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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Philadelphia PA 19106

" hereby empowered to sieze such Fugitives" Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., March 23, 2017
" hereby empowered to sieze such Fugitives" Marker
1Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — " hereby empowered to sieze such Fugitives"
Nobody with dark skin could live without fear of the kidnappers who operated under a virtual man-hunter's license provided by the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793. For free Philadelphians of African descent, fear always stalked the streets as man-stealers . . . Map (db m102438) HM
2Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "…it was intended to be an expression of the American mind…"Independence
Thomas Jefferson resided at his site while drafting the Declaration of Independence. In little more than two weeks, Jefferson finished his timeless defense of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” While Jefferson labored over every word in . . . Map (db m106131) HM
3Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "An Act respecting fugitives from Justice"
In March of 1793, Washington signed the Fugitive Slave Act, which gave slave owners explicit authority to recover escaped slaved from any part of the nation. Some agents even took advantage of this law to kidnap free people of African descent.Map (db m102240) HM
4Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "Associators"Pennsylvania National Guard — 1747 - 1997 —
The Rampant Lion [Image of a lion with sword and shield] Crest of the the PA National Guard. Near this site, the Associators, a group of citizen-soldiers organized by Benjamin Franklin and predecessor to the modern Pennsylvania National . . . Map (db m19096) HM
5Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "Burn this treaty to Hell!"
On July 4, 1795, angry Philadelphians crowded the streets to protest the ratification of the Jay Treaty. The mob burned an effigy of former Chief Justice John Jay, who had negotiated a treaty with England that many people despised for its . . . Map (db m102220) HM
6Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "Freedom might be too great a temptation"
Hercules, Washington's enslaved chef, asked that his son Richmond be brought to Philadelphia. If Hercules wanted Richmond to witness free people of African descent in Philadelphia, his wish ended after a short period of time. Washington sent . . . Map (db m102439) HM
7Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "I am free now"
Oney Judge's strong desire for freedom drove the 22-year-old enslaved seamstress to flee the President's House on May 21, 1796. With the help of friends of African descent, she found passage to New Hampshire, where she married, raised a family, . . . Map (db m179587) HM
8Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "I and my household"
On November 22, 1790, President Washington arrived at the President's House to establish his home and office. With him were eight enslaved African descendents, ordered by Washington himself to be rotated back to Mount Vernon to evade Pennsylvania's . . . Map (db m179613) HM
9Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "I will fear no Evil"
Many evenings, Oney Judge would sit on her pallet where she slept at the foot of Martha Washington's bed, sewing and listening to the First Lady read the Bible, sing hymns, and pray with her two granddaughters in the next room. In the 1840s, . . . Map (db m102275) HM
10Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — "We shall come to a civil war"
Abigail wrote to her sister in May of 1798 expressing her fears as the political debate heated up over President Adams' policies towards France. Over one thousand men marched in support of Adams on the street outside her window, while rumors . . . Map (db m102222) HM
11Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “A Man Full of Trouble” Tavern
Built in 1759 with adjoining Paschall House. Last of the 18th century inns of colonial Philadelphia owned by Colonel Blaithewaite Jones, who was in charge of the Delaware River defenses of Philadelphia during the Revolution, and John Wood, famous . . . Map (db m31273) HM
12Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “Common Sense”
At his print shop here, Robert Bell published the first edition of Thomas Paine’s revolutionary pamphlet in January 1776. Arguing for a republican form of government under a written constitution, it played a key role in rallying American support for . . . Map (db m32264) HM
13Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “Evangeline”The Almshouse of the Society of Friends
On this site in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s narrative poem, “Evangeline,” Gabriel LaJeunesse and Evangeline Bellefontaine were reunited in the almshouse of the Society of Friends, located here 1729–1841.Map (db m50804) HM
14Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — “The Place You Tread is Holy Ground-”
In this church on the 4th of July 1779 was held the first public - religious commemoration of the Declaration of Independence. Attendance at the Holy Mass, then sung, was The Continental Congress, The President and official head of the new . . . Map (db m9113) HM
15Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Backyard in the Capital CityIndependence National Historical Park
Behind each house is a little court or garden, where usually are the necessaries . . . the kitchen, stable, etc. are all placed in buildings at the side or behind . . . ” An accurate portrait of home life in 18th-century . . . Map (db m106433) HM
16Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Day of Reciprocity
In late August of 1793, leading members of the free African and white communities joined in a banquet to celebrate the roof raising of the first African church in Philadelphia. The dinner was in two parts, Dr. Benjamin Rush explained, "six of the . . . Map (db m102295) HM
17Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Fashionable Promenade
In the 17th century, when the Square first appeared in the city plan, streams drained into a deep gully in front of you. Then, beginning in 1833, geometric paths invited visitors into a leveled square planted with hundreds of trees. By 1846, . . . Map (db m9031) HM
18Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Street Scene in the Capital City
The building at the corner of Library Street is a quaint and substantial example of the old style architecture where substance and solidity were objects of the first importance. Public Ledger, April 20, 1887 Close by the Pennsylvania State . . . Map (db m9253) HM
19Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A Working-Class House in the Capital City
Wealth makes all the distinction of classes in Philadelphia. Duc de la Rochefoucault-Liancourt, 1783 The house of a workman stood here in the late 1700s when Philadelphia was the temporary capital of the United States. Its location is marked . . . Map (db m9220) HM
20Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — A.M.E. Book Concern
Here in 1836 a church related company began printing hymnals, religious materials, and works by Black authors of the period. In 1847 The Christian Recorder was published here. Bishop Benjamin Tucker Tanner was editor of the firm until 1884.Map (db m83447) HM
21Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln stood here when he raised the flag on Independence Hall February 22nd 1861.Map (db m9259) HM
22Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Academy of Natural Sciences
Founded nearby in 1812, it is the oldest natural science institution in the Americas. It remains an invaluable resource for the study of life on Earth, with outstanding exhibits and scientific collections. Relocated to Logan Square in 1876, part of . . . Map (db m83404) HM
23Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — American Pharmaceutical Association
Professional society created Oct. 6-8, 1852, to assure quality & safe distribution of drugs. Pharmacists from eight states met in a building nearby for the founding meeting; among them was Philadelphian William Procter, Jr., "Father of American . . . Map (db m8985) HM
24Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — American Philosophical Society
The American Philosophical Society ~ Founded by ~ Benjamin Franklin - 1743 - --------------------- Outgrowth of The Junto, 1727   :   Reorganized 1769 The First Learned Society in the British Plantations in America -------------------- This . . . Map (db m106154) HM
25Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — American Philosophical Society Hall
Has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 this site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States U. S. . . . Map (db m106153) HM
26Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 3 — An Gorta Mór - Ireland's Great Hunger
To this day, all over Ireland the landscape bears mute testimony to the events that occurred in the horrific period from 1845-1850. Starvation graveyards offer silent tribute to the millions of Irish men, women, and children buried in unmarked . . . Map (db m102387) HM
27Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Andrew Hamilton
In honor of Andrew Hamilton 1665 - 1741 "The Philadelphia Lawyer"Map (db m9351) HM
28Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Anthony Benezet(1713 - 1784)
Leading abolitionist in the 18th century, his writings influenced the antislavery movement worldwide and federal abolition legislation. A teacher and Quaker, he educated blacks in his home, 1750-70, and opened a secondary school for girls in 1754. . . . Map (db m102316) HM
29Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Anthony J. Drexel(1826 - 1893)
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Drexel created the world's first trans-Atlantic banking network from an office first located here. It financed many U.S. railroads and businesses of the industrial era. Founder of Drexel University.Map (db m9532) HM
30Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Arch Street Friends1681
The Arch Street Meeting House stands as an enduring symbol of the people who created Pennsylvania as a "Holy Experiment." Built to house the men's and women's Yearly Meetings, the business sessions of the Religious Society of Friends for . . . Map (db m9324) HM
31Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Arch Street Meeting House
The meetinghouse was built in 1804 on a burial ground granted by William Penn in 1701. It has been continuously used as a place of worship and center for activities of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) of the Philadelphia region.Map (db m82899) HM
32Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Archeology Methods and Interpretation
Uncovering History How do we learn about the lives of those who came before us? Old documents such as letters, diaries, and land deeds tell us about particular people, places and events. Yet written records do not always survive and most were . . . Map (db m8981) HM
33Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 6 — Arrival and Reception
The New World was often hostile to this flood of impoverished Irish immigrants. In America's cities, including Philadelphia, they arrived to face the native "Know-Nothing" movement, which defined "American" in terms that excluded the newly . . . Map (db m102396) HM
34Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Auditor’s Office SiteIndependence National Historical Park
During the 1790s, when Philadelphia was the capital of the United States, the Auditor of the United States rented a house on this site for his office. The Auditor, a member of the well-developed hierarchy of the Treasury Department, carefully . . . Map (db m106746) HM
35Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Awarding a Peace Medal
In 1792, Otetiani, a Seneca orator and political leader, led a large delegation of Native American leaders to Philadelphia to negotiate a peace treaty between Native American nations in the Northwest Territory and the United States. In honor of . . . Map (db m102414) HM
36Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Barry
In memory of John Barry Father of the American Navy Born in Co. Wexford Ireland March 25, 1745 First captain of the first ship owned by the Continental Congress. Continuous in his service during the entire period of the Revolution. Supreme . . . Map (db m9117) HM
37Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Baruch S. Blumberg(1925-2011)
Nobel laureate who identified the hepatitis B virus and developed its diagnostic test and vaccine, which he shared to promote its use. Affiliated with Fox Chase Cancer Center, NASA Astrobiology Inst., and pres. of American Philosophical Society. . . . Map (db m135985) HM
38Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Benjamin Franklin1706 - 1790
The class of 1930 at its 50th reunion honors Benjamin Franklin founder of the University of Pennsylvania which began at this site in 1749 and which in 1779 became the first university in this nation. We recognize the growth of our beloved . . . Map (db m9314) HM
39Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Benjamin Franklin(1706 - 1790)
Printer, author, inventor, diplomat, philanthropist statesman, and scientist. The eighteenth century's most illustrious Pennsylvanian built a house in Franklin Court starting in 1763, and here he lived the last five years of his life.Map (db m9535) HM
40Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Benjamin Rush, M.D.1745 - 1813
Father of American Psychiatry Signer of the Declaration of Independence Heroic Physician, Teacher, Humanitarian Physician General of the Continental Army Physician to the Pennsylvania Hospital Professor of Physic, University of Pennsylvania Erected . . . Map (db m106480) HM
41Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Benjamin Smith Barton1766 - 1815
Physician, professor of natural history at the University of Pennsylvania. Author of first American botany textbook. In 1803, he taught natural history to Meriwether Lewis in preparation for Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1803 - 1806. He lived here.Map (db m24649) HM
42Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Betsy Ross(1752-1836)
Credited with making the first stars and stripes flag, Ross was a successful upholsterer. She produced flags for the government for over 50 years. As a skilled artisan, Ross represents the many women who supported their families during the . . . Map (db m82895) HM
43Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Betsy Ross House
This house where Betsy Ross made the first American Flag was restored to its original colonial condition through the patriotic generosity of a Son of the American Revolution A. Atwater Kent of Philadelphia and was rededicated as a shrine of American . . . Map (db m106155) HM
44Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Bicentennial Dawn
A Multi-Unit Sculpture by Louise Nevelson Bicentennial Dawn, Philadelphia My search in life has been for a new seeing, a new image, a new insight, a new consciousness. This search includes the object as well as the in-between places – . . . Map (db m106485)
45Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Bicentennial Moon Tree
Sycamore planted May 6, 1975 from seed carried to the moon by Astronaut Stuart A. Roosa on Apollo XIV, February 1971. National Aeronautics & Space Administration Forest Service USDA Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Honoring . . . Map (db m9026) HM
46Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Blackwell House1809
Has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m82904) HM
47Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Bladen's Court
This small alley originated between 1749 and 1752. It served two properties that faced onto Front Street whose owners wanted outside access to their backyards. Each of the owners paid half of the cost of paving and cleaning the nine-foot . . . Map (db m146126) HM
48Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Capt. Charles Massey Housecirca 1794
Charles Massey's grandfather, Samuel Massey, an Irish Quaker, founded the family shipping company in Philadelphia in 1699. Charles' fleet of 20 vessels sailed to 76 ports around the world and his flagship, “The Globe”, made 8 voyages to . . . Map (db m21528) HM
49Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Carpenters' Hall
. . . for the purpose of obtaining instruction in the science of architecture and assisting such of their members as should by accident be in need of support, or the widows and minor children of members . . . By-laws of the Carpenters' . . . Map (db m9653) HM
50Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Carpenters' Hall
Has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 this site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States U. S. . . . Map (db m106152) HM
51Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Caspar Wistar(1761 - 1818)
Noted physician, lived here. Professor of anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania. President of the American Philosophical Society & Pa. Abolition Society. In 1803, tutored Meriwether Lewis in medicine & paleontology, in preparation for the . . . Map (db m9109) HM
52Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Charles Mason
To the Sacred Memory of Charles Mason Surveyor - Astronomer - Scientist April 1728 - October 25, 1786 English astronomer and surveyor who, with Jeremiah Dixon, laid out the Mason-Dixon Line - famous border between Maryland, . . . Map (db m121275) HM
53Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Chef Hercules
Skilled, strong, and determined, Washington's cook, Hercules prepared exceptional meals for the President's House, while also preparing for his eventual escape to freedom.Map (db m146649) HM
54Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Christ Church
Founded, 1695. Erection of present building begun in 1727. Bells were brought from England in 1754. Among the noted persons buried here are James Wilson and Robert Morris, Signers of the Declaration of Independence, and Bishop White.Map (db m9330) HM
55Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Christ Church1695
The very existence of Christ Church and the elegant majesty of this building is a testament to the success of William Penn's "Holy Experiment." His Charter of Privileges allowed all denominations freedom of worship, even the Church of England from . . . Map (db m9331) HM
56Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Christ Church
Whereas the honorable Continental Congress have resolved to declare the American Colonies to be free and independent states ... it will be proper to omit those petitions from the liturgy wherein the King of Great Britain is prayed for ... . . . Map (db m9354) HM
57Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Christ Church
Has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 this site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States U. S. . . . Map (db m106346) HM
58Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Christ Church Burial Ground1719
Christ Church Burial Ground is most famous as the final resting place of Benjamin Franklin, a man who captured the spirit of his age and of the city. Franklin's genius touched nearly every aspect of Philadelphia's life and produced many . . . Map (db m9315) HM
59Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Chronology of Benjamin Franklin
1706 Born at Boston, January 17. 1723 Removed to Philadelphia. 1729 Editor of Pennsylvania Gazette. 1730 Appointed Public Printer. 1731 Founded the Philadelphia Library. 1736 Organized the first Philadelphia Fire Company. 1737 Appointed Postmaster . . . Map (db m9318) HM
60Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Commodore John Barry1745 - 1803
Father of the American NavyMap (db m9136) HM
61Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 1 — Commodore John Barry (1745 - 1803)First Flag Office of the United States Navy
Following the creation of the US Navy in 1794 under President Washington, Barry was appointed first commissioned officer and secretary. He oversaw construction of the nation's first fleet. He won numerous naval victories during the American . . . Map (db m77081) HM
62Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Commodore John Barry, U. S. N.
Father of the Navy of the United States Born in Wexford, Ireland 1745 Died in Philadelphia 1803 Presented to the City of Philadelphia by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick 1907Map (db m8988) HM
63Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Commodore Uriah Phillips Levy
April 22, 1792 - March 22, 1862 Nissan 30, 5552 - Adar II 20, 5622 "I am an American, a sailor and a Jew." Born in Philadelphia in 1792, Uriah Phillips Levy was a fifth generation American. According to family stories, he left for . . . Map (db m123962) HM
64Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Congregation of the Dead
On January 27, 1777, Deborah Norris wrote to her friend Sally Wister of a "shocking sight." Large pits are dug in the negroes burying ground (Washington Square), and forty or fifty (soldiers) coffins are put in the same hole. Throughout that . . . Map (db m9047) HM
65Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Contagion and LibertyThe Yellow Fever Epidemic and the Revolution in Saint Domingue
In the 1790s, slave owners escaping the slave rebellion in Saint Domingue (now Haiti) came to Philadelphia, bringing enslaved Africans, yellow fever, and the suspicion that slavery might yield "dreadful insurrections."Map (db m146655) HM
66Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Courage of the Scottish Immigrants
During the first hundred years of Scottish immigration to the Americas, Philadelphia was the largest city in the British colonies, and the second largest city in the British empire. As such, its booming port was a natural destination for emigrant . . . Map (db m102341) HM
67Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Cruiser Olympia - Submarine Becuna — Independence Seaport Museum —
OLYMPIA Cruiser OLYMPIA, launched in 1892, is the oldest steel warship afloat today. OLYMPIA is best known as Commodore George Dewey’s flagship in the Battle of Manila Bay, Philippine Islands during the 1898 Spanish American War. After . . . Map (db m19242) HM
68Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Cyrus Bustill(1732-1806)
Born of white, Black and Native American descent, he bought his freedom and became a baker of bread for Revolutionary troops. A founder of the Free African Society, he later opened a school for Black children while living here.Map (db m6423) HM
69Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — David Salisbury Franks(c. 1740 - 1793)
Distinguished Jewish officer and aide-de-camp to Gen. Benedict Arnold during the Revolutionary War. Thought to be complicit in Arnold's treason, Maj. Franks was later exonerated. A yellow fever victim, he was buried at Christ Church by a Christian . . . Map (db m9321) HM
70Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Death Carts
Clergymen Richard Allen and Absalom Jones organized their congregations and other free Africans who attended the sick and buried the dead during the raging yellow fever epidemic of 1793. Although misguided, the respected Dr. Benjamin Rush had . . . Map (db m102308) HM
71Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Declaration Chamber
Here the Continental Congress sat from the date it convened, May 10, 1775, until the close of the Revolution except when in 1776-7 it sat in Baltimore and in 1777-9 in Lancaster and York, due to the temporary occupation of Philadelphia by the . . . Map (db m9269) HM
72Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Declaration House(Graff House)
In 1776, while attending the Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson rented two rooms from Jacob Graff, Jr., to avoid the "excessive heats of the city." Here, in Graff's house on the outskirts of town, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.Map (db m7643) HM
73Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Declaration of Independence
This bronze sculpture replicates John Trumbull’s famous painting Declaration of Independence that is displayed in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol. It depicts the presentation of the draft of the Declaration of Independence to the . . . Map (db m106148) HM
74Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Don Juan Bautista Bernabeu
Commander / of the Royal American Order / of Isabella, the Catholic / Assistant Quarter-Master of the Navy / and Consul General of Spain / in the U.S.A. / He was born in Alicante in MDCCLXXI / and died in Philadelphia / on September 3, A.D. 1834.Map (db m9135) HM
75Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Elfreth's Alley
An exceptional collection of early American structures, built 1720s-1830s, the alley contained the homes and shops of diverse artisans. Later, working-class immigrants lived here and labored in nearby industries. Residents began preservation efforts . . . Map (db m144928) HM
76Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Elliott Building
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m102318) HM
77Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Enslaved Africans in the Household of George and Martha Washington
At various times during Washington's stay in Philadelphia, nine enslaved Africans were known to have lived and worked here at the President's House. They were dynamic participants in the daily life of the presidential household and the . . . Map (db m179614) HM
78Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Evolution of Old Glory
The official flag of the United States has changed since the creation of the country. Originally, the concept was to have one star and one stripe for each state. The Betsy Ross flag was designed with 13 stars in a circle and 13 alternating red . . . Map (db m159741) HM
79Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Exiles for Conscience Sake
To the memory of the followers of Caspar von Schwenckfeld who fled from Silesia and found in Pennsylvania a haven of religious toleration They landed near this spot 1731-37 Erected by the Society of the Descendants of the Schwenkfeldian Exiles . . . Map (db m34781) HM
80Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Fawcitt House Site
Delegates walking to Carpenters' Hall (to your left) for meetings of the First Continental Congress in 1774 passed an aging wood house at this site. The two-story house was built about 1706 for bodice-maker Nathan Fawcitt. The Fawcitt House, like . . . Map (db m9658) HM
81Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — First Bank of the United States
Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was the force behind creation of the First Bank of the U.S. The Bank paid off the Revolutionary War debt and guided the new United States through unstable financial times. This impressive Federal style . . . Map (db m146127) HM
82Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — First Continental Congress
The distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New yorkers, New Englanders are no more. I am not a Virginian but an American.—Patrick Henry, Carpenters' Hall, 1774 In 1774 the American colonies felt threatened. Their grievances . . . Map (db m9656) HM
83Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — First United States Mint
On this site stood The first United States Mint First public building authorized by the United States Government This plaque dedicated for the Bicentennial of the U.S. Mint 1792-1992 First Mint: 1792-1833 7th Street between Market & Arch . . . Map (db m24441) HM
84Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Francis Hopkinson(Grave)
Signer of the Declaration of Independence September 21, 1737 May 9, 1791 Patriot~Jurist~Essayist~Churchman Member of the Continental Congress of 1776 Provincial Councilor of New Jersey Signer of the Declaration Chairman of the Continental Navy . . . Map (db m98734) HM
85Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Francis Hopkinson (Philadelphia Home)
Historic Site Dwelling of 149 Sassafras Street Francis Hopkinson Born Philadelphia 1737 - Died Philadelphia 1791 Signer of the Declaration of Independence Designer of the American Flag Patriot - Jurist - Composer A Gentleman . . . Map (db m119756) HM
86Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Francis Johnson(1792-1844)
"America's first native-born master of music" lived here. A prolific African-American composer. Trumpeter of 1st Troop, City Cavalry. Bandmaster, 128th Regiment, Pa. Volunteer Infantry. He was a major force in early American music; traveled widely.Map (db m82901) HM
87Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Franklin Court
I am got into my niche, after being kept out of it 24 years by foreign employments. 'Tis a very good house that I built so very long ago to retire into . . . . Signature - Benj Franklin 1786 By building his home here, Benjamin Franklin not . . . Map (db m9536) HM
88Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Franklin Privy Pit
This brick-lined, circular "necessary" (privy) pit was probably built when Franklin expanded his house in 1786-87 A stone drain connecting to a vertical brick pipe conveyed waste into the pit either from Franklin's "water closet", "bathing room" or . . . Map (db m79214) HM
89Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Franklin Square Fountain
One of Philadelphia's Original Squares Planned For William Penn 1682. Placed On The National Register of Historic Places. Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service United States Department Of The Interior. On The Occasion Of The Tricentennial Of . . . Map (db m162723) HM
90Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Franklin's Neighborhood
While in his teens, Franklin arrived in Philadelphia from Boston and walked up Market Street past a block of shops owned by tailors, saddle-makers, joiners, wig-makers, inn-keepers and printers. Eventually he built his home in this very . . . Map (db m79213) HM
91Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Fraunces Tavern
Here stood Fraunces Tavern, established by Samuel Fraunces after moving from New York where he had operated a famous tavern. He served as George Washington’s chief cook, 1790–94, while the President lived in Philadelphia.Map (db m31198) HM
92Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Freedom is a LightFor Which Many Men Have Died in Darkness
In unmarked graves within this square lie thousands of unknown soldiers of Washington’s Army who died of wounds and sickness during the Revolutionary War. “The independence and liberty you possess are the work of joint councils and joint . . . Map (db m9051) HM
93Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Friends Meeting
This meetinghouse was erected in 1804. It is used for weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly meetings of Friends. The ground was first used for burial purposes under patent issued by William Penn in 1701.Map (db m9326) HM
94Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Gay Rights DemonstrationsJuly 4, 1965-1969
Annual public demonstrations for gay and lesbian equality were held at Independence Hall. These peaceful protests and New York's Stonewall riots in 1969 & Pride Parade in 1970 transformed a small national campaign into a civil rights movement.Map (db m24889) HM
95Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — General Stephen MoylanAmerican Patriot
1734 ----1811 Erected by Stephen Moylan General Assembly Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Woodhaven, N.Y.Map (db m9137) HM
96Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — George Ross
Born:   May 10, 1730   -   New Castle, Del. Died: July 14, 1779   -   Philadelphia, Pa. He served in the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1777 and was 46 years old when he signed the Declaration of Independence. Buried: Christ Churchyard, Phila., . . . Map (db m106475) HM
97Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Gilbert Stuart House
Sirs: I am under promise to Mrs. Bingham to sit for you tomorrow at 9 o'clock, and wishing to know if it be convenient to you that I should do so, and it shall be at your house... The new 3-1/2 story brick house on this site in 1795 was . . . Map (db m9227) HM
98Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Glomar Explorer
In a covert CIA plan named the Jennifer Project, this ship was built at Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Chester, in the early 1970s and played a key role in US Cold War espionage. Its mission was to obtain intelligence by recovering a sunken . . . Map (db m34483) HM
99Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Hannah Callowhill Penn
Born in 1671, she married William Penn, 1696. They lived at Pennsbury, and in the Slate Roof House here, 1699–1701. During his final illness, 1712–18, and until her death, 1726, she was Pennsylvania’s acting proprietor. She was the only . . . Map (db m32305) HM
100Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Haym Salomon(1740 - 1785)
Financier of the Revolution. Came to America ca. 1772. Imprisoned by British, 1776 and 1778. Lived in Philadelphia, 1778-85; active in its Jewish community. A broker, he lent money heavily to support the war. Never repaid, he himself died in debt.Map (db m9311) HM

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