“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Railroads & Streetcars Historical Markers

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By Barry Swackhamer, June 28, 2017
The Last Spike Marker
Oregon (Baker County), Huntington — The Last Spike
To reach Oregon, Union Pacific Railroad organized the Oregon Short Line Railway Co. in 1881 and built from Wyoming westward across Idaho in the same year. Oregon Railway & Navigation Co. was building eastward from Portland. Tracks of the two . . . — Map (db m107282) HM
Oregon (Baker County), Sumpter — A Golden HistorySumpter Valley Dredge
Welcome to the historic world of Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area! Here you will find one of the largest gold dredges in the United States. There are many ways to learn about the dredge and the people who worked it, from tours to . . . — Map (db m106794) HM
Oregon (Baker County), Sumpter — Sumpter, Oregon
The bustling boom town of Sumpter stretched from here westward to Powder River at the peak of the mining boom. The mining camp was named for Fort Sumter, South Carolina, by five ex-Confederate soldiers who discovered gold near here in 1862. . . . — Map (db m112914) HM
Oregon (Benton County), Corvallis — Early Town DevelopmentThe Corvallis Riverfront
The banks of the Willamette River were the focus of early town development. The town plat for Marysville was files on February on February 25, 1851, by Joseph C. Avery, using a portion of his land claim of 1845. The town included property from the . . . — Map (db m117488) HM
Oregon (Clackamas County), Oregon City — Area Commerce
Commerce came quickly to the area as pioneers cleared land and became established. Pasture and grazing was common but presented transportation problems before refrigeration and good roads or bridges. The Clear Creek Creamery co-op was formed to . . . — Map (db m114236) HM
Oregon (Clackamas County), Oregon City — George Abernethy's Historical SignificanceYou are currently standing on Abernethy Green!
George Abernethy who arrived at Willamette Falls in 1840 by ship, took a land claim that stretched from the Willamette River to Holcomb Hill. The neck of land that followed Abernethy Creek acrosss Green Point became known as Abernethy Green. Oregon . . . — Map (db m114032) HM
Oregon (Clackamas County), Welches — Emigrant's Final StepsThe Barlow Road — Oregon Trail Mile 1891 —
In the shadow of the tall trees, a stream of travelers crossed ash flows, talus slopes and boggy wetlands along this last stretch of the trail. Some emigrants were forced to abandon their wagons with the death of livestock and walk, carrying their . . . — Map (db m112341) HM
Oregon (Clackamas County), Wilsonville — Norris Young Machine Shop
Built at the turn of the 20th Century, the Norris Young Machine Shop served the farming community. Young, an accomplished machinist and inventor, repaired farm machinery and logging equipment. Young was an enterprising businessman who along . . . — Map (db m127204) HM
Oregon (Clackamas County), Wilsonville — Site of the Train Depot
The Oregon Electric Railway was completed during the first decade of the 1900s, coming initially from Portland to Wilsonville, then on to Salem and Eugene after construction of a mile-long trestle across the Willamette River was completed in 1907. . . . — Map (db m127219) HM
Oregon (Coos County), Coos Bay — Caboose No. 11269
Built in January 1946 by Great Northern Railway in St. Cloud, Minn., this steel-frame, wooden-sided caboose was put into service by the Spokane, Portland and Seattle railroad. Originally painted red, caboose No. 853 operated on the . . . — Map (db m113665) HM
Oregon (Coos County), Coos Bay — Caboose No. 1134
This cupola-style, 54,000-pound steel caboose was built in December 1942 and sold to Southern Pacific for use on runs between Coos Bay, Eugene and Klamath Falls. Painted "all mineral" brown with daylight orange ends, it was among the last cupola . . . — Map (db m113660) HM
Oregon (Coos County), Coos Bay — Coos Bay Waters to Coquille Waters Trail1850-1874
To commemorate old trail Coos Bay waters to Coquille waters 1850-1874 — Map (db m114251) HM
Oregon (Coos County), Coos Bay — Steam Engine No. 104
The Coos Bay Lumber Co. purchased this 73-ton, 2-8-2 Mikado-type steam locomotive in 1922 from Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, Penn. Engine No. 104 pulled log trains – sometimes as many as 100 cars – from the Powers and . . . — Map (db m113669) HM
Oregon (Coos County), Coos Bay — Transportation(right panel)
In 1872, the Coos Bay Wagon Road was completed. The road, which connected Coos Bay Roseburg, was 58 miles long. A stagecoach could make the trip in about 28 hours in good weather. Another route to the interior was the stage . . . — Map (db m114150) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Journey of the Log to LumberIt All Began in the Woods
To supply the lumber mills with logs, entire mobile towns were created in the woods to house the men and their families who cut down the trees. The towns were movable camps conveyed by railroad cars. From 1916, these temporary towns, or logging . . . — Map (db m113935) HM
Oregon (Deschutes County), Bend — Thank Goodness for Water and GravityThe Railroad and the River Moved the Logs to the Mill
Huge trees were felled in the woods and the logs were transported by railroad to town. They were then dropped into the Deschutes River to await their turn in the mill. The river was a perfect storage place for the logs. The natural flow of the . . . — Map (db m113936) HM
Oregon (Douglas County), Roseburg — The Mill-Pine Historic Neighborhood District
Placed on the National Register of Historic Places 1985 The Mill-Pine neighborhood grew out of a need for housing close to the railroad. The Oregon-California railroad line was completed from Portland to Roseburg in 1872 and on to Ashland in . . . — Map (db m99323) HM
Oregon (Douglas County), Scottsburg — ScottsburgOregon History
Few Oregon communities have had a more colorful history than Scottsburg. It was named for Levi Scott, a pioneer of 1844, who homesteaded here and founded the town in 1850. There was a lower town at the head of tidewater on the Umpqua River which . . . — Map (db m113510) HM
Oregon (Grant County), Prairie City — Sumpter Valley Railroad Hiking TrailDixie Pass interpretive site
Imagine the American Indians first creating trails through these mountains hundreds of years ago. Later, in 1825 and 1826, Hudson Bay Fur Company trappers, led by Peter Skeene Ogden, crossed this very pass. In 1862 more people made this difficult . . . — Map (db m107101) HM
Oregon (Grant County), Seneca — Changing Times in Bear Valley
For the longest time life here in Bear Valley as quiet and change was slow. Native American seasonal camps gave way to small ranching operations of the first Europeans. In good weather the stagecoach ran through the valley. And in 1895, . . . — Map (db m108734) HM
Oregon (Grant County), Seneca — From Logging Camp to a Town
After spending a day skidding logs, laying track or building Seneca's first homes, the workers needed a place to call home; temporarily at least. In 1928 "Camp One" was established southwest of here, and with boxcars for homes, . . . — Map (db m108735) HM
Oregon (Grant County), Seneca — Railroad to a Brighter Future
Back in the early 1920's you may have left the dirt streets and wooden sidewalks of the town of Burns, to walk in these woods, where untouched ponderosa stood tall. But in a few short years, one of the biggest ever timber sales in the . . . — Map (db m108836) HM
Oregon (Grant County), Seneca — Rocks, Rails and Railroad Ties
When the railroad was being built the forest here was a busy place with trees being felled to make ties, and rock being blasted for ballast. In February 1927, forest ranger G. C. Blake reported: "Yesterday I made the trip from . . . — Map (db m108872) HM
Oregon (Hood River County), Hood River — Hood RiverFrom Steamboats to Sailboards
Gale-force winds bedeviled explorers and emigrants alike in the Columbia River Gorge. Journals from the 1800s depict travel as treacherous through this singular passage in the Cascade Range where 60 mile-per-hour gusts are common. By . . . — Map (db m113939) HM
Oregon (Hood River County), Hood River — OWR & N Company Railroad Depot1911 — City of Hood River Downtown Historic District —
Constructed in 1911, the OWR & N Co. Railroad Depot served Hood River's thriving fruit, timber, and tourist industries. The Craftsman style building which was larger than most other stations replaced the original 1882 Queen Anne style depot on the . . . — Map (db m112302) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Ashland — Ashland’s Golden Spike
On December 17, 1887, Charles Crocker Drove The Golden Spike In The Rail Yard Just South Of This Point; Connecting The Oregon & California Tracks From The North With Those Of The California & Oregon, Now The Southern Pacific, From the South. This . . . — Map (db m145727) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Ashland — Siskiyou Pass
Side 1 Used for centuries by Shasta and other Native people, this low gap between the Rogue and Klamath watershed was crossed by Peter Skene Ogden, led by Shasta Guides, on February 9, 1827. With Ogden was a mounted group of Hudson’s Bay . . . — Map (db m134504) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Gold Hill — City of Gold Hill
Gold discovered on hill across Rogue River in 1860. Land for Gold Hill donated by Thomas & Rose Chavner in 1884. Railroad built in 1887. Town Inc. Feb. 12, 1895. First school in Methodist Church in 1889. Electricity came from Gold Rey Dam in 1904. . . . — Map (db m99286) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Jacksonville — History Right Here - Horse Powers
Both horses and horsepower figure prominently in this site's past. In the 1860s, William J. Plymale (1837-1904) opened a livery stable at Oregon and "D" streets. He sold feed and kept horses and buggies on hand. Steam Driven Horsepower . . . — Map (db m112896) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Jacksonville — Jacksonville’s Rogue River Valley Railway 1891-1925
Imagine this site in the 1890’s. A small but serviceable locomotive, belching steam and smoke, rumbles up to the little depot on the corner. Commuters step from a single passenger car and quickly disperse. Further down the track, in the train yard . . . — Map (db m113390) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Jacksonville — Rogue River Valley Railroad Depot1891 • 1925
This is the site of the depot of the Rogue River Valley Railroad which ran from Medford to Jacksonville Siskiyou Pioneer Sites Foundation Medford, Oregon — Map (db m91772) HM
Oregon (Jackson County), Medford — Medford Townsite
On October 27, 1883, C. Mingus, c.w. Broback, I.J. Phipps and C.C. Beekman, deeded in excess of two hundred acres for a townsite plus twenty acres for a railroad depot to the Oregon and California railroad company.

Charles Howard and his . . . — Map (db m113405) HM

Oregon (Jefferson County), Metolius — Metolius DepotEnd of the Line
. . . — Map (db m113389) HM
Oregon (Jefferson County), Terrebonne — The Oregon Trunk Railroad Bridge
The Oregon Trunk Railway Bridge, constructed in 1911, was the first structure to cross this spectacular gorge. Prior to construction the only crossing of the Crooked River in this region was located about a mile upstream, where the canyon's sheer . . . — Map (db m80490) HM
Oregon (Klamath County), Keno — Horn's Camp 1895 - 1898
Log contractor's loading station on "Old Blue's" Railroad, the first in Klamath County. — Map (db m147602) HM
Oregon (Klamath County), Klamath Falls — Beginning of a TrailThe OC&E Line
"To know the Oregon, California & Eastern Railway, one must imagine conditions in Oregon in the early 1900's." David F. Myrick, "Oregon, California & Eastern" A century ago, the Klamath Basin held an inventory of nearly 35 billion . . . — Map (db m112892) HM
Oregon (Klamath County), Klamath Falls — Locomotive 2579
Locomotive #2579 is a typical example of over 350 small steam locomotives called “Consolidations” that were used by the Southern Pacific Railroad from the early 1900s well into the 1950s. During their time she and her sisters were . . . — Map (db m99216) HM
Oregon (Klamath County), Klamath Falls — Swede’s Cut
An Engineer’s Moment “Every curve, every switch has a story that goes with it...” Donovan Gray, “Oregon, California & Eastern” (1990) For most of its first thirty miles, the OC&E follows gentle grades to . . . — Map (db m114191) HM
Oregon (Lane County), Eugene — Wiley Griffon1867 - 6/26/1913
Once described as "Eugene's pioneer colored citizen", and "one of the most industrious colored men in Eugene", Wiley Griffon was well known on the streets of Eugene. A tram operator, he drove the city's "horse" drawn trolleys. These trolleys . . . — Map (db m112881) HM
Oregon (Lane County), Florence — Mapleton Depot
Constructed in 1912, this Southern Pacific Railroad Depot served Mapleton, a community 15 miles east of Florence. With the widening of Highway 126 in 1976, it was saved from demolition by local contractor, Mike Johnson, and rebuilt on the present . . . — Map (db m113262) HM
Oregon (Lane County), Junction City — Junction City — A Brief History
Born of a vision that was not to be fully realized, Junction City was platted in 1870 by Ben Holladay, the West Coast railroad promoter. Holladay was building the Oregon & California Railroad south from Portland, laying track on both the east and . . . — Map (db m119466) HM
Oregon (Lane County), Junction City — Locomotive 418Finnish National Railways — In Service 1904 - 1958 —
Of this type of railway locomotive, only Engine 418 and a sister, Engine 293, remain. Engine 293 is on permanent display at a Leningrad museum in Russia. Engine 418 was built in Tampere, Finland, in 1904. In 1939-40 it saw services during the . . . — Map (db m119461) HM
Oregon (Lane County), Lowell — Lowell ProspersLogging Brings Growth
Just across the reservoir, Lowell took root in the 1850s at Amos D. Hyland's homestead. First called Cannon, then later dubbed Lowell, the town grew up around Hyland's general store and large hop-processing yard. Hyland also operated a ferry that . . . — Map (db m112930) HM
Oregon (Lincoln County), Newport — South to Newport
Founded in 1865, Newport has become the largest town on the central Oregon coast. Its railroad, maritime and highway connections have nurtured its development. Newport Harbor Today, Newport's harbor serves mostly . . . — Map (db m112412) HM
Oregon (Multnomah County), Cascade Locks — Oneonta TunnelRevisit the Past
The US Department of Agriculture describes cedar as possessing a natural resistance to rot… It is well recognized for its longevity and strength above other wood products. Oneonta Bluff presented an obstacle to engineer Samuel C. . . . — Map (db m112251) HM
Oregon (Tillamook County), Wheeler — Wheeler
The city of Wheeler with a commanding view of The Nehalem Bay has some of the most interesting pre-Oregon history beginning with Frances Drake repairing his ship in the summer of 1579 and the wreck of a 1700's Spanish galleon. Some . . . — Map (db m113628) HM
Oregon (Umatilla County), Meacham — Emigrant Springs Oregon Trail Kiosk
(Six panels dealing with the Emigrant Springs portion of the Oregon Trail are found beneath this kiosk) Lost Livestock Water is scarce in the steep, forested slopes of the Blue Mountains and is often found only at . . . — Map (db m111537) HM
Oregon (Umatilla County), Pendleton — Union Pacific Depot
The existing Depot building was built in 1909 by the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company. The depot building is primarily styled after architecture of the Mediterranean, as seen in the tiled hip roof, decorative roof support brackets and brick . . . — Map (db m111599) HM
Oregon (Wasco County), Mosier — Mosier
Nestled bewteen the rainy Cascades and the eastern Oregon deserts, Mosier's unique climate enables hillsides to bloom in a pallet of color. In the spring, wildflower enthusiasts flock to Mosier for the spectacular array – “the . . . — Map (db m112254) HM

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