“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Ohio

Covenanter Church Marker image, Touch for more information
By J. J. Prats, April 16, 2019
Covenanter Church Marker
1 Ohio, Adams County, Cherry Fork — 3-1 — Covenanter Church1804
In 1804, a group of Scotch-Irish Covenanters from Rockbridge County, Virginia, erected a log church on this location. In 1805, they organized the Cherry Fork Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Two brick churches were also built on this . . . Map (db m133853) HM
2 Ohio, Adams County, Manchester — 13-1 — Israel Donalson / Manchester Founders CemeteryMember of the First Constitutional Convention of Ohio / 1791-1888 Reported missing
Israel Donalson, member of the First Constitutional Convention of Ohio. In May 1800, Congress passed an act building the Northwest Territory, with the western division becoming Indiana Territory and the eastern called the Territory of the . . . Map (db m136539) HM
3 Ohio, Adams County, Manchester — Jeremiah Ellis1789-1857
Son of Nathan Ellis 1749-1819 Founder of “Ellis Ferry,” now Aberdeen, Ohio Established the Ellis Family Graveyard on his farm near Ellis’ Landing on the Ohio River Sprigg Township, Adams County, Ohio about 1820 ———— It was with thoughtful . . . Map (db m185498) HM
4 Ohio, Adams County, Manchester — Joseph Moore1754—1824
A local preacher organized a Methodist Society in 1797 at his home on the Scioto Brush Creek north of the village of Blue Creek in Adams County in the Northwest Territory. In August 1800 the Society built a log church on a site provided by Mr. . . . Map (db m185497) HM
5 Ohio, Adams County, Manchester — 17-1 — Manchester
Manchester was founded in 1791 by Nathaniel Massie as a base to survey the land warrants of American Revolutionary War soldiers in the Virginia Military District. This bank of the Ohio River provided a secure site for the last civilian stockade . . . Map (db m136536) HM
6 Ohio, Adams County, Manchester — 11-1 — Manchester, OhioFirst Settlement, Virginia Military District
In 1784, the state of Virginia ceded all of its Northwest Territory to the federal government except for this tract to satisfy the land bounties owed to its Revolutionary War soldiers. The Virginia Military District extended from the Scioto River . . . Map (db m136532) HM
7 Ohio, Adams County, Manchester — 4-1 — Massie’s Station1791
Massie’s Station, built in 1791, was the fourth permanent settlement center in Ohio and the last stockade settlement built in Ohio. It provided protection from the Indians for Manchester’s settlers until 1794. Manchester was . . . Map (db m136537) HM
8 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — 1-5 — Adams County Mineral Springs
Medicinal value of springs promoted by Charles Matheny, 1840. First hotel built 1864 and resort named Sodaville. Under ownership of General Benjamin Coates, 1888–91, Smith Grimes 1891–08, and J. W. Rogers 1908–20. Mineral Springs Health Resort . . . Map (db m132963) HM
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9 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — Burial Mound
Adena culture 600 B.C. to A.D. 100Map (db m214410) HM
10 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — Burial Mound
Fort Ancient culture A.D. 1000 to 1650Map (db m214411) HM
11 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — Cairn of Peace
First plaque Cairn of Peace dedicated at World’s Conservation Exposition and 5th World Plowing Contest September 19- 20, 1957 Second plaque These competitors were in the World Plowing Matches Peebles, Ohio . . . Map (db m121814) HM
12 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — 14 — Locust GroveAbandoned to the Rebels — John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
On the night of July 15, 1863, Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan and his Confederate raiders set up camp along a seven-mile stretch between the villages of Jacksonville and Locust Grove. The following morning, General Morgan rode into Locust . . . Map (db m214407) HM
13 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — 1-6 — Peebles Reported missing
Platted in 1881 by Isaiah Custer on the junction of old Zane's Trace (1796-97) and the Cincinnati & Eastern Railway (1881). Incorporated 1886. Named after John G. Peebles, Portsmouth, Ohio businessman. David Nixon constructed the first house in . . . Map (db m223788) HM
14 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — 15-1 — Serpent Mound
One of North America’s most spectacular effigy mounds, Serpent Mound is a gigantic earthen sculpture representative of a snake. Built on a spur of rock overlooking Ohio Brush Creek around 1000 A.D. by the Fort Ancient culture, the earthwork . . . Map (db m214413) HM
15 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — The Serpent In American Indian Traditions
In the traditions of many American Indian tribes, the Great Serpent was a powerful spirit. People could call upon the Great Serpent for the power to cure-illnesses or to be successful in hunting animals. The Great Serpent offered its power in the . . . Map (db m214415) HM
16 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — The Shawnee And The King Of The Serpents
According to Tenskwatawa, often referred to as the Shawnee Prophet, when the first Shawnee people came to this land many thousands of years ago, several warriors were lost when they were taken beneath the sea on the back of an immense turtle. . . . Map (db m214417) HM
17 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — The Village Site
Frederic W. Putnam, the Harvard University archaeologist who studied Serpent Mound in the late 1800s, described this area as a village site - actually two overlapping village sites, one earlier and one later. Here he found "sites of . . . Map (db m214418) HM
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18 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — What Is An Effigy Mound?
An effigy mound is a geoglyph, or symbol made of earth. The most common effigy mounds in North America are animal effigies. Ohio has only two well-documented effigy mounds, Serpent Mound and Alligator Mound. Ohio's effigy mounds were . . . Map (db m214420) HM
19 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles — 2-1 — Wickerham Inn1800-01
The inn was built 1800-01 by Peter Wickerham, a Revolutionary War veteran. It was used as an overnight stagecoach stop and tavern on Zane's Trace until ca. 1850. Runaway slaves were hidden here when the "Underground Railroad" was in operation. . . . Map (db m108129) HM
20 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles, Bratton Township — Astronomical Alignments At Serpent Mound
The head of Serpent Mound is lined up to the point on the western horizon where the sun sets on the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year. Some think the three main curves of the serpent's body point to the Summer Solstice sunrise, . . . Map (db m214409) HM
21 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles, Bratton Township — Exploring Serpent MoundFredric Ward Putnam
"the most singular sensation of awe and admiration overwhelmed me … there seemed to come to me a picture as of a distant time, of a people with strange customs, and with it came the demand for an interpretation of this mystery. The . . . Map (db m214412) HM
22 Ohio, Adams County, Peebles, Bratton Township — Serpent Mound Impact Crater
Serpent Mound sits within a large crater almost nine miles across. The bedrock in the center of the crater has been thrust upwards to between 400 and 900 feet above its original position, while an outer ring of bedrock has dropped from at least . . . Map (db m214414) HM
23 Ohio, Adams County, Rome — 8-1 — Rome(Stout Post Office)
A thriving riverport in the 19th Century founded in 1835 by William Stout. Elisha Stout, son of William, born and raised here, was one of the founding fathers of Omaha, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado. Former site of Adamsville which served as the . . . Map (db m73138) HM
24 Ohio, Adams County, Seaman — 1-7 — Seaman
Founded 1887 by John Q. Roads on the Cincinnati & Eastern Railway (1881) and the Old West Union Road (1807). Incorporated 1911. Named after Franklin Seaman who donated land to the railroad for a station. Home of Will Rogers, "The Black King of the . . . Map (db m108200) HM
25 Ohio, Adams County, Sinking Spring — Welcome To Serpent Mound
"Serpent Mound was purposefully built for a special, sacred purpose. I should think that anyone that views the Serpent will realize its sacredness and treat this place as they would any cathedral, synagogue, or mosque. When we see . . . Map (db m214419) HM
26 Ohio, Adams County, Sinking Spring — Who Built Serpent Mound?
The ancestors of the American Indians of the Eastern Woodlands built Serpent Mound, but archaeologists disagree about when they built it. Some argue that the Adena culture built the mound around 2,300 years ago. This is the same culture . . . Map (db m214422) HM
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27 Ohio, Adams County, Sinking Spring, Brushcreek Township — A Missing Coil?
Archaeologists from Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. assisted by volunteers, followed up on the magnetometry survey by excavating a trench across a portion of the lost coll feature. The results suggested that part of the mound had once covered this . . . Map (db m214408) HM
28 Ohio, Adams County, Sinking Spring, Brushcreek Township — The Serpent Mound
The serpent head was first described by Squire and Davis in "Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley" 1843 Saved from destruction in 1885 by Fredrick Ward Futnam, Professor of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University. . . . Map (db m214416) HM
29 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — Adams County Heritage Center
This structure erected 1835 as Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Congregation organized in 1812. Many members active participants in Underground Railroad. Church closed 1894. Oscar C. Roebuck operated mortuary here 1909 ’till 1936. Then used . . . Map (db m135304) HM
30 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — Adams County War Memorial
Dedicated to the valiant men and women of Adams County who served their country with honor and distinction in all wars
"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it" George Santayana, American Poet and . . . Map (db m199323) WM
31 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — Bell
Bell from Second Adams County Courthouse 1811 - 1876Map (db m199322) HM
32 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — 1-1 — Bradford Tavern1804
The Bradford Tavern, West Union’s first inn built circa 1804, served the Maysville-Zanesville stagecoach route and such travelers as Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and Santa Anna. After 1840, it was continued as the Marlatt House and, later, the . . . Map (db m135307) HM
33 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — Corp. Carey Mc. Moore
In memory of Corp. Carey Mc. Moore Co. L 148, Inf. 37, Div. Born Dec. 6, 1896 Killed In Action Argonne Forest Sept. 29, 1918Map (db m199324) WM
34 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — 18-1 — Cowboy Copas / The Oklahoma Cowboy
Country music writer and recording star Lloyd Estel Copas was born on July 15, 1913 on Moon Hollow near Blue Creek in Adams County, Ohio. Reared by musical parents, he learned to play the guitar and fiddle at an early age and began a singing . . . Map (db m135306) HM
35 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — 12-1 — First Presbyterian ChurchThomas Kirker — American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site —
side A First Presbyterian Church The First Presbyterian Church of West Union, built in 1810, is known as the "Church of the Governors." Although the date is uncertain, the congregation was organized circa 1800 on Thomas Kirker's land on . . . Map (db m122227) HM
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36 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — First West Union Post Office
First West Union Post Office Est. 1805Map (db m214440) HM
37 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — Hon. John T. Wilson's Tribute To The Soldiers
Hon. John T. Wilson's tribute to the Soldiers. 1861 - 1865. Ohio Bicentennial 1803-2003 Rededicated June 14, 2003 In celebration of the Ohio Bicentennial In memory of the Soldiers of Adams County Ohio who were killed or died . . . Map (db m199326) WM
38 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — 14-1 — Lafferty Funeral Collection
The William Lafferty Memorial Funeral and Carriage Collection shows the development of the funeral business since the mid-1800s through an exhibit of caskets, funeral clothing, and hearses collected and preserved by James William . . . Map (db m135347) HM
39 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — Olde Wayside Inn
Ohio's oldest standing inn still in use. Built in 1804.Map (db m199307) HM
40 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — 19-1 — Pioneer County Seat / Camp Hamer
A short distance south of Zane’s Trace, West Union was established by an act of the Ohio Legislature on April 13, 1803, as the seat of Adams County. West Union was surveyed in the spring of the following year, and became important stagecoach . . . Map (db m135312) HM
41 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — 10-1 — The Bentonville Anti-Horse Thief Society
Originally a vigilante group, the Anti-Horse Thief Society was formed here in March 1853 by area landowners to recover stolen horses and prosecute the thieves. Horse theft was a serious offense in the antebellum era. Trustees nominated a captain and . . . Map (db m214406) HM
42 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — 16-1 — West Union Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church / Reverend John Graham
Members of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church settled in Adams County as early as 1797. The West Union congregation was organized in 1812, and a lot was purchased for the construction of a public house of worship. This brick church, . . . Map (db m135303) HM
43 Ohio, Adams County, West Union — Zane TraceTreber Inn — Asahel Eddington —
Ohio’s first highway and mail route authorized by Congress 1796 marked and cleared in 1797 by Col. Ebenezer Zane a blazed trail, it became the route of the old stage line from Maysville to Wheeling used by noted statesmen to and from the . . . Map (db m121836) HM
44 Ohio, Adams County, Winchester — 13 — WinchesterCapturing the Daily Stagecoach — John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan and his raiders galloped into Winchester about 8:30 am on July 15, 1863. The rebels immediately began searching businesses and private residences for firearms, food, horses and anything else that . . . Map (db m108236) HM
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45 Ohio, Adams County, Winchester — 9-1 — Winchester, Ohio – 1815 / Morgan’s Raid – 1863
Winchester, Ohio. Founded November 8, 1815 by General Joseph Darlinton and named for his Virginia birthplace. Winchester was incorporated in 1864 and later became the eastern terminus of the Cincinnati and Eastern Railway (1877-1880). The . . . Map (db m133890) HM
46 Ohio, Adams County, Wrightsville — Buckeye Station
One half mile north of this monument the home of Gen. Nathaniel Massie, founder of Manchester in 1791, first settlement in the Virginia Military District. Residence of Charles Willing Byrd, Secretary and Acting Governor, Northwest Territory and . . . Map (db m45344) HM
47 Ohio, Allen County, Beaverdam — Beaverdam & Vicinity World War II MemorialLiberty
Dedicated to those from Beaverdam & vicinity who served their country in the war for the liberty of the world 1941 - 1945 To honor all men and women of this community who nobly served their country in World War II and in memory of . . . Map (db m29927) WM
48 Ohio, Allen County, Beaverdam — Beaverdam Veterans Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to all the men an women who served our country in times of war and peace so that we might have the freedoms we all love. Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. …It flies with the last breath of each . . . Map (db m196214) WM
49 Ohio, Allen County, Beaverdam — Beaverdam Village Park
Bell cast in 1892 for Town Hall relocated 2005 by "Friends of The Park"Map (db m196216) HM
50 Ohio, Allen County, Beaverdam — Lincoln Highway Memorial
This marker dedicated to Carl Fisher father of the Lincoln HighwayMap (db m196217) HM
51 Ohio, Allen County, Bluffton — Bluffton
Swiss settlement founded 1837. Home of Bluffton College.Map (db m196219) HM
52 Ohio, Allen County, Bluffton — Bluffton Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to those who served who are serving who will serve for God and CountryMap (db m196220) WM
53 Ohio, Allen County, Bluffton — Boehr Block125 N. Main St. and Vine St. — 1969 to 20-- —
First National Bank - 1892-1918 Day Barber Shop - 100+ years Bluffton Post Office - 1904 Hamp Swank Restaurant - circa 1919 Carter Notion Store 5¢ to 10¢ - circa 1922 Moser-Bixel Ford Floor Mats - circa 1925 Kroger Store - circa 1925 . . . Map (db m196221) HM
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54 Ohio, Allen County, Bluffton — Celebrating Our Heritage Mural
Bluffton, Ohio Est. 1861 Celebrating Our Heritage This fair lady continues to bless our modern & diverse community. Early explorers & surveyors paved the way for Mennonite homesteads. Native peoples enjoying Nature's . . . Map (db m196224) HM
55 Ohio, Allen County, Cairo — 8-2 — More Than a Game
Memorial Park hosted the famous Kansas City Monarchs during a barnstorming tour on August 4, 1961. The home team was the Lima Metro League’s Cairo Merchants. Legendary pitcher Leroy “Satchel” Paige (1906-1982) appeared on the mound for the Monarchs. . . . Map (db m230339) HM
56 Ohio, Allen County, Conant, Amanda Township — Maplewood Cemetery Veterans Memorial
A tribute to honor those who served our country in the armed forcesMap (db m235860) WM
57 Ohio, Allen County, Conant, Amanda Township — POW-MIA Still Missing / Wake Up America
WWII 78,000+ Korea 8,000+ Vietnam 1,700+ Cold War 100+ Desert Storm-Iraq ? Thanks for Remembering the ones who haven't returned home When one American is not worth the effort to be found, we as Americans have lost.Map (db m235861) WM
58 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — 09.11.2001
Somerset County, PA • New York, NY • Washington, DC 09.11.2001 A Day Not To Be ForgottenMap (db m184337) WM
59 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — American Legion Veterans Memorial Bench
When you go home tell them of us and say for their tomorrow we gave our today John MaxwellMap (db m166749) WM
60 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos
Founded 1845 on the Miami and Erie Canal by Rev. John O. and Ferdinand BredeickMap (db m155449) HM
61 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos / Miami Erie Canal
Delphos Delphos began and flourished as separate settlements: East Bredeick, West Bredeick, Howard, and Section Ten (named after a section of the canal). In 1851, Father John Otto Bredeick, a Bavarian priest who had purchased and founded this . . . Map (db m159752) HM
62 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Civil War Memorial
(Side 1) Erected by Reul Post No. 95 G.A.R. And our patriotic people 1898 (Side 2) Liberty and equal rights for all Now and forever (Side 3) Dedicated to Our country's defenders and Preservers The . . . Map (db m166762) WM
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63 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Eagles Veterans Memorial Bench
Eagles are people helping people Honoring all veterans who have servedMap (db m166770) WM
64 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Korea War Memorial
Hilary Allemeier • Leonard Finlay • Donald J. Pohlman • Harry Ricker • Charles E. Stocklin "They will live in our hearts forever" Hills of Snow Fifty thousand were laid low since we fought for hills of snow did our best . . . Map (db m166748) WM
65 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Operation Desert Storm Memorial
Operation Desert Storm Aug. 2, 1990 Nov. 30, 1995Map (db m166765) WM
66 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Operation Enduring Freedom Memorial
Operation Enduring Freedom Oct. 24, 2001Map (db m166766) WM
67 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Operation Iraqi Freedom Memorial
Operation Iraqi Freedom Mar. 19, 2003 Aug. 31, 2010 Map (db m166767) WM
68 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos P.O.W. & M.I.A. Memorial
Prisoner Of War Missing In Action In Remembrance of Sacrifice Beyond MeasureMap (db m166763) WM
69 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos' The Purple Heart Memorial
The Purple Heart A greater measure of service Awarded to those wounded or killed in service to their country for military merit.Map (db m166764) WM
70 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Veterans Memorial
…remember those who served, those who fought… those still missing, and those who gave their last full measure of devotion for our country. -President Ronald ReaganMap (db m166769) WM
71 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos Vietnam War Memorial
David Bracker • Robert King • John Merschman • Curtis Stocklin
"They answered the call" It has always been the soldier It is the soldier, not the president who gives us democracy. It is the soldier, not the . . . Map (db m166750) WM
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72 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos World War I Memorial
Thomas Callahan • George H. Hemme • Raymond V. Patton • Edwin C. Smith • George J. Nolte • Clifford Lambert • Glenn Truesdale • Claude L. Walterick • Herman Weaver • William A. Sheeter • Ferrell R. Swink "Their valor shall . . . Map (db m166760) WM
73 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Delphos World War II Memorial
Our fallen heroes Gone but not forgotten Evan H Jones Jr • Jesse Black • Thomas Bohnlein • Richard Bryan • Edward Burger • Norman Clawson • David Ditto • Clement Falter • Chaplain • Harold Flanagan • Walter French • . . . Map (db m166746) WM
74 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Fraternal Order of Eagles Veterans Memorial Bench
We salute those who gave some and honor those who gave all.Map (db m166747) WM
75 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Jacob Dienstberger Historic House
Built prior to the Civil War, circa 1850's. The oldest brick house in Delphos, displaying Federal and Greek Revival style influences. Moved to the present site on July 10, 2000 by Historic Landmarks of Delphos.Map (db m184338) HM
76 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — Quarried Rock
Quarried Rock used in Canal Locks and AqueductsMap (db m184334) HM
77 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church
On this site once stood the original St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Built in 1844, the one and one-half story 18'×24' log structure served as a church, as a home for the founding pastor, the Rev. John Otto Bredeick, and as a school. . . . Map (db m184335) HM
78 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — The Last Measure of Devotion
As the sound of the bugler's tap fades away the dignity and pride of the veteran remains The last measure of devotionMap (db m166771) WM
79 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos — VFW Veterans Memorial Bench
You sit in the presence of those who were willing to sacrifice their lives in defense of their country.Map (db m166751) WM
80 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos, Marion Township — Landeck Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to those who servedMap (db m236415) WM
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81 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos, Marion Township — Marguerite Canal Boat Recovery Site
1987 Site of recovery of remains of canal boat Marguerite 2014 on display at Canal MuseumMap (db m228002) HM
82 Ohio, Allen County, Delphos, Marion Township — Veterans Memorial
In honor of our departed veteransMap (db m228005) WM
83 Ohio, Allen County, Elida — Abraham Doner
Sacred to the memory of Abraham Doner 1795-1854 Founder of several Lutheran Congregations in Allen County, Ohio Buried with other Lutheran Pioneers on this siteMap (db m196321) HM
84 Ohio, Allen County, Elida — Allentown, Ohio
Settled by veterans War 1812 Founded by William Myers and George Povenmire March 15 1834 Early settlers of Allentown Ohio 1828 - 1900 John Enslen • George Myers • Smith Cremean • Charles G. Wright . . . Map (db m208370) WM
85 Ohio, Allen County, Elida — Hermon Woodlands Veterans Memorial
To all Hermon, Rager, Freund and Plescher family members who have served in the U.S. military: We are very grateful for your contributions to our country.Map (db m196313) WM
86 Ohio, Allen County, Elida — Veterans Memorial
In memory of all veterans who served this countryMap (db m208378) WM
87 Ohio, Allen County, Elida — Walter M. Lawson, Jr.
Elida, Ohio Village Solicitor January, 1974 - December, 2008 Memorial Husband, Father, Friend World War II and Korean War veteran Lawyer - Civic Leader - Church Leader A quiet, soft spoken gentle man ready to help make your life . . . Map (db m196320) HM
88 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Johnny Appleseed Tree
This tree has sprouted from the roots of a tree planted by John Chapman around 1830.Map (db m196046) HM
89 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — M1E1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
Originally built in 1983, this M1E1 Abrams Main Battle Tank was one of 14 prototypes used as engineering test vehicles. This M1 was returned to the Lima Army Tank Plant in late 1993 for refurbishment and permanent display. A team of U.S. . . . Map (db m196375) HM
90 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Mary Shafer
. . . Map (db m196044) HM
91 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Sharp School Bell
This original alloy steel school bell rang for the children attending the Sharp School located on Delong Road. The Sharp School was built in 1870 and was one of eleven one-room school houses in Shawnee Township by 1874. In 1926, ten of the schools . . . Map (db m196047) HM
92 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Shawnee Indian Reservation / U.S. Military Reserve
Shawnee Indian Reservation 1817-1831 Established by treaty with the Shawnee Indians September 29, 1817, following the War of 1812. This 25 square mile reservation which adjoined the United States military reserve, was occupied by the . . . Map (db m196048) HM
93 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag MonumentU.S. Coast Guard-Semper Paratus-Always Ready
Poppies represent the wars in Europe in which America was involved. The tall grasses represent the jungle wars in which America has fought.
In Flanders Fields In Flanders fields the poppies grow Between the crosses, . . . Map (db m196376) HM WM
94 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag MonumentU.S. Marines-Semper Fidelis-Always Faithful
The many boulders you see represent the conflicts and wars in which the United States of America has been involved since 1776. Those conflicts and wars are identified on the gray plates at the bottom of each flag column.Map (db m196377) WM
95 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag MonumentU.S. Army-This We'll Defend
The monument is made of five pillars, each twenty feet tall, bearing porcelain tile or “brick plates". Each red, white, or blue brick has the name of a veteran, current service person, or citizens who simply want to say, "Thank You” to our . . . Map (db m196378) WM
96 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag MonumentThe concept of the Freedom flag Monument
The concept of the Freedom flag Monument began in 2001 as a way to thank U.S. Veterans for their service. Initiated and guided by the UAW from a small cardboard model, plans were developed and ground was broken in 2004. The monument was . . . Map (db m196379) WM
97 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag MonumentIn Honor
The Freedom Flag Monument stands in honor of all U.S. Veterans - past, present, and future. In addition to the five major branches of service, veterans of these services are also recognized: Air National Guard • U.S. Air Force Reserve • . . . Map (db m196380) WM
98 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag Monument4 United States Code (U.S.C.) §§ 1-10 – The Flag
Through the study of the development of the United States flag, we better understand our American heritage, learn an appreciation for the sacrifices of all U.S. veterans and realize the need to continue strong leadership, strong citizenship . . . Map (db m196381) HM
99 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag MonumentU.S. Air Force-Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win
Small amounts of soil collected from the major battlefields of the wars and conflicts to date have been collected and buried within the monument. Ongoing soil collection is taking place. Samples of each are on display in the Freedom Flag Monument . . . Map (db m196382) WM
100 Ohio, Allen County, Fort Shawnee — Veterans Freedom Flag MonumentU.S. Navy–Non Sibi Sed Patriae–Not for Self, but Country
Each of the five columns represents a branch of the Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. The five pine trees behind the monuments also represent our ever-ready Armed Forces.Map (db m196383) WM

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