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Former U.S. Presidents: #39 James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. Historical Markers

Tuscumbia Big Spring Park image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, July 22, 2009
Tuscumbia Big Spring Park
1 Alabama, Colbert County, Tuscumbia — Tuscumbia Big Spring
Big Spring (average daily flow 35,000,000 gallons) provided water for town founded on its banks. Michael Dickson of Tennessee was first settler (about 1817). Town laid out in 1819 and incorporated as Ococoposo (Cold Water, 1820). Name changed to . . . Map (db m83453) HM
2 Alabama, Montgomery County, Montgomery — The Hon. Rufus A. Lewis1906 - 1999
Lewis began an earnest voting rights drive in the early 1940s. Credited with registering 4 generations of Montgomery voters. He established Citizenship Schools that tutored prospective black voters to fill out the literacy text, a barrier before the . . . Map (db m86429) HM
3 Alabama, Winston County, Haleyville — The Honorable Frank Minis Johnson, Jr.
Born in Winston County, Alabama in 1918, Frank M. Johnson, Jr. transcended the prejudices of his time and made his mark as one of the great jurists in American history. He married his Winston County sweetheart, Ruth Jenkins, in 1938. During . . . Map (db m80559) HM
4 Arizona, Coconino County, Grand Canyon National Park — Horace M. AlbrightHorace M. Albright Trading Center — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Albright's contributions to the National Park Service can hardly be overstated. While working with the agency's first director, Stephen Mather, in the early years of the National Park Service, Horace Albright played a decisive role in guiding the . . . Map (db m39600) HM
5 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92424) HM WM
6 California, Kern County, Tehachapi — Wind Energy Industry
During the first US energy crises in the 1970s the need for a sustainable and renewable energy was evident and President Jimmy Carter created the first renewable energy program in the country. In the early 1980s the first commercial electricity from . . . Map (db m135045) HM
7 California, San Luis Obispo County, Atascadero — Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial
Throughout history patriotic Americans have been drawn together to serve a cause greater than themselves. Some came because of common experiences. Most came because of common values. All came because they shared a dream. The people who . . . Map (db m61431) WM
8 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Adams Morgan — SolidarnośćNo Bread Without Freedom Reported permanently removed
Solidarność (or Solidarity) emerged in Poland in 1980) as the first free, independent labor union in the so-called Eastern Bloc, i.e. the Soviet sphere of influence, which included the USSR and much of Central . . . Map (db m163276) HM
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9 District of Columbia, Washington, Southwest Washington, Southwest Federal Center — The General Dwight David Eisenhower PlazaUnited States Holocaust Memorial Museum — "Loss and Regeneration, 1993" —
Panel 1: Dedicated in gratitude to the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, General Dwight David Eisenhower and the valiant soldiers of all Allied Armies he led into battle. Victorious in battle, they brought the Third Reich . . . Map (db m48459) HM
10 District of Columbia, Washington, Southwest Washington, Southwest Waterfront — Can you identify these famous Civil Rights leaders?All four lived in this Southwest DC neighborhood! Reported unreadable
Who are these famous Civil Rights leaders? Barbara Jordan (upper left)(some text missing due to illegibility) Patsy Mink (wearing...    (some text missing due to illegibility) ... supporter of civil rights . . . Map (db m130649) HM
11 District of Columbia, Washington, Southwest Washington, Southwest Waterfront — Dr. Dorothy Height
Dr. Dorothy Height worked to advance women's, civil, and human rights with many of our nation's leaders. How many can you recognize? Back Dr. Dorothy Height Has lived at 700 7th Street, SW since 1983. As President Emmerita . . . Map (db m112797) HM
12 Florida, Hillsborough County, Tampa — Operation Eagle Claw (April 24, 1980)Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park
Operation Eagle Claw (or Operation Evening Light or Operation Rice Bowl) was an American operation ordered by U.S President Jimmy Carter to attempt to end the Iran hostage crisis by rescuing 52 Americans held captive at the U.S. Embassy in . . . Map (db m194826) HM
13 Florida, Monroe County, Key West — The Little White House
Built in 1890 on the waterfront as a two-family dwelling for the base commandant and paymaster, this building was known as Quarters A and B. It was converted into a single-family residence in 1911. President William Howard Taft visited this site in . . . Map (db m32659) HM
14 Florida, Monroe County, Key West — F-546 — The Little White House
Built in 1890 as quarters for Navy officers, the Little White House later was used by American Presidents William Howard Taft, Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Truman used the facility as a vacation . . . Map (db m32655) HM
15 Florida, Seminole County, Sanford — Mount Vernon GroveFeatured Tree — Mount Vernon Red Maple
1 • Mount Vernon Red Maple Planted in honor of the Founders of the City of Sanford, Florida on February 10, 1992. This red maple has been grown from seeds collected at Mount Vernon, President George Washington's beloved home on the . . . Map (db m214875) HM
16 Georgia, Ben Hill County, Fitzgerald — First Baptist Church Bell
This bell was awarded to the First Baptist Church by Governor William J. Northen (1833-1913) to honor the first church built in the Colony City of Fitzgerald. Governor Northen was an outstanding Baptist layman who graduated from Mercer University at . . . Map (db m11705) HM
17 Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Historic District - North — Conrad Aiken
Conrad Aiken, Poet and Man of Letters, was born in Savannah on August 5, 1889, and lived at No. 228 (opposite) until 1901. After the tragic deaths of his parents, he was moved to New England. Most of his writing career was divided between Cape Cod, . . . Map (db m5310) HM
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18 Georgia, Cook County, Adel — 037-5 — Reed Bingham State Park Bridge
This bridge, which connects the Cook County side of Reed Bingham State Park with the Colquitt County side, was completed in 1974 and was dedicated on July 13, 1974 by Governor Jimmy Carter. Serving as an outstanding state park facility for . . . Map (db m17867) HM
19 Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, Sweet Auburn — Freedom Park
Freedom Park celebrates the lives and work of two renowned Georgians and Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and President Jimmy Carter. Beginning at the far end of the parking lot, a gentle paved trail extends through . . . Map (db m73173) HM
20 Georgia, Fulton County, Roswell — 6 — W.J. Dolvin House
Victorian Architecture President Jimmy Carter Roswell White HouseMap (db m109173) HM
21 Georgia, Liberty County, Walthourville — City of Walthourville History
( Front text ) Walthourville, Georgia Incorporated in 1974 "Organized by Women, Supported by Men" Honoring Mayor Lyndol Anderson The first mayor of the city of Walthourville, who was appointed by Governor Jimmy . . . Map (db m15811) HM
22 Georgia, Sumter County, Americus — 129-10 — Georgia Southwestern State University
Georgia Southwestern State University was founded in 1906 as the Third Agricultural and Mechanical School. In 1926, the Legislature authorized the school to offer two years of college work and change the name to Third District Agricultural and . . . Map (db m41068) HM
23 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Always a Reckoning
I had a pony then that lacked a way to work and pay her way, except that every year or two Lady had a colt we sold, but still for less than what was due to buy the fodder, hay and corn she ate at times she couldn't be on pasture. Neither . . . Map (db m129833) HM
24 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Archery, Georgia
This rural community of Archery, established in the 1800’s, consisted of a train stop, houses of railroad employees, the St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church, a school for black youth, and a store. The community was named for Sublime . . . Map (db m223537) HM
25 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Billy Carter Service Station
In 1954 Mill Jennings, owner and operator of Standard Oil station purchased this building from Thad Jones and moved the building to its current site. The Plains Hotel, which had recently been torn down, previously occupied the lot. Originally, the . . . Map (db m73058) HM
26 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Blacksmith Shop
Our blacksmith shop was a small building ... with... a dirt floor. The forge and anvil, drill press, and emery wheel were used daily to repair farm tools and sometimes to make them. Our horses and mules were shod there, and our plow points . . . Map (db m56777) HM
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27 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Carter Warehouse
In 1951, the Carter Warehouse office was built on this location. Over the years the business grew to include a peanut shelling plant, a cotton gin and a processing plant. In 1962, Billy Carter came home from the Marines to enter the business with . . . Map (db m73062) HM
28 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Cash Crops
This fields is a small part of several hundred acres that earned a living for the Carters and the other families who lived here. Like his neighbors throughout southwest Georgia, Earl Carter mixed his plantings of cotton, corn, watermelons, sugar . . . Map (db m56769) HM
29 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Catch the Mules
Here, at the barn, the day started early. During the ... seasons all the workers arose early each morning at 4:00 a.m...., wakened by the ringing of a large farm bell. We would go to the barn and catch the mules by lantern light, put the . . . Map (db m56773) HM
30 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Jimmy and Rosalynn CarterJimmy Carter National Historic Site
"The thing that means most to me is coming back to Plains, GA, where I belong. My home folks have never treated me like a big shot. They treat me like one of you and that's exactly what I am." —Jimmy Carter, 1976 After winning the . . . Map (db m186800) HM
31 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Jimmy Carter Slept Here
Our lives then were centered almost completely around our own family and our own home… Jimmy Carter, 1975, Why Not the Best?
This is the homeplace- "hot in the summer and cold in the winter"- of a . . . Map (db m56782) HM
32 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Jimmy Carter's Boyhood Farm / From Here To PlainsJimmy Carter National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Just down this path is the shady, swept-sand yard where the 39th President of the United States played as a boy, during the years of the Great Depression. This plain white farmhouse, these tangled woods, and these broad fields were home to Jimmy . . . Map (db m56784) HM
33 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Legacy of an Outdoor Childhood
"Why do you fish and hunt?" I'm often asked, The easiest answer is : "My father and all my ancestors did it before me. It's been part of my life since childhood, and part of my identity, like being a southern or a Baptist." I could add that . . . Map (db m56766) HM
34 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Never Far from Home
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 With a short walk around this farm you can just take a glimpse of the small, enclosed world that nurtured a future . . . Map (db m56768) HM
35 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Next-door Neighbors
The nearest house to ours, between the barn and the main road, was the home of a special family. Jack Clark was in charge of the barn, the mules and horses, the equipment and harness, and rarely worked in the fields... For me and the other boys... . . . Map (db m56771) HM
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36 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Old Bank Building
Plains Bank was organized in 1901 by R. S. Oliver, who served as president. W. L. Thomas, vice president, and C. C. Lunsford as cashier. The Plains Bank belonged to a chain of eighty three banks operated by Banker's Trust Company of Atlanta. The . . . Map (db m73060) HM
37 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Old Carter Peanut Warehouse
Built in 1903, and intended as an hotel, the building housed retail services on the ground floor and the twenty-bed wise sanitarium on the top floor. The Wise Brothers used this location until the 1920's when they moved to the newly completed . . . Map (db m56802) HM
38 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Plains DepotJimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains, Georgia — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
The train depot served as the Presidential Campaign Headquarters for Jimmy Carter in 1976. The depot became nationally recognized and served as the backdrop for many political speeches. In January 1977, an 18-car "Peanut Special" train departed . . . Map (db m56796) HM
39 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Plains High School
Side 1: This school opened in 1921, racially integrated in 1966 and served students from Plains, Georgia until 1979. The school’s rich history of distinguished educators and progressive curriculum earned recognition at state and . . . Map (db m41126) HM
40 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Plains Honors Her Own Jimmy Carter
[Seal of the President of the United States] 39th President United States of America 1977-1981 ”America did not invent Human Rights… Human Rights invented America.” Jan. 14, 1981 ”The greatest legacy we can leave our . . . Map (db m186899) HM
41 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — 129-9 — President Jimmy Carter
From this depot in 1975, James Earl Carter, Jr. launched a two-year campaign for the presidency of the United States. At first an unknown referred to as “Jimmy Who,” Carter was inaugurated as America’s 39th President on January 20, . . . Map (db m21351) HM
42 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Rosalynn Smith CarterFirst Lady of the United States of America, 1977-1981 — First Lady of Georgia, 1971-1975 —
Eleanor Rosalynn Smith was born in Plains on August 18, 1927 and grew up in this house. Her parents were Edgar and Allie Smith. She had two younger brothers and a sister: Jerry Smith, Murray Smith, and Allethea Smith Wall. Rosalynn graduated . . . Map (db m40314) HM
43 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Tennis Court
President Carter's life-long love of tennis began with his frequent, fierce contest with his father on this Georgia clay court. My father... was an excellent tennis player. ... I could never beat my father. He had a wicked slice ball which . . . Map (db m56779) HM
44 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — The HomeJimmy Carter National Historic Site
The Carter home is one-story containing 3,200 square feet of floor space. The opposite side of Woodland Drive contains their pond, stocked with bass, bream, and catfish for fishing, and a flagpole that was a gift from their children. When built, . . . Map (db m186799) HM
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45 Georgia, Sumter County, Plains — Wise Sanitarium1921-1936
Built in 1921 by Doctors Samuel, Thaddeus, and Bowman Wise, sons of Dr. Burr T. and Laura Addy Wise, early settlers of Plains, this innovative hospital was known as “the Mayo Clinic of the South”. Originally opening above Plains Pharmacy . . . Map (db m40163) HM
46 Indiana, Marion County, Indianapolis, Downtown — Jonas Salk(October 28, 1914 - June 23, 1995)
Jonas Salk was one of three sons born to Russian immigrants in New York City. Salk was the first person in his family to graduate from college and medical school. Salk spent most of his career as a microbiologist. His most noteworthy achievement was . . . Map (db m132851) HM
47 Maryland, Frederick County, Thurmont — Harriet ChapelCirca 1828
A picturesque fieldstone chapel built as a memorial to Harriet McPherson Brien, wife of John Brien, owner of Catoctin Iron Furnace. Harriet Chapel would become a place of worship for members of the Episcopal Church in 1833. Most church services . . . Map (db m184185) HM
48 Maryland, Montgomery County, Derwood — Mattie J.T. Stepanek Peace Garden
"Peace is possible ... it can begin simply, over a game of chess and a cup of tea." Mattie J.T. Stepanek July 17, 1990 - June 22, 2004 Mattie enjoyed public speaking and worked with Former President and First Lady Jimmy and . . . Map (db m129439) HM
49 Nebraska, Lancaster County, Lincoln — Ronald Reagan1911 - 2004
On February 6, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born to Nelle and John Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. He attended high school in nearby Dixon and then worked his way through Eureka College. There, he studied economics and sociology, played on the . . . Map (db m179362) HM
50 New Hampshire, Grafton County, Littleton — Host to History
Thayer’s Inn has welcomed countless guests over the years. Among them have been the famous (and the infamous). A brief listing includes visiting Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Franklin Pierce, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter. Also stopping here . . . Map (db m116234) HM
51 New York, Kings County, Brooklyn, Greenwood Heights — Donald Cook Square.191 Acre Reported permanently removed
This square honors Colonel Donald Gilbert Cook (1934-1967) who served with the Marine Corps in Vietnam and died there while being held as a prisoner of War. Colonel Cook graduated from St. Francis Xavier High School where he excelled at football, . . . Map (db m126850) HM
52 New York, Kings County, Brooklyn, Windsor Terrace — Colonel Donald Cook Square
How did this site become a public square? Colonel Donald Cook Square is a Greenstreets traffic median located directly south of historic Greenwood Cemetery. Greenstreets, a joint project of NYC Parks and the NYC Department of . . . Map (db m203865) HM
53 New York, Niagara County, Niagara Falls — The Most Combat Decorated World War II Soldier
In 1980, Lt. Col. Matt Urban, Aug. 25, 1919 [-] March 4, 1995, the most combat decorated World War II soldier, received the Congressional Medal of Honor, three silver stars, five bronze stars, purple heart with 7 oak leaf clusters, from President . . . Map (db m77108) WM
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54 New York, Schenectady County, Rotterdam — Home of Jimmy Carter
U.S. Army Rotterdam Housing Area Home of Jimmy Carter October 1952 - October 1953 James Earl Carter, Jr., President of the United States 1977-1981, and his wife Rosalynn, lived in Quarters Number 7 when he . . . Map (db m6870) HM
55 Ohio, Athens County, Athens — Ohio University's Distinguished Visitors
Susan Brownell Anthony Woman Suffrage Leader Visited October 19, 1878 "To secure both national and 'domestic tranquility,' to 'establish justice,' to carry out the spirit of our Constitution, put into the hands of all women....the . . . Map (db m53838) HM
56 Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, Olentangy West — 69-25 — Jesse Owens
James Cleveland Owens was born in Alabama in 1913 and moved with his family to Cleveland at age nine. An elementary school teacher recorded his name "Jesse" when he said "J.C." It became the name he used for the rest of his life. Owens' dash to . . . Map (db m12799) HM
57 Ohio, Montgomery County, Dayton, Downtown — James E. "Jimmy" CarterThirty Ninth President of the United States
"The important things are the things you can't see: justice, truth, service, understanding, compassion and love. These are the important measurements of the greatness of a life".
… at Dayton October 3, 1980Map (db m199870) HM
58 Oregon, Lane County, Eugene — Jimmy Carter (2002)
James "Jimmy” Carter, 39th President of the United States, is well known for his conflict mediation efforts in the Middle East, Haiti and Panama. In 2002, Carter was honored for his continuing efforts in finding peaceful solutions to . . . Map (db m157525) HM
59 Pennsylvania, Delaware County, West Chester, Thornbury Township — Jimmy Carter
This Plaque Erected In Honor of Jimmy Carter 38th President of the U.S.A. Commencement Speaker “On the Quad” May 20, 1979Map (db m182605) HM
60 Pennsylvania, Elk County, St. Marys — General Edward C. Meyer
Military Career General Edward C. "Shy" Meyer has served the nation, the Army and West Point with great distinction. In particular, his services as a commander and staff officer in combat, his direction of Army modernization and force . . . Map (db m152008) HM
61 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia, Center City East — The Walnut Street Theatre
The Walnut Street Theatre was the site of the 1st presidential debate between President Gerald R. Ford and Governor Jimmy Carter on September 23, 1976Map (db m221062) HM
62 South Carolina, Charleston County, Charleston, Ansonborough — Septima Poinsette Clark 1898-1987
Native Charlestonian and daughter of a former lowcountry slave, Mrs. Septima Clark was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. A graduate of Avery Normal Institute, Clark's first job was teaching African-American children on Johns Island. Her . . . Map (db m64797) HM
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63 South Dakota, Minnehaha County, Sioux Falls — Ronald Reagan1911-2004
On February 6, 1911, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born to Nelle and John Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. He attended high school in nearby Dixon and then worked his way through Eureka College. There, he studied economics and sociology, played on the . . . Map (db m112633) HM
64 South Dakota, Pennington County, Rapid City — The American CommitmentThe Berlin Wall Memorial
The United States never wavered in its commitment to freedom and democracy in Berlin, a city isolated 100 miles inside Easts Germany. In 1948, to assert its influence over Germany, the Soviet Union blockaded land access to Berlin. The Western . . . Map (db m136414) WM
65 Texas, Bexar County, San Antonio, Edgewood — 18446 — Lydia Mendoza(May 31, 1916 - December 20, 2007)
Houston native Lydia Mendoza was one of the first and most famous singers of the Texas-Mexico border and Latin America. Her 1934 recording of "Mal Hombre” for Bluebird Records launched a decades-long career. Mendoza became famous for . . . Map (db m150255) HM
66 Texas, Harris County, Houston, Theater District — Site of the National Women's ConferenceNovember 18 - 21, 1977
The Sam Houston Coliseum, now the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, was the site of the first National Women's Conference held on November 18th through 21st, 1977. It was the largest political conference of women in the United States since . . . Map (db m117295) HM
67 Virginia, Newport News, South Newport News — Jessie Menifield Rattley Municipal CenterNewport News, Virginia — Educator, Politician and Civil Rights Pioneer —
Jessie Menifield Rattley (1929-2001) was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She moved to the Virginia Peninsula to attend Hampton Institute. After graduating with honors in 1951, Mrs. Rattley established the first business department at Huntington High . . . Map (db m33964) HM
68 Wisconsin, Crawford County, Ferryville — 528 — Patrick Joseph LuceyGovernor of Wisconsin, 1971 – 1977
Patrick J. Lucey was born in La Crosse on March 21, 1918, to Ferryville parents, Gregory C. and Ella McNamara Lucey. He was educated at Campion Academy, College of St. Thomas, and the University of Wisconsin. Lucey served in the U.S. Army . . . Map (db m35407) HM
69 Wyoming, Teton County, Moose — A Spiritual Heart in the Park
This rustic Episcopal chapel, constructed in 1925, held the first services on July 26 of that year. Prior to its construction, worshippers traveled 12 miles over rough roads to the town of Jackson. Today, that is just a short car ride away, but in . . . Map (db m97628) HM
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