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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Former U.S. Presidents: #29 Warren G. Harding Historical Markers

The Harding Car and marker image, Touch for more information
By Barry Swackhamer, July 24, 2010
The Harding Car and marker
1Alaska (Fairbanks North Star Borough), Fairbanks — Harding Car
Used by President Warren G. Harding on his trip to Alaska in 1923 to drive the Golden Spike for the Alaska Railroad. “Denali is the Indian name for Mt. McKinley, the “Great One.”Map (db m47352) HM
2Alaska (Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area), Nenana — First Presidential Visit
President Warren G. Harding, first U.S. President to visit Alaska traveled here to pound the Golden Spike signalling completion of the Alaska Railroad from tidewater to the interior July 15, 1926. State of Alaska Governor Walter J. Hickel . . . Map (db m42948) HM
3Alaska (Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area), Nenana — Golden Spike
A Golden Spike was driven at this point by President Harding on completion of the Alaska Railroad July 15 1923Map (db m4286) HM
4District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — The Lady of Radium — The Life of Maria Skłodowska-Curie
Maria Skłodowska-Curie, born in 1867 in Warsaw, was a visionary scientist whose discoveries paved the way for effective cancer treatments and created the foundations of several scientific disciplines. Maria Skłodowska-Curie was . . . Map (db m175121) HM
5District of Columbia (Washington), Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) — Bolling Air Force Base
[Panel 1]: Old Bolling Field 1917 - Survey for the site of a military flying field to be used for defense of Washington and for proficiency flying. Captain William "Billy" Mitchell, commander of Army Signal Corps Aeronautics . . . Map (db m63896) HM
6District of Columbia (Washington), McLean Gardens — Friendship Estate
Friendship was the country estate for two generations of the McLean family. The English style manor house “Eden Bower” was built around 1800 by British Col. Richard Pyle. Pyle was succeeded by Georgetown University, which used the . . . Map (db m152176) HM
7District of Columbia (Washington), Mount Pleasant — 2 — Upheaval and Activism — Village in the City — Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail —
Beginning in the late 1950s, the community leadership of Mount Pleasant changed from the exclusive Citizens Association to an array of new players. Mount Pleasant Neighbors Association was the first alternative group. It presented festivals and . . . Map (db m148598) HM
8District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — The New Willard — Erected 1901
Site of Joshua Tennison's Hotel 1818. John Strother 1821. Basil Williamson 1824. Frederick Barnard 1828. Proprietor of Mansion Hotel, Azariah Fuller American House 1833. City Hotel 1843. Willard's Hotel 1847-1901. Distinguished Guests . . . Map (db m6618) HM
9District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — 11 — The Presidents — Sheridan Kalorama — Call Box Restoration Project —
Five presidents lived in Sheridan-Kalorama between 1916 and 1930. Warren G. Harding lived at 2314 Wyoming Avenue while a senator from Ohio. William Howard Taft lived across the street at 2215 Wyoming Avenue while Chief Justice of the Supreme Court . . . Map (db m112606) HM
10Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Roesch House
The exact year the Roesch house was built is unknown. It was probably constructed sometime after 1892. It was constructed by William Russell Roesch. Roesch was made city treasurer of Eau Gallie in 1887. Roesch was also mayor of Eau Gallie numerous . . . Map (db m49136) HM
11Florida (Sarasota County), Sarasota — F-499 — Harding Circle Historic District
In 1923 circus magnate John N. Ringling (1866-1936) purchased St. Armands Key, an uninhabited, 150-acre, oval shaped island. He planned a community of fine residences with a central circle park surrounded by shops. The park was named in memory of . . . Map (db m32407) HM
12Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — 21 — 76 Washington Street — ACCORD Freedom Trail
The St. Augustine office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was located in this building from the 1970's until the early 1990's. The organization's roots in the Ancient City began much earlier. William English . . . Map (db m21181) HM
13Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — The Georgian Terrace Hotel
Built by Atlanta native, Joseph Gatins and designed by New York Architect, W. L. Stoddard, the Terrace opened October 2, 1911. Over the years most of Atlanta’s famous visitors have chosen the Georgian Terrace Hotel as their temporary home on . . . Map (db m47425) HM
14Idaho (Shoshone County), Avery — The Mighty Quills
The Unknown Locomotive Called the “unkown” locomotive by some rail enthusiasts, few people now recognize the heavyweight of the Milwaukee’s Rocky Mountain Division, the Baldwin-Westinghouse EP-3. Between 1919 and . . . Map (db m45630) HM
15Kansas (Reno County), Hutchinson — Warren G. Harding
This tablet erected in honor of Warren G. Harding President of the United States who spoke in this park June 23, 1923Map (db m40083) HM
16Louisiana (Rapides Parish), Alexandria — Cook Home
Commissioned by William Sherman Cook; built by J. D. Bragg in 1904 1905. Mr. Cook was born in Simcoe Province, Ontario, Canada. He bought this property in 1901, originally a tract of 10 acres bordered by Monroe, Florence, Olive, and Cook Avenue, . . . Map (db m124896) HM
17Maryland (Baltimore), Locust Point Industrial Area — Orpheus
The heroic bronze figure in front of you is not, as many suppose, a likeness of Francis Scott Key. The statue represents Orpheus, the artful poet, musician, and singer of Greek Mythology. In 1914 Congress appropriated funds for a . . . Map (db m707) HM
18Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — Francis Scott Key — Frederick's Immortal Patriot — 1779 - 1843 —
The man Americans honor as the author of "The Star-Spangled Banner" began his life and career in Frederick County, Maryland. Here he first learned the American values that guided his life. Key was a child of the American Revolution, and saw . . . Map (db m198000) HM
19Massachusetts (Hampshire County), Northampton — Town Center
By the mid 19th century the simple elegance of Northampton's buildings began to give way to the tastes and fashions of a new era of commercialism. William Fenno Pratt, who designed many of the Victorian buildings on Main Street, conceived of the . . . Map (db m138436) HM
20New Hampshire (Coos County), Carroll — 087 — Crawford House
Abel Crawford and son, Ethan Allen Crawford, built the first Crawford House in 1828. It was run by Ethan's brother, Thomas, until sold in 1852. Fires in 1854 and 1859 destroyed the original inn and a replacement. Col. Cyrus Eastman erected the . . . Map (db m75236) HM
21New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — Princeton Battle Monument
Here memory lingers to recall the guiding mind whose daring plan outflanked the foe and turned dismay to hope when Washington, with swift resolve, marched through the night to fight at dawn and venture all in one victorious battle for our freedom. . . . Map (db m5379) HM
22New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — The Princeton Battle Monument
This monument, which commemorates the January 3, 1777 Battle of Princeton, depicts Liberty inspiring General Washington as he leads his troops into battle, and the death of General Hugh Mercer. The seals of the United States and the original . . . Map (db m62293) HM
23New Jersey (Salem County), Woodstown — School Buildings — Historic Woodstown NJ
U.S. President Warren Harding 1922 U.S. President Warren G. Harding was traveling by car from Penns Grove to Atlantic City on May 12, 1922 when he stopped briefly in Woodstown and addressed a local crowd at the Woodstown Public School. New . . . Map (db m157199) HM
24New Jersey (Somerset County), Raritan — The Official End Of World War I
On this site stood the estate of U.S. Senator Joseph S. Frelinghuysen. It was here, on July 2, 1921, that President Warren G. Harding signed a joint congressional resolution that officially ended World War I.Map (db m70542) HM
25New Mexico (San Juan County), Aztec — "For the Enlightenment of the Nation" — Aztec Ruins National Monument
Working from his house and publishing through the American Natural History Museum, Earl Morris intrigued the nation with his findings at Aztec Ruins. In 1923 the site Morris had known since boyhood was preserved as a national monument . . . Map (db m71078) HM
26New York (New York County), New York — American Merchant Marine
This tablet dedicated to the memory of the men of the American Merchant Marine who gave their lives in the World War that liberty should perpetually endure. “These men rendered one of the greatest services that could have been done for our . . . Map (db m20289) HM
27New York (New York County), New York — Charles Evans Hughes — 1862 - 1948
The lawyer and former New York governor lived here from 1917 to 1921, after losing the 1916 presidential elections to Woodrow Wilson. Hughes served as U.S. Secretary of State during the Harding Administration (1921-23) and the Coolidge . . . Map (db m98645) HM
28New York (New York County), New York — Simon Bolivar Statue — Central Park South
One of a trio of bronze equestrian sculptures representing Latin American leaders, the Simon Bolivar statue commemorates a military general and advocate of Pan-Americanism. Bolivar (1783-1840) is credited with the liberation from Spanish domination . . . Map (db m42569) HM
29New York (Steuben County), Corning — Centerway Bridge
1921 Year the Bridge was Completed 92.3’ Each Arch Span Length 752’ Total Bridge Length 41’ Each Arch length This bridge was built in 1921, when Warren G. Harding was president of the United States. It closed to motor vehicles in 1981, . . . Map (db m144164) HM
30Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University's Distinguished Visitors
Susan Brownell Anthony Woman Suffrage Leader Visited October 19, 1878 "To secure both national and 'domestic tranquility,' to 'establish justice,' to carry out the spirit of our Constitution, put into the hands of all women....the . . . Map (db m53838) HM
31Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 36-9 — Warren Gard
Warren Gard (1873-1929), son of Samuel Z. Gard and Mary Duke, was born in Hamilton, Ohio. He established his practice in Hamilton after graduating from Cincinnati Law School and being admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1894. Gard served as Butler County . . . Map (db m122416) HM
32Ohio (Columbiana County), Wellsville — Wellsville Mural
[Mural is on both sides of brick walls on the northern end of town that lie on both sides of the street:] Wellsville Revitalization Committee Picnic "Riverside" Presbyterian Church, USA 525 Riverside Ave. Founded April 5, 1831 . . . Map (db m156060) HM WM
33Ohio (Fayette County), Washington Court House — 2-24 — Harry M . Daugherty
One of Ohio's most influential politicians in the early 20th century, Washington Court House native Harry Daugherty (1860-1941) was widely known as a "President-maker" and served instrumental roles in President Warren G. Harding's administration, . . . Map (db m27820) HM
34Ohio (Hamilton County), Cincinnati — 43-31 — William Howard Taft / Robert Alphonso Taft
William Howard Taft. Born here on September 15, 1857, William Howard Taft is the only American to have served as President and Chief Justice of the United States. His unique career of public service began after he graduated from Yale . . . Map (db m168978) HM
35Ohio (Lorain County), Wellington — 5-47 — Horr Cheese House, 1865 / Myron T. Herrick (1854-1929)
Side one: Horr Cheese House, 1865 As late as the Civil War era, cheesemaking in Ohio remained largely a cottage industry. After investigating new processes and obtaining pledges for a reliable milk supply from area farmers, brothers . . . Map (db m38814) HM
36Ohio (Marion County), Caledonia — Caledonia
Boyhood Home of Warren G. Harding (1872 - 1881)Map (db m178731) HM
37Ohio (Marion County), Marion — 16- 51 — Cummins Home
Side A Thomas Stinson Cummins, owner of a successful dry goods store, built his home in the early 1870s on the outskirts of the growing village of Marion. The home was purchased in 1889 by Henry M. Barnhart, an inventor, and co-founder . . . Map (db m97116) HM
38Ohio (Marion County), Marion — Harding Memorial
Warren Gamaliel Harding Warren Gamaliel Harding was born November 2, 1865, in Blooming Grove, Ohio, to Dr. George Tryon Harding and Phoebe Dickerson Harding. The family moved to the village of Caledonia, and then to Marion. Harding . . . Map (db m67707) HM
39Ohio (Marion County), Marion — 1-51 — Home of Warren G. Harding — 29th President of the United States
His residence from 1891 to 1921 Restored by the Harding Memorial AssociationMap (db m94800) HM
40Ohio (Morrow County), Blooming Grove — 1-59 — Harding Birthplace
Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States was born on this site November 2, 1865.Map (db m183843) HM
41Ohio (Morrow County), Iberia — 2-59 — Ohio Central College — (formerly Iberia College) — 1855 - 1894 —
Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States, graduated in 1882 from the college formerly located here. While a student, Harding and a friend founded the school newspaper, “The Iberia Spectator.”Map (db m19779) HM
42Oklahoma (Carter County), Ardmore — Randol Hotel
Before 1899, J.W. Banks built, at this site, a mercantile establishment combined with lodging quarters. In 1903, W.F. (Dixie) Gilmer arrived from North Carolina and leased the hotel which was a three story structure with rooms on the second and . . . Map (db m142422) HM
43Oregon (Umatilla County), Meacham — Emigrant Springs Oregon Trail Kiosk
(Six panels dealing with the Emigrant Springs portion of the Oregon Trail are found beneath this kiosk) Lost Livestock Water is scarce in the steep, forested slopes of the Blue Mountains and is often found only at . . . Map (db m111537) HM
44Oregon (Umatilla County), Meacham — Meacham — Historic Oregon Trail
First known as Lee's Encampment, from establishment of a troop camp by Major H.A.G. Lee in 1844, A.B. and Harvey Meacham operated famous "Mountain House" here, which gave the town its present name. In later years a famous railroad eating . . . Map (db m111530) HM
45Oregon (Umatilla County), Meacham — The Intrepid Pioneers
Dedicated to the memory of The Intrepid Pioneers Who came with the First Wagon Train In 1843 over the Old Oregon Trail And Saved the "Oregon County" To the United States. Erected by Old Oregon Trail Ass'n. July 4, . . . Map (db m111533) HM
46Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Maria Sklodowska Curie
In commemoration of Maria Sklodowska Curie A Polish scientist Discoverer of Radium and Polonium Conferred Degree of Doctor of Laws By the University of Pittsburgh on May 26th, 1921 Inspecting facilities of Standard Chemical Company at . . . Map (db m127227) HM
47Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Strasburg Township — Pennsylvania Railroad No. 3750 — 1920
The Success of the K4s Locomotive: Perpetually searching for more powerful and efficient locomotives, the Pennsylvania Railroad introduced its new standard passenger power in 1914. The K4s Pacific blended the best attributes of other successful . . . Map (db m19955) HM
48Texas (El Paso County), El Paso — 12796 — Henry O. Flipper
Henry Ossian Flipper (1856-1940) was the first African-American graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1877. Born into slavery in Thomasville, Georgia, he came from a family of achievers; his brothers were an African . . . Map (db m60727) HM
49Utah (Iron County), Cedar City — Cedar City Railroad Depot — Utah Historic Site
Built in 1923, the Cedar City Railroad Depot is historically significant for its direct association with the railroad and its impact on Cedar City. In addition to stimulating the local iron ore and livestock industries, the railroad connection to . . . Map (db m59566) HM
50Utah (Iron County), Cedar City — The Caboose
The caboose provided the train crew with shelter and working space while they threw switches and inspected for problems such as shifting loads, overheated axle bearings, and dragging equipment. The conductor used the caboose for filling out various . . . Map (db m130597) HM
51Virginia (Orange County), Locust Grove — The Wilderness — Dark, Close Wood — The Battlefield Becomes a Park —
Marker Front: The Wilderness of today looks little like the tangled landscape soldiers found here in 1864. For decades before the war, loggers had cut and recut these forests to fuel nearby iron furnaces, leaving behind an impenetrable . . . Map (db m59518) HM
52Virginia, Richmond — SA-77 — Charles Sidney Gilpin — 1878–1930
Charles Sidney Gilpin grew up here in Jackson Ward. He apprenticed in the Richmond Planet print shop before beginning his theater career and becoming one of the most highly regarded actors of the 1920s. Gilpin is best known for his title . . . Map (db m107932) HM
53Wyoming (Natrona County), Casper — Salt Creek Oil Field
The famous Salt Creek oil field is located in Natrona County, 40 miles north of Casper. Representative Stephen W. Downey was the first man to acquire land at Salt Creek in 1883, after the discovery of the Jackass Spring oil seep. The discovery oil . . . Map (db m164528) HM
54Wyoming (Natrona County), Midwest — Oil Boom Towns
“Get out and don’t come back!” was the message John Hunton and his oil prospecting party received in 1873 from a mounted band of Arapahoe Indians while filling glass jars with pure crude oil seeping from the sandy ground. This is the . . . Map (db m95627) HM
55Wyoming (Natrona County), Midwest — Scandal! — Tempest at the Teapot — Black Gold Highway — Teapot Dome Oilfield —
Teapot Rock is an outcropping of sandstone whose general outline resembles a teapot—though harsh weather has collapsed both handle and spout. Taking place nearby, the Teapot Dome Scandal “erupted like a gusher” in 1924, rocking . . . Map (db m92160) HM
56United Kingdom, Northern Ireland (Fermanagh And Omagh), Omagh — Camp Hill Cottage — Thomas Mellon Birthplace
Thomas Mellon was born in this cottage on February 3rd, 1813. It was built by his father and uncle a few years earlier "chiefly by the labour of their own hands" and stood on a Twenty-three acre farm cut out of his grandfather's larger estate. . . . Map (db m85967) HM
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