“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Lorain County Ohio Historical Markers

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By Christopher Light, February 16, 2008
Sandstone Center of the World Marker
Ohio (Lorain County), Amherst — 14-47 — Sandstone Center of the World
The City of Amherst was founded in 1811. Beginning in 1847, Amherst developed and prospered around the sandstone industry and its associated quarries. This sandstone proved to be an important economic blessing to our early settlers and is the . . . — Map (db m5525) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Avon — 6-47 — Norton S. Townshend, M.D.(1815-1895)
A progressive farmer, physician, and legislator, Norton S. Townshend lived in Avon from 1830 until his death. His introduction of field drainage tile significantly increased the productivity of Avon farmland. A well-educated country doctor, he . . . — Map (db m5529) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Avon — Timeline of Dr. Norton S. TownshendAntislavery Politician, Agricultural Educator
A progressive farmer, physician, and legislator, Norton S. Townshend had a residence in Avon from 1830 until his death.

His introduction of field drainage tile significantly increased the productivity of Avon farming.

A well educated . . . — Map (db m96124) HM

Ohio (Lorain County), Avon Lake — 28-47 — Peter J. Miller House / Adam Miller & Family
The Peter J. Miller House was constructed around 1830 and is one of the last remaining pre-Civil War lakefront houses in Lorain County. The architecture is Greek Revival. Peter Miller married Ruth Houseworth in 1828. They had five children. In . . . — Map (db m143225) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Columbia Station — 17-47 — Columbia Township
Founded in 1807 Columbia was the first continuously inhabited settlement in Lorain County. Harmon, Levi and Azor Bronson, Calvin Hoadley, Jared Pritchard and others formed the Waterbury Land Company to buy the township from the Connecticut Land . . . — Map (db m134194) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyra — 1-47 — Birthplace of Easter Seal Society
The nation-wide Easter Seal movement, the first major voluntary effort to provide treatment for the crippled, was founded on this site with the organization of the Ohio Society for Crippled Children by Edgar F. (Daddy) Allen, April 22, 1919. — Map (db m143371) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyra — 30-47 — Edgar F. “Daddy” Allen
Elyra businessman Edgar “Daddy” Allen (1862–1937), founder of Easter Seals, is buried in this cemetery with his wife Blanche and son Homer. In 1907 Allen lost his son because of an interurban train crash. The lack of adequate . . . — Map (db m143368) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyra — 18-47 — Lorain County Community College
Lorain County Community College opened its Abbe Road facilities on October 3, 1966, making it the first community college in Ohio with a permanent campus. At the time, three buildings had been completed on the 250-acre site— Engineering . . . — Map (db m143366) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyria — Elyria War Memorial
War of Independence/Liberty 1775-1783 250,000 served 25,324 deaths 6,188 wounded War of 1812/God 1812-1815 286,730 served 2,260 deaths 4,505 wounded Indian Wars/Service 1812-1898 106,000 served 6,125 . . . — Map (db m136421) WM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyria — 3-47 — King Solomon Lodge No. 56Free and Accepted Masons
King Solomon Lodge, the first Masonic Lodge in Lorain County, was chartered on December ll, 1821, with Heman Ely as Worshipful Master. Ely (1775-1852), a prominent land developer, founded the City of Elyria in 1817, and built the first grist . . . — Map (db m144070) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyria — 16-47 — Monteith Hall
Monteith Hall was built in 1835 as the residence of Reverence John Monteith (1788–1868) and family. Before coming to Elyria as the first superintendent of the new high school, Rev. Monteith was an educator and minister in Detroit, Michigan. He . . . — Map (db m143985) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyria — Soldier’s Monument
1861 – 1865 Elyria to her heroes who fought and her martyrs who fell that the Republic might live Fredericksburg Gettysburg Vicksburg — Map (db m136369) WM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyria — The Founding of Elyria
Elyria’s founding party left West Springfield, Massachusetts on February 20, 1817. Heman Ely brought his personal staff of Miss Anna Snow and an African American youth named Ned. They were accompanied by Ebenezer Lane, an Ely relative; Luther . . . — Map (db m143834) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Elyria — 29-47 — Tragedy at 5th Street and Middle Avenue
On Memorial Day in 1907, interurban car 123 crashed into the rear of interurban car 129 at the intersection of 5th Street and Middle Avenue. Eight passengers died including Homer Allen, son of Elyria businessman Edgar F. Allen. Inadequate . . . — Map (db m144078) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Kipton — 24-47 — Great Kipton Train Wreck
On April 19, 1891, a head-on collision between two trains of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway occurred at the Kipton depot. Eight people lost their lives, and the depot was heavily damaged. The crash occurred when a fast mail train . . . — Map (db m96536) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — 4-47 — Founding of Lorain, Ohio
At the mouth of the Black River in April, 1787, Moravian missionary David Zeisberger attempted a settlement of Indians but was ordered further west by unfriendly Delaware Indians. On July 16, 1834, a plat of this site was filed by Conrad Reid, . . . — Map (db m5546) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — 31-47 — General Quincy Adams Gillmore
Quincy Adams Gillmore, considered one of the greatest military engineers and artillerists of the Civil War, was born to Quartus Gillmore and Elizabeth Reid Gillmore at this location in l825. He attended Norwalk Academy and taught high school in . . . — Map (db m143353) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — 10-47 — Helen Steiner Rice
Helen Steiner Rice was born on May 19, 1900, in Lorain, the daughter of Anna and John Steiner. Demonstrating an early propensity for writing, Helen planned for college, but her father's death during the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic kept her . . . — Map (db m67511) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — Lakeview Park War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m143362) WM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — 25-47 — Lorain Station 100
Prior to the Civil War, Ohio was a leading state for enslaved Americans of African descent traveling the Underground Railroad to freedom in Canada. For these fugitives, their final stop in Ohio was a Lake Erie port community in the north. One . . . — Map (db m143281) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — 32-47 — Lorain West Breakwater Lighthouse / Saving the Lorain Lighthouse
On October 22, 1913, Congress appropriated $35,000 to build a light- and-fog station at Lorain harbor. Construction began after plans were approved in 1916. The concrete structure was finished and light placed in service in 1917, but the station . . . — Map (db m143276) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — Quincy A. Gillmore
In memory of Quincy A. Gillmore, 1820–1888. Born on this farm. Major General in Union Army, Civil War 1861–1865. — Map (db m143361) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — 20-47 — ShipbuildingLorain's First Industry
Side One Lorain's shipbuilding industry began when Augustus Jones and William Murdock began constructing wooden sailing vessels on the west side near the mouth of the Black River. The sloop General Huntington was the first boat launched . . . — Map (db m67504) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — 8-47 — The Lorain Tornado, 1924
Just after 5:00 P.M on June 28, 1924, a tornado swept off Lake Erie directly into downtown Lorain. Within five minutes, seventy-eight people lost their lives. Fifteen died in the old State Theatre that stood upon this site, as an audience of two . . . — Map (db m67510) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Lorain — Trading Post
In 1807 a Trading Post with the Indians was established near this site by Nathan Pery, Jr. that resulted in the settlement of Lorain which in pioneer days was known as the Mouth of the Black River. — Map (db m5547) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — 30-47 — Antoinette Brown Blackwell and First Church in OberlinAntoinette Brown Blackwell (1825–1921)
First Church was built by the Oberlin Community in 1842-44 for the great evangelist Charles Grandison Finney (1792-1875). He was its pastor, headed Oberlin College’s Theology Department, and later became College president. In the mid-19th . . . — Map (db m144079) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — 21-47 — Charles M. Hall and Frank M. Jewett
Aluminum pioneer Charles Martin Hall was born in 1863 in Thompson, Ohio (Geauga County), and moved with his family to Oberlin in 1873. Hall graduated from Oberlin College in 1885, studying chemistry under Professor Frank Fanning Jewett (1844-1926). . . . — Map (db m97823) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — 26-47 — Downtown Oberlin Historic District
The intersection of Main and College streets has been the center of Oberlin since the town and college were founded in 1833. The first downtown buildings were made of wood and were destroyed by a series of spectacular fires. The first college . . . — Map (db m144173) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — Oberlin and the Underground Railroad — Historic Underground Railroad Site —
A key junction on the Underground Railroad in Oberlin, Ohio connected at least five routes that led from slavery to freedom. No fugitive in Oberlin was ever returned to bondage. Freedom seekers lived openly in the town, and were supported by . . . — Map (db m144166) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — 13-47 — Oberlin College and Community / Abolitionism in OberlinFounded in 1833 /                      
Oberlin College and Community. Reverend John Jay Shipherd and Philo Penfield Stewart envisioned an educational institution and colony dedicated to the glory of God and named in honor of John Frederick Oberlin, a pastor in the Alsace-Lorraine . . . — Map (db m144277) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — 9-47 — The Burrell-King House
Jabez Lyman Burrell (1806-1900), originally from Massachusetts, built this house in 1852. Burrell made his living as a cattleman and farmer, but devoted much of his time to serving the cause of abolitionism, helping slaves who had escaped the South . . . — Map (db m101111) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — Welcome to Oberlin Heritage CenterMorgan Street Bridge Railing
This fence is made from railings that graced the Morgan Street Bridge from circa 1880 to 2008. Oberlin Heritage Center volunteers devoted many hours to salvage, repair and installed them here for all to enjoy. — Map (db m144251) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — 47-23 — Westwood Cemetery
Shortly after Oberlin Colony was established in 1833, a two-acre burying ground was set aside south of Plum Creek in the area bounded by Main, Morgan, and Professor streets. By 1861, however, with the town and Oberlin College growing and the Civil . . . — Map (db m144282) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Oberlin — 27-47 — Willard Van Orman Quine
Willard Van Orman Quine was one of the greatest philosophers and logicians of the 20th century. Born in Akron on June 25, 1908, Quine studied philosophy and logic at Oberlin College (B.A. 1930). He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Harvard . . . — Map (db m144178) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Sheffield Lake — 2-47 — 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry
The 103rd O.V.I. was recruited for Civil War service from Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Medina counties. The Regiment was organized at Cleveland in August, 1862, and served until 1865 in campaigns at Cincinnati, Knoxville, Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville, and . . . — Map (db m67469) HM WM
Ohio (Lorain County), Sheffield Lake — 15-47 — Burrell Homestead
In June 1815, Captain Jabez Burrell settled this land after coming from Sheffield, Massachusetts. Five years later the brick homestead was constructed. Five generations of the Burrell family occupied the homestead continuously from 1820 to January . . . — Map (db m67503) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Sheffield Lake — 12-47 — Jay Terrell and his "Terrible Fish"
Around 1867, along the shale cliffs of the lakeshore of Sheffield Lake, Jay Terrell found fossils of a "terrible fish" later named in his honor as Dinichthys Terrelli. This animal, now known as Dunkleosteus terrelli, was a massive arthrodire (an . . . — Map (db m67502) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Wellington — Archibald M. Willard
This tablet was erected by Wellington residents to honor the memory of Archibald M. Willard creator of the “Spirit of ’76” who conceived the idea for his famous inspirational painting on this public square, henceforth . . . — Map (db m38796) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Wellington — 5-47 — Horr Cheese House, 1865 / Myron T. Herrick (1854-1929)
Side one: Horr Cheese House, 1865 As late as the Civil War era, cheesemaking in Ohio remained largely a cottage industry. After investigating new processes and obtaining pledges for a reliable milk supply from area farmers, brothers . . . — Map (db m38814) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Wellington — Huntington Civil War Memorial
Panel A: In grateful Memory of the Volunteers from Huntington Who offered up their Lives to Preserve the Federal Union in the Great American Rebellion Panel B: Sergt. E.A. Sprague Gauley River Va. Oct. 9, 1861 Æ . . . — Map (db m38832) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Wellington — Spirit of ’76In Memoriam
Center marker, front: Revolutionary War 1775-1783 War of 1812 Civil War 1861-1865 Spanish American 1898-1901 World War 1917-1918 World War II 1941-1945 Korean War 1950-1953 Vietnam War 1961-1975 Center marker, . . . — Map (db m38810) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Wellington — Veterans Monument
Dedicated to the Honor and Sacrifice of our Men and Women Who served our Country in times of War The erection of this monument made possible by the gifts of the citizens of the community, the assistance of the Huntington Grange, the efforts of . . . — Map (db m38829) HM
Ohio (Lorain County), Wellington — Vietnam Veterans MonumentIn Memoriam
To those who died in Vietnam Kenneth C. Marley Davis A. Jones Gary W. Perkins Timothy J. Cottrell Richard M. Logan Sydney A. Cottrell They shall not have died in vain — Map (db m38809) HM

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