“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Young County Texas Historical Markers

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By Dana S Ribble, February 17, 2020
Gooseneck Cemetery Marker
Texas (Young County), Bunger — 2228 — Gooseneck Cemetery
Named for a bend in the Brazos River, this cemetery first served pioneers of the Gooseneck community. Land for the burial ground was donated by Kentucky native George Washington Fore (1823-1903) and his son, John Silas Fore (1851-1931), who became . . . — Map (db m144946) HM
Texas (Young County), Graham — 85 — Addie M. Graham
Born in Indiana in 1843, Agnes Mary ("Addie") Kinter married Edwin Smith Graham in 1865. Upon hearing of the opportunities for land development in Texas, Graham traveled to Texas many times during the 1870s. In 1872, he and his brother, G.A., . . . — Map (db m108773) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 3375 — A Military Road (Fort Belknap - Fort Worth)
Past This Point Extended in 1851 A Military Road Connecting Fort Belknap and Fort Worth. Over it passed troops, travelers, and supplies for the frontier posts. — Map (db m93487) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 649 — Camp Belknap, C.S.A.
Confederate frontier post Camp Belknap located this vicinity. Local soldiers, determined to guard edge of settlement against Indian raids, Union invasion from Indian Territory, joined Frontier Regiment of Texas Cavalry and Rangers. Chain of posts . . . — Map (db m93558) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 1085 — Colonel William C. Young1812 – 1862
County Named for Texas Confederate Colonel William C. Young 1812 – 1862 Tennessee lawyer, U.S. Marshal, Frontier Texas Ranger, Annexation Convention member 1845, Colonel Mexican War. During Civil War raised and commanded 11th Texas . . . — Map (db m93532) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 1004 — Common Grave
Three youths slain by Indians in an Elm Creek raid, July 17, 1867: Rice Carlton, age 19; Reuben Johnson, born 1847, son of J. Allen Johnson; Patrick Euell Proffitt, born March 7, 1848, son of Robert S. Proffitt. John Proffitt, a brother, was . . . — Map (db m93411) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — Fort Belknap
Two Miles Southwest to Fort Belknap Established in 1850 The largest military post in northern Texas until the Civil War. The first county seat of Young County. A station on the Southern Overland Mail Line connecting . . . — Map (db m93449) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — Fort Belknap
Established Nov. 1851 for the U.S. Army by Gen. Wm. G. Belknap and located by Capt. R.B. Marcy.      This Post – One of the most important in Texas at that time was maintained by the U.S. Army until 1867 for the protection of early settlers . . . — Map (db m93514) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — Fort Belknap Memorial
Built with stones from the original fort, this monument was completed November 3, 1995 on the 144th birthday of Fort Belknap at its present location. Erected to the memory of the U.S., Texas and Confederate troops who served here. Dedicated by the . . . — Map (db m93534) WM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 2384 — Harmonson Rancho
Kentucky native Peter Harmonson (1797-1865) came to Texas in 1845 as a settler in the Peters Colony. The following year he helped form Denton County, where he served as the first sheriff. In 1854 he brought his family here and established a ranch . . . — Map (db m93450) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 730 — In Memory of Proffitt, Carlton, and Johnson
In memory of Patrick Euell Proffitt, Rice Carlton & Rueben Johnson, Three 19 year old boys killed In one of the Elm Creek Indian raids, July 17, 1867 — Map (db m93413) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 2636 — Indian Raid on Elm Creek, C.S.A.
Indian troubles continually plagued the Texas frontier in the Civil War, with great loss in lives and property.      One of the most serious raids occurred near here on Oct. 13, 1864, at Fitzpatrick Ranch. Comanches killed seven ranch people and . . . — Map (db m93414) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 12698 — Joseph Alfred Woolfolk
A native of Kentucky, Joseph Alfred Woolfolk (1836-1918) earned a law degree from the University of Louisville in 1856. He moved to Belknap, Texas, in 1858, and was hired by the Texas Emigration and Land Company to survey land grants in the Peters . . . — Map (db m93448) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 3194 — Major Robert S. Neighbors
As Indian agent, forceful peacemaker and humanist, Maj. Neighbors had more influence over Texas’ Indians than any other man of his era; came to Texas in 1836.      Her served as quartermaster in Texas Army, 1839-41. While on Texas Ranger duty in . . . — Map (db m93515) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 18389 — Major Robert Simpson Neighbors
Who served in the Army of Texas, 1836 • Captured by General Woll, 1842 • U.S. Indian agent, 1845 • Born in Virginia, November 3, 1815 • Died September 14, 1859 — Map (db m93560) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 3374 — Military Road (Fort Belknap - Fort Phantom Hill)
Past this Point Extended a Military Road Surveyed in 1849 by Colonel J.E. Johnson who was detailed by the U.S. War Department to locate the most feasible route from Red River to El Paso. From 1851 to 1854 it connected two frontier . . . — Map (db m93559) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 3376 — Military Road (Fort Belknap - San Antonio)
Past this Point Extended a Military Road Connecting Fort Belknap and San Antonio. Blazed in 1851 by Lieutenant Francis T. Bryan of the U.S. Army. Traveled by troops, supply trains and frontier settlers. — Map (db m93535) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 3729 — Old Fort Belknap Powder Magazine
Best preserved of the original structures at Fort Belknap. The fort, named for its builder, Brig. Gen. W.G. Belknap (1794-1851), was one of the frontier posts placed by the Federal government along a line from the Red River to the Rio Grande to . . . — Map (db m93557) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 4131 — Proffitt Cemetery
Members of the Robert Smith Proffitt family came to this area about 1862 and established homes. A son, John Proffitt (1846-1925), amassed large landholdings and built a gin and other businesses. The developing community was named Proffitt. At its . . . — Map (db m93410) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — Proffitt Cemetery Veterans
In Memory of Proffitt Cemetery Veterans Blanton, James Herod - C.S.A. Civil War World War IBellomy, W.B. • Bradshaw, Clay • Cagle, C.V. (Dugan) • Denton, Orville (Sonny) • Heard, Frank • Holbert, Worth • Perry, C.R. (Russell) • . . . — Map (db m93412) WM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 587 — The Butterfield Overland Stages
Connecting St. Louis and San Francisco with weekly service, 1858-1861, traversed this county with a station at Fort Belknap — Map (db m93489) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 5507 — Tonkawa Scouts, C.S.A.
By the time of the Civil War, 1861-65, Texans knew the horrors of Indian warfare. Hostile tribes made a business of stealing horses, cattle, women and children. The paths they followed in the “bright Comanche moons” were marked by fires . . . — Map (db m93556) HM
Texas (Young County), Woodson — 3540 — Murray Methodist Church
When early pioneer Thomas Price purchased land in the old Fish Creek community in 1874, he found an abandoned log cabin which, along with his neighbors, he repaired and designated for use as a church. Early settlers, regardless of denominational . . . — Map (db m93562) HM
Texas (Young County), Woodson — 13745 — Tyra Graveyard - Murray Community Cemetery
Pioneer residents of this area called their community Fish Creek until 1880, when a U.S. post office was established and named for the local postmaster, J.J. Murray. This cemetery dates to May 6, 1884, when the infant child of Russell and Rosa Bell . . . — Map (db m93561) HM

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