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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Truckee Trail Historical Markers

The Truckee Trail, as the Truckee River Route of the California Trail is called, is historic in that it was the first wagon road opened over the Sierra Nevada. It was opened in 1844-45 by the Elisha Stephens party which consisted of 11 wagons, 26 men, 8 women and 16 children. This party was guided by Caleb Greenwood, an old mountain man, who was assisted at a critical time near the Humboldt Sink by a Paiute Indian chief who the emigrants called “Truckee.”
Truckee Trail - All Hills and Ravines Marker image, Touch for more information
By Alvis Hendley, October 6, 2016
Truckee Trail - All Hills and Ravines Marker
1 California, Nevada County, Alta Sierra — T-62 — Truckee Trail - All Hills and Ravines
"The country here is all hill & ravine the soil red or yellow mixed with small stones & gravel - Timber mostly pine some oak & cov[ere]d with dried up weeds no grass except in some ravines" - William Edwin Chamberlain, Aug 16, 1849Map (db m149137) HM
2 California, Nevada County, Alta Sierra — T-63 — Truckee Trail - Among the Foothills
"Now that we are among the foot hills the pines have disappeared and in their place beautiful evergreen oak is scattered here and there giving the appearance of old apple orchards." - A, J. McCall, Sep 14, 1849Map (db m149156) HM
3 California, Nevada County, Chicago Park — T-60 — Truckee Trail - Forks Right & Left
"[From Greenhorn Creek] we past [sic] up a steep ascent (doubled teamed) & came to the forks of the road. The right goes by the way of Yuba & left straight on by Johnsons [Ranch] We taken [sic] the left." - Augustus Ripley Burbank, Sep . . . Map (db m149130) HM
4 California, Nevada County, Cisco Grove — T-47 — Truckee Trail - Ascent to Lake and Valley
"Traveled six miles down Eubah then took to the left over the mountain passed a lake on our left on top of the mountain [Crystal Lake] drove ... to a valley on our left [Six Mile Valley] and encamp" - William P. Thompson, Aug 28, 1850Map (db m149761) HM
5 California, Nevada County, Higgins Corner — T-66 — Truckee Trail - Approaching Sacramento Valley
"We are evidently approaching the plains [of Sacramento Valley]. The hills are decreasing in magnitude & every thing indicates that we have gotten through the most difficult part of the mountains." - Jacob R. Snyder, Sep 25, 1845Map (db m149139) HM
6 California, Nevada County, Higgins Corner — T-65 — Truckee Trail - Last of the Foothills
"Our road led through the last of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The road was still not overly good, yet the worst was behind us. ...By afternoon we had the last woodlands behind us" - Heinrich Lienhard, Oct, 1846Map (db m149138) HM
7 California, Nevada County, Truckee — 134 — Donner Party
Near this spot stood the Breen cabin of the party of emigrants who started for California from Springfield, Illinois, in April 1846, under the leadership of Captain George Donner. Delays occurred and when the party reached this locality, on October . . . Map (db m94058) HM
8 California, Nevada County, Truckee — Donner PassWho Passed This Way
For thousands of years, people have crossed the Sierra Nevada near this place called Donner Pass. Traveling by foot, wagon, train or automobile, the journey has always been challenging. By Foot Long before it’s “discovery” . . . Map (db m23571) HM
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9 California, Nevada County, Truckee — First Wagons Across the Sierras
The Stephens – Townsend – Murphy Party, with guidance from old Caleb Greenwood and Chief Truckee, brought their wagons up the Truckee River bed and on Nov. 25, 1844 191 days out of Council Bluffs, Iowa passed this point and crossed the . . . Map (db m60305) HM
10 California, Nevada County, Truckee — Nev.-01-95 — Schallenberger Cabin Site
Near this spot stood a small cabin built by 18 year old Moses Schallenberger and two other men. They were members of the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy party of 1844, the first pioneers to take wagons over the Sierra Nevada, opening the Truckee Route of . . . Map (db m94059) HM
11 California, Nevada County, Truckee — Stephens – Townsend – Murphy Party of 1844First Pioneer Wagons Over The Sierra Nevada
On May 22, 1844, this small wagon party of 50 men, women and children “jumped off” from Council Bluffs, Iowa, bound for California. These courageous pioneers were the first emigrants to take wagons over the Sierra Nevada, opening the . . . Map (db m23567) HM
12 California, Placer County, Emigrant Gap — Emigrant Gap
The first wagon train ever brought across the Sierra Nevada Mountains into California was lead by Caleb Greenwood. He led the Steven-Town (sic, Townsend) - Murphy party and came through what is known as the Emigrant Trail. Approximately fifty wagons . . . Map (db m129438) HM
13 California, Placer County, Soda Springs — Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party
In 1844, the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party became the first wagon party to cross the Sierra Nevada. A portion of the group spent the winter nearby along the Yuba River, before continuing to Sutter's Fort in the spring of 1845. Their pioneering . . . Map (db m95508) HM
14 California, Placer County, Soda Springs — T-42 — Truckee Trail - Leaving Summit Valley
About one mile from our camp and we left the valley to our right and went up a ravine on the left; 4 miles more brought us to a group of lakes (6 in number) the water in them was cool and beautifully clear - John Markle, August 22, 1849Map (db m149586) HM
15 California, Placer County, Soda Springs — T-43 — Truckee Trail - Through Boulder Field
You take off to the left of the valey [sic] (Summit Valley) Travel over much bad road The rock is all through the wood looking like waggons [sic] white cows and sheep Micajah Littleton, Sep 28, 1850Map (db m95644) HM
16 California, Placer County, Sugar Bowl Ski Resort — T-41 — Truckee Trail - To Summit Valley
Dcinded abut 5 miles (from Roller Pass) throug lovly pine fur & ceder groves some of wich ... measured upwards of 33 feet and look as though they were 300 feet high. Came to a butifull little valley & campt - M. A. Violette, Sep 1, 1849Map (db m149497) HM
17 California, Santa Clara County, Cupertino — Captain Elisha Stephens1804 - 1887 — A True Pioneer —
Captain Stephens brought the first wagons over the snow covered Sierra Nevada Truckee Pass with no casualties in the Stephens-Murphy-Townsend party of 1844, arriving at Sutter's Fort with 11 wagons and 51 people plus 2 infants born on the way. . . . Map (db m24125) HM
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18 California, Sierra County, Verdi, NV — T-24 — Truckee Trail - Rocky Ravine
"We took up the mountain side through a rough and rocky, but not very steep, ravine. Large pines, firs and cedars abound,...some of which are fully six feet through." - Isaac J. Wistar, Aug 17, 1849Map (db m148733) HM
19 California, Yuba County, Wheatland — T-69 — Truckee Trail – To Johnson Ranch
”with practically no food for man or beast, and by bringing all the energy and courage which both men and beast possessed,…we succeeded in…reaching the first, or Johnston’s settlement.” -Benjamin Hoffman, Sep 1, 1849Map (db m40842) HM
20 Nevada, Churchill County, Fallon — T-3 — Truckee Trail - Forty Mile Desert
"Long before sunrise our teams were on the trail marching forward on the desert. Very little to note save the dust & brightness of the glittering sand. Now & then a grave, little donage & dead stock." - John Clark of Virginia, Aug 21, 1852Map (db m149414) HM
21 Nevada, Washoe County, Mogul — T-22 — Truckee Trail - River Crossings
"We crossed the river 3 times ... which has become almost a perfect torrent ... our men have had all kinds of sport at the crossings, the water sometimes taking them off their feet and rolling them over like a barrel." - James Godfrey, Aug 7, 1849Map (db m149927) HM
22 Nevada, Washoe County, Reno — T.R.R. 13 — Emigrant Trail - Truckee River Route
Emigrants including Donner Party camped in this area to rest and refresh their stock.Map (db m94435) HM
23 Nevada, Washoe County, Reno — 13-A — Emigrant Trail--Truckee River Route
(front plaque) Marker No.T.R.R. 13-A -- Truckee Meadows the California bound emigrants rested here before ascending the Sierras to the west (back plaque) This marker is No 13-A of a total of 70 placed along the Humbolt, . . . Map (db m113027) HM
24 Nevada, Washoe County, Reno — 253 — Emigrant-Donner Camp
Upon entering the Truckee Meadows along the Truckee River, thousands of California-bound emigrants turned their wagons southwest to avoid extensive marshes and uncrossable sloughs. Here at the base of Rattlesnake Mountain the emigrants established a . . . Map (db m94434) HM
25 Nevada, Washoe County, Reno — 21 — Truckee Trail - 23rd Crossing
"Came to another crossing of the river (here from the...left flows down into the river one of the finest spring rivulets...). The 23rd quite difficult. Made so by the large round bolder [sic] its bed." - Augustus . . . Map (db m149982) HM
26 Nevada, Washoe County, Sparks — T-20/B-1 — Truckee Trail - Truckee Meadows Ford
[Just before fording to the north side of Truckee River]" the road forks the left hand one is the old Truckee Route to Sacramento...The right hand one and the one we traveled is Beckwiths Cutoff [Beckwourth Trail]" - East S. Owen, Aug 22, 1852Map (db m149925) HM
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27 Nevada, Washoe County, Verdi — 62 — Truckee River
In prehistoric and early historic times, the Truckee Valley in the vicinity of Verdi, was occupied by the Washoe Indians. Their camps were on these flats near the river. Many fish blinds were located nearby for their use in this important . . . Map (db m66023) HM
28 Nevada, Washoe County, Verdi — 23 — Truckee Trail - Last Crossing
"Drove over a hill and came through a most beautiful pine forest to the [Truckee] river and crossed it for the last - 27th time. Camped on the opposite side by a spring." - Joseph Curtis Buffum, Aug 7, 1849Map (db m149990) HM
29 Nevada, Washoe County, Verdi — Truckee/Donner Trail
In 1844 the Townsend-Stephens-Murphy Party became the first wagon train to reach California over the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Their rugged route through the Truckee River Canyon was hazardous to the pioneers and their animals, so in 1845 . . . Map (db m94298) HM
30 Nevada, Washoe County, Wadsworth — T-14 — Truckee Trail - River Crossings
"Following up the Truckee, on a sandy road, in four miles an abrupt mountain shut out the valley, compelling us to cross the stream, which we found quite dangerous, because of the swift current and deep water." John Steele, Sep 10, 1850Map (db m149892) HM
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