F.E. Blasingame and his wife Mary (Rimes). For over . . . — Map (db m91242) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 959 — Colonel C. C. Slaughter — (1837 - 1919)
First native-born cattle king of Texas. Eldest of several rancher brothers. At age 12 "made a hand" on East Texas ranch of father, Rev. Geo. W. Slaughter. By 17 made his own trades in lumber, wheat, cattle. In 1856 moved his cattle to Palo Pinto . . . — Map (db m91266) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 1228 — Discovery Site of the Plainview Point — (200 yards SE)
The first of this distinctive type of early man dart point was found by 15-year-old Val Keene Whitacre in 1941, in a caliche quarry on Running Water Draw. In 1944, quarry workers uncovered a fossil bone deposit, which was noted by scientists . . . — Map (db m104523) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 1270 — Dr. James Henry Wayland — (April 22, 1863 – Feb. 6, 1948)
James H. Wayland, born in Missouri, decided to be a physician after he almost lost a foot at 16 in an accident. He studied at Kentucky School of Medicine, then came to Texas. After practicing in Fort Worth and Azle, he moved to the new town of . . . — Map (db m91205) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 1403 — Edwin Lowden Lowe — (1850? - July 13, 1889)
One of co-founders, City of Plainview. Born in Mississippi. In Louisiana, married Virginia Archer. Studied law, joined Bar in Arkansas, served 1879-81 in Arkansas Legislature. In 1880s came to Texas; his wife died en route, while wagon train halted . . . — Map (db m91299) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 1477 — Emma Grigsby Meharg — (August 14, 1873 – September 4, 1937)
Born in Lynnville, Tenn.; moved to Texas with parents, Jasper N. and Mary A. (Calvert) Grigsby, 1883. Graduated from college, became a teacher, married Samuel W. Meharg. Came to Plainview (1902), where she and husband were educators. She helped . . . — Map (db m91297) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 1664 — First Baptist Church of Plainview
Organized on November 23, 1890, Plainview Baptist Church began with eleven charter members. The new congregation called the Rev. I.B. Kimbrough as pastor, and they soon erected their first church building at the intersection of Austin and Fourth . . . — Map (db m91248) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 2112 — Gates Hall
Original administration building of Wayland Baptist College. Site (in town founded in 1887) given by J. H. Wayland, a physician settling here 1891. Built 1909-1910, in term of first President, Dr. I. E. Gates, for whom it is named. . . . — Map (db m91207) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 5389 — General Ranald Slidell MacKenzie — The Old MacKenzie Trail — By “Larry” Chittendon —
Stretching onward toward the sunset, o'er prairie, hill and vale, far beyond the double mountains winds the Old MacKenzie Trail. Ah, what thoughts and border memories does that dreaming trail suggest; thoughts of travelers gone forever to the . . . — Map (db m91267) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 2269 — Green Machinery Co., Inc.
Founded by George Emmett Green (1875-1960), whose work revolutionized Texas agriculture. Mechanically-gifted, Green mastered water well development, worked as pattern maker and draftsman in pump factories, and operated a plant of his . . . — Map (db m91275) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 2331 — Hale County
. . . — Map (db m91323) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 2334 — Halfway
Settlers came to this area seeking abundant grass, fertile soil, and water. This site, acquired by R. L. Hooper (1872-1952) and his wife Ada Mae (Hughley) (1880-1955) in the 1890s, received its name because it stood "halfway" between Olton and . . . — Map (db m104522) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 3017 — Lamar School
The first Plainview schoolhouse was built in 1887, the year the town was founded. Located northwest of this site, it was a half-dugout sod building similar to many of the pioneer homes of the area. Built by local men under the supervision of Judge . . . — Map (db m91274) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 3081 — Liberty Community and Finney Switch
In 1887 Joseph B. Leach and his brothers, John and Dee, immigrated to this area from Liberty, Kentucky. Joseph filed on a 160-acre homestead and built a half-dugout and sod house and a windmill. The Leach brothers often hauled freight for Plainview . . . — Map (db m91332) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 17175 — Plainview Cemetery and Memorial Park
Plainview Cemetery and Memorial Park Established c. 1909 Historic Texas Cemetery – 2011 Marker is property of the State of TexasMap (db m91296) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 4043 — Plainview Daily Herald
Originally known as the "Hale County Hesperian," this newspaper was established in the late 1880s by D.B. Hill and John Davidson. In 1891 John Minor Shafer, an early Plainview area settler, became the owner and publisher. The newspaper remained a . . . — Map (db m91247) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 4206 — Rawleigh Porteus Smyth — (August 4, 1855 - February 2, 1941)
An Austin native and graduate of the Texas Military Institute, R.P. Smyth became a Brigadier General after Spanish American War duty. As a surveyor, he ran boundaries (1887) of the Two Buckle and other South Plains ranches and platted towns of . . . — Map (db m91298) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 4598 — Schick Opera House
Businessman Levi Schick (1855-1936) launched the Schick Opera House in this building on Oct. 11, 1909. A traveling opera company opened the facility with a performance of "Little Dollie Dimples". Later attractions included vaudeville . . . — Map (db m91250) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 5480 — Seth Ward College — Three Miles Northeast to Site of
Original buildings erected in 1906-07. The school opened September 18, 1907, as Central Plains College and Conservatory of Music, with Dr. L.L. Gladney as president. The Nazarene Church maintained the college until 1910, when it was purchased by the . . . — Map (db m91240) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 4821 — Site of Lake Plainview
The City of Plainview, founded in the 1880s, sought agricultural supremacy for its trade area. Civic leaders pioneered irrigated farming in 1911 by boring the first of many deep water wells. In 1912, Texas Land & Development Co. installed a . . . — Map (db m91244) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 4970 — Snyder Community — (2 miles west)
Born in Illinois, Mennonite minister and farmer Peter B. Snyder (1864-1948) was living in Minnesota when a search for inexpensive land led him to Texas. In 1906, he bought property in Hale County from John H. Buntin and urged other . . . — Map (db m91330) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 1949 — Texas Land & Development Company — Former Office Site of
Unique agricultural pioneer. Founded in 1912 by J.W. Grant and M.D. Henderson, who obtained Eastern and European capital to develop 65,000 acres of Hale, Floyd and Swisher county lands. This area became one of the most productive in America, because . . . — Map (db m91249) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 2327 — The Hackberry Groves — Birthplace of City of Plainview
At this site in early days stood the South Plains' most significant trees-- twin hackberry groves, on 1870s trail used by buffalo hunters, surveyors, law officers, and early settlers. On public domain, the site was unappropriated until mid-1880s . . . — Map (db m91295) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 5424 — The Santa Fe Railroad in Plainview
Operating in the Texas Panhandle since 1886, the Santa Fe Railroad about 1900 laid plans to extend its line into the rich agricultural domain of the South Plains. Meantime, Plainview leaders saw the need for better transportation and in 1903 raised . . . — Map (db m91246) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 5429 — The Slaton Well — (.5 mi. north)
The Plainview Commercial Club, led by President J. O. Wyckoff, saw the potential of irrigation during a 1910 visit to wells in New Mexico. Local banker and farmer J. H. Slaton agreed to bear cost of a test well sunk on his land if it succeeded. G. . . . — Map (db m91200) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — 5674 — W. J. "Jeff" Williams
Born in Johnson County, Texas, Jeff Williams came to Hale County in 1896. Largely self-taught, he began surveying in 1902 and worked on the XIT Ranch resurvey of 1909. He was Potter County surveyor, 1907-15, and held the same post in Hale County, . . . — Map (db m91300) HM
Texas (Hale County), Plainview — Wayland Heritage Plaza
The Wayland Heritage Plaza, featuring the bronze statue of the university's founder and namesake, Dr. James Henry Wayland, was formally dedicated Aug, 20-21, 2008, as part of WBU's centennial celebration with the theme “Dreams to . . . — Map (db m91209) HM

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