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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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“Gooney Bird” Propeller Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes, October 22, 2013
“Gooney Bird” Propeller Marker
1Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — “Gooney Bird” Propeller
This Hamilton-Standard 23E50-505 hydromatic propeller is from Douglas Aircraft C-47 transport plane known as the Gooney Bird. The C-47s operated in both the European and Pacific theaters of W.W. II as troop and cargo transports, and initiated . . . — Map (db m69659) HM
2Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Lieutenant Colonel R. Edward YeildingUnited States Air Force
This F-4D Phantom is displayed in honor of Lt. Col. Edward Yeilding and all Veterans who served with the Phantom aircraft. Captain Ed Yeiding’s name is painted on the front canopy to honor his nine years flying Phantoms similar to this F-4D and . . . — Map (db m84028) HM
3Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Cold War-Global 1945-/ Cold War-Germany 1945-1990
(side 1) Cold War-Global 1945- I am Petty Officer Richard Williamson, Jr. I am proud that my dad served on the first nuclear powered fast attack submarine, the USS Nautilus (SSN 571) which set all kinds of records in the 1950s . . . — Map (db m85491) HM WM
4Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Korean War / Cold War-Korea 1953-
(side 1) Korean War I am Carlos Jesus Rodriguez, Rifle Squad Leader in F(Fox) Company 31st Regimental Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division (The Bayonet Division). I was stationed in Japan. As an occupation Army, we GIs (Government . . . — Map (db m85535) HM WM
5Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Main EnginesPower for Lift-off and Ascent to Orbit
The Pathfinder’s three main engines are real. The two lower engines powered the first flight of Columbia in 1981. The engine located at the top was used in ground test firings. At launch, the three Space Shuttle Main Engines (fed liquid . . . — Map (db m98026) HM
6Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — NASA / U.S. Geological SurveyMobile Geological Laboratory
The Mobile Geological Laboratory (MOLAB) was built as part of the development of NASA's Lunar Roving Vehicle(LRV) program. NASA engineers and scientists studied a number of different concepts for vehicles to use on the lunar surface. This rover . . . — Map (db m98200) HM
7Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — NASA Skylab
Skylab, the United States' first space station, was manned from May 25, 1973 to February 8, 1974 by three separate astronaut crews. Experiments were performed to enrich our knowledge of Earth, Sun, stars and cosmic space; to study the effects of . . . — Map (db m98190) HM
8Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — PathfinderHuntsville's Orbiter for NASA's Fleet
Pathfinder is a 75-ton simulator which was used to practice lifting and handling the real Orbiters. It was originally built at Marshall Space Flight Center in 1977 as a stand-in for Space Shuttle Enterprise to fit-check the roads and . . . — Map (db m98021) HM
9Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Pathfinder OrbiterShuttle “Body Double”
Pathfinder is a test article of NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter, built by Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in 1977 to practice lifting and handling the future Orbiter vehicles. Made of scrap rocket parts steel beams and wood, the mockup’s size, . . . — Map (db m98197) HM
10Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — T-38 TalonSupersonic Jet Trainer
Since the 1960s, NASA astronauts have trained for the stresses of spaceflight in the high-altitude, two-seater, supersonic T-38 Talon. Developed by Northrop Grumman, the T-38 became the world’s first supersonic jet trainer in 1961 when it entered . . . — Map (db m98025) HM
11Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — U.S. Air Force SM-65 Atlas-F
The ATLAS rocket was American's first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). It was first successfully launched in December, 1955. Originally a weapons delivery system, the Atlas D was selected by NASA to be the rocket that sent American . . . — Map (db m98192) HM
12Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — U.S. Army PGM-11 Redstone
First test-launched in August, 1953, the Redstone Medium-Range Ballistic Missile evolved from a five-year Army research and development program. Named for Redstone Arsenal—where it was developed—this vehicle played a crucial role . . . — Map (db m98220) HM
13Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — U.S. Army PGM-19 Jupiter
America's first Intermediate-range ballistic missile (RBM), the Jupiter Rocket was an outgrowth of Redstone rocket technology. It was developed at Redstone Arsenal under the technical guidance of German rocket engineers. First test-launched . . . — Map (db m98201) HM
14Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Air University Commanders
Maj Gen Muir S. Fairchild February 1946 – May 1948 Maj Gen Robert W. Harper May 1948 – October 1948 Gen George C. Kenney November 1948 – July 1951 Lt Gen Idwal H. Edwards August 1951 – . . . — Map (db m64368) HM
15Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Award of Air Force Cross to Jon D. Harston
Citation to Accompany the Award of The Air Force Cross to Jon D. Harston Staff Sergeant Jon D. Harston distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in military operations against an opposing armed force . . . — Map (db m95475) WM
16Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Award of Air Force Cross to Timothy A. Wilkinson
Citation to Accompany the Award of The Air Force Cross to Timothy A. Wilkinson Technical Sergeant Timothy A. Wilkinson distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in military operations against an . . . — Map (db m95474) WM
17Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Boeing B-52D "Stratofortress"
Remaining in operation longer than any bomber in U.S. military history, the B-52 was the Strategic Air Command's principal long-range heavy bomber from the time it became operational in 1955. Affectionately known as the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat . . . — Map (db m64474) HM
18Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Establishment of Air University 1946
The Army Air Forces school was assigned its first commander, Major General Muir S. Fairchild, in February 1946, and renamed Air University in March. The dedication ceremony occurred 3 Sep 1946. The first classes at the Air War College and the . . . — Map (db m64370) HM
19Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Expansion of Air University
During the early 1950’s, Air Force leaders decided to consolidate and relocate professional military and continuing education activities, as well as commissioning and specialized schools to Maxwell and Gunter Air Force Bases. ”(Air . . . — Map (db m64371) HM
20Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — General Larry D. Welch12th Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force — Served 1951 - 1990, Aviation Cadet 1953 —
General (ret) Welch was born in 1934 in Guymon, Okla., and graduated from Liberal (Kan.) High School in 1952. He enlisted in the Kansas National Guard in October 1951, serving with the 161st Armored Field Artillery until enlisting in the U.S. . . . — Map (db m64500) HM
21Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Joint Programs
Air University began new Air War College and Air Command and Staff College programs in 1987 which met newly mandated “Joint” education requirements. These programs emphasized joint war fighting. ”The basic reason for the . . . — Map (db m64378) HM
22Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — McDonnell Douglas F-4D "Phantom II"
First flown in May 1958, the Phantom II originally was developed for U.S. Navy fleet defense and entered service in 1961. The USAF evaluated it for close air support, interdiction, and counter-air operations and, in 1962, approved a USAF . . . — Map (db m64504) HM
23Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — McDonnell RF-101C "Voodoo"
Ordered in 1951 by the Strategic Air command as a long-range escort fighter, the F-101 lineage included several versions: Low-altitude fighter-bomber; photo-reconnaissance; two-seat interceptor; and transition trainer. To accelerate production, . . . — Map (db m64503) HM
24Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — North American F-100D "Super Sabre"
Developed as a follow-on to the F-86 Sabrejet used in the Korean Conflict, the F-100 was the world's first production airplane capable of flying faster than the speed of sound in level flight (760 mph). The prototype, the YF-100A, made its first . . . — Map (db m64553) HM
25Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — North American F-86A "Sabre"
The F-86, the USAF's first swept-wing jet fighter, made its initial flight on October 1, 1947. The first production mode flew on May 20, 1948, and on September 15, 1948, an F-86A set a new world speed record of 670.9 mph. Originally designed as . . . — Map (db m64586) HM
26Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Northrop T-38A "Talon"
In the mid-1950s, the USAF required a trainer with higher performance than the T-33 to better prepare student pilots for the latest tactical aircraft that were then coming into service. The aircraft chosen was the T-38A which offered high . . . — Map (db m64433) HM
27Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Reorganization
During the late 1950’s three courses at Air Command and Staff College: the Weapons course, the Squadron Officer course, and the Academic Instructor course, became separate schools under the AU umbrella. ”…It is regrettable that what . . . — Map (db m64373) HM
28Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Reorganization
HQ USAF realigned AU under Air Training Command (ATC) in 1978. For five years AU remained a part of ATC. On 1 July 1983, AU regained its major command status. ROTC was reassigned to ATC. The College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, . . . — Map (db m64376) HM
29Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell Air Force Base — Republic F-105D "Thunderchief"
In 1951, Republic Aviation began a project to develop a supersonic tactical fighter-bomber to replace the F-84F. The result was the F-105 "Thunderchief," later affectionately nicknamed the "Thud." The prototype YF-105A first flew on October 22, . . . — Map (db m64505) HM
30Arizona (Pima County), Green Valley — Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Museum
Tucson Air Museum Foundation of Pima County Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Museum Established May 8, 1986 571st SMS, 390th SMW Davis-Monthan AFB Strategic Alert July 1963 – November 1982 National . . . — Map (db m26926) HM
31Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — Cold War
The Cold War was a period of East-West competition, tension, and conflict short of full-scale war. It was characterized by mutual perceptions of hostile intention between military-political alliances or blocs. Quoting from a Veterans of Foreign . . . — Map (db m92218) HM WM
32Arkansas (Benton County), Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . — Map (db m92424) HM WM
33Arkansas (Benton County), Rogers — F-101B Voodoo
USAF Century Series aircraft flown by active interceptor squadrons, the Air Defense Command, and the Air National Guard from 1959 - 1983. The Voodoo is well known for its NATO role as a nuclear deterrent during the Cold War. The RF-101 . . . — Map (db m62520) HM
34Arkansas (Carroll County), Eureka Springs — The Berlin WallActual 10 x 10 Section
• Between 1945-1961 2.7 million escaped East Germany • In 1960, 200,000 East Germans escaped to Freedom • Order given to build Wall - Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961 Construction began Aug. 16, 1961; completed 2 mos. later • Initially 6 ft. . . . — Map (db m80171) HM
35Arkansas (Washington County), Fayetteville — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity and and loyalty The . . . — Map (db m92306) HM
36California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Berlin Wall Segments
The Wall Along Wilshire features ten sections of the original Berlin Wall. Measuring nearly forty feet wide, it is the world’s longest stretch of the Wall outside of Germany. The Wall Along Wilshire was assembled in 2009 as a component of The Wall . . . — Map (db m125316) HM
37California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Hungarian Freedom Fight of 1956
Erected in memory of the heroes of the glorious Hungarian Freedom Fight of 1956. A symbol of man’s yearning for freedom everywhere. — Map (db m125328) WM
38California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Nike Missile Site LA96C
Panel 1: Formerly a Nike Missile control site, U.S. Army 1956-1968. Currently San Vicente Mountain Park, gateway to the Big Wild. Restricted entry, vehicles with handicapped permits only beyond this point. Welcome. Panel . . . — Map (db m146037) HM WM
39California (Los Angeles County), Palmdale — Blackbird Air ParkAir Force Plant 42
[Panel #1] Blackbird Wind Tunnel Model (One-Twelfth Scale) Aircraft models such as this are used in high-speed wind tunnels to test aerodynamic shapes, stresses, and temperatures. This particular model was used for testing all . . . — Map (db m149742) HM
40California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — Battery Osgood-Farley Historic Site"Home of the Fort MacArthur Museum" — Battle Honors, Third Coast Artillery —
Battle Honors Third Coast Artillery War of 1812 Fort Nelson, VA. - June 22, 1813 Fort Oswego, NY. - May 5-6, 1814 Mexican War Palo Alto - May 8. 1846 Resaca de la Palma - May 9, 1846 Monterey (sic) - Sept. 21-23, . . . — Map (db m81750) HM
41California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — White Point Nike Missile Site
The large concrete bunker, seen across the street, was the White Point Nike Site, built in the early 1950's. It was one of many such sites ringing the Los Angeles basin manned by National Guard units. Originally a site for the . . . — Map (db m147323) HM
42California (Marin County), Sausalito — Mortars to MissilesMilitary power at the Golden Gate
For the first three-quarters of the 20th century, the Marin Headlands were fortified with weapons that evolved from cannon to nuclear warheads. The guns became more and more powerful, able to hit warships miles out to sea. Antiaircraft guns appeared . . . — Map (db m102828) HM
43California (Marin County), Sausalito — Nike Missile Site SF88
By 1945, the age of aerial warfare had fully arrived and the U.S. Army sought a weapon that could intercept enemy aircraft. In 1951, after years of research and development, a supersonic missile controlled by ground-based electronic equipment was . . . — Map (db m102818) HM
44California (Marin County), Tiburon — Ayala Cove
Lieut. Juan de Ayala of the Royal Spanish Navy sailed through the Golden Gate on Aug. 5, 1775. He commanded the packet-boat San Carlos, which was the first known ship in the waters of San Francisco Bay. On the 13th day of August, Ayala anchored this . . . — Map (db m69206) HM
45California (Marin County), Tiburon — Cold War Defense
In 1954 Angel Island became one of nineteen Nike Missile sites in the Bay Area. There were three underground magazines, each storing 12 Nike – Ajax anti-aircraft missiles. The missiles had a range of 25 miles and were raised to the surface by . . . — Map (db m69253) HM
46California (Mono County), Lee Vining — Navy Beach
During the Cold War, Mono County was home to one of many remote facilities used by the US Military to test new weapons and weapons systems. A "secret military installation" operated by the US Navy was located along the south shoreline of Mono . . . — Map (db m20739) HM
47California (Riverside County), Blythe — 127 — Desert Strike
In May 1964, U.S. Strike Command (STRICOM) launched the largest military war game since World War II. Known as Joint Exercise Desert Strike, this two-week training exercise simulated a nuclear air and ground battle between the mythical governments . . . — Map (db m78531) HM
48California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — McClellan Air Force Base
[Panel 1a:] The 1930s With war clouds gathering over the Pacific, in 1936 Congress authorized the construction of the Sacramento Air Depot. The Army Air Corp envisioned that the new depot would support operations on the West Coast, . . . — Map (db m57199) WM
49California (San Bernardino County), Ludlow — 139 — Project Carryall
...and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. Micah 4:3 With the end of World War II and the onset of the Cold . . . — Map (db m78521) HM
50California (Santa Barbara County), Vandenberg Air Force Base — Ronald W. Reagan Missile Defense Site
Dedicated to Ronald W. Reagan 40th President of the United States of America For his steadfast commitment to develop and deploy missile defenses to protect our nation, our forces, our allies and friends "Wouldn't it be better to . . . — Map (db m98728) WM
51California (Santa Barbara County), Vandenberg Air Force Base — Vandenberg Air Force BaseAIAA Historic Aerospace Site
Bearing witness to the birth of the Space Age, Vandenberg Air Force Base has been the launch site of many of America's missiles and rockets, from military missions to voyages of exploration. Here launched the first polar orbiting satellite . . . — Map (db m140556) HM
52California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — Military Community
Recreation at Home Remains of a swimming pool are a visual reminder of a thriving community of military families that lived at the Almaden Air Force Station between 1957 and 1980. Hundreds of people live in military housing near this . . . — Map (db m114660) HM
53California (Santa Clara County), San Jose (New Almaden) — Scanning the Skies
In the late 1950s, the United States government procured Mount Umunhum to build the Almaden Air Force Station. an early warning radar facility that operated from 1957 to 1980. The station was constructed as part of a west coast network that scanned . . . — Map (db m114625) HM
54California (Tuolumne County), Sonora — Veterans Memorial BuildingDedicated 1933 — Tuolumne County War Memorials —
[ First Marker - See Photo #1 ] Veterans Memorial Building American Legion Post 58 & Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3154 & Auxiliary Disabled American Veterans Chapter 119 & . . . — Map (db m31933) WM
55Colorado (Adams County), Commerce City — Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
In 1942, women and men of the U.S. Army built this Arsenal that helped achieve victory in WWII and the Cold War. With thanks to our partners, the U.S. Army, Shell Oil Company and their contractors, we dedicate this flagpole to the employees of . . . — Map (db m119380) HM
56Colorado (El Paso County), United States Air Force Academy — B-52D Stratofortress"Diamond Lil" — 1957 - 1983 —
Dedicated to the men and women of the Strategic Air Command who flew and maintained the B-52D throughout its 26-year history in the command. Aircraft 55-083, with over 15,000 flying hours, is one of two B-52Ds credited with a confirmed MIG . . . — Map (db m43208) HM
57Connecticut (Hartford County), Weatogue — Nike Missile Site
This multi-used path was formerly a railroad track, used over time by both passenger and freight trains. The building perpendicular to the street replaces an earlier structure, a barn/tobacco warehouse. Growers brought tobacco there to store until . . . — Map (db m140778) HM
58Connecticut (New London County), New London — Cold War
World War II ended in 1945 with the surrender of Germany and Japan, but it was an uneasy peace that followed. Although the U.S.S.R. had been America’s ally during the war, after the war, the Soviet Union asserted control over eastern Europe, . . . — Map (db m48405) HM
59Connecticut (New London County), Stonington — USS Pawcatuck Veterans Monument
In Honor Of All Veterans Who Served During The Cold War – 1940’s to 1990’s ----------------------------------------------- USS Pawcatuck AO-108 A Fleet Oiler Named After The Pawcatuck River A Joint Project of Harvey P. Chase VFW . . . — Map (db m68231) WM
60Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — C-119GFlying Boxcar — S/N 10-870 —
Twin-boom cargo planes were Fairchild's trademark in the post-1945 era. These heavy-lift transports helped the United States to reach out with its new-found postwar power. C-119s formed the backbone of the USAF transport in the 1950s. In the . . . — Map (db m142611) HM
61Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — C-121CSuper Constellation — S/N 4557 —
The Lockheed Constellation with its gracefully contoured fuselage is a mixture of beauty, power, and utility. Constellation or "Connie" began as the 1943 C-69 Constellation prototype. A small number of C-69s were assigned to the Air Transport . . . — Map (db m142614) HM
62Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — C-131DSamaritan — S/N 55-295 —
The C-131 was based on the Convair 240, 340, and 440 airliners developed to replace surplus WWII transports that were being used as civilian airliners in the early 1950s. The first U.S. Air Force versions were navigator and radio operator trainers . . . — Map (db m142563) HM
63Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — C-133 Cargomaster1957 - 1971
Dedicated to C-133 aircrew members and support personnel of the 1st and 39th Heavy Airlift Squadrons and to the memory of those who are no longer with us — Map (db m142510) HM
64Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — C-133BCargomaster — S/N 59-0536 —
The museum's C-133 was the last of the 50 C-133s to be manufactured The C-133 was designed around one major mission—hauling the first generation intercontinental ballistic missiles. The largest of these was the Atlas . . . — Map (db m142629) HM
65Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — C-141BStarlifter — S/N 64-0626 —
The museum's C-141B was the last C-141 stationed at Dover AFT, Delaware In 1973 television audiences watched the C-141 bring home POWs released by Hanoi. Others know that C-141s dropped U.S. paratroopers on Panama in 1989. But . . . — Map (db m142570) HM
66Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — C-45GExpeditor — S/N 51-11795 —
The museum's C-45 was the first obtained by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) The C-45 is the military version of the popular Beechcraft Model 18 commercial light transport. Beech built a total of 4,526 of these aircraft . . . — Map (db m142622) HM
67Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — KC-68 — Hangar 1301
Constructed in 1944, Hangar 1301 served as the headquarters and engineering facility for the 4146th Base Unit from 1944 to 1946. Highly secret testing and development work was done here on air-launched rocket weapons. Aircraft used in testing ranged . . . — Map (db m50623) HM
68Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — KC-135EStratotanker — S/N 57-1507 —
The museum's KC-135E was the first all-jet tanker assigned to the Air National Guard in April 1975, and it flew the last operational mission of any KC-135E on 14 July 2009. In the early 1950s the Strategic Air Command (SAC) . . . — Map (db m142626) HM
69Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — LGM-30Minuteman Missile
The Minuteman is a land-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). First flown in 1961, over 400 will remain in service until at least 2030. It is the first solid-fuel missile to have a digital flight control computer, a combination which . . . — Map (db m142624) HM
70Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — T-33AShooting Star — S/N 52-9497 —
The two-seater T-33 was developed as a variant of Lockheed's P-80 fighter. The fuselage was lengthened by a little over three feet and a second seat for an instructor was added. In service for over 50 years, the T-33, known as the Shooting Star or . . . — Map (db m142507) HM
71Delaware (Kent County), Dover Air Force Base — T-33A Shooting Star
The two-seater T-33 was developed as a variant of Lockheed's P-80 fighter which had a high accident rate until more training with an onboard instructor reversed that trend. In service for over 50 years, the T-33, known as the Shooting Star of . . . — Map (db m50626) HM
72Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — The U.S. Navy at Cape HenlopenA Century of Service
The United States Navy's ties to Cape Henlopen spanned nearly 100 years. The Navy first came to the Cape in 1898 to build a signal tower during the Spanish American War. In the 20th century, the Navy kept a communications station he, beginning with . . . — Map (db m79201) HM
73District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — Lithuania's March to FreedomKeeping a Nation Alive — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
Since 1924 this mansion has housed representatives of the Republic of Lithuania, even during the 50 years when the country was occupied by the Soviet Union. In the late 1700s, the Russian Empire annexed Lithuania's territory, ending the . . . — Map (db m82751) HM
74District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — Polish-U.S. Diplomatic RelationsHistory Lives — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail —
When Poland declared its independence in 1918 after 123 years or foreign partition, the first prime minister of independent Poland — Ignacy Jan Paderewski — sent Prince Kazimierz Lubomirski to Washington as the country's first . . . — Map (db m82636) HM
75District of Columbia (Washington), American University Park — 7 — In Touch with the WorldTop of the Town — Tenleytown Heritage Trail —
“Tenley Tower,” behind you, dates from the mid-1940s. Western Union Telegraph Co. built it as part of an experimental system using microwaves to transmit telegrams in the mid-Atlantic region. This new technology helped erase . . . — Map (db m130925) HM
76District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — 4 — Borden's Dream RealizedFormer Walter Reed Army Medical Center — Walking Tour —
While the hospital continued to emphasize clinical microscopy and bacteriology, achievements in other fields set the standards for military and civilian care in fields such as dentistry and X-ray use. The circumstances of World War I and the high . . . — Map (db m143699) HM
77District of Columbia (Washington), Burleith — Patriotism and Espionage
The Western High School building in Burleith, which now houses Duke Ellington High School of the Arts, was home to the school's cadets from 1897 to the 1970s. More than a high school military unit, the main object of the cadets was character . . . — Map (db m113394) HM
78District of Columbia (Washington), Cleveland Park — 3524 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
1920-1930: Apartments, Shops and Cars “Connecticut Avenue is the principal approach to what is undoubtedly Washington's greatest suburban buying power” — The Washington Post, December 7, 1930 Early development . . . — Map (db m155387) HM
79District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Segment of the Berlin Wall
This segment of the Berlin Wall was presented to the Nitze School and the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies of the Johns Hopkins University by the Berlin Senate. It symbolizes both the peaceful end of a long international struggle . . . — Map (db m112638) HM
80District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Taras Shevchenko Memorial
[Inscription on south face of the Shevchenko statue base:] Taras Shevchenko 1814-1861 Bard of Ukraine [Inscription on north face of statue base:] Dedicated to the Liberation, Freedom and Independence of all . . . — Map (db m31136) HM
81District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Edward TellerProfessor of Physics, 1935 to 1945
This plaque commemorates the seminal research of the renowned Dr. Edward Teller during his tenure at The George Washington University. By agreement with GW Professor George Gamow, President Cloyd Heck Marvin invited the Hungarian-born Teller to . . . — Map (db m47326) HM
82District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — Welcome Aboard the Display Ship BARRY (DD-993)(sic)
BARRY is named after Commodore John Barry. She is the third vessel to bear the name of the illustrious Revolutionary War naval hero. The ship was built in 1954 in Bath Iron Works, Bath Maine; and commissioned on September 7th, 1956 in Boston, . . . — Map (db m89976) HM
83District of Columbia (Washington), Spring Valley — Site of the American University AddressCommencement June 10, 1963
Delivered by John Fitzgerald Kennedy President of the United Sates 1961-63 This address contained the policy declaration which led to the treaty banning nuclear weapon tests in the atmosphere, outer space, and under water signed in . . . — Map (db m130034) HM
84District of Columbia (Washington), Swampoodle — Victims of Communism MemorialNational Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C. — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
“These voices cry out to all, and they’re legion,” President George W. Bush, June 12, 2007 The Victims of Communism Memorial enshrines the more than 100 million men, women, and children struck down by 20th century . . . — Map (db m154511) WM
85District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — German-American Friendship GardenCelebrating 300 Years of Friendship — National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C. —
“One magnificent symbol of the bonds that tie our two great peoples together is the German-American Friendship Garden. This symbol of eternally renewing growth and strength will be dedicated this autumn here in the Capital. In its . . . — Map (db m130364) HM
86District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — The German-American Friendship Garden1683-1983
The German-American Friendship Garden 1683-1983 commemorates 300 years of German immigration and contributions to America and symbolizes the friendship between the German and American people — Map (db m114162) HM
87District of Columbia (Washington), U Street Corridor — "Scandalize My Name"
Paris Peace Conference April 20, 1949: "It is unthinkable that the Negro people of America or elsewhere in the world could be drawn into war with the Soviet Union" Paul Robeson. Before Robeson even spoke in Paris a distorted version of . . . — Map (db m112001) HM
88Florida (Brevard County), Satellite Beach — United States Air Force1976 - 2075
The men and women of the Air Force Eastern Test Range proudly dedicate this monument to our national progress in missile and space technology in recognition of the American revolution Bicentennial. Erected on site of support elements for early space . . . — Map (db m57602) HM
89Florida (Miami-Dade County), Florida City — F-739 — Operation Pedro PanOperación Pedro Pan
On this site, which was officially known as the Florida City Shelter of the Catholic Welfare Bureau’s Children’s Program, thousands of Operation Pedro Pan children found refuge from Communist Cuba between 1961 and 1966. Operation Pedro Pan . . . — Map (db m71917) HM
90Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — The Tower of SnowEnrique Martínez Celaya — American (born in Cuba, 1964) —
2012, Bronze 132 x 89 x 64 in. The Tower of Snow by distinguished Cuban-born artist Enrique Martínez Celaya honors the 50th anniversary of Operation Pedro Pan, which brought thousands of Cuban children, without their parents, to the United States in . . . — Map (db m71941) HM
91Florida (Monroe County), Islamorada — Rafters
This plaque is in memory of the many Cubans who were desperate to leave Castros' communist Cuba. They left their homes and families trying to cross the 90 miles of sea in rafts, innertubes or anything that would float. Not knowing what rough . . . — Map (db m83553) HM
92Florida (Monroe County), Key West — The Little White House
Built in 1890 on the waterfront as a two-family dwelling for the base commandant and paymaster, this building was known as Quarters A and B. It was converted into a single-family residence in 1911. President William Howard Taft visited this site in . . . — Map (db m32659) HM
93Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Memorial to the USAF Dead in Operation Eagle ClawDesert One, Iran — 1980 —
Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.   John 15:13 On the night of April 1980, these men gave their lives in the gallant attempt to free the American hostages in . . . — Map (db m100438) HM
94Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Operation Assured Response
  In April 1996, Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) responded to a crisis in Liberia, where a civil war endangered Americans and other foreign nationals. The US deployed forces quickly to save lives, protect the American Embassy, and . . . — Map (db m99776) HM
95Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Operation Restore Hope
  Violence in Somalia was precipitated by a series of civil war, famine, and disease which cost the lives of an estimated 350,000 people. In December 1992, US troops were sent to help contain the lawlessness in Somalia and create a safe . . . — Map (db m99782) HM
96Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Operation Uphold Democracy
  Operation Uphold Democracy was the name given to the restoration of the democracy in Haiti. The US, expecting civil unrest and military opposition, deployed a large force to the area, which could overcome any opposition and restore order to . . . — Map (db m99778) HM
97Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina1993-1998
  Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina took on many different names between 1993-1998. Whether it was Operation Joint Endeavor, Joint Guard, Deny Flight, Deliberate Force, or Joint Forge, the special operations mission remained relatively . . . — Map (db m99777) HM
98Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — America – A Defender Of LibertySanta Rosa Veterans Memorial Plaza
1948 - 1991 The Cold War April, 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis November 20, 1970 Son Tay Raid 1979 - 1981 Iranian Hostage Crisis . . . — Map (db m152684) WM
99Florida (Santa Rosa County), Milton — U.S.S. Kenneth Whiting AV-14, Ship’s Bell
Ship's Bell Of USS Kenneth Whiting (AV-14) Presented To Santa Rosa County By The U.S. Naval Auxiliary Air Station Whiting Field 21 October 1961 — Map (db m151841) WM
100Florida (Seminole County), Sanford — RVAH 12 Speartips We Point The Way — Vietnam Conflict —
In Memoriam Speartips Combat Deployments (Southeast Asia) USS Constellation (CVA-64) 28 March 1967 – 4 December 1967 USS America (CVA-66) April 1970 – 21 December 1970. USS Constellation (CVA-64) 5 January 1973 . . . — Map (db m137117) HM WM

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