“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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By Barry Swackhamer, November 16, 2012
14 Mile House Marker
California (Butte County), Forest Ranch — 14 Mile House
In June, 1864, the Chico and Humboldt Wagon Road Company began to construct a road to connect Chico with the Idaho mines. A toll station for the Chico and Humboldt Wagon Road stood nearby to the left. A Georgian, Nick Spires, is said to have . . . — Map (db m61766) HM

California (Butte County), Chico — Chico Cemetery G.A.R. Monument
[Front (South-Side) of Monument] Erected by Halleck Post No. 19 G.A.R. & W.R.C. In Memory of Our Comrades 1861 – 1865 [Left (West-Side)] In Honor of The Brave Men Who From the First Bore a . . . — Map (db m29659) HM
California (Butte County), Chico — Chico Elks Lodge No. 423 Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the Members of Chico Elks Lodge No. 423 Who served in the Armed Forces Of the United States of America — Map (db m29734) WM
California (Butte County), Chico — 840-2 — Chico Forestry Station and Nursery
In 1888, the State Board of Forestry established an experimental forestry station and nursery, a companion to the Santa Monica Station established in 1887. The two were the first such stations in the nation. Exotic and native trees were tested and . . . — Map (db m100602) HM
California (Butte County), Chico — Chico World War I Memorial
In Memory of Our Honored Dead of The World War 1917 – 1918 William H. Aitken • Wyatt L. Arbuckle • Edwin W. Boggs • Russell C. Doyle • Harry A. Elliott • Elbert P. Esmond • Edward N. Fairo • Nelson Coe • Aaron S. Harris • . . . — Map (db m29758) HM
California (Butte County), Chico — 313 — Hooker Oak
The massive and majestic Hooker Oak, which occupied this site, was named in honor of renowned British Botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. The Hooker Oak was acclaimed to be the largest Valley Oak in the world before it fell on May 1, 1977. Age . . . — Map (db m100595) HM
California (Butte County), Chico — 329 — Rancho Del Arroyo Chico
A vast expanse covering 26,000 acres, Rancho Chico was purchased in 1849-50 by John Bidwell. In 1865 he began construction of the mansion nearby, which in time became the social and cultural center of the upper Sacramento Valley. It was through his . . . — Map (db m108748) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — The Chico Club
“One of the fine new buildings in Boise,” heralded the Idaho Statesman newspaper in 1935, when the Belaustegui Hotel & Basque Boarding House was constructed by Augustin and Petra Belaustegui. A few years later, part of the hotel . . . — Map (db m119188) HM

California (San Mateo County), San Carlos — Thaddeus Kerns
Born June 5, 1884, Santa Ana, California; Died July 15, 1913, Chico, California Inspired by accounts of the first public flights of Wilber and Orville Wright, Chico resident Thaddeus Kerns constructed and flew a hang glider of his own . . . — Map (db m92281) HM

California (Butte County), Chico — The Historic Home of Annie and John BidwellA House With a Style
Completed in 1868, the home featured many surprisingly modern conveniences including running water, flush toilets, an acetylene gas lighting system, eight fireplaces, and wall-to-wall carpeting. The pink stucco mansion was designed by San Francisco . . . — Map (db m29644) HM
California (Butte County), Chico — The Life and Times of John BidwellAn Amazing Life and Legacy
John Bidwell was born on the east coast to a poor farming family in 1819. In spite of these modest roots, he would eventually become a key figure in California history, one famous for being a true pioneer, a statesman, politician, prohibitionist, . . . — Map (db m29637) HM

Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — William Bartram TrailTraced 1773-1777 — Deep South Region —
Bartram wrote of the security and extent of intracoastal water ways from Virginia's Chesapeake Bay to the Mississippi, in 1774. — Map (db m110475) HM

California (Butte County), Chico — General John and Annie K. Bidwell Gravesite
This marks the location of General John and Annie K. Bidwell’s Gravesite Founders and Benefactors of Chico — Map (db m29745) HM
California (Butte County), Magalia — “Magalia Depot & Butte County Railroad”
In 1902, Diamond Match Co., established the Butte Co. Railroad. The So PAC tracks ran between Chico, Durham, and Stirling City. Regular train service between Chico and Magalia began Nov. 2, 1903. Magalia depot was completed soon thereafter. April 8, . . . — Map (db m61223) HM

California (Butte County), Centerville — Centerville School
Erected in 1894 by C.H. Hintz this building was used continuously for school purposes until 1966 when due to unification, pupils were bussed into Chico. The first teacher was Miss Ada Woods. Cost of building was $600.Purchased by Centerville . . . — Map (db m29692) HM
California (Butte County), Oroville — Jewish Cemetery
Thousands of Jewish emigrants escaping religious persecution and economic oppression in Germany and Eastern Europe joined the Gold Rush to California. They brought with them a strong work ethic and religious conviction. These settlers were . . . — Map (db m61497) HM
California (Plumas County), East Shore — Hamilton Dairy
The Hamilton Dairy opened in Big Meadows in 1860. In 1910 Canyon Dam was built, then filled in 1914, creating Lake Almanor. This milkhouse was then moved here out of the meadows above lake level. The Hamilton and Holmes families used the milk to . . . — Map (db m66080) HM
New Mexico (Otero County), Mayhill — Apache Battleground
In this immediate vicinity, Captain Henry W. Stanton of the U.S. Army, for whom Fort Stanton was named, lost his life in 1855 in a skirmish with the Mescalero Apaches. For several weeks, soldiers commanded by Stanton and Capt. Richard S. Ewell, were . . . — Map (db m73434) HM

Arizona (Maricopa County), Phoenix — In Memory of the Students of this School who Enlisted in the Army and Navy during the World War
Killed in Action Lee Rainbow * Wallace Antone Honor Roll: Charles Laws • Isaac Jese • Oliver Sneed • Wm. T. Moore • Joe McCarthy • Peter Moore • Charles Gougn • Seth Oldman • Harvier Adams • George Bell • Roy Left Hand • . . . — Map (db m27252) HM
California (Butte County), Paradise — Butte 011 — Old Paradise Depot
Constructed in 1903, this depot is one of three maintained along the Butte County Railroad, a 31 mile line from Chico to Stirling City, completed by Diamond Match Co. in 1904. The railroad was later acquired by Southern Pacific and operated as a . . . — Map (db m29671) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — The Interurban Railroad Lines
Another distinctive era in the demographic history of the southern waterfront occurred when the construction of several interurban railroad lines along Front Street revitalized the area. In the first decade of the 20th century, several interurban . . . — Map (db m16544) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — Piers, Ports and Wharves: A Look At Pensacola's WaterfrontFlorida Public Archaeology Network
During the mid-1800s, 16 wharves reached into Pensacola Bay, along a three-mile stretch of waterfront from Bayou Texar to Bayou Chico. A few years later, around 1900, railroad companies invested in Pensacola's port facilities, improving wharves and . . . — Map (db m91137) HM
Louisiana (Jefferson Parish), Grand Isle — Cheniere Caminada Cemetery
Settled by Indians,"Isle of the Chitamachas" was later owned by Francisco Caminada. Known as "Chico Isle", as "Chita", as Caminadaville. It was home to pirates, fishermen and farmers. On Oct. 1, 1893, a fast moving, late season hurricane from the . . . — Map (db m62038) HM

Arizona (Apache County), Window Rock — In Remembrance of Our Warriors / Navajo Warrior Memorial
In Remembrance of Our Warriors Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice and/or Missing in Action, They will never be forgotten and to us they will always be young in our thoughts. Nelson Lewis • Walter Nelson • Willie A. Notah • Edie . . . — Map (db m27911) HM
California (Butte County), Stirling City — Stirling City
This peaceful community, gateway to the remote regions of the High Lakes of Butte and Plumas Counties, owes its origin and subsequent development to the entrance of the Diamond Match Company to California. With the purchase of about 40,000 acres of . . . — Map (db m61764) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — General Bernardo de Gálvez and the "Siege of Pensacola"The Longest Battle of the American Revolution
As the Spanish Governor of Louisiana Territories, Bernardo de Gálvez was an important friend of American Colonists. When Spain became an ally of the American Revolutionaries in 1779, Bernardo de Gálvez led a multinational force of troops from New . . . — Map (db m145510) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Ashland — The Applegate Trail
In the spring of 1846 pioneers settling in the western valleys of Oregon encouraged the opening of an alternate wagon route from the states to their settlements—one that avoided the perils of the Columbia River, and one free of control by . . . — Map (db m128076) HM
Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — Bexar County Commissioners CourtBexar County Plaza / Bexar County Courthouse / Lady Justice Fountain
Nelson W. Wolff – County Judge Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez – Commissioner, Pct. 1 Paul Elizondo – Commissioner, Pct. 2 Kevin A. Wolff – Commissioner, Pct. 3 Tommy Adkisson – Commissioner, Pct. . . . — Map (db m118105) HM
Texas (Wise County), Decatur — 822 — Charles Vernon Terrell(May 2, 1861 - November 17, 1959)
A leading public man in Texas, 1896-1939. Born in Wise County to early (1854) settlers. After two years at Texas A. & M., read law and began practice in 1886. Served 1888-92 as Decatur City Attorney; 1892-96 as County Attorney; 1896-1901 and 1909-13 . . . — Map (db m108521) HM

California (Kern County), Delano — The Forty Acres
Has been designated a National Historic Landmark. This property possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. Forty Acres embodies and conveys multiple layers of national significance . . . — Map (db m54836) HM

Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — The Little Rock Arsenal
Shortly after Arkansas was admitted to the Union in 1836, the Federal government established the Little Rock Arsenal for the storage of munitions and weapons in defense of the frontier. Eventually, more than thirty buildings were constructed on this . . . — Map (db m117241) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Bay Bridge
Begun in 1933 in the depths of the Depression, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge put hundreds of men to work on two six-hour shifts, morning and night, for three years and seven months, to finish two months ahead of schedule on November 12, . . . — Map (db m92904) HM

Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Salamanca), Salamanca — Valtierrilla
ValtierrillaEste poblado es el principal de las comunidades del municipio de Salamanca. Tiene su origen desde la época prehispánica, como asentamiento de la tribu otomí. Pasa al dominio español durante la conquista en los albores el . . . — Map (db m115282) HM
Mexico, Guanajuato (Municipality of Salamanca), Valtierrilla — Valtierrilla
ValtierrillaEste poblado es el principal de las comunidades del municipio de Salamanca. Tiene su origen desde la época prehispánica, como asentamiento de la tribu otomí. Pasa al dominio español durante la conquista en los albores el . . . — Map (db m117346) HM

California (Santa Cruz County), Santa Cruz — California PioneersJames Williams - Mary Patterson Williams
James Williams California Pioneer James Williams, age 29 and a native of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, emigrated overland to California in 1843 along with his three brothers – John, age 25; Isaac, age 20; and Squire, age 19 – in a . . . — Map (db m62440) HM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — The Forward Air Controller
This memorial is dedicated to honor those special aviators who lost their lives during the Southeast Asia war while serving as Forward Air Controllers (FACs) in the 0-1, 0-2, OV-10, U-10, U-17, PC-6 and T-28 aircraft. From 1962 through the . . . — Map (db m100420) HM WM

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