“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Balmoral Grist Mill Marker 2 image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., July 28, 2017
Balmoral Grist Mill Marker 2
1Nova Scotia (Colchester County), Balmoral Mills — Balmoral Grist Mill
[1.] Water turbines the power that ran the mill This illustration shows one type of setup for a turbine driven gristmill. Illustration from "the Red Mill Reborn". Used with permission of 'Lou Robertella, . . . — Map (db m108181) HM
2Nova Scotia (Colchester County), Balmoral Mills — Local Granite Stone
You can see where some of the rock has been removed to make a millstone Located at Kennedy Hill, Central New Annan Donated by Mr. William Woodlock — Map (db m108169) HM
3Nova Scotia (Colchester County), Balmoral Mills — Sutherland Sawmill Turbine
This turbine came from a sawmill located a few hundred yards upstream of our mill The saw mill was built ca 1886 by brothers James and Alexander Sutherland. Another brother Robert, built a blacksmith shop on the same property. The mill . . . — Map (db m108182) HM
4Nova Scotia (Colchester County), Balmoral Mills — Turbines: From Direct to Indirect Power Production
Turbines began to become commonplace in the mid-1800's and had virtually replaced vertical waterwheels by the mid 1860's. Below are a number of illustrations showing typical mill setups and power transfer. In 1881 the Schoellkopf Power Station . . . — Map (db m108183) HM
5Nova Scotia (Colchester County), The Falls — St. Andrew's Presbyterian ChurchThe Falls, Nova Scotia — 1872 - 2002 —
The land for the church was donated by Mr. John R. Hayman and was contracted to be built for the sum of one thousand, four hundred thirty two dollars. The closing service for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church was held December . . . — Map (db m108184) HM
6Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Fort Lawrence — Early Inhabitants
The First Nations Native peoples have lived around the Chignecto Isthmus for thousands of years. Travelling in family groups and small nomadic bands, they moved from area to area harvesting seasonal food sources. Early French explorers were . . . — Map (db m112112) HM
7Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Evolution of Pugwash IndustryOur Harbour • Our Heritage
Pugwash sits on top the largest salt deposit in Atlantic Canada. The train tracks, bridges, and wharves that defined the tapestry of the village infrastructure changed significantly over the decades as local industry evolved, including the opening . . . — Map (db m108068) HM
8Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Nova Scotia ClayworksOur Harbour • Our Heritage
While lobster boats have filled the local wharves for generations, the community's most unique feature may have been the 130 ft. (39.6m) smoke stack belonging to Nova Scotia Clayworks on the opposite side of the harbour. Started in 1889, the . . . — Map (db m108078) HM
9Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash Railway StationOur Harbour • Our Heritage
The Pugwash Railway Station, completed in 1892, is one of only two stations designed by Sir Sandford Fleming that is still standing in Nova Scotia. The station is also famous for its part in the 1957 "Thinkers Conference" where Pugwash native . . . — Map (db m108069) HM
10Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash StreetscapesOur Harbour • Our Heritage
Historically, the main streets were lined with hotels, merchants, and services one would expect of a long-standing port village. The village endured seven devastating fires between 1877 to 1929 that permanently changed the street-scape . . . — Map (db m108083) HM
11Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — Pugwash Train Station 1961Pugwash Heritage
The station was built in 1888. Rail service to Pugwash commenced in 1890 and ceased in 1993. Five miles of track linked Pugwash to the Shortline at Pugwash Junction. The Shortline ran from Pictou to Oxford Junction linking it with the rail track . . . — Map (db m108070) HM
12Nova Scotia (Cumberland County), Pugwash — World Wars Memorial1914 - 1918 • 1939 - 1945 — Lest We Forget —
[Great War Honored Dead] Douglas Langille • Harold Esty Benjamin Percy Erle Benjamin • William McLean Borden Cecil Raymond Richards • Frederick Elias King Frank Demings • Harry Hector McLellan Andrew Gray McPherson • George Selig . . . — Map (db m108059) WM
13Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 4 — Acadian Dyke Building Along the Bay of FundyConstruction de digues le long de la Baie de Fundy
The first settlers of Port Royal must have been aware of the extraordinary fertility of the immense salt marshes that surrounded them The height of the wild grasses alone would have been a clear sign of very productive soil. Until the . . . — Map (db m141244) HM
14Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Whitehead — The Canal
The Whitehead Canal is located between Whitehead Harbour and Witch Cove. Prior to its construction, fishermen had to haul their boats over a narrow beach between Whitehead and Molasses Harbour (now Port Felix) at a spot known as "The Haulover". . . . — Map (db m139515) HM
15Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Dartmouth — Starboard Propeller of CCGS John A. Macdonald
This is the starboard propeller of the Canadian coastguard [sic - Coast Guard] Icebreaker, John A. MacDonald [sic - Macdonald]. The propeller was damaged while the John A. MacDonald was assisting the 115,000 ton oil tanker, SS Manhattan, in her . . . — Map (db m113082) HM
16Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Dartmouth — Sullivan's PondA Marker of Distinction
Sullivan’s Pond was a vital feature of the historic Shubenacadie Canal, the traditional water route of Mi’kmaq Indians connecting the harbour at Dartmouth with Minas Pasin and the Bay of Fundy. When the Canal operated, from 1861 to 1870, water . . . — Map (db m108732) HM
17Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Dartmouth — Totem Pole
This totem pole, carved by three Kwakiutl Indian carvers from a log of western red cedar, is a gift to the 1969 Canada Games Society on the occasion of the first Canadian Summer Games, held in the twin cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova . . . — Map (db m108731) HM
18Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Dartmouth — Vera B. StoneA Tribute / Un Hommage
An avid walker, trail enthusiast, leader, mentor and diligent worker, Vera B. Stone defines the Trans Canada Trail movement in Nova Scotia. As a founding member and a longstanding Chair for the Trans Canada Trail Committee of the Nova Scotia . . . — Map (db m113189) HM
19Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Boer War Memorial Fountain
Erected by the Commissioners of the Public Gardens in commemoration of the services of our Citizen Soldiers in the South African Campaign 1899~1902 — Map (db m112796) WM
20Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Celtic Cross
Dedicated to the original Irish settlers of 1749 and to the contributions of the Irish community to Halifax, to Nova Scotia and to Canada Tíolactha do na hÉireannaigh a bhain fúthu í Halifax sa bhliain 1749 is mar aitheantas da . . . — Map (db m113130) HM
21Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Drinking Fountain / Fontaine d'eau potable
Wallace Diengner, c./vers 1905 [Historic photo showing two young girls at the drinking fountain] — Map (db m112823) HM
22Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Halifax City Hall / Hôtel de ville d'Halifax
English: The Halifax City Hall, erected between 1887 and 1890, is the largest and one of the oldest municipal buildings in Nova Scotia. Designed by a local architect, Edward Elliot, its elegant facade features an attractive and . . . — Map (db m139509) HM
23Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — HMCS Sackville K-181Canadian Naval Memorial Trust — "A National Historic Site Of Canada" —
Open for viewing daily, 10:00am to 5:00PM Come visit the ship, on the waterfront, behind the Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic HMCS Sackville is the last of 267 Flower Class Corvettes built for the Allied Navies during WWII. Of . . . — Map (db m112799) HM
24Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Horticulture Hall, post-1945Maison de l'horticulture, après 1945
Photographer unknown Année Photographie [Historic photo shows sailors on the Horticulture Hall porch] — Map (db m112811) HM
25Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Ocean Terminals/le terminal ocean terminals
National Historic Civil Engineering Site Ocean Terminals 1912-1928 A tribute to the civil engineers and contractors who designed and built these ocean terminals Canadian Society for Civil Engineering June 1998 Site historique . . . — Map (db m139330) HM
26Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Public Garden Foundation Fountain
Hurricane Juan struck Halifax on September 29, 2003, devastating the Halifax Public Gardens. A volunteer-led foundation was formed to raise funds and restore the Gardens and historic Horticultural Hall. This fountain and plaza were dedicated on . . . — Map (db m112821) HM
27Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Summer House / Pavillon d'été
Notman Studio / Studio Notman, 1879 [Historic photo of a park pavilion that no longer exists] — Map (db m112826) HM
28Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — The Dockyard Clock / L'horloge de L'arsenal
The Naval Dockyard Clock was fabricated in London, England in 1767 by Ayneth Thwaites. It has kept time in peace and war for generations of sailors and dockyard civilian workers from 1772 to 1993. The Dockyard Clock is the last . . . — Map (db m113186) HM
29Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Halifax — Unveiling, Jubilee Fountain / Inauguration, Fontaine du Jubilé
Studio Notman Studio, 1897 [Historic photo of the fountain unveiling] ————————————— Erected by the Garden Commissioners in commemoration of Queen Victoria's . . . — Map (db m112947) HM
30Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Peggy's Cove — A Monumental Work Of Art
What would you do with a 30-metre (0.01-mile) outcrop of granite in your backyard? Artist William deGarthe decided to carve a work of art from the granite you see here. In 1977, at the age of 70, deGarthe picked up his chisels and power tools and . . . — Map (db m112680) HM
31Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Peggy's Cove — Fishermen's Monumentby William E. deGarthe, Artist and Sculptor
This work of art is a lasting memorial to the gallant men of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, who harvest our oceans. The monument depicts from left to right: Fisherman's Family; Peggy of the Cove; Fishermen at Work. This monument was donated to the . . . — Map (db m112691) HM
32Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Peggy's Cove — Home Sweet Home
How do you build a house on exposed granite bedrock where there are few trees to provide lumber, let alone protection from wind, rain and high tides? This is the challenge faced by the first families to settle Peggy's Cove. Using the trees that . . . — Map (db m112574) HM
33Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Peggy's Cove — The Art of deGarthe
You've probably seen many paintings of Peggy's Cove. Famed marine artist and sculptor William deGarthe may have painted some of these works.[1] Born in Finland in 1907, deGarthe came to Canada in 1926, eventually settling in Halifax. An art . . . — Map (db m112693) HM
34Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), Peggy's Cove — Through Rain, Sleet and Darkest Night
From the outside it looks like a traditional lighthouse, but looks can be deceiving. Step inside and you'll find yourself in a post office [1], the only one of its kind in Canada and perhaps the world. Every summer since 1975 the Peggy's Cove . . . — Map (db m112659) HM
35Nova Scotia (Inverness County), Chéticamp — La Bouée du havre / The Harbour Bouy
Français: Cette bouée ancrée dans le havre de Chéticamp permettait aux grands transatlantiques de tourner sur eux-mêmes. Elle avait été entièrement attachée avec des rivets chauds. Elle servit de 1928 à 1946. . . . — Map (db m139797) HM
36Nova Scotia (Inverness County), Port Hastings — Construction of the Canso Canal / Construction du Canal de Canso
English: Work began on a causeway and canal complex between Cape Breton Island and mainland Nova Scotia in 1953 under a tri-party agreement between the federal Department of Transport, the Nova Scotia Department of Highways and . . . — Map (db m139301) HM
37Nova Scotia (Inverness County), Port Hastings — Operation of the Canso Canal / Exploitation du Canal
English: A canal is a manmade waterway connecting two bodies of water. When one body of water is higher than the other, the canal uses a lock, in this case, a tidal lock consisting of two sets of gates, to compensate for the . . . — Map (db m139302) HM
38Nova Scotia (Inverness County), Port Hastings — The Building of the Canso Causeway / La Construction de la Levée de Canso
English: The foundation of this massive stone structure rests 66 metres below the Strait of Canso, creating the world’s deepest causeway. More than 9 million tonnes of rock fill were dumped into the strait between 1952 and 1955 . . . — Map (db m139303) HM
39Nova Scotia (Kings County), Grand Pré — Grand Pre Marsh Body1760-1995
This plaque commemorates the 235th year of the Grand Pre Marsh Body 1760-1995 in honour of the dykeland farmers, past and present, for their 235 years of dedication and sacrifice, and their continuing struggle to protect and maintain these . . . — Map (db m138789) HM
40Nova Scotia (Kings County), Grand Pré — Landscape of Grand Pré/ le Payage de Grand PréPlan of Horton Town/ Le Plan De Ville de Horton
In 1759, the British authorities subdivided Nova Scotia into counties. The County of Kings was divided into three townships: Cornwallis; Falmouth and Horton. The Horton Town Plot (or plan), sited on the hills above Horton Landing and . . . — Map (db m139033) HM
41Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Bridgewater — 12 — Bridges / Les ponts***Riverfront Renaissance***
Bridging the LaHave It is only fitting that a place named "Bridgewater" should have such a rich history of bridges. Between 1825 and 1983, five bridges have spanned the LaHave River, connecting east and west Bridgewater. Prior to . . . — Map (db m112428) HM
42Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Bridgewater — 6 — The Great Fire 1899 / Le grand incendie de 1899***Riverfront Renaissance***
Up in Flames In the cold, early hours of January 12, 1899, a fire began in the basement store of E. B. Simonson, located in the Music Hall at the corner of Dominion Street, and Commercial (now King) Street, where you are . . . — Map (db m112426) HM
43Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — St. John's Anglican Church / Église Anglicane St. John
Prominently sited on the parade square, this church was an important symbol of British authority and Anglican dominance for Lunenburg's early settlers, who were mainly German-speaking Protestants. From construction in 1754 through many alterations . . . — Map (db m112453) HM
44Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — St. John's Anglican Church / L'église anglicane St. John's
The first Anglican services in Lunenburg were held outdoors on this site and were conducted by a missionary from England. A two-storey structure in the New England Meeting House style was built between 1754 and 1763. The oak frames were . . . — Map (db m112486) HM
45Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — The Fire / Le Feu
Beginning in the early hours of November 1, 2001, fire ravaged this historic church, substantially destroying the building. Undaunted by the destruction, the parishioners decided to restore the church. With financial help from friends around the . . . — Map (db m112454) HM
46Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — The Jessen Bell / La Cloche Jessen
This bell hung in the tower of St. John's since 1814 and served as the tolling bell for over 185 years. It was cast at the Whitechapel Foundry in London, England. On November 1, 2001, fire ravished through the Church, destroying the tower and . . . — Map (db m112432) HM
47Nova Scotia (Lunenburg County), Lunenburg — Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church / L'eglise lutherienne evangelique de Sion
Lunenburg is home to the oldest worshiping Lutheran congregation in Canada. The first Lutherans, mostly Germans from farming districts of the Upper Rhine, settled in the Town in 1753. Initially they worshiped outdoors and later were allowed to . . . — Map (db m112480) HM
48Nova Scotia (Queens County), Liverpool — Beam Trawler Jutland Memorial
In memory of the crew of the Beam Trawler Jutland foundered at sea March 11, 1920 These crossed anchors recovered from fishing banks on Jutland's previous trip are placed as a symbol of our hope that their souls are resting in . . . — Map (db m112407) HM
49Nova Scotia (Queens County), Liverpool — Liverpool Town Hall / L'Hotel de Ville de Liverpool
Designed by Halifax architect Herbert E. Gates, this dignitied town hall was constructed in 1901-1902. Such buildings were central to civic life across the country, providing accommodation for the growing number of services administered by local . . . — Map (db m112404) HM
50Nova Scotia (Queens County), Liverpool — Remembering the Deceased
The tradition of marking a burial grew out of people's inability to accept the finality of death. Since stone, by the human timescale, is not subject to decay, it represented something eternal. The old burying grounds is one of Nova Scotia's . . . — Map (db m112406) HM
51Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — A Diverse Fishery
Fishing has been the backbone of Yarmouth's culture and economy for over 200 years. In the early days, salted dried cod was shipped by schooners and barques headed to the West Indies in exchange for rum, molasses and sugar. Today Yarmouth's . . . — Map (db m107349) HM
52Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — A Footstep into the Harbour
The Southwestern shore of Nova Scotia, including Yarmouth County, is home to one of Canada's largest fisheries. For over two hundred years, fishing boats have sailed past this point, as well as from other ports in this region, to fish groundfish, . . . — Map (db m107638) HM
53Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Ballard [sic - Bollard]
This Ballard [sic - Bollard] was located on a wharf in Yarmouth in the early 1900's. It's purpose was to tie ships to the wharf. It weighs 450 pounds. Donated by Mr. Danny MacIsaac — Map (db m107255) HM
54Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Bell
This Bell was donated to Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society by Bay Ferries. It was located on the wharf in Yarmouth and used to help guide the ferry during times of thick fog or heavy snow. — Map (db m155075) HM
55Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Cape Forchu's Guiding Light
An enduring symbol of Yarmouth's historic and economic ties to the sea, a lighthouse has towered over the rocky headlands of Cape Forchu since 1839, guiding mariners to the safety of Yarmouth Harbour. The current lighthouse was automated in . . . — Map (db m107293) HM
56Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — In Dire Need of a Lighthouse
The Town of Yarmouth, and its surrounding area, was settled in 1761 by Planters from Massachusetts. These settlers fished along the coast and harvested lumber from the forests to build homes, businesses and sailing vessels. By the . . . — Map (db m107298) HM
57Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — M.V. Bluenose Anchor
This Anchor was donated to Freinds [sic - Friends] of the Yarmouth Light Society, by Bay Ferries. The fluke was broken off, when it got caught in [the] rocks on bottom, while at anchor just off the lighthouse. This anchor came off the M.V. . . . — Map (db m107648) HM
58Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Phare Cap-Forchu / Cape Forchu Lightstation
Balise canadienne Lorsque Samuel de Champlain visita la région en 1604, il la nomma Cap-Fourchu. Un an plus tard, Champlain s'installa à Port-Royal ou, La Cadie, un nom dérivé du nom « L'Arcadie » qu'un explorateur italien aviat donné à la . . . — Map (db m107359) HM
59Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Pieces of the Past
Pieces of the Past Since 1840, a lighthouse has kept watch over Cape Forchu and the approaches of Yarmouth Harbour. In 1962, the original lighthouse was replaced with the iconic "apple core" structure that towers over the Cape today. The . . . — Map (db m107551) HM
60Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Cape Forchu — Welcome to the Leif Ericson Trail
A Yarmouth - Viking Connection? This scenic trail is named after the famous Norse explorer, and son of Eric the Red, Leif Ericson, who may have visited these shores sometime around 1000 AD. Many scholars regard Leif Ericson as the first . . . — Map (db m107487) HM
61Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Hubbard's Point — Barges de foin salé de Buttes-AmiraultSalt Haystacks of Amirault's Hill
Jusaqu'aux années 1950 on pouvait encore voir plus de 1000 barges ou meules de foin entre la Pointe-du-Sault et la Pointe-des-Hubbard, surtout dans la région appelée « Passe de pré ». Des hommes habiles à la faux pouvaient faucher environ . . . — Map (db m108766) HM
62Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — What and When is Le Village Acadien?Le Village historique acadien, c'est quoi?...c'est quand?
Le Village presents the lifestyle, culture and traditions of the Acadians of Nova Scotia at the turn of the 20th century, approximately 250 years after they first settled in the Pubnico area. This is the longest established Acadian region . . . — Map (db m108266) HM
63Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — Les pionniers acadiens / Acadian PioneersLe Village historique acadien de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Les pionniers acadiens Pubnico est le plus ancien village acadien encore habité par les descendants des familles fondatrices. Vous trouverez, dans l'annuaire téléphonique, près de 400 personnes du nom d'Entremont. Ils sont les descendants du . . . — Map (db m107971) HM
64Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Lower West Pubnico — Recolter la mer / Harvesting the SeaQuai Dennis Point / Dennis Point Wharf
Récolter la mer Vous êtes debout sur l'un des quais de pêche les plus achalandés au Canada. Autrefois, le hareng était pêché dans des parcs en fascines, ou « nijagans » inventés par les Mi'kmaq. Le poisson entrait dans le parc . . . — Map (db m108006) HM
65Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — Palais de justice et Prison d’Argyle / Argyle Township Court House and Gaol
Le plus ancient tribunal Le premier gouvernement local de la région du comté actuel de Yarmouth fut institué en 1789 par l’établissement du Tribunal des Sessions générales de la paix qui servait les districts de Yarmouth et d’Argyle. Il . . . — Map (db m112162) HM
66Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Tusket — The/Le Village of TusketLooking South, ca. 1910 / Regardant Vers le Sud, Environ 1910
Next to the Court House on the east side of the street was the Tusket Cycle Company and just south of that, the Methodist Church built in 1877. On the opposite side of the street, the building in the foreground with the bundle of . . . — Map (db m108772) HM
67Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Cape Forchu Lighthouse
This replica was created and donated to the citizens of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia from Doug Koohtow, Holland Landing, Ontario May 28, 2014 — Map (db m107869) HM
68Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Frost Park
This park named in honor of Charles Sydney Frost, M.C. Native son who, through diligence and ability, became President of the Bank of Nova Scotia June 14, 1956 — Map (db m107872) HM
69Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Frost ParkTown of Yarmouth
[Excerpt from Town of Yarmouth informational sign] Get your bearings Named after Charles Sydney Frost, a Yarmouth resident who became president of the Bank of Nova Scoita, this green space at the heart of the town is the perfect place to . . . — Map (db m107960) HM
70Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — ManufacturingGoods & Services for the Marketplace
Early manufacturing in Yarmouth grew in support of the shipbuilding industry, the fishery, and the maintenance of vessels engaged in shipping. The flourishing textile industry had its origins in the ability to import inexpensive raw materials, . . . — Map (db m107320) HM
71Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Milton ClockA Symbol of Community Pride & Confidence
Erected in 1911 at a cost of $1,200.00, the original Milton Clock was donated by Mrs. Robert Caie. The mechanical works of the clock were manufactured by J. Smith and Sons, Midland Clock Works, Derby, England. Located in the tower at the . . . — Map (db m106141) HM
72Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — ShipbuildingBuilding a Connection to the World
The first vessel known to have been built in Yarmouth was launched by John Sollows at Fish Point in 1764. Over the years, many ships were built in nearby communities such as Argyle, Tusket, Plymouth, Salmon River, Meteghan, and Belliveau's . . . — Map (db m106216) HM
73Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — Shipbuilding in Nova Scotia / Construction navale en Nouvelle-Écosse
From its early beginnings on Cape Breton Island the shipbuilding industry grew as settlement did in the late 18th century. During the Golden Age of Sail in the 19th century, thousands of wooden vessels of all sizes were built in bays and harbours . . . — Map (db m106067) HM
74Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — the Killam Brothers Buildings & Wharf
The Killam Family Built a Business By the third quarter of the nineteenth century, many Yarmouth companies and their owners were enjoying substantial profits as a result of their investments in shipping and labours as commission . . . — Map (db m112200) HM
75Nova Scotia (Yarmouth County), Yarmouth — the Parker-Eakins Buildings & Wharf
Merchants and Mariners True to the code of merchant-mariners, Parker-Eakins & Co. saw their mission as an endeavor “to facilitate the production, distribution and exchange of goods and services for mutual profit and . . . — Map (db m112171) HM
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