“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Clark County Kentucky Historical Markers

"Morgan's Men" Here Marker image, Touch for more information
By Don Morfe, July 20, 2013
"Morgan's Men" Here Marker
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 625 — “Morgan's Men” HereConfederate Raids and Invasions, and a Federal Retreat, in Kentucky
CSA Gen. John H. Morgan's cavalry first raided Kentucky July, 1862. Took Cynthiana but, faced by large USA forces, withdrew. Destroyed arms here on 19th and went to Richmond. On last raid, June 1864, after two battles at Mt. Sterling, they moved by . . . — Map (db m67760) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — A Defensive Strategy
Fortifying Central Kentucky The small earthwork above was just one part of an overall defensive strategy devised by the Union army to guard against Confederate raids. It was part of a grand plan put forth by Capt. Thomas B. Brooks. In . . . — Map (db m74633) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — A Long, Steep Road
Hauling Supplies This trail follows the road that took soldiers and supplies from the road below to the earthwork above. It is uncertain whether the military built the road or simply improved an existing trail or road. The men and . . . — Map (db m74720) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — An Unrealized Plan
The Front Moves South Capt. Thomas Brooks' plan for the defense of the Kentucky River was never completely realized. The reason lies in the shifting fortunes of war. In 1863, General Ambrose Burnside was sent to Kentucky to lead an . . . — Map (db m74645) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Building the Earthwork
Construction began in early 1863 Work on the Boonesboro earthwork progressed slowly, in part because of Confederate raids and in part because of bad weather, but by late spring or early summer the earthwork was complete.

In 1863, . . . — Map (db m74476) HM

Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 2256 — Clark County Courthouse
Side 1: Clark County, named in honor of Revolutionary War hero General George Rogers Clark, was created in 1792. A two-room log cabin courthouse built here in 1794 on land donated by John Baker. Replaced by two-story brick bldg. in 1797. . . . — Map (db m67785) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1319 — Clark County Hemp
One of the ten Bluegrass counties which produced over 90 percent of the entire country's yield in late 1800s. Production increased from 155 tons in 1869 to over 1,000 tons in 1889, valued at about $125 per ton. In 1942, Winchester selected as site . . . — Map (db m67704) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1358 — Colbyville Tavern
Built in 1820s by Colby Taylor as a place of rest and entertainment on stage road from Winchester to Lexington. In 1832, President Andrew Jackson visited here on his trip to Winchester. During antebellum heyday in late 1840s, popular stop for those . . . — Map (db m67745) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Common Cliffside Plants
The cliffs and slopes bordering the Kentucky River are home to a number of wildflowers and trees, some of which are pictured below. Common plants visible for much of the summer include pokeweed, blackberry, wild grape, and poison ivy. One frequently . . . — Map (db m74790) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1217 — County Named 1793Clark County
For General George Rogers Clark, who came to Kentucky territory from Virginia, 1775. He commanded expedition into Illinois territory in 1778-79, taking the British forts which held the northwest for future U S settlement, and capturing commander of . . . — Map (db m67757) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Daniel BooneBorn-1734---Died-1820
Explored Kentucky, 1769-1774 Opened wilderness road, 1776 Founded Boonesborough, 1775 Hunter-Surveyor-Soldier Foremost pioneer of Kentucky “An instrument ordained to settle the wilderness.”Map (db m67784) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Defending the Kentucky River
Bridges, Fords and Ferries Unlike the Ohio, the Kentucky River was never an important supply line for the Union Army. Because of its geology, the Kentucky acted as a barrier to the movement of supplies and men. Much of the Kentucky . . . — Map (db m74651) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1399 — East Broadway Cemetery
In 1833 town trustees bought about an acre for $45 for public burial ground. First cholera epidemic in U.S. reached here. Seventy-five victims were buried here in 1833. John Ward, town trustee and a leader in forming cemetery, and his wife were both . . . — Map (db m67786) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Gov. James Clark Judicial Center
On this site, John Ward, a trustee for the new town of Winchester, operated a tavern in the early 1800s. The property later became the Sachett Academy for girls. In 1845 the First Christian Church erected a brick church which burned during the . . . — Map (db m67755) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 127 — Governor James Clark
Home and monument of James Clark 1779-1839. Governor of Kentucky, 1836-1839. Member of Congress; Judge, Court of Appeals. As Circuit Judge he rendered his famous decision which set off the old and the new court fight in 1821. — Map (db m67748) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 951 — Hanson Home Site
Here lived five Hanson brothers, Civil War soldiers, USA and CSA. For USA: Col. Charles S., hero of Battle of Lebanon, July, 1863; Pvt. Samuel K.-died in service. For CSA: Brig. Gen. Roger, mortally wounded in the Battle of Stone's River, Jan. 2, . . . — Map (db m67753) HM WM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1319 — Hemp in Kentucky
Hemp in Kentucky - First crop grown, 1775. From 1840 to 1860, Ky.'s production largest in U.S. Peak in 1850 was 40,000 tons, with value of $5,000,000. Scores of factories made twine, rope, oakum to caulk sailing ships and cotton bagging. State's . . . — Map (db m67705) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 2250 — Homer C. Ledford
Side 1: Homer Ledford (1927-2006) was a master craftsman, musician, and teacher. Born in Tennessee, he came to Kentucky to attend Berea College & graduated from Eastern Ky. University. Ledford founded the Cabin Creek Band in 1976 & led . . . — Map (db m67751) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Inside the Earthwork
An Unanswered Question Was there a blockhouse at the Boonesboro earthwork? Because no written records have been found only intensive archaeological investigation can answer that question. However, Captain Thomas Brooks' recommendation . . . — Map (db m74504) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 1068 — Old Providence Church
Daniel Boone attended, Squire, Jr., Samuel, and Mary Boone baptized here. Church name changed, 1790, from Howard's Creek to Providence. William Bush, a member of Boone's second Ky. expedition, built the present stone structure of native limestone. . . . — Map (db m30831) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 710 — Rare 1860 Tombstones
In the burial ground, one-fourth mile east, are two rare Carrara marble tombstones carved in Italy by Joel Tanner Hart, the world renowned sculptor. He brought the stones to America, 1860, at time of unveiling of his great statue of Henry Clay in . . . — Map (db m67788) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Roads in the Wilderness
Directly in front of you is a fragment of the original road built to take men and supplies from the road below, now KY 1924, to the earthwork. This road is now a foot trail, but many of Clark County's original roads are still in use. As the maps . . . — Map (db m74728) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Rock and Man
"Civilization exists by geological consent" (Will Durant (1885 - 1981), American historian, philosopher, and educator) Not many people stop to think about the rock beneath their feet, but it is the type of rock, its structure and . . . — Map (db m74768) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 679 — Roy Stuart Cluke
Site of home and farm from which Cluke enlisted in the Confederate army. Commissioned Colonel of 8th Regt. Ky. Cavalry CSA, Sept. 1862. Immediate action in Ky. won the confidence of Gen. John H. Morgan; was with Morgan in Dec. 1862 and July 1863 . . . — Map (db m67706) WM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — 731 — Sculptor's BirthplaceJoel Tanner Hart
Birthplace of Joel Tanner Hart, 1810, sculptor and poet. Began as stone-cutter, 1830. Went to Florence, Italy, 1840. Famed for busts: John Jordan Crittenden, Cassius M. Clay, Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson. Marble statues: Woman Triumphant, Il . . . — Map (db m67787) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — The Eye of the Rich Land
Kentucky Primeval Huge herds of bison graze in immense meadows beneath an open canopy of oak, ash, cherry, hickory, and sugar maple. Many of the trees are four feet or more in diameter. Elk and deer are abundant. Impenetrable canebreaks . . . — Map (db m74754) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — The Pastime Theater Disaster
(side 1) On March 9, 1918, at 7:45p.m., a wall of a burned-out building collapsed onto The Pastime Theater near the end of the first showing. Eleven people were killed instantly and scores of others were injured. Eight of the dead were . . . — Map (db m121377) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — The Quest for Land
Land Fever Why did so many people brave the dangers of frontier life to come to Clark County and the Bluegrass? The answer is land -- cheap land, fertile land. The quest for land drove the settlement of Kentucky.

John Findley was a . . . — Map (db m74753) HM

Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Thomas B. Brooks, Army Engineer
Army Engineers - A Proud Tradition The Continental Congress first authorized an army with a chief engineer in 1775. In the years that followed, the Army Corps of Engineers supervised the construction of coastal fortifications, aided in . . . — Map (db m74554) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — Three Confederate Raids
Constant Confederate Raids Forced the Union Army to Take Action In the spring and summer of 1863 Confederate raids led by Col. Roy S. Cluke, Gen. John Pegram and Col. John S. Scott crossed and recrossed the Kentucky River. Their mission . . . — Map (db m74678) HM
Kentucky (Clark County), Winchester — World War I Memorial1917 - 1919
Dedicated to the memory of those from Clark County who gave their lives in defense of humanity in the World War.

“As they served America in time of war, yielding their last full measure of devotion, may we serve America in time of . . . — Map (db m105904) WM

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