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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Nike Site Marker - Panel 2 image, Touch for more information
By Craig Baker, June 1, 2018
Nike Site Marker - Panel 2
1California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Nike Missile Site LA96C
Panel 1: Formerly a Nike Missile control site, U.S. Army 1956-1968. Currently San Vicente Mountain Park, gateway to the Big Wild. Restricted entry, vehicles with handicapped permits only beyond this point. Welcome. Panel . . . Map (db m146037) HM
2California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — White Point Nike Missile Site
The large concrete bunker, seen across the street, was the White Point Nike Site, built in the early 1950's. It was one of many such sites ringing the Los Angeles basin manned by National Guard units. Originally a site for the . . . Map (db m147323) HM
3California (Marin County), Sausalito — Nike Missile Site SF88
By 1945, the age of aerial warfare had fully arrived and the U.S. Army sought a weapon that could intercept enemy aircraft. In 1951, after years of research and development, a supersonic missile controlled by ground-based electronic equipment was . . . Map (db m102818) HM
4Connecticut (Hartford County), Weatogue — Nike Missile Site
This multi-used path was formerly a railroad track, used over time by both passenger and freight trains. The building perpendicular to the street replaces an earlier structure, a barn/tobacco warehouse. Growers brought tobacco there to store until . . . Map (db m164126) HM
5Maryland (Montgomery County), Gaithersburg — Nike Missile Local Park
This park occupies seven parcels of land in Montgomery county used by the U. S. Army for the air defense of Washington D.C. from the mid-1950's to the mid-1970's In the early days of the Cold War, the Soviet Union produced high-speed high-altitude . . . Map (db m61671) HM
6New Jersey (Monmouth County), Highlands — Nike Missile Site
Missiles emerged from silos beneath the pavement, and waited on launching racks while radar tracked the skies. During the 1950’s – the Cold War Era – Nike missiles were stationed here to defend the New York-Philadelphia corridor against . . . Map (db m41714) HM
7Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Northampton Township — Richboro Nike Missile Battery PH-07
One of thirteen installations in the Philadelphia area that provided protection from Soviet aerial attack during the 1954–1970 period of the Cold War. The Nike system here used radar to guide Ajax anti-aircraft missiles. From the mid-1960s . . . Map (db m86028) HM
8Virginia (Fairfax County), Fairfax — E-98 — Fairfax Nike Missile Site
During the Cold War a ring of Nike anti-aircraft missile sites defended the nation’s capital, reminiscent of the perimeter of forts that protected it during the Civil War. Just east of here was located the launch control equipment for one of the . . . Map (db m2093) HM
9Virginia (Fairfax County), Great Falls — T-46 — Great Falls Nike Missile Site
Just to the southeast were radar and other control equipment that formed a portion of one of three Nike anti-aircraft missile complexes in Fairfax County. The site was operated by the U.S. Army between 1954 and 1962. Established during the Cold War . . . Map (db m2091) HM
10Virginia (Fairfax County), Lorton — E-97 — Lorton Nike Missile Site
Located north of here was one of three Nike anti-aircraft missile complexes in Fairfax County operated by the U.S. Army and the Army National Guard between 1954 and 1974. The sites were established during the Cold War to defend Washington from . . . Map (db m131374) HM

11New Jersey (Monmouth County), Sandy Hook — Nike Ajax Explosion Memorial
Nike Ajax Explosion Battery B. 526th Missile Battalion Leonardo, New Jersey In Memoriam 22 May 1958 Sgt. Daniel J. Lavengood Sgt. Jerome W. Mould SP3 Walter E. Berry SP3 William I. Cochran PFC Donald L. Marsh Pvt. Nicklos J. Composino Ord. Corps . . . Map (db m22642) HM WM

12California (Marin County), Tiburon — Cold War Defense
In 1954 Angel Island became one of nineteen Nike Missile sites in the Bay Area. There were three underground magazines, each storing 12 Nike – Ajax anti-aircraft missiles. The missiles had a range of 25 miles and were raised to the surface by . . . Map (db m69253) HM

13New York (Suffolk County), Montauk Point — Montauk Air Force Station
The United States Air Force established its first radar at Montauk Point in 1948. In the years that followed, Montauk Air Force Station was home to a variety of surveillance and height-finding radar that guarded the New York City area . . . Map (db m140340) HM

14California (Marin County), Tiburon — Treating the Troops
Construction for this 70-bed hospital began in 1911. The hospital treated soldiers returning from overseas for discharge. In 1918, the hospital annex was added to care for men with lingering illnesses. During the Nike Missile period . . . Map (db m69301) HM
15Michigan (Wayne County), Riverview — Nike Ajax Missile Base
This was once the site of an Army anti-aircraft missile base, Battery C, 85th AA Guided Missile Battalion which provided air defense to our community from 1956 to 1962 This Nike Missile Dedicated July 4, 1980 City of Riverview Mayor: . . . Map (db m174881) HM
16New Jersey (Monmouth County), Sandy Hook — Fort HancockCoastal Defenses of Sandy Hook — Maritime History —
Sandy Hook has been fortified to defend New York Harbor for more than two centuries – first by British Loyalists occupying the Sandy Hook Lighthouse during the American Revolution and the American troops constructed a wooden palisade fort . . . Map (db m22645) HM

17California (Marin County), Sausalito — Mortars to MissilesMilitary power at the Golden Gate
For the first three-quarters of the 20th century, the Marin Headlands were fortified with weapons that evolved from cannon to nuclear warheads. The guns became more and more powerful, able to hit warships miles out to sea. Antiaircraft guns appeared . . . Map (db m102828) HM
18New Jersey (Monmouth County), Sandy Hook — Sandy Hook Barracks Building #22 Built 1899
Listed in The National register of Historic Places: 1980 Barracks Building #22 is a contributing structure in the Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Proving Ground National Historic District. Throughout its history, Fort Hancock played a major role . . . Map (db m36891) HM
19Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Parma — 30-18 — Crile Hospital
Crile General Hospital, named for renowned Cleveland surgeon, Dr. George W. Crile, was dedicated at this site on April 21, 1944. Dr. Crile, founder of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, was a brigadier general in the U.S. Army. The $4.5 million . . . Map (db m23924) HM
20Virginia (Fairfax County), Alexandria — E-81 — Defenses of Washington
During the Civil War, the U.S. Army constructed a series of forts and artillery batteries around Washington to protect it from Confederate attack. Forts O’Rourke, Weed, Farnsworth, and Lyon stood just to the north, and Fort Willard which still . . . Map (db m2330) HM
21Virginia (Fairfax County), Great Falls — E-143 — U.S. Army Map Service
Here, at a former Nike missile site, the U.S. Army Map Service established a research station to support geo-location and navigation in 1961. Two years later, the Map Service Initiated a significant satellite tracking program that became part . . . Map (db m104755) HM

22California (Marin County), Sausalito — Cold War Legacy: Missiles to Marine MammalsMarin Headlands Golden Gate National Park
The Marine Mammal Center is built on the site of the former Nike Missile Launch Area, SF 87L. In the 1950s, the army constructed two batteries in the Marin Headlands equipped with surface-to-are missiles, one near Fort Cronkhite and a second across . . . Map (db m102832) HM
23Kansas (Johnson County), Gardner — From Prairie Schooners to Locomotives
Travel along the Oregon and California trails increased in the 1840s with the cry of “Westward Ho.” When the 1848 discovery of gold was made at Sutter’s Mill in California, the desire to reach the gold fields ahead of others intensified . . . Map (db m131310) HM
24New York (Queens County), Bayside — Fort Totten Park59.5 acres
History       This park takes its name from the Civil War era fortress on the property. Originally referred to by its location on Willets Point, the Army officially named it for General Joseph Totten (1788-1864), following his demise in the . . . Map (db m65125) HM
25New York (Queens County), Bayside — Fort Totten Park59.5 acres
History       This park takes its name from the Civil War era fortress on the property. Originally referred to by its location on Willets Point, the Army officially named it for General Joseph Totten (1788-1864), following his demise in the . . . Map (db m65126) HM
26Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Fort Indiantown Gap — Nike "Hercules" Missile
The successor to the first Nike missile, the Nike "Ajax", the "Hercules" was a much more capable missile in every way. Designated as MIM-14 it came in three different models A/B/C and over 25,000 missiles were made with the most being the MIM-14B . . . Map (db m12584) HM
27Wisconsin (Milwaukee County), Milwaukee — Milwaukee's Changing Lakefront
Milwaukee's three rivers and surrounding wetlands first attracted Native Americans to the area. The water provided game, waterfowl, fish and wild rice. These waterways also provided transportation routes for their canoes and dugouts that carried . . . Map (db m147639) HM

28Virginia, Virginia Beach — Fort Story
Welcome to Fort Story, home to a variety of U.S. Army and Navy units. The installation's 1,451 acres are presently used for training by the Army's 7th Sustainment Brigade, Naval Amphibious forces and Special Operations forces. The post also serves . . . Map (db m79242) HM

29Wisconsin (Milwaukee County), Milwaukee — Historic MilwaukeeEast Wisconsin Avenue
The eastern edge of downtown Milwaukee, the lakeshore itself, was very close to this spot until the early 20th century. If you were standing here before 1917 you would be standing very near the water’s edge. Between 1917 and 1937, Milwaukee filled . . . Map (db m56832) HM

30Virginia (Fairfax County), Lorton — Evolution of a Landscape – Plantation, Prison, ParkPreserved Spaces – Protecting and Influencing Communities
Evolution of a Landscape – Plantation, Prison, Park It may be difficult to imagine all of the events, large and small, that took place on the surrounding landscape, but Laurel Hill Park has been influenced by thousands of years of . . . Map (db m22385) HM

31California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — Fort MacArthur / 500 Varas Square Historic DistrictPort of Los Angeles
Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo, exploring for Spain, discovered Alta California and named San Pedro Bay, “Bahia de los Fumos” (Bay of Smokes), October 1542. The smoke on the Bay shore came from the native Suang-Na Indian Fires. Sebastian . . . Map (db m127129) HM
* Inflectional forms of words are their plurals, singulars, and possessives as well as gramatical tenses and similar variations.
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