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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Philadelphia PA 19106

"…a device like a bellpull…" Marker image, Touch for more information
By Devry Becker Jones, February 26, 2022
"…a device like a bellpull…" Marker
1Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…a device like a bellpull…"
"…a device like a bellpull, at the head of the Doctor's bed, raised and lowered an iron, bolt through staples at the top of the door; until this bolt was raised the door could not be opened." Col Carr's Recollections May 25, . . . Map (db m192921) HM
2Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…as to oiling…"
"…as to oiling the floors, it may be omitted till I return." Ben to Deborah Franklin London, Fall, 1765Map (db m192930) HM
3Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…his library is…"
"…his library is a very large chamber…the walls are covered with shelves filled with books. Four large alcoves also filled in the same manner." Dr. Manasseh Cutler's Diary July 13, 1787Map (db m192940) HM
4Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…his little room…"
"…his little room makes a singular appearance, being filled with old philosophical instruments, papers, boxes, tables and stools…" Arthur Ellicott's Diary Dec. 4, 1785Map (db m192948) HM
5Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…I want also the dimensions…"
"…I want also the dimensions of the windows in the little north room and the number of them for which you would have me bring curtains." Ben to Deborah Franklin London, Fall 1765Map (db m192949) HM
6Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…in the front room…"
"…in the front room which I have designed for guests I have the bed which you sent from England, a chamber mahogany table and stand." Deborah Franklin to Ben Phila., Fall 1765Map (db m192944) HM
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7Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…in the room we call yours…"
"…in the room we call yours is your desk, the Armonica, a large chest with all your writings, boxes of glasses for the electricity, your clothes and pictures." Deborah Franklin to Ben Phila., Fall 1765Map (db m192946) HM
8Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…in this new room…"
"…in this new room we can dine a company of 24 persons." Ben to his sister Jane Mecom Phila., May 30, 1787Map (db m192932) HM
9Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…is hereby empowered to sieze such Fugitives"
Nobody with dark skin could live without fear of the kidnappers who operated under a virtual man-hunter's license provided by the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793. For free Philadelphians of African descent, fear always stalked the streets as man-stealers . . . Map (db m102438) HM
10Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…it was intended to be an expression of the American mind…"Independence National Historical Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Thomas Jefferson resided at his site while drafting the Declaration of Independence. In little more than two weeks, Jefferson finished his timeless defense of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” While Jefferson labored over . . . Map (db m106131) HM
11Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…let the papier mache…"
"…let the papier mache musical figures be tacked to the middle of the ceiling of the blue room; when this is done, I think it will look very well." Ben to Deborah Franklin London, June 12, 1767Map (db m192927) HM
12Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…that reed stuff…"
"…that reed stuff for curtains is for the two little rooms down stairs." Deborah Franklin to Ben Phila., April 29, 1767Map (db m192913) HM
13Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…the carpenter…"
"…the carpenter is to put up the steps at the north door." Deborah Franklin to Ben Phila, Fall 1765Map (db m192951) HM
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14Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…the curtains are not…"
"…the curtains are not made for the blue room nor did I press for them as we had a great number of flies. It is observed they are very fond of new paint." Deborah Franklin to Ben Phila., Fall 1765Map (db m192926) HM
15Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…three damask tablecloths…"
"…three damask tablecloths and a large true Turkey carpet for the dining parlour cost ten Guineas." Ben to Deborah Franklin London, April 6, 1766Map (db m192922) HM
16Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…two stories of…"
"…two stories of stair ramped, bracketed and wainscoted." Fire Insurance Survey Phila, Aug. 5, 1766Map (db m192929) HM
17Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…two windows at each end…"
"…two windows at each end, the north and south, will make it (drawing/dining room) an airy summer room; and for winter there is a good chimney in the middle made handsome with marble slabs." Ben to his sister Jane Mecom Phila., May 30, . . . Map (db m192939) HM
18Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "An Act respecting fugitives from Justice"
In March of 1793, Washington signed the Fugitive Slave Act, which gave slave owners explicit authority to recover escaped slaved from any part of the nation. Some agents even took advantage of this law to kidnap free people of African descent.Map (db m102240) HM
19Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "Burn this treaty to Hell!"
On July 4, 1795, angry Philadelphians crowded the streets to protest the ratification of the Jay Treaty. The mob burned an effigy of former Chief Justice John Jay, who had negotiated a treaty with England that many people despised for its . . . Map (db m102220) HM
20Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "By this addition…"
"By this addition I have gained a large cellar for wood" Ben to his sister Jane Mecom Phila., May 30, 1787Map (db m192934) HM
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21Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "For the best room in the addition…"
"For the best room in the addition…I want a mirror measuring 59½ French inches long and 43 inches wide…no frame is to be with it as it is fixed over the chimney." Ben to Ferdinand Grand Phila., April 22, 1787Map (db m192933) HM
22Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "Freedom might be too great a temptation"
Hercules, Washington's enslaved chef, asked that his son Richmond be brought to Philadelphia. If Hercules wanted Richmond to witness free people of African descent in Philadelphia, his wish ended after a short period of time. Washington sent . . . Map (db m102439) HM
23Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "Have you moved…"
"Have you moved everything, and put all papers and books in my room, and do you keep it locked?" Ben to Deborah Franklin London, Fall 1765Map (db m192945) HM
24Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "He also showed us…"
"He also showed us his long artificial arm and hand for taking down and putting books up on high shelves, which are out of reach." Diary of Manasseh Culler Phila., Jul. 13, 1787Map (db m192938) HM
25Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "I am free now"
Oney Judge's strong desire for freedom drove the 22-year-old enslaved seamstress to flee the President's House on May 21, 1796. With the help of friends of African descent, she found passage to New Hampshire, where she married, raised a family, . . . Map (db m179587) HM
26Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "I and my household"
On November 22, 1790, President Washington arrived at the President's House to establish his home and office. With him were eight enslaved African descendents, ordered by Washington himself to be rotated back to Mount Vernon to evade Pennsylvania's . . . Map (db m179613) HM
27Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "I hardly know how to justify…"
. . . Map (db m192941) HM
28Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "I will fear no Evil"
Many evenings, Oney Judge would sit on her pallet where she slept at the foot of Martha Washington's bed, sewing and listening to the First Lady read the Bible, sing hymns, and pray with her two granddaughters in the next room. In the 1840s, . . . Map (db m102275) HM
29Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "The blue room has the…"
"The blue room has the armonica and and harpsichord in it, the gilt sconce, a card table, and a set of tea china I brought since you went from home." Deborah Franklin to Ben Phila., Fall 1765Map (db m192928) HM
30Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "This addition is…"
"This addition is on the side next to the river. There are a good many hands employed and I hope to see it covered in before winter." Ben to his sister Jane Mecom Phila., Sept. 21, 1786Map (db m192935) HM
31Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "We have no plates…"
"We have no plates or dishes fit to eat before your friends. The Queen's ware is thought very elegant here, perhaps you could bring them when you return." Sally Franklin Bache to Ben Phila, Oct. 30, 1773Map (db m192920) HM
32Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "We shall come to a civil war"
Abigail wrote to her sister in May of 1798 expressing her fears as the political debate heated up over President Adams' policies towards France. Over one thousand men marched in support of Adams on the street outside her window, while rumors . . . Map (db m102222) HM
33Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “A Man Full of Trouble” Tavern
Built in 1759 with adjoining Paschall House. Last of the 18th century inns of colonial Philadelphia owned by Colonel Blaithewaite Jones, who was in charge of the Delaware River defenses of Philadelphia during the Revolution, and John Wood, famous . . . Map (db m31273) HM
34Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “Common Sense”
At his print shop here, Robert Bell published the first edition of Thomas Paine’s revolutionary pamphlet in January 1776. Arguing for a republican form of government under a written constitution, it played a key role in rallying American support for . . . Map (db m32264) HM
35Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “Evangeline”The Almshouse of the Society of Friends
On this site in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s narrative poem, “Evangeline,” Gabriel LaJeunesse and Evangeline Bellefontaine were reunited in the almshouse of the Society of Friends, located here 1729–1841.Map (db m50804) HM
36Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “The Place You Tread is Holy Ground-”
In this church on the 4th of July 1779 was held the first public - religious commemoration of the Declaration of Independence. Attendance at the Holy Mass, then sung, was The Continental Congress, The President and official head of the new . . . Map (db m9113) HM
37Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — History of the Philadelphia Fire Department Mural Project
About the Mural: This mural project was a partnership of Mural Arts Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD), the PFD Family Association and Wawa to honor and celebrate the first responders in the city of Philadelphia. The PFD's . . . Map (db m210980) HM WM
38Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1684First Glassworks
The first glassworks in America opens in Frankford.Map (db m192824) HM
39Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1689First Free Public Schools
Philadelphia becomes the first city in America to provide free education for all children.Map (db m192830) HM
40Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1702
Compass card, end of the 18th century. View of Philadelphia, 1702. Courtesy of the Historical Society of Philadelphia. The "new" mariner's quadrant was commonly used on ships for obtaining an estimated position. It came into use as . . . Map (db m192820) HM
41Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1710First Rocking Chair Reported damaged
Benjamin Franklin creates the first rocking chair.Map (db m192827) HM
42Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1731The Library Company Reported permanently removed
Benjamin Franklin and members of his discussion club buy the books for the first circulating library in America.Map (db m192840) HM
43Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1736First Volunteer Fire Co.
The Union Fire Company in Philadelphia is America's first active volunteer fire fighting company.Map (db m192852) HM
44Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1742First Puppet Show
The first recorded puppet show in America is staged in Philadelphia.Map (db m192847) HM
45Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1743First Learned Society
Scientific discussion and learning is promoted by the American Philosophical Society, founded by Benjamin Franklin.Map (db m192838) HM
46Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1751First Public Lighting
Philadelphia becomes the first city in America to provide its streets with public lightingMap (db m192815) HM
47Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1754First Editorial Cartoon
Benjamin Franklin draws America's first editorial cartoon, published in the Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9.Map (db m192813) HM
48Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1754
This early version of the modern marine chronometer resolved the problem in navigation on determining longitude accurately. It increased the efficiency and safety of maritime trade and travel, which directly affected the prosperity of the port of . . . Map (db m192831) HM
49Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1761First Paved Street
A public lottery is organized to raise funds to pave Market (then High) Street.Map (db m192834) HM
50Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1766First Theater
America's first theater is established in Southwark.Map (db m192849) HM
51Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1767First Play
The Prince of Pathia, by Thomas Godey Jr., is the first play by an American performed in this country.Map (db m192841) HM
52Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1768First Mustard
Benjamin Jackson begins to manufacture the first mustard in America on Germantown Road.Map (db m192825) HM
53Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1776Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, is read for the first time in a crowd in front of the State House.Map (db m192811) HM
54Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1777First American Flag Reported damaged
Elizabeth Griscomb (Betsy) Ross creates the first american flag based on instructions from George Washington.Map (db m192822) HM
55Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1780First Abolition Act
Philadelphia becomes the first government in the world to legislate against slavery.Map (db m192853) HM
56Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1786
First SteamboatMap (db m192839) HM
57Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1792
First MintMap (db m192833) HM
58Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1793First Balloon Flight
Jean Pierre Blanchard makes the first balloon flight in America, taking off from behind Independence Hall.Map (db m192818) HM
59Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1793First Circus
Master Rickett's Circus performs its enchanting wonders at Twelfth and Market Street.Map (db m192821) HM
60Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1794First Naval Yard
The first United States Naval Yard is built in South Philadelphia.Map (db m192835) HM
61Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1797
First BankMap (db m192846) HM
62Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1798First Waterworks
The first waterworks in America, designed by Benjamin Latrobe, pumps water from the Schuylkill river to the city's population.Map (db m192842) HM
63Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1804First Horseless Carriage
Philadelphia inventor Oliver Evans drives his Orukler Amphibolos, America's first steam driven car, up Market Street.Map (db m192814) HM
64Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1816First Savings Bank
The Philadelphia Savings Fund (PSFS) is the oldest savings bank in America.Map (db m192851) HM
65Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1832First Steam Locomotive
Matthias Baldwin builds America's first successful steam locomotive, nicknamed 'Old Ironsides.'Map (db m192832) HM
66Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1839First American Photograph
Joseph Saxon snaps the nation's first daguerreotype from the second floor window of the U.S. Mint.Map (db m192817) HM
67Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1840
Orukter Amphibolos, a steam-powered dredge, designed by Philadelphian Oliver Evans in 1834. It was used to dredge the banks of the Delaware River. G. Matter's Bird's Eye View of Philadelphia, 1840. Courtesy of the Free Library of . . . Map (db m192845) HM
68Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1850
First BillfoldMap (db m192836) HM
69Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1854First Accordion
Anthony Faas patents America's first accordion.Map (db m192823) HM
70Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1855First Children's Hospital
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia becomes the first medical facility for youth in America.Map (db m192829) HM
71Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1861First Postcard
John P. Carlton copyrights the first postcard in the world.Map (db m192837) HM
72Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1866First Root Beer
A Jefferson Medical College student manufactures and sells this new drink.Map (db m192843) HM
73Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1874First Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoological Garden is the oldest in America.Map (db m192826) HM
74Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1874First Ice Cream Soda
Robert Green's chance decision to combine ice cream with soda creates one of America's tastiest refreshments.Map (db m192848) HM
75Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1902First Automat
The first American automat restaurant is developed by John Fritsche for the Horn and Hardan Baking Company.Map (db m192816) HM
76Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1933First Girl Scout Cookies
The first Girl Scout Cookies in America are baked in the kitchen of the Philadelphia Gas and Electric Company.Map (db m192812) HM
77Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1945First Computer
The nation's first computer, ENIAC, is developed at the University of Pennsylvania.Map (db m192844) HM
78Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1st Floor Drawing Room
• You are now in the 1st floor drawing room/dining room (addition begun in 1787). • Below this space was a full cellar. • Franklin's library was on the 2nd floor over this room. • Two lodging rooms shared the size of this area on the . . . Map (db m192936) HM
79Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1st Floor Entry
• You are now in the 1st floor entry and passage of the house. • The staircase connected all floors in the dwelling including the garret located above the 3rd floor.Map (db m192908) HM
80Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Backyard in the Capital CityIndependence National Historical Park
Behind each house is a little court or garden, where usually are the necessaries . . . the kitchen, stable, etc. are all placed in buildings at the side or behind . . . ” An accurate portrait of home life in 18th-century . . . Map (db m106433) HM
81Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Day of Reciprocity
In late August of 1793, leading members of the free African and white communities joined in a banquet to celebrate the roof raising of the first African church in Philadelphia. The dinner was in two parts, Dr. Benjamin Rush explained, "six of the . . . Map (db m102295) HM
82Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Fashionable Promenade
In the 17th century, when the Square first appeared in the city plan, streams drained into a deep gully in front of you. Then, beginning in 1833, geometric paths invited visitors into a leveled square planted with hundreds of trees. By 1846, . . . Map (db m9031) HM
83Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A National Historic Site in Journalism
From a newspaper printing press on this site, the Declaration of Independence first went out to Americans and the world working from a copy of Thomas Jefferson's manuscript, editor John Dunlap printed broadside copies which were sent July 5, . . . Map (db m191853) HM
84Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Revolutionary Religion / Betsy Ross / Arch Street Meeting House
A Revolutionary Religion The Religious Society of Friends emerged out of the English Civil War in the mid-1600s. Quakers broke away from the dominant Church of England and were harshly persecuted for their faith. As a result, many Quakers . . . Map (db m210904) HM
85Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Street Scene in the Capital City
The building at the corner of Library Street is a quaint and substantial example of the old style architecture where substance and solidity were objects of the first importance. Public Ledger, April 20, 1887 Close by the Pennsylvania State . . . Map (db m9253) HM
86Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Working-Class House in the Capital City
Wealth makes all the distinction of classes in Philadelphia. Duc de la Rochefoucault-Liancourt, 1783 The house of a workman stood here in the late 1700s when Philadelphia was the temporary capital of the United States. Its location is marked . . . Map (db m9220) HM
87Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A.M.E. Book Concern
Here in 1836 a church related company began printing hymnals, religious materials, and works by Black authors of the period. In 1847 The Christian Recorder was published here. Bishop Benjamin Tucker Tanner was editor of the firm until 1884.Map (db m83447) HM
88Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — About the Meeting House / A Master Builder / Arch Street Meeting House
About the Meeting House Quakers accounted for a substantial portion of the early Philadelphia population. As their community grew, so did the need for a larger worship space. Discussions about building a meetinghouse on the Arch Street . . . Map (db m210916) HM
89Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln stood here when he raised the flag on Independence Hall February 22nd 1861.Map (db m9259) HM
90Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Academy of Natural Sciences
Founded nearby in 1812, it is the oldest natural science institution in the Americas. It remains an invaluable resource for the study of life on Earth, with outstanding exhibits and scientific collections. Relocated to Logan Square in 1876, part of . . . Map (db m83404) HM
91Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Alain LeRoy Locke
Born in Philadelphia, Locke was the first African American Rhodes Scholar and was considered the Dean of the Harlem Renaissance. A Central High School and Harvard graduate, he was a celebrated Howard University professor, writer, philosopher, and . . . Map (db m192777) HM
92Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — American Pharmaceutical Association
Professional society created Oct. 6-8, 1852, to assure quality & safe distribution of drugs. Pharmacists from eight states met in a building nearby for the founding meeting; among them was Philadelphian William Procter, Jr., "Father of American . . . Map (db m8985) HM
93Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — American Philosophical Society
The American Philosophical Society ~ Founded by ~ Benjamin Franklin - 1743 - --------------------- Outgrowth of The Junto, 1727   :   Reorganized 1769 The First Learned Society in the British Plantations in America -------------------- This . . . Map (db m106154) HM
94Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — American Philosophical Society Hall
Has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 this site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States U. S. . . . Map (db m106153) HM
95Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 3 — An Gorta Mór - Ireland's Great Hunger
To this day, all over Ireland the landscape bears mute testimony to the events that occurred in the horrific period from 1845-1850. Starvation graveyards offer silent tribute to the millions of Irish men, women, and children buried in unmarked . . . Map (db m102387) HM
96Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Andrew Hamilton
In honor of Andrew Hamilton 1665 - 1741 "The Philadelphia Lawyer"Map (db m9351) HM
97Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Anthony Benezet(1713 - 1784)
Leading abolitionist in the 18th century, his writings influenced the antislavery movement worldwide and federal abolition legislation. A teacher and Quaker, he educated blacks in his home, 1750-70, and opened a secondary school for girls in 1754. . . . Map (db m192904) HM
98Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Anthony J. Drexel(1826 - 1893)
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Drexel created the world's first trans-Atlantic banking network from an office first located here. It financed many U.S. railroads and businesses of the industrial era. Founder of Drexel University.Map (db m9532) HM
99Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Arch Street Friends1681 — Old Philadelphia Congregations —
The Arch Street Meeting House stands as an enduring symbol of the people who created Pennsylvania as a "Holy Experiment." Built to house the men's and women's Yearly Meetings, the business sessions of the Religious Society of Friends for . . . Map (db m9324) HM
100Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Arch Street Meeting House
The meetinghouse was built in 1804 on a burial ground granted by William Penn in 1701. It has been continuously used as a place of worship and center for activities of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) of the Philadelphia region.Map (db m82899) HM

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