“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Butler County Ohio Historical Markers

First Jain Temple in Ohio / History of Jainism in Ohio Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., August 3, 2009
First Jain Temple in Ohio / History of Jainism in Ohio Marker
Ohio (Butler County), Bethany — 19-9 — First Jain Temple in Ohio / History of Jainism in Ohio
Side A: First Jain Temple in Ohio "Souls render service to one another" The Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton was established on April 22, 1979 as a non-profit tax-exempt organization under the laws of the United States and the State of . . . — Map (db m24073) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Busenbark — 8-9 — Busenbark / Dr. Charles F. Richter1900 - 1985 — An originator of the Richter Scale —
Side A: Busenbark In 1833, Robert Busenbark deeded land to the directors of School District No. 6 for Busenbark School. Twenty years later, Robert and son David granted a right-of-way on their property for a station on the Cincinnati, . . . — Map (db m28533) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Fairfield — 16-9 — Elisha Morgan Farm Mansion
Elisha Morgan purchased 48.6 acres in Fairfield Township, part of the Symmes Purchase, in 1817. The Farm Mansion was built shortly after he settled the land. The house incorporates two prevalent architectural styles in southwest Ohio in the . . . — Map (db m116553) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Fairfield — Ezekiel Walker - Revolutionary War Soldier
Sergeant • Northern Continental Army Captain James Osgood’s Company of Rangers enlisted July 15, 1775 born February 22, 1745, in Rumsford, NH died July 22, 1823 in Butler Co., OH marker placed by John Reily Chapter, NSDAR and . . . — Map (db m116555) HM WM
Ohio (Butler County), Fairfield — Hay GardenElisha Morgan Mansion
The Hay Garden features an antique hand pump that was donated by Ed and Kathy Creighton. The original pump was just outside the side door of the mansion.

John Hay, the owner in 1831, was the father of Mary Ann Hay, first wife of David Huston. . . . — Map (db m116704) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — A Pioneer Family
The Stewart family lived constantly in Butler County for over 200 years. 1802 to Present Gift to City of Hamilton by: John Antenen Stewart, M.D. Marian Vail Stewart, M.T. September 1, 2002 — Map (db m73637) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 28-9 — Abraham Lincoln's 1859 Hamilton Speech
Abraham Lincoln spoke from the rear of a Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad passenger train on Saturday September 17, 1859, to about 1000 people at South Fourth and Ludlow streets (about 785 feet south of here). Lincoln, elected president of the . . . — Map (db m122279) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Beckett Homesite
On this site stood a square two-story brick farmhouse occupied by Wiiliam Bebb and built in 1835. After he was elected nineteenth Governor of Ohio, William Bebb sold his house in 1848 to William Beckett, founder of Beckett Paper Company, who . . . — Map (db m116670) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 2-9 — Bethel Chapel 1815- 1873Historic Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery
William Holmes McGuffey, author of the Eclectic Series of Readers, was ordained a Presbyterian minister in a log meeting house on this site in 1829. The ordination was performed by Robert Bishop, President of Miami University, and other ministers . . . — Map (db m107745) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 31-9 — Bunker Hill / Dog Town
Bunker Hill The Millville, Reilly and Milton Turnpike brought prosperity to the village now renamed Bunker Hill. School House No. 10 stood nearby from 1849-1857. By 1860 clothing manufacturing was the major business here. A Post Office was . . . — Map (db m107801) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 43-9 — Butler County Children’s Home1869- 1985
Side A The Civil War created orphaned and impoverished children across the nation. To establish a home for area children, a group of Hamilton women met with Reverends Thane Miller and Benjamin W. Chidlaw in January 1869. By May, the women . . . — Map (db m137852) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 22-9 — Butler County Courthouse
Side A: Butler County was created on March 24, 1803, about three weeks after Ohio became a state. Hamilton won the competition for the county seat, thanks to Israel Ludlow, Hamilton's founder. Ludlow's donation of the public square secured . . . — Map (db m28546) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 3-9 — Champion Hamilton Mill
Side A: The Champion Coated Paper Company began production here April 15, 1894, with nine employees under the direction of Peter G. Thomson (1851-1931), a Cincinnati businessman, who had incorporated the firm in November 1893. Thomson, . . . — Map (db m28547) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Cosmopolitan No. 4
110 yards from the back of this marker on the present southeast corner of 4th and Butler Streets stood the Cosmopolitan Arms Company, founded by Edward Gwyn and Abner C. Campbell, where carbines for the Union Army were manufactured during the Civil . . . — Map (db m122283) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Earliest Industry
Mills were essential in the settlers' struggle to convert their land from a debt to an asset. Financial survival depended on access to grist mills, saw mills and carding mills - the trading complexes and community centers on the Ohio frontier. . . . — Map (db m73595) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 39-9 — Fannie Hurst - Author, Humanitarian and Advocate
Author Side

Raised and educated in St. Louis, author Fannie Hurst (1885-1968) was born in Hamilton at 918 Central Avenue, the home of her maternal grandparents. She was the daughter of Rose Koppel and Samuel Hurst. Already a writer as a . . . — Map (db m122411) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Flatboats and Early Trade
Because water was the most efficient way to transport goods, most early Ohio roads led to a navigable stream, such as the Great Miami River. Through the 1820s, much of Butler County's abundant agriculture output found its way to market on . . . — Map (db m73593) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Flood & Recovery
March 25, 1913, a record Great Miami River flood hit Hamilton, claiming more than 200 lives, leaving about 10,000 homeless and causing more than $10 million in property damage. Local survivors helped create the Miami Conservancy District - a . . . — Map (db m73594) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — C9 — Fort Hamilton
Built by General St. Clair in 1791, on his campaign against the Indians. It was enlarged in 1792 and used by General Wayne in 1793, on his march to Fallen Timbers. — Map (db m30661) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Founding of Fort Hamilton
On this spot in the year of our Lord 1791 General Arthur St. Clair founded Fort Hamilton. Here, in 1793 General Anthony Wayne organized his expedition against the Indians which gave to this Republic five great states. Here our . . . — Map (db m30657) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — French Exploration
Pierre-Joseph Celron, sieur de Bienville, with 200 to 250 French soldiers and some Indians, was sent in 1749 to renew and strengthen France's claim to the Ohio country and drive out the British. During navigation of the Allegheny, Ohio and Great . . . — Map (db m73591) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Gen. Anthony WayneFive Mile Spring — On the Trail, North of Fort Hamilton —
Gen. Anthony Wayne and his men camped here at Five Mile Spring September 1793 — Map (db m97797) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Grand Army of the Republic Memorial
To Honor Our Fathers The Grand Army Of the Republic [Dedicated] May 30, 1941 — Map (db m73636) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Hamilton
Immortalized by William Dean Howells in his book "A Boy's Town" — Map (db m73627) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — OHS 41- 9 — Hamilton Airport- Hogan Field
Side A The Hogan Family owned and operated what was known as the Hamilton Airport for over 52 years. Airplane owner and pilot, Carl "Pop" Muhlberger and aviation enthusiast and farmer, Joe Hogan, co-founded the airport in July 1929. . . . — Map (db m137853) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Hamilton Civil War Memorial
Erected     A.D. 1936 by Veterans Memorial Association In honor of our soldier dead May they rest in peace G.A.R.     U.S.W.V. — Map (db m122558) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Hamilton Hydraulic
The privately developed Hamilton Hydraulic opened Jan. 27, 1845, providing cheap, reliable water power and starting Hamilton's era of industrial growth and diversification. Water was diverted into the hydraulic canal system from the Great Miami . . . — Map (db m73598) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Heritage Hall
Heritage Hall features rotating historical exhibits highlighting Hamilton's rich industrial and business heritage. It is the home of the Robert McCloskey Museum which honors the famous children's author and artist. Three of his books reflect his . . . — Map (db m73633) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — High-Main Street Bridge
The filled Spandrel concrete arch bridge previously located at this crossing was constructed by A.J. Yawger & Company in 1914 after the Flood of 1913. It was the fourth structure to cross the Great Miami River at this location. The bridge . . . — Map (db m73596) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 37-9 — Lane Public Library / Clark Lane
Side A

Clark Lane built this library in 1866 and donated it to the people of Hamilton two years later. The 1913 Great Miami River flood catastrophe damaged much of the building and many of its books and records. The refurbished library . . . — Map (db m122413) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 7-9 — Lane-Hooven House
Side A: James Elrick, a local carpenter, built the Lane-Hooven House in 1863 for Clark Lane (1823-1907), a Hamilton industrialist and philanthropist. Lane, who first came to the area at age twenty-one as a blacksmith, resided in the house for . . . — Map (db m28775) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Lentil Park
This park was established by the Hamilton Community Foundation on land owned by the city. It was one of several major legacy gifts to Hamilton by the Foundation in celebration of its 50th Anniversary. The Foundation wished to honor Hamilton's . . . — Map (db m73638) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Native American Trail
The site for Fort Hamilton was chosen because of a ford on the Great Miami River at the approximate site of the High - Main Street Bridge. That shallow crossing was believed to have been on an ancient Indian trail known as the Wabash Trail. The . . . — Map (db m73615) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Old Log Building
This log building, which was erected while this part of the country was still a wilderness, is a silent tribute to the courageous and hardy Americans who preceded you who read this. This tribute symbolizes the strength and character of which we are . . . — Map (db m30660) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 10-9 — Rossville Historic District
Rossville was settled in April 1801 shortly after the U.S. Government initiated land sales west of the Great Miami River. Its original proprietors--John Sutherland, Henry Brown, Jacob Burnet, James Smith and William Ruffin--named the town in honor . . . — Map (db m28790) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Site of Fort Hamilton
Fort Hamilton was completed Sept. 30, 1791, and occupied by the U. S. Army commanded by Gen. Arthur St. Clair. The supply base was the first in a chain of outposts north of Cincinnati (Fort Washington) in the Northwest Territory. The log . . . — Map (db m73600) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 25-9 — Soldiers, Sailors, and Pioneers Monument"Victory, the Jewel of the Soul"
Side A: Soldiers, Sailors, and Pioneers Monument The Soldiers, Sailors, and Pioneers Monument was planned and promoted by Butler County Civil War veterans and financed by a county levy in 1899. The monument, built of Indiana Limestone, is . . . — Map (db m30705) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Symmes MonumentHollow Earth Theory
- “I declare the earth is hollow and habitable within,” said John Cleves Symmes in summarizing his “Theory of Concentric Spheres and Solar Voids” to a doubting scientific world in the early 1820’s. His theory is commemorated . . . — Map (db m116622) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — The Dream of Hamiltonia
Relaxing by the Great Miami, Hamiltonia dreams. She dreams of children presenting her with the Helmet of Hope, a symbol for a bright future. - Norikazu T. Tsuchiya, Sculptor — Map (db m73597) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — The High-Main Street Bridge
. . . — Map (db m73624) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — The Hollow Earth MonumentGrave of Capt. John Cleve Symmes
Capt. John Cleves Symmes as a philosopher, and the originator of ‘Symmes Theory of Concentric Spheres and Polar voids.’ He contended that the Earth is hollow and habitable within.

Capt. John C. Symmes a Native of New . . . — Map (db m116618) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 1-9 — The Miami Canal
Side A

The dimensions of the canal channel were 26 feet wide at the bottom and 40 feet wide at the top. The depth of the canal averaged four and one-half feet. The 12 locks were 80 feet long with 14-foot wide interior chambers which could . . . — Map (db m122419) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — The Old Well
of the original Fort Hamilton was located 31 feet west of this marker In memory of Carl E. Margedant — Map (db m30662) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Trinity Episcopal Church
An Episcopal Congregation was first established in Hamilton in 1823 as part of a missionary movement under Bishop Philander Chase who later became the founder of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. The present building was designed by Cincinnati . . . — Map (db m122284) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Veterans Memorial
May all who pause and are refreshed here reflect on those who went forth from their homes to defend American freedom ———————— This fountain, erected 1949, was conceived and sponsored by the . . . — Map (db m73622) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Veterans Memorial
In honor of all veterans in times of peace and war The patriots blood is the seed of the freedom tree -Thomas Campbell — Map (db m103416) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 36-9 — Warren Gard
Side A

Warren Gard (1873-1929), son of Samuel Z. Gard and Mary Duke, was born in Hamilton, Ohio. He established his practice in Hamilton after graduating from Cincinnati Law School and being admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1894. Gard served as . . . — Map (db m122416) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 12-9 — William Dean Howells
Author William Dean Howells (1837-1920) spent his boyhood from 1840 to 1848 in Hamilton. Called the "Dean of American Letters," Howells wrote 35 novels, 35 plays, 34 miscellaneous books, 6 books of literary criticism, 4 books of poetry, and hundreds . . . — Map (db m28772) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Butler County Civil War Memorial
In memory of our Soldiers and Sailors by the People of Butler Co. Statue the gift of Hon. Paul J. Sorg — Map (db m29977) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Canal BoatsPort Middletown Plaza
Canal boats were designed to haul freight up to 80 tons. Pulled usually by mules, they traveled at approximately three miles per hour. [Photos] Left, freighters on the Miami & Erie Canal just south of Third Street (now Central Avenue) in 1910. . . . — Map (db m30422) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Canal LocksPort Middletown Plaza
Canal locks were built to raise and lower boats as the elevation of the land changed. There were 106 locks on the Miami & Erie Canal to overcome a difference in elevation of 512 feet. The Excello Lock, left, was the first lock completed on the . . . — Map (db m30423) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — 4-9 — Miami-Erie Canal1825–1929
At Middletown, Ohio, on July 21, 1825, ground was first broken for the Miami-Erie Canal, which eventually linked Cincinnati and Toledo. The canal created much change in the region, including increased population and commercial, political, and . . . — Map (db m134879) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Middletown Korean Conflict Memorial
This memorial is dedicated in memory of those men and women who served so gallantly for their country during the Korean Conflict, may this living memorial serve as a constant reminder for their struggle for freedom and to the ones who . . . — Map (db m29990) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Middletown Veterans Memorial
Honoring all Veterans in times of peace and war [Includes an Honor Roll of] Area Veterans Who Died in the Service of Their Country Dedicated July 4, 2004 — Map (db m29991) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Middletown War Memorial Flagpole
Honoring Middletown's Veterans who gave their lives in the nation's wars Dedicated June 14, 1995 — Map (db m29668) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Middletown World War II Memorial Chapel & Plaza
Dedicated by the grateful citizens of Middletown to the members of the armed services who gave their lives to preserve the American ideals of liberty justice and democracy World War II Memorial This plot contains a cross for . . . — Map (db m29979) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Ohio CanalsPort Middletown Plaza
Canals were built in Ohio to provide a better way to transport goods to the eastern markets. Two major canals were built connecting the Ohio River to Lake Erie - the Ohio Erie & [sic Ohio & Erie] Canal running from Portsmouth to Cleveland and the . . . — Map (db m30375) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Port MiddletownPort Middletown Plaza
Port Middletown, located at Third St. (Central Ave.), was the main port along the Miami & Erie Canal. A scale was located there and tolls were collected. [Photos] Left, a fire in 1881 at the Ben Smith Livery at Port Middletown has just been . . . — Map (db m30418) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Remembrance Rock
About 20,000 years ago this pink granite boulder was brought from Canada by the Wisconsin Glacier and deposited near here, along the Great Miami River. — Map (db m29625) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Start of the Miami and Erie Canal1825 - 1929
In emulation of those who, July 21, 1825, here began the building of the Miami & Erie Canal, this Ohio property was rededicated November 2, 1929, to its original purpose - transportation, with the confident hope that a super-highway . . . — Map (db m29665) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — The Miami & Erie Canal in MiddletownPort Middletown Plaza
Ohio's canal system was the most effective between 1827 and 1850, before the introduction of the railroads. In Middletown, the canal was still used well into the 20th century but in 1913 a devastating flood destroyed much of the canal. In 1929 . . . — Map (db m30430) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — The Miami & Erie Canal Lift Bridge
The lift bridge built in 1899 across the Miami & Erie Canal at Third Street (now Central Ave.), was the third bridge at this site since the canal began in 1825. An electric motor was used to raise the west portion of the floor of the bridge up the . . . — Map (db m30431) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — Underground Railroad Route1830 - 1860
Verity Pkw. once Miami-Erie Canal an Underground Railroad route 1830 - 1860 Those traveling along Underground Railroad found safe stations in N. Main St. homes of African-Americans listed on other side Rice • Hawkins • Colston . . . — Map (db m29667) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Middletown — World War II Veterans Memorial BenchDedicated to All Veterans
Lest we forget their generation Honoring the men and women who have served But let us be glad that such heroes have lived and mourn those who gave the ultimate sacrifice “Battle of the Bulge” 800,000 soldiers . . . — Map (db m29669) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Millville — 2-9 — Bethel Chapel1815 - 1873
William Holmes McGuffey, author of the Eclectic Series of Readers, was ordained a Presbyterian minister in a log meeting house on this site in 1829. The ordination was performed by Robert Bishop, President of Miami University, and other ministers . . . — Map (db m24060) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Miltonville — Bambo Harris Grist Mill
In c1795 Bambo Harris a freed black slave built and operated the first Water Driven gristmill in the area on Elk Creek. For fifty years his Millstones ground wheat and corn. A member of the Prairie Baptist Church, he was highly respected in the . . . — Map (db m28779) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Miltonville — 5-9 — Village of Miltonville
The village of Miltonville, located along the banks of Elk Creek, was platted in 1816 by George Bennett, Theophilus Eaglesfield, and Richard V. V. Crane. The creek served two grist mills, one built around 1804 and operated by a free black, Bambo . . . — Map (db m28776) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Okeana — 26-9 — 1858 Morgan Township House / Copperheadism in Butler County
Side A: 1858 Morgan Township House On April 20, 1857, the trustees of Morgan Township met in Okeana to obtain a lot for the township house. From a quarter mill tax levy, $850 was budgeted for a house and lot. Money expended on the project . . . — Map (db m24000) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Okeana — 1-31 — Birthplace of William BebbGovernor of Ohio — 1846-1848 —
Edward Bebb, father of William Bebb and first Welshman to settle in Paddy's Run, Morgan Township, Butler County purchased this cabin in 1801. Originally the cabin stood four miles southeast of this site on the Dry Fork of the Whitewater River. It . . . — Map (db m24001) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Okeana — Founding Members of the Morgan Township Fire Department
Our Founding Members Earl Bennett Zelotes Brown Homer Davis Leonard Fagaly Robert L. Kimball Fred Mabis Eli Parkhurst Stanley Scheering Carl Skjoldager Frank L. Tompkins This Fire Station is dedicated in memory of . . . — Map (db m24782) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Alpha Delta PhiOlder Marker on the South Porch
In October 1833 was organized at Old Miami a chapter of Alpha Delta Phi- the first Greek letter fraternity to expand west of the Alleghenies. With this event Miami became the fourth college in the United States to . . . — Map (db m107742) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Alumnae HallRemnants of a Glorious Past
Alumnae Hall Built: 1890- 1892 Razed: 1977 Born of the vision of President Leila McKee and built through the generousity of Olivia Meily Brice, Class of 1866 and Western’s first woman Trustee, Alumnae Hall was truly the gift of women to . . . — Map (db m107803) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 33-9 — Bunker Hill Universalist Church/Bunker Hill Cemetery
(side A) Bunker Hill Universalist Church The Bunker Hill Society was organized about 1845 and fellowshipped in 1854. A frame meeting house, capable of seating 300, was dedicated in 1855. Thirty people united with the church . . . — Map (db m107789) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 9-9 — Freedom Summer 1964
In what was called the "Freedom Summer" of 1964, more than 800 volunteers, most of them college students, gathered at the Western College for Women (now Western Campus of Miami University) to prepare for African-American voter registration in the . . . — Map (db m107802) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 34- 9 — Indian Creek Baptist ChurchThe Indian Creek Pioneer Burial Ground
Side A The Indian Creek Regular Baptist Church was established in 1810 as an arm of the Little Cedar Creek Church of Brookville, Indiana. The congregation purchased three acres of land for a burial ground and church and built a log structure . . . — Map (db m120291) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 15-9 — Langstroth Cottage / Lorenzo Langstroth"The Bee-Man of Oxford"
Side A: Langstroth Cottage Reverend Lorenzo Langstroth, renowned as "The Father of American Beekeeping," lived in this simple two-story, eight-room house with his wife, Anne, and their three children from 1858 to 1887. Unchanged externally, the . . . — Map (db m24009) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Milford Township Veterans Memorial
Milford Township Veterans Memorial

The seventh township in order of creation, it was erected from St. Clair Township by the Butler County Commissioners on December 2, 1805 — Map (db m103319) HM WM

Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 29-9 — Mother of FraternitiesAlpha Delta Phi
In 1833, Samuel Eells founded Alpha Delta Phi (ΑΔΦ), the first fraternity west of the Allegheny Mountains and the first fraternity at Miami University. The formation of Miami's Alpha (founding) chapters followed in the next two . . . — Map (db m107741) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 32-9 — Oxford Female Institute / Caroline Scott Harrison 1832-1892
Oxford Female Institute Chartered in 1849, the Institute was the first of three women's colleges established in Oxford. The original brick building was completed in 1850, and forms the core structure. The Reverend John Witherspoon Scott, a . . . — Map (db m107675) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Oxford Veterans Memorial
In honor of all veterans who proudly served our country and flag Gratefully dedicated to those who offered their lives in the cause of freedom Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park “When people get caught up . . . — Map (db m24783) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 38-9 — Percy MacKaye / "The Poet's Shack"
Percy Mackaye Percy MacKaye (1875-1956) was a poet and dramatist elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1914. From 1920-1924, MacKaye held the position of writer-in-residence at Miami University, the first position of its . . . — Map (db m140417) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 35- 9 — Stanton's "Magnificent Dwelling" / Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Stanton's "Magnificent Dwelling" Home of Two Miami University Presidents

Built by “Old Miami” University President Robert L. Stanton, D.D. (1810-1885) as his private home and president’s office, Stanton’s 1868 Italianate . . . — Map (db m120312) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Stillwell Cemetery Veterans Memorial
In remembrance of our fallen heroes known only but to God — Map (db m97825) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 24- 9 — Stillwell’s Corners
side A A cemetery was established on the site in 1811 and became the final resting place for many of the area's early pioneer families. The Hanover Township Trustees obtained title to the land in 1823 from John and Anna Farnsworth, and it . . . — Map (db m97814) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — The Act of 17941732- 1932
(bust of Washington)

The Act of 1794

In the name of the United States of America: It is hereby declared that one complete township or tract of land, of six miles square, to be located with the approbation of the governor, for . . . — Map (db m116659) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 11-9 — The Black (Pugh's Mill) Covered Bridge
Front One of the few remaining covered bridges in southwestern Ohio and the only one in Butler County on its original site, this bridge was built in 1868-1869 to give access to a saw and grist mill owned by James B. Pugh on Four Mile . . . — Map (db m86977) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 13-9 — The DeWitt Family / The DeWitt Log Homestead
Side A: The DeWitt Family Zachariah Price DeWitt was born of a Dutch family in New Jersey in 1768. With brothers Jacob and Peter, he migrated to Kentucky where, in 1790, he married Elizabeth Teets, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1774. By . . . — Map (db m24064) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 27-9 — The Doty Settlement / The Pioneer Farmstead
Side A: The Doty Settlement As Oxford Township was developing in the mid-1800s, a cluster of farmsteads near its northern border was designated the "Doty Settlement." As was the custom, the community took its name from a prominent family in . . . — Map (db m24015) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — The Legend of the Baby in the Well
This original dug well relates to one of the several fascinating legends of Zachariah and Elizabeth DeWitt. As reported by Ralph McGinnis in The History of Oxford, Ohio, from the Earliest Days to the Present, Zachariah heard Elizabeth's . . . — Map (db m24072) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 23-9 — The Restoration Movement / Doty Settlement Cemetery
Side A: The Restoration Movement In the early years of the nineteenth century, a religious unrest known as the Second Great Awakening spread across much of the American frontier. Among the most influential of the evolving religious . . . — Map (db m24051) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — The Verlin L. Pulley Tower
The life of Verlin L. Pulley was long intertwined with Miami University. A member of the class of 1925 A trustee from 1959 to 1965 A resident orf Oxford since graduation and mayor of Oxford from 1936-1940 The founder of Capitol Varsity . . . — Map (db m25006) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Upham Hall
This building is named for the fourteenth president of the university 1928-1945 who met the challenges of depression and war Alfred H. Upham Member of the class of 1897 whose "Old Miami" tells the story of her first . . . — Map (db m140481) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — William Holmes McGuffey1800 - 1873
Who, while professor in Miami University compiled the famous McGuffey Readers which established the social standards of the Great Middle West of the United States for three-quarters of a century. Professor of Miami University 1825-36 . . . — Map (db m24781) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 14-9 — William Holmes McGuffey House
William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1873) was a Miami University faculty member in 1836 when he compiled the first edition of the McGuffey Eclectic Reader in this house. His Reader taught lessons in reading, spelling, and civic education by . . . — Map (db m24012) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Shandon — 17-9 — Paddy's Run
The foundation for the first Welsh settlement in Ohio was laid on June 29, 1801, when William and Morgan Gwilym purchased land in what is now Morgan Township at the Cincinnati Land Office. The Welsh, who settled in Pennsylvania beginning in the late . . . — Map (db m23991) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Trenton — Founder's Park
Site of the home of Trenton's founder, Michael Pearce, and his wife, Phebe Squier Pearce. The family migrated from New Jersey in 1801, purchased 1,500 acres, and settled in this location. Michael Pearce and David Enyeart platted the village of 33 . . . — Map (db m29681) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Trenton — 18-9 — The Village of Trenton / The Elk Creek Baptist Church and Cemetery
Side A: The Village of Trenton Platted 1816. Incorporated as Village 1895. Became a city 1971 Trenton's founder, Michael Pearce, came to the area in 1801. The original village of 33 lots was named Bloomfield. When the post office was . . . — Map (db m28792) HM
Ohio (Butler County), West Chester — 20-9 — The Voice of America Bethany Station
During the height of World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt turned to the innovative engineers of the Crosley Broadcasting Corporation to build powerful short wave radio transmitters capable of delivering broadcasts overseas. On farm fields . . . — Map (db m23994) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Woodsdale — 6-9 — Chrisholm
This farm, Chrisholm (German for home farm of Christian Augspurger), was established in 1830 by Christian Augspurger (1782-1848), leader of the Amish Mennonite settlement in Butler County. The Amish selected this area because of rich, fertile . . . — Map (db m122421) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Woodsdale — The Amish Mennonite Settlement
. . . — Map (db m122555) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Woodsdale — OHS 6- 9 — Woodsdale
This hamlet, located one mile southwest from here, was never platted, but was named after William Woods, president of the three-story brick Woodsdale paper mill constructed in 1867. Flanking the mill were the company office and store and several . . . — Map (db m122420) HM

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