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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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African Presence in Colonial Pensacola Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, July 11, 2021
African Presence in Colonial Pensacola Marker
1Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — F-1101 — Middle Passage to Pensacola / African Presence in Colonial Pensacola
Middle Passage to Pensacola Beginning in the early 1500s and continuing for more than three centuries, about 12 million enslaved Africans were transported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the Americas. This transportation, known . . . Map (db m177047) HM
2Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Middle PassageFort Mose Historic State Park
During the 18th century, thousands of enslaved Africans faced starvation, torture, and even death on their journey to the Americas, a voyage known as the middle passage. What was the Middle Passage? The Middle Leg of a 3-part Voyage: . . . Map (db m126964) HM
3Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Saint AugustineFirst Permanent European/African/Native American Settlement on U.S. Mainland.
Beginning in the early 1500s and continuing for more than three centuries, about 12 million African were transported across the Atlantic Ocean into slavery, in what has come to be known as the Middle Passage—the largest forced migration in . . . Map (db m80700) HM
4Maryland (St. Mary's County), Hollywood — Remembering Ancestors at the Sotterley PlantationThe Price of Prosperity — The Middle Passage to Patuxent —
The Price of Prosperity By the latter part of the 17th century, the development of the plantation economy of Maryland was well established. The shift of political power from English nobles to wealthy planters and fewer indentured servants . . . Map (db m146563) HM
5New Jersey (Camden County), Camden — 1 of 3 — Enslaved Africans Once Sold Here
Enslaved Africans Once Sold Here-African slavery in New Jersey began with early European settlement. By 1766, circa 800 captive people had been sold here at Coopers Street Ferry and two other near ferry landings. In Africa, approximately 24 million . . . Map (db m145252) HM
6Rhode Island (Bristol County), Warren — 3 — The Middle PassageWarren Historic Site
Rhode Island was the center of the American transatlantic slave trade, accounting for the majority of American slave voyages from 1700 until 1808. More than 110,000 Africans were forcibly taken from their homeland on Rhode Island ships and . . . Map (db m150887) HM
7Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — Lest We Forget: The Middle PassageC. 1444-1860
Let this scarlet oak represent the strength and resilience of the people of African descent, and commemorate Africans who died in the Middle Passage, the leg of the Atlantic Triangle in which upwards of 100 million Africans were transported as . . . Map (db m131238) HM
8Texas (Galveston County), Galveston — Middle Passage Galveston, Texas
This marker commemorates enslaved Africans in Galveston during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, as well as those who perished during the transatlantic slave trade known as the Middle Passage. Galveston Historical FoundationMap (db m147637) HM
9Virginia, Fredericksburg — Middle Passage
Once passing through the portal of no return on the West African coast, slaves entered a world of unknown horrors. The Atlantic ocean represented a mystery to them because most Africans in the 17th and 18th centuries had not ventured out into . . . Map (db m176145) HM
10Virginia, Fredericksburg — The Middle PassageFredericksburg: Timeless.
If the Atlantic were to dry up, it would reveal a scattered pathway of human bones, African bones marking the various routes of the Middle Passage. -Dr. John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998) From 1502 to 1860, the trans-Atlantic slave trade . . . Map (db m97364) HM
11Virginia (James City County), Jamestown — Remembering Ancestors
The Middle Passage For more than 350 years, approximately 12 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic Ocean in the largest forced migration in history. Two million, unknown and forgotten, died during the voyage. Of the ten . . . Map (db m147817) HM
12Virginia (York County), Yorktown — 1 — Remembering Ancestors
The Middle Passage For more than 350 years, approximately 12 million Africans were transported across the Atlantic Ocean in the largest forced human migration in history. Two million, unknown and forgotten, died during the voyage. Of the ten . . . Map (db m145947) HM

13Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — The UNESCO Slave Route: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage / Honoring The Memory Of The Ancestors
{Side 1} The UNESCO Slave Route: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage Launched in 1994, the international and inter-regional project ‘The Slave Route: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage’ addresses the history of the slave trade and slavery . . . Map (db m147638) HM
14Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — The UNESCO Slave Route Project: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage
(side 1) Launched in 1994, the international and inter-regional project ‘The Slave Route: Resistance, Liberty, Heritage’ addresses the history of the slave trade and slavery through the prism of intercultural dialogue, a culture of peace . . . Map (db m152489) HM
15Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — Wanderer Memory TrailA Family Learning Experience
Honoring the Survivors of the Slave Ship Wanderer The Wanderer survivors were among the last known groups of enslaved Africans smuggled into America. Their footsteps still echo along the Georgia coast and throughout America . . . Map (db m149405) HM
16Louisiana (Orleans Parish), Algiers — Transatlantic Slave Trade to Louisiana
The transatlantic slave trade to Louisiana began in 1718, with the first of two ships bringing African captives to the region in 1719. The first ship to arrive at this site was the Expedition, which landed 91 enslaved people, most from the . . . Map (db m157916) HM

17New Jersey (Bergen County), Hackensack — Slavery
In memory of the millions of African people who perished during the middle passage, suffered the horrors of slavery, and endured the inhumanity of racial segregation. We also remember the heroes who have struggled and continue to work for freedom, . . . Map (db m62943) HM

18Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Kunte Kinte-Alex Haley Memorial
The Memorial commemorates the arrival in Annapolis of Kunte Kinte, Alex Haley’s ancestor, as told in his book, Roots. That arrival was not a voluntary one. Kunte Kinte was one among one hundred-forty Africans forced into the hold of the slave . . . Map (db m6392) HM

19Virginia, Richmond — The Triangle
Liverpool, England • The Benin Region of West Africa • Richmond, Virginia During the 18th Century, these three places reflected one of the well-known triangles in the trade of enslaved Africans. Men, women and children were captured in . . . Map (db m20765) HM

20Georgia (Glynn County), Brunswick — Enslavement, Resistance, Creativity, and ResilienceAfricans and African Americans in Georgia’s Low Country — Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation Historic Site —
Enslavement Three hundred and fifty-seven enslaved Africans—men, women, and children—spent much or all of their lives in forced labor on this land that once belonged to James McGilvery Troup.Upon his death in 1849, these enslaved . . . Map (db m191399) HM

21Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — Site 1 — Transatlantic Slave Trade to Louisiana
(front side) The trade of human beings from Africa to Louisiana began in 1718 with the first slave ships, the Aurore and the Duc du Maine, arriving in 1719. Those ships carried 451 enslaved Africans to the Louisiana colony. Their voyage . . . Map (db m117276) HM
22Maryland (Kent County), Chestertown — Royal Port of Entry
In colonial times, Chestertown was designated the primary port of entry for the upper Eastern shore. Bustling wharves lined the waterfront, where laborers loaded ships with local crops bound for Europe and the Caribbean. Vessels from . . . Map (db m138239) HM
23New Jersey (Middlesex County), Perth Amboy — Enslavement and the Trans-Atlantic Human Trade
Near this site enslaved Africans disembarked at Perth Amboy, the principal port in eastern New Jersey. During colonial times, numerous slave ships such as the Catherine, William, Africa, and Sally were present in the Raritan Bay, sending their . . . Map (db m184553) HM
24South Carolina (Charleston County), Sullivans Island — This is Sullivan's Island
A place where...Africans were brought to this country under extreme conditions of human bondage and degradation. Tens of thousands of captives arrived on Sullivan's Island from the West African shores between 1700 and 1775. Those who remained in . . . Map (db m19123) HM
25Vermont (Windham County), Grafton — Grafton InnInterpretative Center
"... settled around on the floor … when we all got calmed down and on our stools ... Father would tell us stories of things that went on ...” Daisy Turner, speaking of her father Alec Alec Turner was a masterful . . . Map (db m179126) HM
26Virginia, Fredericksburg — HallelujahKen Smith, Sculptor — Staunton, virginia —
The root meaning of the world hallelujah is an expression of joy, praise and gratitude. Certainly slaves in America upon securing their freedom were overcome with joy, praise, and gratitude. As such freedom became a celebration of perseverance, . . . Map (db m176136) HM
27Virginia, Fredericksburg — Runaways
Although most runaway slaves sought freedom individually, often resulting in leaving behind family members who may never be seen again, there are instances of bold and courageous efforts at emancipation that should be told. Clearly there was very . . . Map (db m176107) HM
28Virginia, Fredericksburg — The Slave Ship OthelloFredericksburg: Timeless.
Virginia Fredericksburg Augt 25th 1773 Messrs. Samuel &William Vernon Gentlemen You will by this opportunity be advised by Capt. Jno. Duncan of his Arrival here, & valuing himself on Col. John Thornton for his Services in disposal . . . Map (db m97371) HM

29Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — Slave Trade / La Traite d'EsclavesThe Port of Nantes / Le Port de Nantes
English: Once the Portuguese made successful transatlantic trading voyages, other European nations quickly followed. In the eighteenth century, the port of Nantes became the busiest French port involved in the European slave trade . . . Map (db m145391) HM

30New Hampshire (Rockingham County), Portsmouth — African Burying Ground Memorial
(left panel) I stand for the Ancestors Here and Beyond I stand for those who feel anger I stand for those who were treated unjustly I stand for those who were taken from their loved ones I stand for those who suffered . . . Map (db m115995) HM
31Virginia, Richmond — 1 — Crossing the AtlanticRichmond Slave Trail
Spanning nearly 350 years, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade displaced over 12 million Africans from their native lands to foreign soils. European traders eager to fill the labor vacuum in the New World participated in the capture and sale of African . . . Map (db m41821) HM

32North Carolina (Beaufort County), Bath — B-47 — Edward Teach
Notorious pirate called "Blackbeard." Lived in Bath while Charles Eden was governor. Killed at Ocracoke, 1718.Map (db m178041) HM

33Virginia, Petersburg — African-Americans in Petersburg
The Petersburg area has an extraordinarily rich African-American heritage. In 1625, most of the Africans in Virginia were servants at Flowerdew Hundred, nearby in Prince George County. In the 18th century, tens of thousands of newly enslaved . . . Map (db m57366) HM
* Inflectional forms of words are their plurals, singulars, and possessives as well as gramatical tenses and similar variations.
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