“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers in Belize

The previous Antonio Soberanis Gomez Marker image, Touch for more information
By J. Makali Bruton, February 26, 2015
The previous Antonio Soberanis Gomez Marker
1Belize, Belize, Belize City — Antonio Soberanis GomezFather of the Belizean Labour Movement
Born January 19, 1897 - Died April 14, 1975 Was a member of the Unemployed Brigade that demonstrated for more work and better pay. He carried on the cause when its leaders gave up hope and resigned. He stated "I'd rather be a dead hero . . . Map (db m81221) HM
2Belize, Belize, Belize City — Belize National World War I Cenotaph
1914-1918 This memorial is erected in grateful memory of the men of this colony who gave their lives in the Great War Lieut. J.P.H. Atkin. 4th Brig. C.F.A. · “ A.N. Usher M.C. 10th R.F. · Sgt. J.W. Masson B.W.R.R. · “ G.E.P. Usher . . . Map (db m118913) WM
3Belize, Belize, Belize City — British Honduras Territorial Force Memorial
To the glory of God and the memory of these forty officers and men of the British Honduras Territorial Force who died on duty and are buried at Belize, El Cayo, Stann Creek, Orange Walk and Corozal. Lieut Colonel Slack W.J. · Surgeon Captain . . . Map (db m118995) WM
4Belize, Belize, Belize City — Death of William Hart Bennett
This clock tower Was erected in 1924 in Memory of William Hart Bennett, Esq. CMG Governor & Commander in Chief of the Colony from 3rd April to 4th Sept. 1918 Who died as the result of injuries Sustained by him while proceeding to . . . Map (db m81213) HM
5Belize, Belize, Belize City — Mule Park
Mule Park was built at this location in 1912. Its name came from the drayage of the day, locally known as “mule & cart”. The mules would rest under the trees while their draymen did business on Front and Back Streets (modern day Regent . . . Map (db m119026) HM
6Belize, Belize, Belize City — Saint John's Anglican Cathedral
Originally built in 1812 by slaves and from bricks brought across from Europe. It is known also as the first church in the settlement of Belize. It served as a Parish Church until the first Anglican Bishop was consecrated in 1886. In the … behind . . . Map (db m118824) HM
7Belize, Belize, Burrell Boom — Burrell Boom
This Chain and Anchor are refered (sic, referred) to as a "Boom". It was extended across the river in the 1700s to hold back logs set afloat from mahogany camps higher up the Old Belize River.Map (db m81450) HM
8Belize, Belize, La Democracia — Ceiba Tree
Ceiba Tree Ceiba pentandra “Cotton Tree” This Ceiba tree was planted in 1991 The Ceiba tree was the Sacred Tree of the Ancient Maya Cotton-like fiber surrounds the seeds of the Ceiba Tree. These fibers are 8 times lighter than . . . Map (db m104988) HM
9Belize, Belize, Ladyville — The Belize Defence Force Fallen
In memory of the members of The Belize Defence Force who died whilst in service “They will be remembered” Names of the fallen soldiers They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor . . . Map (db m104926) HM
10Belize, Belize, Rock Stone Pond — The Tomb of the Jade Head at Altun Ha
Tomb at Altun HaDiscovered deep within the huge stair block at the top of the Temple of Masonry Altars (Temple B4) of Altun Ha, was the tomb of an elderly priest along with the largest carved jade artifact ever recovered in the . . . Map (db m104960) HM
11Belize, Cayo, Esperanza — Esperanza
About Location Esperanza is located approximately two and a half miles northeast of San Ignacio and abuts the town of Santa Elena. Population 1,262 as of the 2010 census Highlights: Farming, Construction, River Esperanza is the . . . Map (db m196275) HM
12Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — Agripino Cawich Bridge
This bridge was inaugurated on July 05, 2005 by Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize, in tribute to the late Hon. Agripino Cawich whose vision and determination made this construction a reality. This 114 m Calendar Hamilton Truss Bridge System . . . Map (db m81220) HM
13Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — Belize's 10th Anniversary of Independence
“Del pueblo de Mexico al pueblo de Belize, en ocasión del X Aniversario de su Independencia. Inaugurado por el Presidente de Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gotari, Septiembre de 1991.” English: “From the . . . Map (db m118896) HM
14Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — Founding of Belmopan
Dedicated to Belizeans by Anthony Greenwood Secretary of State United Kingdom October 9 1965 Map (db m81212) HM
15Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — Harriot W. Topsey
Here fell Harriot W. Topsey Anthropologist 22nd May 1953 - 9th October 1995 Rescate en pacem Sursum cordaMap (db m94395) HM
16Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — Olmec Colossal Head
Colossal Head ReplicaCulture: Olmec Temporality: Early Preclassic 1200-900 BC. Discovered: 1970 Place of origin: Texistepec, State of Veracruz, Mexico Site: San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan Measures: Length: 1.63 m Width: 1.55 m Height: 2.20 m Author: . . . Map (db m118867) HM
17Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — Rt. Hon. George C. Price
Father of Belize's Independence 1981 Founder of the City of Belmopan 1970 A man who has dedicated fifty eight (58) years of his life to the Government and people of BelizeMap (db m94508) HM
18Belize, Cayo, Belmopan — The Flag of Belize
The flag of Belize is made up of Blue (Azure) with a White circle and a Red (Gules) border, these two horizontal red borders are 1/5 of the total width of the Flag, with the Coat of Arms centered on the white circle. The shield of the Coat of . . . Map (db m133812) HM
19Belize, Cayo, San Ignacio — Altar 21 at Caracol(A Group Ballcourt; Structures A11 & A12)
This altar is a ballcourt marker erected in A.D. 633 by Lord Kan II. The text explains that Kan II's father, Lord Water, engaged in two war events with Tikal in A.D. 556 and A.D. 562. The unstated purpose of the monument is to compare Kan II's . . . Map (db m94539) HM WM
20Belize, Cayo, San Ignacio — The Centennial of El CayoThe Naming of San Ignacio
Dedicated to the people of San Ignacio & Santa Elena commemorating The Centennial of El Cayo October 19-1904-2004 by the Hon Said W. Musa Prime Minister of Belize 19th October 2004 Sponsored by Atlantic Bank Limited San . . . Map (db m118897) HM
21Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — 6 of 7 — Corozal Town Central ParkCorozal Town Historical Walk
Corozal Town Central ParkThe Central Plaza of Corozal Town has been used for various activities and events since the town was founded in 1849. Social, cultural, sporting events and even a brief occupation in 1870 by Marcus Canul, General of the . . . Map (db m105064) HM
22Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — 5 of 7 — Corozal Town HallCorozal Town Historical Walk
Corozal Town HallIn 1952 the Corozal Town Hall was constructed. It was financed by the Baron Bliss Trust Fund. The large concrete building dominated the physical landscape with only two other concrete structures, the Catholic Church and the . . . Map (db m105070) HM
23Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — Felipe Santiago Ricalde
. . . Map (db m105057) HM
24Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — 7 of 7 — Fort BarleeCorozal Town Historical Walk
Fort Barlee Fort Barlee was constructed in Corozal Town by Lieutenant Governor Frederick Palgrave Barlee (pictured here) in the late 1870's. The fort was built to protect British interests and Yucatecan settlers in Corozal during the latter . . . Map (db m105062) HM
25Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — 2 of 7 — Her Majesty's Prison
Her Majesty’s PrisonThe mid to late 1800's was unquestionably a period of unrest and instability along the Rio Hondo and Corozal Town. A substantial migration of Yucatecos fleeing the Caste Wars in Mexico led to an increase in population and . . . Map (db m105069) HM
26Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — 1 of 7 — House of Culture/Public MarketCorozal Town Historical Walk
House of Culture/Public MarketArriving from England by ship in 1885, the cast iron frame of an intended market was assembled and a building was constructed along the shoreline close to the public pier. Inaugurated in 1886, the Corozal Town . . . Map (db m105090) HM
27Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — 4 of 7 — Parish Office/Priest’s Residence/Xavier CollegeCorozal Town Historical Walk
Parish Office/Priest’s Residence/Xavier College The priest's residence or "El Convento" was constructed in early the 1890's. Its construction is attributed to Father Gillett who was one of the English Jesuit priests who came to Belize in the . . . Map (db m105066) HM
28Belize, Corozal, Corozal Town — 3 of 7 — Schofield ResidenceCorozal Town Historical Walk
Schofield ResidenceThe Schofield residence was constructed in the early 1880's when mature mahogany was still thriving in the forests of northern Belize which ensured its longevity into the 21st century. It has survived many hurricanes . . . Map (db m105068) HM
29Belize, Orange Walk, Indian Church — Royal Complex at Lamanai
Royal Complex N10-17 to 29The “Royal Complex” comprises structures N10-17 through N10-29 which can be dated from the Middle Late Classic (700-800 CE) through the Late Postclassic Period (1000-1100 CE). Excavation of . . . Map (db m105101) HM
30Belize, Orange Walk, Indian Church — Stela 9 at Lamanai
Stela 9This monument was erected at the end of the Middle Classic Period (600-800 CE). Stela 9 depicts Lord “Smoking Shell” holding a double headed ceremonial bar diagonally across his chest. The headdress depicted on this . . . Map (db m105099) HM
31Belize, Orange Walk, Indian Church — The High Temple at Lamanai
High Temple N10-43The Structure N10-43, 33 meters in height, is the tallest structure at the site of Lamanai and is also one of the largest Preclassic structure in the Maya area. The initial phase of construction for structure N10-43 began in . . . Map (db m105098) HM
32Belize, Stann Creek, Dangriga — Thomas Vincent Ramos
Dedicated to the memory of Thomas Vincent Ramos Father of Garifuna Settlement Day 1887-1955 Dedicated Nov. 13, 1990 From the people of DangrigaMap (db m195277) HM
33Belize, Stann Creek, Hopkins — The Serpon Sugar Mill
This exhibit is made up of multiple markers inside of an open air information kiosk at the Serpon Sugar Mill. Sugar Cane Sugar cane generally is believed to have originated in northern India, the earliest mention of it being in some of . . . Map (db m121903) HM
34Belize, Toledo, Punta Gorda — Lila ‘Leela' Genus Vernon
Queen of Brokdong Lila ‘Leela' Genus Vernon (1950-) Born on October 21, 1950 • Referred to as the ‘Queen of Brokdong’, Lila Genus Vernon was born in Punta Gorda Town to a family of proud African heritage. • Her music and activism throughout . . . Map (db m104977) HM
35Belize, Toledo, Punta Gorda — The Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price
Dedicated to: The Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price Prime Minister of Belize, the Father of the Belizean Nation, who struggled to attain the independence of Belize, 1950-1981 Through the efforts of the people of Punta Gorda and The Hon. Michael . . . Map (db m105026) HM
36Belize, Toledo, San Pedro Columbia — Ball Court
Ball Court Structures 21 & 22 This ballcourt was built between 800-900 A.D. Four figurines and three metates (grinding stones) were found here. Amongst the construction fill material lay broken bits of stucco painted red and purplish-black. . . . Map (db m105009) HM
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