“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Washington County Ohio Historical Markers

Mill Branch Covered Bridge Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mike Wintermantel
Mill Branch Covered Bridge Marker
Ohio (Washington County), Barlow — Mill Branch Covered BridgeWashington County, Ohio
The Mill Branch Covered Bridge spanned the Mill Branch of the Little Hocking River, 0.3 mile East of Ohio 339 in Belpre Twp. This 19th Century "multiple king post" truss bridge consisted of one span of 59', with 5' overhang at each end, 12' of . . . — Map (db m149733) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — 6-84 — Bathsheba Rouse
Born on September 28, 1769 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Bathsheba Rouse is recognized as the first woman to teach in the Northwest Territory. Rouse arrived in the region along with other pioneers in 1788. The following year, the Belpre community . . . — Map (db m20083) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — 17-84 — Belpre and the Ohio River
Side A: The history of Belpre and the Ohio River are inextricably linked. Settlers from New England, including farmers and Revolutionary War veterans, arrived via flatboats at “Belle-Prairie” (beautiful prairie) in 1789. Lewis . . . — Map (db m20119) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — Belpre Veterans Memorial
In Honor of All Veterans Who Served Their Country. Presented by the people of the Belpre area. May 30, 1981 — Map (db m20125) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — Cedarville CemeteryRotary Club of Belpre, 1996 - 2008
The Cedarville (name of immediate area - changed to Rockland, later to Belpre) Cemetery contains graves of 14 Revolutionary War soldiers - some of the graves have washed over the Ohio River bank when the level rose and left graves underwater. The . . . — Map (db m20123) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — 7-84 — Devol's Floating Mill
In 1791, Captain Jonathan Devol, upon a proposal from Griffin Greene, designed and built a floating grain mill, which was erected on two boats and anchored within several yards of the Ohio River shore near this marker. Oak planks fastened the boats . . . — Map (db m20176) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — 15-84 — Early Ohio Artists
[Side A:] Born in Massachusetts in 1805, Sala Bosworth spent all but nineteen years of his eighty-five years in Washington County. After studying at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, he returned to the county to paint many full size . . . — Map (db m20127) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — 9-84 — Putnam Family Library / Belpre Farmers' Library
As a shareholder of the United Library Association in Pomfret, Connecticut, General Israel Putnam amassed a large collection of books, which was called the Putnam Family Library. The collection was divided among his heirs after his death in 1790. . . . — Map (db m20129) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Belpre — 22-84 — Underground Railroad Crossings / Near Border War
Underground Railroad Crossings Underground Railroad crossings, agents, and conductors were common along the Ohio River between Washington County, Ohio and Wood County, Virginia. At Constitution, six miles upriver from Belpre, Judge Ephraim . . . — Map (db m20130) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Beverly — Fort Frye
About 600 feet south of this site and near the river stood Fort Fry occupied during the Indian War 1791–1795. This fort protected the Waterford settlers during the period of the war. Waterford was founded by the Second Association of . . . — Map (db m103732) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Beverly — 3-84 — The Buckeye Belle Explosion
On November 12, 1852, the riverboat Buckeye Belle exploded at this site. Twenty-four people died and a dozen were injured in the worst steamboat disaster on the Muskingum River. An eyewitness described the scene: “The bank of the . . . — Map (db m103735) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Beverly — 4-84 — Water Power on the Muskingum River
Luke Chute is the site of an early mill that harnessed river power. About 1815, Luke Emerson and Samuel White built a dam part way across the river. This created a rapid between the shore and the end of the dam, the chute. Here they constructed . . . — Map (db m121906) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Coal Run — 8-84 — Round Bottom Schoolhouse / Round Bottom Cemetery
Round Bottom Schoolhouse. Settlement came to Round Bottom in early 1795 following the end of the Indians Wars in what would become Ohio (1791-1795). Pioneers Allen Devol, David Wilson, Nathaniel Cushing, Peter Shaw, and Andrew Story came . . . — Map (db m121904) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Devola — 2-84 — The Devola Lock
The Devola Lock was one of eleven built on the Muskingum River from Marietta to Ellis, north of Zanesville, from 1836 to 1841. The locks are approximately thirty-five feet wide and 160 feet long. The State of Ohio funded the project as part of the . . . — Map (db m18015) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Fly — George Washington
On his trip to the Ohio River country noted, Oct. 25, 1770 "Incamped in Long Reach abt. 30 miles from our last lodge opposite to the beginning of a large bottom on the east side of the river." This marker near the campsite. — Map (db m79269) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Lowell — 5-84 — Covered Bridges
Lowell was the site of one of ten wooden covered bridges, built from 1820 to 1887, that crossed the Muskingum River from Marietta to Coshocton. The Lowell bridge was built in 1881. Bridges were built out of wood because there was plenty of lumber . . . — Map (db m18016) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Lowell — Fortified Settlement
About 800 feet south of this point, on the south bank of the Muskingum River is the site of the Fortified Settlement Erected in April, 1799, by Nicholas Coburn, Robert Allison, Nathan Kinney, William Davis and their families, and Oliver . . . — Map (db m18020) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Lowell — Lowell Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all those who have served Dedicated Memorial Day 1995 — Map (db m18019) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Oweva Engine
This non-condensing engine with a 12” diameter cylinder and four-foot stroke is one of two first installed on the sternwheel packet CARRIE BROWN (built at Harmar in 1890), which worked the trade between Huntington and Gallipolis. When this . . . — Map (db m20656) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — American Union Lodge No. 1, F. & A. M.
[Main Marker:] One of the six lodges which in 1808 founded the Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio. Erected May 10, 1958. [Second Marker:] Harmar Lodge No. 390 Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio . . . — Map (db m20185) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — B&O Harmar Bridge
Built on the existing piers as a covered bridge in 1856, converted to railroad use in 1873, back to foot traffic in 1962, it; was rebuilt after floods four times. — Map (db m149715) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Barber House
Built 1829 for Levi Barber, surveyor, merchant, and U.S. Congressman. Many generations of Barbers have lived here. — Map (db m149724) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Betsey Mills Club
By first connecting and enclosing two early homes in brick in 1927, philanthropist W. W. Mills built the Betsey Mills complex as a memorial to his wife, Betsey. — Map (db m103473) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Bosworth-Biszantz House
Map (db m149690) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Buckley House
. . . — Map (db m20173) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 6-84 — C. William O'Neill(1916-1978)
Ohio's fifty-ninth governor, Marietta native C. William O'Neill was the only Ohioan to head all three branches of state government. An honor graduate of both Marietta High School and Marietta College, O'Neill won election to the Ohio House of . . . — Map (db m143561) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Campus Martius
. . . — Map (db m20174) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 21-84 — Catherine Fay Ewing / Frances Dana Gage
Catherine Fay Ewing. Catherine Fay Ewing is credited with starting the Children’s Home System in Ohio. Born on July 12, 1822, in Westboro, Massachusetts,. her family moved to Marietta in 1835. At age sixteen, Catherine studied to be a teacher . . . — Map (db m103673) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Celoron de Blainville
[Main Top Plaque] The inscription appearing below Is a replica of the one engraved on a lead plaque Buried on this spot on August 15th, 1749 by CELORON De BLAINVILLE And of which a fragment recovered in 1798 Is preserved by . . . — Map (db m20752) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Children’s Home
Washington County Children’s Home, Ohio’s first, and in 1867 the nation’s first supported by taxes, was founded in 1858 by Catherine Fay Ewing at her farm home in Moss Run, Ohio. — Map (db m103721) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Christ United Methodist Church
Methodism was brought to Marietta by Wesleyan circuit riders Robert Manley (1799) and Peter Cartwright (1806), and by German Methodist Carl Best (1839). Present building was dedicated 1885. — Map (db m103671) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — City Hall
Completed in time for Marietta's 1938 Sesquicentennial Celebration, this building_replaced the imposing 1872 City Hall with top floor auditorium, destroyed by fire in 1935. — Map (db m149705) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Fearing House
Built 1847 for Henry Fearing, prominent businessman and son of Paul Fearing, first lawyer in Northwest Territory. — Map (db m149725) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — First Baptist ChurchThe Church with the Caring Touch
Organized September 5th, 1818, under name of “First Baptist Church of Marietta Township,” the first record on the church book is “On Saturday, the fifth day of September, 1818 A.D., we, Ephraim Emerson, Wm. Churchill, John . . . — Map (db m103479) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church, chartered in 1796, was the N.W. Territory's first organized church. Dedicated 1809 using Rufus Putnam's “Two Horn” plan, the first building burned in 1905. This church built 1906. — Map (db m20649) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — First Congregational Church(Immanuel Baptist - Affiliated)
Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Worship 10:00 a.m. The first church in Marietta, organized Dec. 6, 1796. The present building is patterned after the original church, familiarly known to settlers as the “Two Horned Church.” Visitors are . . . — Map (db m20650) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Flatboats
Flatboats were designed to carry cargo downstream, floating with the current. With flat bottoms, they were easily built to any size desired. In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, they were a major method of transportation for settlers . . . — Map (db m20178) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Flood Heights
The adjacent poles show the heights of all floods at Marietta above 49.5 feet according to current flood gauge readings. — Map (db m20179) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Fort HarmarRotary International
Built 1785 by U.S. Major John Doughty's federal troops. Named for General Josiah Harmar. Troops twice battled Indians in western Ohio. — Map (db m20726) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — General Arthur St. ClairFirst Governor of the North West Territory
Gen. Arthur St. Clair here inaugurated first governor of the North West Territory July 15, 1788 — Map (db m20670) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Harmar Lodge No. 390Free & Accepted Masons
Was chartered on Oct. 16, 1867 by the Grand Lodge Of Ohio in response to the petition of 13 Freemasons of Harmar, Ohio. The first officers were Elijah Locker, Wor. Master; A. S. Curtis, Sr. Warden: Samuel H. Tidd, Jr. W. Its first home was a short . . . — Map (db m149716) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Harmar Post Office
Lydia Young was postmaster in this, her notary shop, 1864-1885. Harmar postal service and civil government returned to Marietta 1890. — Map (db m149720) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 23-84 — Hippodrome & Colony Theatres
Side A The Peoples Bank Theatre, built in 1919 and called the Hippodrome, marks an age when movies transitioned from silent films and nickelodeons into a major national industry and pastime. Designed by Columbus architect Fred Elliott for . . . — Map (db m149686) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — House of Seven Porches
Built in 1835 by Marietta College Professor Diarca H. Allen. Was long known as the Buell, then the Kelso House. — Map (db m103574) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Hurricane Ivan
Marietta and the Mid Ohio Valley area have always known that the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers will at times flow through the streets of our communities. On September 17,2004, we once again prepared ourselves and our belongings to be moved to higher and . . . — Map (db m149712) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — LafayetteThe Beginning of Tourism in the United States
Lafayette Landed at this point, May 25, 1825 ——— • • • ——— Returning in 1824 to the young Nation he had greatly assisted during the Revolutionary War, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du . . . — Map (db m20736) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Land Office
Oldest building in Northwest Territory. From 1788 Gen. Rufus Putnam recorded war veteran land grants and sales. Maintained Ohio Company surveys and maps. The Rotary Club of Marietta Marking a Place in History with Service Since . . . — Map (db m20183) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 14-84 — Lewis and Clark Expedition / Letter to the President
[Marker Front]: The Lewis and Clark Expedition Meriwether Lewis arrived in Marietta on September 13, 1803. His descent of the Ohio River aboard a keelboat began his expedition to explore the West. Included among his crew was 18-year . . . — Map (db m20741) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Life on the River / Boats on the Ohio
(Left Side Panel): Life on the River “Wheel Coal - Sleep - Eat - Wheel Coal: If there was such a thing as a typical day in the life of a deckhand...that would be it.” - W.V. Torner, recalling life as a deckhand. Towboats . . . — Map (db m20578) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Lockmaster’s House
Built 1899 to serve adjacent locks which replaced those of 1840’s on Harmar side. Locks and dam removed 1968. Muskingum was first canalized U.S. river — Map (db m103279) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Marietta’s Historic Corner
Directly across from this spot was Picketed Point, a fortification erected for the protection of the early settlers from hostile Indians. Within the stockade were dwellings, the first store and the first tavern in the Northwest Territory. Marquis de . . . — Map (db m103236) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Meigs House
Built 1802 for Return Jonathan Meigs, Jr., Ohio's first postmaster, fourth governor, U.S. senator and postmaster general. — Map (db m20586) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Memorial Garden
The Presbyterian Church was built here in 1865. The new First Presbyterian Church, to the left, was built in 1897. In 2014, the original church was removed for the 2016 creation of the Memorial Garden. Elements of the original church include the . . . — Map (db m143560) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Memorial to the “Start Westward of the United States”
Sculpted for Marietta's Sesquicentennial by Gutzon Borglum —————————— Dedicated July 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a tribute to those farsighted pioneers who journeyed here . . . — Map (db m20674) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Memorial to the Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Marietta
Erected by the Marietta Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, as a memorial to the revolutionary soldiers buried in Marietta and to honor the heroic men and women who faced the wilderness with courage and hope to create the Great Northwest. . . . — Map (db m103515) WM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Merydith House
Built 1868 for Conrad Biszantz. Owned by Merydith family from 1897 to 1963. Later Thomas and Gammon. — Map (db m20602) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Mighty River / Learning the River
MIGHTY RIVER Although it remains an unpredictable force of nature, the Ohio River was far more volatile a century ago. Thirty-foot floods could wash away everything along the river's edge, only to be followed by dry spells that would lower the . . . — Map (db m21676) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Mills House
Built 1822 for H.P. Wilcox. Home of Col. John Mills and sons, William and John, 1836-1936 Marietta College president's home since 1937. — Map (db m143589) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Mound Square
A work of the Moundbuilders, reserved for the public use by the Founders of Marietta in 1788. Set aside as a cemetery in 1800. First burial was in 1801. “I know many of the Ohio Company personally. Never were men better calculated to . . . — Map (db m103642) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 13-84 — Muskingum Academy / Marietta College1797 / 1835 — Birth of Higher Education in Ohio —
Muskingum Academy, 1797, Birth of Higher Education in Ohio. In April 1797, a committee of Marietta citizens, led by General Rufus Putnam, met to establish an academy suitable for preparatory instruction for their youth. Muskingdum Academy, . . . — Map (db m103363) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Muskingum Park
President Theodore Roosevelt and W. H. Taft spoke here in 1912. President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the “Start Westward” sesquicentennial monument in 1938. — Map (db m20603) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 20-84 — Muskingum River Underground Railroad / Marietta Leaders of the Underground Railroad
Muskingtum River Underground Railroad People living in Marietta and along the Muskingum River shared a history of slavery opposition. Manasseh Cutler, from Massachusetts and an Ohio Land Company agent, helped draft the Ordinance of 1787 that . . . — Map (db m21653) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Northwest Ordinance Sesquicentennial Columns
Here the new United States of America found, through Northwest territory, the first and common offspring of thirteen discordant and disputatious states, her formula to eminence among all the governments of mankind. To those unfamed citizens who . . . — Map (db m20654) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 12-84 — Ohio National Guard Armory
With a mission to protect citizens at home and abroad, the Ohio National Guard was originally established as the Northwest Territory Militia in Marietta on July 25, 1788 and has fought in every war since the War of 1812. Built in 1914, this Ohio . . . — Map (db m103267) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Oldest Pilothouse
The steamboat TELL CITY was built in 1889 and named for Tell City, Ind. She carried passenger and freight on the Ohio River until she sank following an accident at Little Hocking, Ohio on April 6, 1917. The Pilothouse was removed from the wreck . . . — Map (db m20635) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — P.C. Fisher Boots & Shoes
Historical Name P.C. Fisher Boots & Shoes Erected circa 1890 Montgomery Ward in 1920's — Map (db m149710) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Pioneer Families of the Ohio Company
Erected by the New Century Historical Society to record the names and commemorate the landing near this spot of the pioneer families of the Ohio Company August nineteenth 1788. Their homes were established in Campus Martius. Benjamin Tupper . . . — Map (db m20637) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Pioneer Mariettacirca 1792
This land at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers was part of a million-and-a-half acre tract made available by the Northwest Territory Ordinance of 1787, and purchased by the Ohio Company of Associates for resale and settlement. Many of . . . — Map (db m20784) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Pratt-McGirr House
Built circa 1803 by Azariah Pratt using hand-hewn beams and wooden pegs. Marietta's oldest private residence. — Map (db m20636) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — River Town / Sails and Steam / The Highway West
RIVER TOWN "The settlement of the Ohio country, sir, engrosses many of my thoughts... and if I am to form an opinion on what I have seen and heard on the subject, there are thousands in this quarter who will emigrate to that country." - . . . — Map (db m21678) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Rufus Dawes House
Boyhood home of U.S. VP Charles G. Dawes, Marietta College graduate and Trustee, awarded Nobel Prize, ambassador to England, author WWI German reparations plan. — Map (db m143556) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — S. Durward Hoag(1900–1982)
Transportation and tourism visionary and owner-manager of the Lafayette Hotel, “put Marietta on the map” by convincing the federal government to locate I-77 near historic Marietta. The Rotary Club of Marietta gratefully . . . — Map (db m103185) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Sewah Studios
Sewah Studios was founded in 1927 by Mr. E. M. Hawes and began operations on Marietta's west side at the site of the former Stevens Organ Factory. That facility was destroyed by fire in 1932 and a new factory was built on the Millgate property on . . . — Map (db m114539) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 16-84 — ShipbuildingCommodore Abraham Whipple
One of the first industries in Marietta was shipbuilding. Due to the abundance of trees and the shipbuilding talent of the New England settlers, twenty-nine ocean-going vessels were built in eight shipyards from 1800 to 1812. In 1845 shipbuilding . . . — Map (db m103231) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Shipman-Mills House
Built 1852 for J.B. Shipman, purchased 1877 by Elizabeth and M.C. Professor J.L. Mills whose descendants were occupants until 1961. Mills establishes Elizabeth College for women in 1893. — Map (db m143563) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Site of the United States Fort HarmarBuilt 1785
Garrisoned by U.S. troops 1785 to 1790 Headquarters 1786 and 1788 of Gen. Josiah Harmar of PA. General-in-Chief U.S.A. — Map (db m20728) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Southern Boundary Picketed Point
This stone is placed to keep In remembrance the Historic Point where dwelt during four Years of Indian War 1791-1795 Early settlers of Ohio. — Map (db m20731) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — St. Luke's Episcopal Church
1788 Pioneer use of the Book of Common Prayer preceded Judge Arius Nye's 1826 founding of St. Luke's parish. The Reverend John Wheat's nurture led to the first church--1833. This church built 1856. — Map (db m149688) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Side A Martin Luther (1483-1546) proclaimed that we understand from Scripture alone (sola scriptura), are declared right by God through faith alone (sola fide), and are saved by God's grace alone (sola gratia), through Christ alone (sola . . . — Map (db m143562) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — St. Paul’s Church
Marietta’s second oldest, the German Evangelical “Kirche” built 1849. Became St. Paul’s Evangelical Church 1872. English sermons began in 1909. — Map (db m103541) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Steam Towboat "W. P. Snyder, Jr.""The Vanishing Steam Age"
You are cordially invited to visit one of the last of the Mark Twain Era steam towboats used so successfully on the Mississippi and Ohio River systems during the past century. This boat was presented to the Ohio Historical Society in September 1955 . . . — Map (db m20633) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 1-84 — The American Union Lodge No. 1 Free and Accepted Masons
The lodge was organized in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on February 10, 1776, by Connecticut soldiers in the Continental Army. It met when and where it could during the Revolutionary War. By tradition, the lodge's name and seal were suggested by Benjamin . . . — Map (db m20669) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The Castle
A fine example of Gothic Revival architecture was built in 1855 for Melvin C. Clarke, a lawyer who died in the Civil War at Antietam. Later owned by the Nye and Bosley families. The house is a treasure of fine woodwork, furnishings and changing . . . — Map (db m143557) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The Forty-Eight Pioneers
To record the names of the forty-eight pioneers who landed near this spot, April 7, 1788. Haffield White • Jethro Putnam • Ezekiel Cooper • Amos Porter • Allen Putnam • Jervis Cutler • Benjamin Shaw • Oliver Dodge • Henry Maxon . . . — Map (db m103259) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The Hippodrome/Colony Historic TheatreBuilt in 1919
Presented by the Edward Parrish Chapter and the Ohio Society National Society Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century — Map (db m149687) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The Holden House / The Shipman House
The Holden House 408 Front Street Built in 1852, this house is located on Ministerial land leased to Edwin Putnam in 1809. The house was built for Joseph Holden, born in Massachusetts, in Dec. of 1767. It was later owned by William . . . — Map (db m20182) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 11-84 — The Northwest Ordinance, 1787 / The Ohio Company Purchase
Side A: The Northwest Ordinance, 1787 Following the establishment of the public land system in 1785, the Continental Congress appointed a committee, chaired by James Monroe, to establish government in the new territory north and west of . . . — Map (db m20653) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The Ohio River’s Wild Side
Look carefully and you might see the Ohio River’s wild side! During the warmer months, great blue herons wade the shallows while osprey fly overhead in search of fish. Bald eagles and waterfowl visit in winter, driven by northern cold to find food . . . — Map (db m103241) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The President’s Home of Marietta College
Built in 1822 by Postmaster Henry P. Wilcox, the property was acquired in 1837 by Colonel John Mills, a founder of the college. It passed to his sons John and William Webster Mills, graduates of the college and, like their father, longtime trustees . . . — Map (db m103465) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The Public Landing
The roadway down to the river from this point was once the busy route for freight and passengers using the many steamboats that served Marietta. For more than 100 years, boats in a variety of trades on the Ohio and Muskingum rivers made this landing . . . — Map (db m103234) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — 19-84 — The Towboat W. P. Snyder Jr.
Side A: The W.P. SNYDER Jr. is one of the few links between the age of steam-powered, stern-wheeled towboats and the diesel-powered, propeller-driven vessels that push barges on America's rivers today. The James Rees and Sons Company in . . . — Map (db m20632) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — The W. P. Snyder Jr.
The W.P. Snyder Jr. is a steam-powered towboat. It moved barges loaded with coal, iron ore, and steel along the Monongahela and Ohio rivers. When it was launched in 1918, the boat was originally owned by Carnegie Steel and operated as . . . — Map (db m20678) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Tour of the Snyder
What would the life of one of the men or women who worked on the W.P. Snyder Jr. be like? The Ohio River Museum offers tours that provide an opportunity to explore the decks of this historic vessel. Imagine living on the boat all day. What . . . — Map (db m20680) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Unitarian Church
Built based on John Slocomb's Gothic design in 1855. Financed by Nahum Ward. Ohio's largest landowner in the early 1800's. — Map (db m149708) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Washington County Veterans Memorial
Lord God of Hosts be with us yet Lest we forget Lest we forget In honor of the men and women of this community who served in the World Wars W.W. I 1917-1918 • W.W. II 1941-1945 Korea They grow not old, as we . . . — Map (db m20667) WM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — Wendelkens Grocery
Wendelkens Grocery Established in 1878 Erected 1859 — Map (db m149711) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Marietta — William Pitt Richardson
Side A Richardson was born on May 25, 1824 in Washington County, PA. He graduated from Washington College in 1844 and moved to Ohio to be a teacher. In 1846 he enlisted In the Third Ohio Infantry and served in the Mexican War. He was . . . — Map (db m143587) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Matamoras — James Riggs Family
Matamoras Ohio 1846 James Riggs Family First Settlers on the Site of Matamoras in 1797 Founded in 1846 by Stinson Burris, Adam Cline and Henry Sheets Incorporated in 1861 Named after Matamoros, Mexico Industry — . . . — Map (db m114688) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Matamoras — Matamoras World War I Monument
1917 — 1918 Alice Young · Carl Henkelman · Winton Newman · Raymond Jones · John L. Gorum · Edward Rush · Howard Mount · David Dunn · William Hanlon · Robert Haught · Mersom Roberts — Map (db m114689) WM
Ohio (Washington County), New Matamoras — Frontier Boat Launch
Frontier Boat Launch Partners in Action – Working together to serve people and care for the land of southeast Ohio The Frontier Boat Launch opened in spring 2011. Ohio is in the top ten in the nation for boating, with 400,000 registered . . . — Map (db m114694) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Newport — 10-84 — Captain Gordon C. Greene / Captain Mary Becker Greene
Captain Gordon C. Greene, a veteran riverman, was born in Newport, Ohio, on September 8, 1862. In 1890 he started the “Greene Line” with the “Henry K. Bedford,” a small shallow draft steamer: he owned twenty-five packets . . . — Map (db m41723) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Vincent — 18-84 — Ephraim Cutler
Ephraim Cutler (1767-1853) arrived in Marietta from Connecticut in 1795. Prominent in southeast Ohio, Cutler was appointed judge of the court of common pleas and justice of the peace, surveyed land for the Ohio Company, and was a trustee of Ohio . . . — Map (db m103728) HM
Ohio (Washington County), Waterford — The Peninsula
Waterford Township was organized in 1790. The “Donation Grant” of 1792 to Rufus Putnam stipulated the “Peninsula” was to be the community of Waterford. It was laid out in 3 acre lots, first owned by the Devol Family and later . . . — Map (db m103729) HM

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