“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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William G. Pomeroy Foundation Historical Markers

Since its inception, the Foundation has grown to six historic signage programs, funding over 1,000 markers & plaques in New York, Ohio and beyond, all the way to Alaska. Includes historic, Legends & Lore, Women's Suffrage, Transportation Canals and the NRHP.
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April 10, 2020
Union Green Historic District Marker
1Connecticut (Tolland County), Union — 302 — Union Green Historic District
Union Green Historic District Has Been Placed On The National Register Of Historic Places In 1990 By The United States Department Of The Interior — Map (db m148114) HM
2Kentucky (Boyle County), Danville — 4 — Dr. Mary E. Britton
Physician & teacher spoke here at 1887 State Assoc. of Colored Teachers Meeting advocating women's suffrage. Speech in national newspaper. — Map (db m132656) HM
3Kentucky (Jefferson County), Louisville — 1 — Susan Look Avery
1817-1915. Woman's rights leader, founded Louisville Woman's Suffrage Assoc. in 1889 & the Woman's Club of Louisville in 1890. — Map (db m132657) HM
4Maryland (Baltimore), Upton — 8 — Suffrage LeadersRoad to the 19th Amendment — National Votes for Women Trail —
Augusta Chissell & Margaret Hawkins held meetings of African American women's suffrage clubs here in their neighboring homes 1915-1916. — Map (db m143007) HM
5Maryland (Baltimore County), Towson — Goucher CollegeNational Votes for Women Trail — Road to the 19th Amendment —
Faculty & students campaigned for women’s suffrage, hosted suffrage seekers & marched in Washington DC 1913. Students picketed White House 1917. — Map (db m145894) HM
6New York (Albany County), Altamont — 276 — Henry Crounse
Union Army Captain NY 91st Regiment Co. D Lived and Farmed on this Site from ca. 1822 Until his Death in 1901 — Map (db m128002) HM
7New York (Albany County), Berne — 347 — Anti-Rent
Convention Held Here January 15, 1845. Delegates From 11 Counties Petitioned State To End Unjust Land Lease System. — Map (db m131413) HM
8New York (Albany County), Knox — 227 — Palatine Trail
Road Used for Travel West to Schoharie Valley As Early as 1767, The Town of Knox Began To Grow Around This Path. — Map (db m88107) HM
9New York (Albany County), Knox — 226 — Toll Gate #3
Old Albany and Schoharie Plank Road Passed Here Between 1849 and 1866. Wagons on Wood Planks Said To Make a Thunderous Noise — Map (db m91049) HM
10New York (Albany County), New Scotland — 280 — Lime Kiln Farm
Named for Stone Kilns used to make lime. First farmed 1842. Miller Family farmed here over 100 years beginning in 1905. — Map (db m97287) HM
11New York (Allegany County), Andover — 308 — Early Cemetery
Cole-Dike cemetery first burial Zeriah Dike in 1798. Revolutionary War veteran Nathaniel Dike 1747-1813 buried here. — Map (db m133057) HM
12New York (Allegany County), Bolivar — Early Cemetery
Used as a burial ground for pioneer families: Lesuer, Tyler, Cowles, Kellogg, Mead, Daniels, Beers, Davie stones date from the 1820's. — Map (db m88284) HM
13New York (Allegany County), Bolivar — Lesuer House
Early settler Eli Lesuer bought this property 1834. Elected 1st town assessor 1825, school commissioner 1834, and path master 1846. — Map (db m88283) HM
14New York (Allegany County), Canaseraga — 36 — A Hairy LegendLegends & Lore
First sighted Aug 18, 1926 hairy women of Klipnocky, once young girls, inhabit this forest, waiting for their parents' return. — Map (db m127569) HM
15New York (Allegany County), Ceres — Ceres School
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m88289) HM
16New York (Broome County), Binghamton — 490 — Centenary Church
Site of the 45th Annual Convention of the NY State Woman Suffrage Association attended by 162 delegates October 14-17, 1913 — Map (db m132676) HM
17New York (Broome County), Binghamton — Phelps Mansion Museum
Phelps Mansion Museum has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places 1973 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m92921) HM
18New York (Broome County), Maine — 395 — Pitcher's Mill
Grist mill founded ca. 1830 by H.B. & Daniel Slosson. Owned by A. Pitcher 1920-1949, closed in 1955. Donated to historical society in 1988. — Map (db m132753) HM
19New York (Broome County), Vestal — 386 — 1870 Tannery
Ezekiel Clark tanned sheep hides here in thirty-six vats of hemlock bark. Last owner U.S. Leather closed business ca. 1900. — Map (db m132769) HM
20New York (Broome County), Vestal — Chugnut
Native American village near mouth of Big Choconut Creek. Destroyed by General Enoch Poor August 18, 1779, Clinton-Sullivan Campaign. — Map (db m127570) HM
21New York (Broome County), Vestal — Drovers Inn
1844 inn built by John and Jacob Rounds as stopover for drovers. Scene of many political discussions. Rounds home after 1855. — Map (db m127573) HM
22New York (Broome County), Vestal — Rounds Cemetery
Pioneer Alfred Rounds and some of his descendants are buried in this stone-walled family cemetery on land son Jacob purchased in 1825. — Map (db m127574) HM
23New York (Broome County), Vestal — 306 — Vestal Depot
Built 1881 in Carpenter Gothic style for D.L. & W. Railroad. Moved to this site in 1972. Restored and reopened as museum in 1976. — Map (db m128008) HM
24New York (Broome County), Vestal — 312 — Vestal ParkCemetery Est. 1834.
Revolutionary War veterans John Rush and William Weston, Civil War veterans and early town settlers buried here. — Map (db m128009) HM
25New York (Broome County), Vestal — 307 — Vestal Parkway
Parkway style highway built 1941. Completed 1951. Led to rapid development along what became Vestal's "$50 Million Main Street." — Map (db m133061) HM
26New York (Broome County), Vestal — 396 — Willis Cemetery
Burials 1810-1934 David & Phebe Willis arrived in Willow Point CA. 1796, Elias Willis owned local tavern. Buried here with family. — Map (db m127997) HM
27New York (Cattaraugus County), Allegany — 520 — Oscar F. Wilber
Civil War private buried here. Died in 1863 from wounds rec'd at Chancellorsville. Subject of Walt Whitman's 1864 essay "A New York Soldier". — Map (db m132668) HM
28New York (Cattaraugus County), Ellicottville — Jefferson Street Cemetery
Jefferson Street Cemetery has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m89102) HM
29New York (Cattaraugus County), Franklinville — Cadiz Cemetery
Cadiz Cemetery Earliest burial Abigail Curtis in 1837. Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War veterans buried here. — Map (db m86623) HM
30New York (Cattaraugus County), Great Valley — 255 — Plank Road House
Built ca 1856 at junction of Ellicottville-Great Valley Plank Road & road to Franklinville. Served as hotel, livery & post office — Map (db m95789) HM
31New York (Cattaraugus County), Leon — Leon Grange
Leon Grange has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2014 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m133013) HM
32New York (Cattaraugus County), Little Valley — 496 — War Memorial
Bldg. dedicated Sept. 7, 1914 to honor the nearly 3,500 Cattaraugus County citizens who served in the Army and Navy during the Civil War. — Map (db m132670) HM WM
33New York (Cattaraugus County), Lyndon — Early School
Early School The North Lyndon school was built ca. 1844 and remained in use until 1947. The school still retains many of its original features. — Map (db m86611) HM
34New York (Cattaraugus County), Olean — 363 — Women's Suffrage
Harriot Stanton Blatch, Pres. NYS Women's Political Union held suffrage liberty torch rally here July 1915 for women's right to vote — Map (db m153623) HM
35New York (Cayuga County), Auburn — 288 — Auburn Airport
1941-1952 built by the flying farmers: Leman Ingalls, Hugh Darrow, Ralph Bower, Frank Nugent. Offered lessons and charter flights — Map (db m133053) HM
36New York (Cayuga County), Aurora — Postal Service
First regular mail delivery west of Canajoharie est. April 1, 1795 in Aurora. Judge Wood, postmaster. — Map (db m145766) HM
37New York (Cayuga County), Genoa — 249 — Genoa Mill
On this site ca 1859-1942 provided flour milling on bank of Mill Pond created ca. 1835 from damming Salmon Creek. — Map (db m133156) HM
38New York (Cayuga County), King Ferry — 247 — Northville
Former name for Hamlet of King Ferry in Town of Genoa. Named used as early as 1827 until ca. 1904 — Map (db m133157) HM
39New York (Cayuga County), King Ferry — 248 — Site Of
Jabez Bradley home. Land purchased in 1794. Early commissioner and philanthropist for former Town of Milton. — Map (db m133158) HM
40New York (Cayuga County), Montezuma — Early Aqueduct
Early Aqueduct This towpath leads to the Richmond Aqueduct built 1849 second largest aqueduct carrying Erie Canal waters over the Seneca River. — Map (db m83562) HM
41New York (Cayuga County), Montezuma — Early Cemetery
Early Cemetery Old Montezuma Cemetery Revolutionary War veteran Richard Damewood buried here 1850. Served at seige of British at Yorktown. — Map (db m83546) HM
42New York (Cayuga County), Montezuma — Mentz Church
First Methodist Episcopal Church Inc. 1825 with John Gilmore, Wm. Bell & James Weston, Trustees. Adjoining cemetery in use by 1813. — Map (db m83525) HM
43New York (Cayuga County), Montezuma — Opened in 1828Cayuga Seneca Canal
Opened in 1828 Cayuga Seneca Canal Extended navigation of the Erie Canal to Finger Lakes Site of crossover bridge and Exchange Hotel — Map (db m83547) HM
44New York (Cayuga County), Montezuma — 356 — Prospect Hill
Peter Clarke buried in this cemetery 1858. Early settler prominent in salt industry, Erie Canal and Montezuma Turnpike. — Map (db m132725) HM
45New York (Cayuga County), Owasco — One-Room School
Baptists Corners Owasco District No. One Built 1834 with local stone Served for 116 years Closed in 1950 — Map (db m117184) HM
46New York (Cayuga County), Summerhill — 235 — Early Cemetery
Known as Summerhill Cemetery burials from 1806-1905 final resting place of soldiers who served in Revolutionary & Civil Wars — Map (db m133165) HM
47New York (Cayuga County), Throop — Throop Industry
Throop Industry Settlers used Owasco River power to run sawmills & gristmills as early as 1798. This site was one of the three dams built in Throop. — Map (db m87937) HM
48New York (Cayuga County), Union Springs — 284 — 1840 Church
Built by First Presbyterian Society on land donated by Howland family. Farrand Kitchel, builder. Home to museum 1994. — Map (db m128004) HM
49New York (Cayuga County), Weedsport — Firehouse
Firehouse constructed 1884 of local brick to hold newly purchased 1878 Silsby steam powered pumper. Belfry bell is original. — Map (db m83763) HM
50New York (Cayuga County), Weedsport — First Baptist Church of Weedsport
First Baptist Church of Weedsport has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m157012) HM
51New York (Chautauqua County), Brocton — Brocton Arch
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996 by the United States Department of the Interior. Brocton Arch Erected 1913 With unprecedented growth of the village, the Village of Brocton and Town of Portland wanted a . . . — Map (db m96609) HM
52New York (Chautauqua County), Dunkirk — 311 — Sarah Sinfield
Sarah Sinfield Civil War nurse awarded pension for devoted service. Lived here with husband William, veteran & asst. lighthouse keeper 1874-1885. — Map (db m117513) HM
53New York (Chautauqua County), Harmony — 310 — Roll-O-Bowl
Roll-O-Bowl On this site 1956-1960 Sunday jalopy races held on quarter mile dirt track. Built by McNitt brothers on their grandmother's farm. — Map (db m105683) HM
54New York (Chautauqua County), North Harmony — 314 — AshvilleUnion Free School District No. 3
Ashville Union Free School District No. 3 on this site ca. 1885-2008 served towns of Harmony and N. Harmony until 1982. — Map (db m105682) HM
55New York (Chemung County), Elmira — 442 — Pratt House
Abolitionist Jervis Langdon sold house to Daniel R. Pratt in 1862. Once thought destroyed, house was moved here from E. Union St. ca. 1876. — Map (db m127996) HM
56New York (Chenango County), Afton — 378 — Cunahunta
Site of Iroquois town burned by the Continental Army under the command of Colonel William Butler October 9 & 10, 1778 — Map (db m132735) HM
57New York (Chenango County), Afton — 259 — Mormon House Site
Joseph Smith, founder of Mormon Church, & Emma Hale were married here January 18, 1827 by Justice Zechariah Tarble — Map (db m93512) HM
58New York (Chenango County), Beaver Meadow — 383 — Former Hotel
Beaver Meadow Hotel built ca. 1872. Provided a rest stop for overnight guests passing through this area until closing in 1916. — Map (db m132756) HM
59New York (Chenango County), Coventryville — Coffin Man
Simon Jones' stone here was carved by J.W Stewart 1818. Local history suggests J.W. is now known as Coffin Man for carving many similar stones. — Map (db m93286) HM
60New York (Chenango County), Otselic — 384 — Former Church
Constructed ca. 1862 as the Second Methodist Episcopal Church of Otselic. The church closed in 1993 and was sold in 1994. — Map (db m149155) HM
61New York (Chenango County), Pitcher — First Congregational Church of Pitcher
First Congregational Church of Pitcher has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m146742) HM
62New York (Chenango County), Pitcher — Pitcher Baptist Church
Pitcher Baptist Church has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m146738) HM
63New York (Chenango County), South Otselic — 295 — B.F. Gladding
Begun in 1816 by rope maker John Gladding, the industry became known for the quality fishing lines it once manufactured here. — Map (db m133058) HM
64New York (Chenango County), South Otselic — 382 — Union School
Built here in 1899. Served South Otselic and the surrounding area until replaced by the central school in 1936. — Map (db m132758) HM
65New York (Clinton County), Beekmantown — The War of 1812
Culver Hill site of bloody skirmish between American forces and the invading British army Sept. 6, 1814 — Map (db m106392) HM
66New York (Clinton County), Champlain — 355 — St. Mary's Academy
1906-2012. Daughter of the Charity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus sailed from France in 1905 to start the Academy. "Tout pour la gloire de Dieu" — Map (db m132721) HM
67New York (Clinton County), Clintonville — 537 — Clintonville
Prominent for iron industry, one of region’s largest bloomery forges 1833-1890. Used ore from Arnold Hill, Palmer Hill and Winter Mine. William G. Pomeroy Foundation 2019 • 537Map (db m137824) HM
68New York (Clinton County), Keeseville — 221 — Evergreen Cemetery
Est. 1849. Final resting place of veterans, members of U.S. Congress & citizens who were critical in Keeseville's history — Map (db m136668) HM
69New York (Clinton County), Keeseville — 448 — Train Depot
Keeseville, Ausable Chasm, & Lake Champlain Railroad, a "peanut" line. Took mail, freight & passengers here to Port Kent from 1890-1924 — Map (db m132697) HM
70New York (Clinton County), Morrisonville — 229 — Soper Cemetery
A.K.A. Ayer-Soper Cemetery. Burial site for Ayer, Hall, Robinson & Soper families. Headstones remaining show interments from 1832-1863. — Map (db m133083) HM
71New York (Clinton County), Peru — 419 — Harkness Church
Dr. Georgia Harkness 1891-1974. Author, scholar, activist & clergy member. First female professor of theology at a U.S. seminary. — Map (db m132695) HM
72New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — The War of 1812
Halsey's Corners. 250 American soldiers plus militia met 4,000 British troops in bloody battle here on Sept. 6, 1814. — Map (db m107390) HM
73New York (Clinton County), Plattsburgh — War of 1812 Trail
Commemorates British and American Navy and troops who fought on land and lake Battle of Plattsburgh September 11, 1814 — Map (db m76384) HM
74New York (Clinton County), Saranac — 225 — Hattie Lyon
Lifelong home 1843-1930. First woman to reach Lyon Mt. summit Aug 11, 1876. Mountain named for her grandfather Nathaniel Lyon. — Map (db m133080) HM
75New York (Clinton County), Schuyler Falls — 230 — Schuyler Falls
Cemetery est. Nov. 21, 1876 resting place of many early area families - Eels, Keet, Mason, Merchant, Lobdell, Ladue, Turner, Weaver — Map (db m133082) HM
76New York (Clinton County), Town of Plattsburgh — Catholic Summer School
Catholic Summer School of America 1896-1941 on this site. Resort and educational campus with cottages, chapel, dining hall, auditorium & post office. — Map (db m106622) HM
77New York (Columbia County), Claverack — 275 — Shaw Bridge
Double span scientific design bowstring truss bridge constructed 1870. Design patented by Squire Whipple of Utica in 1841. — Map (db m133079) HM
78New York (Columbia County), Copake Falls — 125 — Copake Iron Works
Designated National Heritage Area in2016. Part of the Hudson River Valley Heritage area recognized by U.S. Congress in 1996. — Map (db m135873) HM
79New York (Columbia County), Copake Falls — 343 — Pomeroy Homes
Near this site 3 homes built ca. 1850 by Lemuel Pomeroy family. Founders of Copake Iron Works. Remaining home acquired by park in 1928. — Map (db m132778) HM
80New York (Columbia County), Hillsdale — 446 — East Gate TollhouseColumbia Turnpike 1799-1907
Located on this site Linked Columbia County farming and industry to Hudson River ports — Map (db m118755) HM
81New York (Columbia County), Hudson — 9 — Spook RockLegends & Lore
Beautiful Indian maiden and her lover from opposing nation rests beneath this rock. When church bell rings, rock turns over, lovers appear. — Map (db m129044) HM
82New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — 345 — Burial Ground1816-ca 1861
Bequest by John Rogers provided this quarter acre exclusively for burials of persons of color. — Map (db m128003) HM
83New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — 19 — Ichabod CraneLegends & Lore
Washington Irving based the character Ichabod Crane in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow on Kinderhook school teacher Jesse Merwin. — Map (db m118567) HM
84New York (Columbia County), Spencertown — 210 — Spencertown Historic District
Spencertown Historic District has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m145533) HM
85New York (Cortland County), Cincinnatus — Bentley Family
aka Hawley burial ground Early burials in mid 1820s and final resting place of Revolutionary War soldiers Henry and Jacobus Bush — Map (db m146731) HM
86New York (Cortland County), Cincinnatus — 241 — Early Sawmill
On this site 1814-ca. 1898 home of Heil Tanner included gristmill and cider mill. Property in family until 1995 — Map (db m133160) HM
87New York (Cortland County), Homer — Barber Block
Site of Jedediah Barber's The Great Western Store Built: 1813 Burned: 1856 Rebuilt c. 1863 & became Keator Opera House in 1876 — Map (db m141517) HM
88New York (Cortland County), Homer — 244 — Birthplace Of Andrew Dickson White
November 7, 1832. Cofounder & first President of Cornell University 1866-1885. — Map (db m133178) HM
89New York (Cortland County), Homer — 289 — Birthplace of Dr. James Henry Salisbury
Dr. James Henry Salisbury 1823. Pioneer in germ theory research. Invented salisbury steak to combat illness in Civil War soldiers. — Map (db m128005) HM
90New York (Cortland County), Homer — Childhood Home
Amelia Jenks Bloomer. Writer, speaker & activist, temperance, abolition and women's rights. 1818-1894. — Map (db m154507) HM
91New York (Cortland County), Homer — 208 — Glenwood Cemetery
has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m141463) HM
92New York (Cortland County), Solon — Second Baptist Church
Site of Second Baptist Church Solon now Taylor Leased in 1843 to trustees: Smith Bennett Allen Cass & Amasa Holmes — Map (db m146733) HM
93New York (Delaware County), Bovina — St James Church
Congregation est 1914. Chapel, rectory and parish house gifts of Angelica Gerry 1922. Cram and Ferguson, architects. — Map (db m133275) HM
94New York (Delaware County), Bovina Center — 346 — Bovina Library
Built in 1893 as District Four School, operated until 1961. Became library in 1970. Library chartered by regents in 1917. — Map (db m132719) HM
95New York (Delaware County), Bovina Center — Maynard School
Built 1849 Students Attended classes Here Until 1959. School District One Created in 1813. — Map (db m132785) HM
96New York (Delaware County), Delhi — 332 — Samuel A. Law1771-1845
Founded the town of Meredith in 1800. Built mansion on this site ca. 1801. Burned in 1884. — Map (db m132780) HM
97New York (Delaware County), Sidney — 298 — Old Unadilla
Site of Iroqouis town burned by Continental Army under command of Colonel William Butler October 10 & 11, 1778 — Map (db m98167) HM
98New York (Dutchess County), Beacon — 268 — Margaret Fuller
First woman reporter for New York Tribune wrote "Woman in the Ninteenth Century" at Van Vliet House Fishkill Landing, Fall 1844 — Map (db m124895) HM
99New York (Dutchess County), Fishkill — 263 — Site of Zion Pilgrim M.E. Church
Served Baxtertown community 1848-1930s. Evidence suggests station on Underground Railroad — Map (db m133069) HM
100New York (Dutchess County), Hyde Park — 148 — New Guinea Community Site
New Guinea Community Site has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2018 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m146986) HM

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