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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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New York, Historical Society of Rockland County Historical Markers

Rich historical heritage of Rockland County, NY.
First Fighting at Fort Clinton Marker image, Touch for more information
By Michael Herrick, September 17, 2011
First Fighting at Fort Clinton Marker
1 New York, Rockland County, Bear Mountain — First Fighting at Fort Clinton
Erected June 25 1921 When The British Attacked Forts Clinton And Montgomery Oct. 6 1777 The First Fighting Occurred Over The Outworks Located At This Point Gen. Geo. Clinton Commanded the American Forces Sir Henry Clinton Commanded the . . . Map (db m47777) HM
2 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Collyer Farm Pond and New City Park
The 19th century mill pond and dam, sawmill, icehouse and farmhouse had outlived its productive days when Omley, Hansen and Hall of an American Scandinavian group discovered it in 1926. With the Depression, the summer community soon became . . . Map (db m44210) HM
3 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Congers Lake Dam
This dam, constructed in 1995, replaced an original weakened stone and earthen dam built more than a century ago to create a recreational area for the St. Rita Parish of New York City. The Dutch called this stream, an easterly branch of the . . . Map (db m44281) HM
4 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Congers School
The Congers School opened in 1928 as a high school. Students came from as far away as West Nyack and Tappan, often traveling by train to the Congers Station. Centralization of Clarkstown’s schools resulted in the building of the Clarkstown . . . Map (db m44286) HM
5 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Congers Station
In 1880 the fledgling Jersey City & Albany Railway Co. completed a track through this area on easements granted by Abraham and Mary Conger, large landholders and prominent citizens. In 1883 a new railroad timetable listed the stop as . . . Map (db m44285) HM
6 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Doctor Davies Farm
This farm homestead built c. 1836 was part of a 450-acre farm extending from Rockland Lake to the Hudson River. In 1891, this portion of the farm became the home of artist Arthur Bowen Davies, a pioneer in modern art in America, and his wife, Lucy . . . Map (db m44211) HM
7 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Kings Highway
This road was a main artery of travel through the county for more than two centuries, connecting Hudson River communities from New Jersey to Albany. Originally an Indian trail, it was gradually widened by fur traders, post riders, farm carts, . . . Map (db m44207) HM
8 New York, Rockland County, Congers — King's Highway and the Long Clove
Proclaimed by royal decree almost three centuries ago this onetime Indian trail wound its way northward through Long Clove to the Hudson River below. Kings Highway's original purpose was military as the English Crown feared invasion by the French . . . Map (db m84080) HM
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9 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Paul Farmhousec. 1810
The easterly section of this Dutch farmhouse was constructed by John Paul in the early 19th Century. Soon after the similar westerly addition was added resulting in a rare style of twin front door entrances. The structure, a frame of sawn heavy . . . Map (db m44282) HM
10 New York, Rockland County, Congers — Snedeker Farm
The Snedeker family occupied this portion of the Pond Patent from c. 1730 until 1909 – about 179 years. Part of this stone house was built c. 1747 by Tunis Snedeker’s son Johannes, a captain in the colonial militia. As patriots in the . . . Map (db m131428) HM
11 New York, Rockland County, Haverstraw — Treason Site
Within these woods, in the early morning hours of September 22, 1780, American General Benedict Arnold and British Major John André plotted the surrender of the American fortress at West Point. While attempting to return to British lines, André was . . . Map (db m165783) HM
12 New York, Rockland County, New City — Blauvelt Homestead Reported missing
In 1832 Jacob J. and Margaret (Remsen) Blauvelt built the main section of this Dutch Colonial-style farmhouse. Jacob was a farmer, inspector of common schools, a justice of the peace for the Town of Clarkstown and an officer in the 83rd Regiment of . . . Map (db m73064) HM
13 New York, Rockland County, New City — Martinus Hogenkamp Cemetery
This cemetery, named after an early owner of the land, began in the 18th century as a family or community burial ground. Abandoned and forgotten, it was rescued by the Martinus Hogenkamp Cemetery Association. Several stones are inscribed in Dutch, . . . Map (db m44209) HM
14 New York, Rockland County, New City — Rockland County Court House
Rockland County Court House Our forebears commitment to the rule of law was manifested in the first court house built in Tappan in 1691. In 1774 a small frame court house was constructed on this more convenient site, replaced in 1827 by a larger . . . Map (db m32552) HM
15 New York, Rockland County, New City — Snedekers Landing
Early in the 19th century the Snedeker family’s landing on the Hudson shore below came into use for local shipping. In 1845 the Snedekers established a shipyard with marine railway for repairing brickyard vessels and a dock for scheduled steamboats. . . . Map (db m33212) HM
16 New York, Rockland County, New City — The English Meeting House
Erected by the Rockland County Society to commemorate the establishment of the New Hempstead Presbyterian Church as the second religious organization in the present County of Rockland, New York. This church was founded a few years after 1713, when . . . Map (db m44223) HM
17 New York, Rockland County, Nyack — 1 Mile To Nyack
Erected by the Rockland County Society To commemorate the opening of the Nyack Turnpike Between Nyack and Suffern The first direct highway across the County of Rockland and the first important public work undertaken therin by private . . . Map (db m33648) HM
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18 New York, Rockland County, Nyack — First Reformed Church of Nyack
Ca. 1830 a group of local residents of Dutch Reformed faith began holding private religious services in Nyack. They built their first small church on this site in 1836 and in 1853 incorporated as The First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Nyack. . . . Map (db m44226) HM
19 New York, Rockland County, Nyack — Hopper House
Birthplace and boyhood home of the eminent realist painter Edward Hopper (1882-1967). The Hoppers’ forebears came from Holland in 1652, and the artist’s grandfather built this house in 1858. After graduating from Nyack High School, Hopper moved to . . . Map (db m44206) HM
20 New York, Rockland County, Nyack — Nyack First Settlement
The Tappan Indians, from time immemorial, occupied these lands fronting on the river shore. Here, in summer, they lived upon the fish and oysters which the waters produced in abundance. In the Algonkian dialect, spoken by them, they called this . . . Map (db m44310) HM
21 New York, Rockland County, Nyack — Oak Hill Cemetery
This nonsectarian cemetery was dedicated on June 27, 1848 before a crowd of 3,000 people. The establishment of the cemetery reflected a transition from small family or religious cemeteries. Oak Hill Cemetery has been enlarged several times and . . . Map (db m18274) HM
22 New York, Rockland County, Nyack — Old Stone Church
Placed by the Rockland County Society to mark the oldest building dedicated to God’s service now standing in the County of Rockland, New York ----- this ----- “Old Stone Church” was erected in the year 1813 by a newly organized Society . . . Map (db m44304) HM
23 New York, Rockland County, Nyack — Rockland Brink's Robbery
Rockland Brink's Robbery On October 20, 1981, a three-year crime spree in the New York Metropolitan area came to an end at this site. Members of the Weather Underground, a radical domestic terrorist group, robbed a Brink's armored car at the Nanuet . . . Map (db m33649) HM
24 New York, Rockland County, Orangeburg — Colonial Orangetown
The “Towne of Orange” formed in the Tappan Patent grant of 1686-7 became the seat of provincial government of all Orange County, established in 1683, which then included this area, south of the mountains, set off as Rockland County in . . . Map (db m43777) HM
25 New York, Rockland County, Palisades — Skunk Hollow
Skunk Hollow or, “the mountain,” was a free black community from 1806-1905. The first known deed dated 1806 belonged to Jack Earnest from Palisades. In 1841, William Thompson, an African Methodist Episcopal itinerant preacher bought Jack’s house, . . . Map (db m8630) HM
26 New York, Rockland County, South Nyack — Carson McCullers1917 – 1967
Carson McCullers, writer and dramatist, made this house her home from 1945 to her death on September 29, 1967. Born in Columbus, Ga., on February 19, 1917, she achieved fame with The Heart is a Lonely Hunter 1940 and Reflections in a . . . Map (db m44279) HM
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27 New York, Rockland County, South Nyack — Couch Court
Built in 1854 for A. J. Storms of the Storms Tub & Pail Factory. 1875-1882 home of Edwin Stillwell, Captain of the Nyack-Tarrytown Ferry. Purchased 1885 by the Couch Family. Dr. Louis Couch used the tower for his Homeopathic practice. Daughter . . . Map (db m44276) HM
28 New York, Rockland County, Suffern — Rochambeau’s Encampment1781 – 1782
After crossing the Hudson, Commander-in-chief of the French army in America, General Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau, encamped here with his 5000 troops en route from Newport, R.I. to Virginia. Joining with Gen. Washington, the two armies hurried to . . . Map (db m189603) HM
29 New York, Rockland County, Suffern — Soldier’s Monument
The ground at this intersection, “Historic Crossroads of the American Revolution,” had long been a grassy triangle. In 1908 Charles E. Suffern gave the village this cannon, and the stone wall was built around it. Some residents, disliking the new . . . Map (db m24978) HM
30 New York, Rockland County, Suffern — Suffern’s Tavern
Erected     Oct. 4, 1924 Site of Suffern’s Tavern a noted hostelry of the Revolution Headquarters of • General • George Washington • July 15th to 20th, 1777 • Headquarters of Colonel Aaron Burr commanding the troops guarding the Ramapo . . . Map (db m24974) HM
31 New York, Rockland County, Tappan — Hickory Hill Cooperative
Here in 1950 a group of WWII G.I. Bill student-veterans from Shanks Village planned and built a community of homes cooperatively on McGillicuddy’s farmland. Houses and road were sited to preserve the natural environs. Low on funds, each family . . . Map (db m52951) HM
32 New York, Rockland County, Tappan — Reformed Dutch Church of Tappan
Organized 1694 Used as a military hospital and prison during the Revolution. The trials of Major John Andre as a spy, and of Joshua Heit Smith for treason, were held here in 1780.Map (db m7375) HM
33 New York, Rockland County, Tappan — The First Courthouse
A log structure, with whipping posts and stocks, was erected on this Tappan green C. 1691. Here justice was administered to all of Orange County, which then included present Rockland. A more permanent courthouse and "gaol," built in 1739, was . . . Map (db m8542) HM
34 New York, Rockland County, Tappan — Washington and Carleton Meeting
Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the meetings between General George Washington and General Sir Guy Carleton at Tappan and aboard H.M.S. Perseverance. Jointly by the Historical Society of Rockland County and Tappantown Historical Society. . . . Map (db m7291) HM
35 New York, Rockland County, West Haverstraw — Treason House
At Joshua Hett Smith’s home here, Sept. 22, 1780 Benedict Arnold betrayed the plans of West Point to British spy Maj. Andre[.] Historical Soc. Rockland CountyMap (db m165656) HM
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36 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Clarkstown Reformed Church
Worship services in this hamlet were held as early as 1740 in a log meeting house at the old burial ground northwest of historic Pye’s Corner. The First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church was organized there in 1750. Initially services were in Dutch . . . Map (db m44204) HM
37 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Clarksville
The Nyack Turnpike Toll Road c. 1825 crossed the Oblenis Farm here, creating a busy intersection knows as Oblenis Corners at Strawtown and Sickeltown roads. The first post office named Nyack Turnpike was established in the New Oblenis Store in 1834. . . . Map (db m21381) HM
38 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Clarksville Inn
This historic inn built by Thomas Warner in 1840 was a stopping place for stage coaches and travelers to and from the Port of Nyack. It was a center of social life for more than a century and the scene of farewell balls for recruits during the . . . Map (db m15351) HM
39 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Colonial Clarkstown
Ancient Indian trails intersected at this place adjoining a large Indian village which extended to the Hackensack Creek. Early in the 18th century the De Clark family built a gristmill on these premises, scene of the last witchcraft trial in New . . . Map (db m44200) HM
40 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Mount Moor Cemetery
This "Burying ground for Colored people", was deeded on July 7, 1849 by James Benson and Jane Benson, his wife, to William H. Moore, Stephen Samuels and Isaac Williams, trustees. The cemetery has provided burial space for colored people, including . . . Map (db m21378) HM
41 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Old Clarkstown Reformed Church Cemetery
A Dutch meeting house and burial ground occupied this site ca. 1740. The First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church was organized here in 1750. A sandstone building replaced the old wooden structure in 1826. This cemetery, in use for almost two . . . Map (db m44201) HM
42 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Pye's Corner
In 1798 Hendrick Van Orden, owner of a sandstone house on this site, sold the house and surrounding farm to Dr. Abraham Cornelison, who lived here 51 years. He became the first president of the Rockland County Medical Society in 1829. Isaac Pye . . . Map (db m26199) HM
43 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — The Nyack Turnpike
Dutch farmers first settled here early in the 18th century on land purchased from Indians who had occupied this region for millennia. Under mounting pressure for a cross-county road between the port of Nyack and Ramapo a turnpike was built. The . . . Map (db m15352) HM
44 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — The Old Parsonage
For almost a century the Clarkstown Reformed Church shared the services of its pastor with the church at Tappan. In 1834 a full-time pastor was called and this building, on a site across the road, was purchased for him. It was enlarged in 1835. . . . Map (db m26196) HM
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45 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Van Houten Fields
In 1937 Ralph Borsodi, author, economist and philosopher, organized a group for the purchase of this 106-acre Dutch farm to be divided into leased acreage plots. This became the largest self-administered, back-to-the-land community in Rockland . . . Map (db m44203) HM
46 New York, Rockland County, West Nyack — Washington’s Encampment
This property on lot 13 in the 1727 division of the Kakiat Patent was part of the DeClark farm from which the name Clarkstown originated. In August 1780 General Washington and his troops encamped here on an ancient Indian village site. In 1880 the . . . Map (db m54842) HM
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