“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Mississippi Mound Trail Historical Markers

The Mississippi Mound Trail project is a self-guided driving tour located along or near Highway 61 in the Mississippi Delta. The trail route parallels the Mississippi River. The Mississippi Mound Trail has 33 historical markers.
Grand Village of the Natchez Indians Marker image, Touch for more information
May 27, 2017
Grand Village of the Natchez Indians Marker
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Grand Village of the Natchez Indians — Mississippi Mound Trail
Of the six mounds identified on the early 18th-century maps of the Grand Village, three remain. Mound A is now eroding into St. Catherine Creek. Mound B is a pyramidal platform mound, roughly seven feet tall, built in four stages. Each stage served . . . — Map (db m103758) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Stanton — Emerald Mound — Mississippi Mound Trail
Covering roughly eight acres, Emerald Mound is the second largest Mississippian mound north of Mexico. The main platform was constructed in three stages beginning ca. AD 1350. Archaeological excavations have confirmed that the first and second . . . — Map (db m97256) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Washington — Foster Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
Foster Mounds consists of two mounds located on either end of a large village or plaza. Mound A was built in four stages during the Plaquemine Period, sometime after AD 1400. Its original size and shape have been modified to accommodate the late . . . — Map (db m105230) HM
Mississippi (Claiborne County), Port Gibson — Bayou Pierre Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
Of the three original mounds overlooking Bayou Pierre, only one remains. A pyramidal platform, Mound A is currently 16 feet tall. Excavations indicate that Native Americans built the mound in multiple stages during the Coles Creek Period, from AD . . . — Map (db m103785) HM
Mississippi (Claiborne County), Port Gibson — Windsor Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
Windsor Mounds includes four rectangular platform mounds overlooking Bayou Pierre. Mound A, visible from the road, is the largest at over 30 feet, and has a ramp extending toward the east. Mounds B, C, and D range in height from 3 to 16 feet. The . . . — Map (db m103783) HM
Mississippi (Coahoma County), Coahoma — Salomon Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
When first recorded, Salomon Mounds had three (possibly four) large platform mounds and as many as eight smaller mounds arranged around a central plaza. The smaller mounds have been plowed away, while one of the large mounds was destroyed in 1958 to . . . — Map (db m107621) HM
Mississippi (Hinds County), Jackson — Pocahontas Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
Front The Pocahontas site consists of two mounds and an associated village area. Mound A is a rectangular platform mound currently 20 feet tall, built between AD 750 and 1500. Excavations located structural features on the mound . . . — Map (db m121103) HM
Mississippi (Panola County), Batesville — Batesville Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
Seven mounds were originally recorded at the Batesville site. Of these, two remain intact. Mound B is a rectangular platform mound nine feet high; Mound C is a conical and stands 20 feet high. Mounds A and D have been greatly reduced by plowing but . . . — Map (db m102575) HM
Mississippi (Tunica County), Evansville — Beaverdam Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
There are currently two mounds located at the Beaverdam site, though there may originally have been more. Mound A has eroded over time and is now 11 feet tall. Early 20th-century accounts describe it as rectangular in shape with a two-tiered . . . — Map (db m116174) HM
Mississippi (Tunica County), Evansville — Evansville Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
Located on the eastern bank of the Beaverdam Lake, the Evansville site originally had at least four earthen mounds. Today, only Mounds A and B remain. When first recorded, Mound A had a two-tiered platform—the west side was roughly 18 feet . . . — Map (db m116171) HM
Mississippi (Tunica County), Hollywood — Hollywood Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
Hollywood Mounds originally consisted of a large platform mound surrounded by a series of smaller mounds. At 20 feet in height, Mound A is the site's central feature and was once enclosed on three sides by connected mounds forming an embankment. . . . — Map (db m116166) HM
Mississippi (Tunica County), Tunica — Johnson Cemetery Mound — Mississippi Mound Trail
The Johnson Cemetery site currently consists of a single mound and associated village, but may originally have had a second mound. The existing mound is 12 feet high in height and was most likely pyramidal in shape, though its dimensions have . . . — Map (db m116168) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — Glass Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
The Glass site originally consisted of four pyramidal mound surrounding an open plaza, with a possible fifth mound located to the north. Of these, Mound A alone remains undamaged. It stands 30 feet high and has a ramp extending south toward the . . . — Map (db m103780) HM
Mississippi (Wilkinson County), Fort Adams — Smith Creek Mounds — Mississippi Mound Trail
The Smith Creek site consists of three mounds surrounding a large plaza. Mound A is the site's largest monument, at over 30 feet. Mound B is a burial mound surrounded by a ditch or moat. Mound C, to the east, is eroding into Smith Creek; its . . . — Map (db m96735) HM
Mississippi (Wilkinson County), Lessley — Lessley Mound — Mississippi Mound Trail
The Lessley site consists of one large, rectangular platform mound. Excavations in 2013 determined that the mound was built in two or more stages, beginning in the Late Coles Creek or Early Plaquemine Period, ca. AD 1100-1350. Based on excavated . . . — Map (db m96644) HM

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