“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Former U.S. Presidents: #17 Andrew Johnson Historical Markers

Mooresville Marker image, Touch for more information
By Sandra Hughes
Mooresville Marker
1 Alabama, Limestone County, Mooresville — Cottonport / Mooresville
Front The town of Cottonport flourished in the early years of Limestone County. It was settled in 1818 and chartered in 1824. It was located approx. 1½ miles S.E. near the point where Limestone Creek flowed into the Tennessee River and . . . Map (db m85455) HM
2 Alabama, Limestone County, Mooresville — MooresvilleIncorporated in 1818
Post office contains original call boxes Old tavern, 1817 used as stagecoach stop Red Brick Methodist church 1817 U.S. Gen. James A Garfield was stationed here 1862 White frame church is more than a century old Andrew Johnson was . . . Map (db m28154) HM
3 Arkansas, Benton County, Bella Vista — United States Commanders in Chief
[Written on the initial marker, provided for context] Our Constitution names the President of the United States the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces. Presidents who have served in our military are displayed on the following . . . Map (db m92389) HM WM
4 Arkansas, Sebastian County, Fort Smith — Meeting of NationsFort Smith National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
The Fort Smith Council was held in this building in September 1865. To establish relations following the Civil War, delegates of twelve Indian nations met with President Andrew Johnson’s representatives. Bitterly divided, Indians had fought for both . . . Map (db m59025) HM
5 California, Monterey County, Big Sur — 951 — Point Sur Light Station
Spanish explorers and later New England hide and tallow traders found the Big Sur coastline a great hazard. Heavy fogs and extreme winds caused the wreck of many vessels on this coast. The Gold Rush of 1849 dramatically increased coastal shipping. A . . . Map (db m68643) HM
6 California, Napa County, Yountville — Flags over California in 1870
In 1870, the year in which the Groezinger Winery (now Vintage 1870) was built, these flags: the California Bear flag (note how much more primitive in design it is in contrast with the present day version) and the American flag (then with 37 stars) . . . Map (db m103540) HM
7 California, Santa Cruz County, Davenport — Swanton Pacific RanchThe History of Swanton — As told by Al Smith, July, 1990 —
Indian Days Most of the Indian activity of the Central California Ohlone Tribe took place in the canyon or valley to the north, Waddell Creek. which runs east and west and has a greater beach area. Some evidence such as shell piles and . . . Map (db m106636) HM
8 California, Solano County, Vallejo — 16 — D.C. Madam's House
This Greco-Italianate residence was constructed by Thomas B. Elder in the 1870s on this site which John B. Frisbie obtained by patent from President Andrew Johnson. The home was restored in the 1970s by John and Ruth Derry. Plaque . . . Map (db m100467) HM
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9 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Capitol Hill — Acacia Life Insurance Building – 1936
On March 3, 1869, President Andrew Johnson signed the Congressional Act chartering The Masonic Mutual Relief Association that became Acacia Life Insurance Company Built as its headquarters and occupied by Acacia until 1997, the building . . . Map (db m186817) HM
10 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Chinatown — e.5 — Mary Surratt's Boarding HouseCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail — Reported permanently removed
"The nest in which the egg was hatched." President Andrew Johnson, April 1865.
The building at 604 H Street, today Golo's Chinese Restaurant, is intimately connected to the assassination of . . . Map (db m16585) HM
11 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Downtown — A Fortress of Finance: The US Treasury BuildingThe White House — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1972, the US Treasury Building is the oldest departmental building in Washington. The building serves as the headquarters of the Treasury Department. Treasury's responsibilities encompass revenue collection, . . . Map (db m100443) HM
12 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Dupont Circle — After the Civil WarDupont Circle — Diverse Visions | One Neighborhood — Reported unreadable
Fire Fact, November 28, 1911 DC's first motorized fire engine was placed in service at Engine Company 24. Its engine house was the first to be built without a stable and manure pit. Caption: Fire Department information and images . . . Map (db m112658) HM
13 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Georgetown — The ColonialErected 1820 · Restored 1953
Long a Georgetown landmark, this building was occupied from 1826 by Miss Lydia English's Georgetown Female Seminary, whose patrons and frequent visitors included Martin Van Buren, James Buchanan, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Andrew Johnson, . . . Map (db m97727) HM
14 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Penn Quarter — .2 — Ceremony at the CrossroadsCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail — Reported permanently removed
“Imagine a great avenue [with] solid ranks of soldiers, just marching steady all day long, for two days. ...” Walt Whitman.
It took two days for the grand parade of 200,000 . . . Map (db m14875) HM
15 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Penn Quarter — .2 — Ceremony at the CrossroadsCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail —
"Imagine a great wide avenue [with] solid ranks of soldiers, just marching steady all day long for two days…"
As described by the great American poet Walt Whitman, the grand parade of 200,000 Union . . . Map (db m154355) HM
16 District of Columbia, Washington, Northwest Washington, Penn Quarter — .6 — John Wilkes Booth’s EscapeCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail — Reported permanently removed
“My brother saw Booth as he came down the alley and turned into F Street.” —Henry Davis, 1902
Twelve-year-old Henry Davis and his brother often looked out the back window of their Ninth . . . Map (db m148286) HM
17 Florida, Monroe County, Key West — In Memory of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd1833 - 1883 — Imprisoned Fort Jefferson, Florida (July 24, 1865) —
“...upon occasion of the prevalence of the yellow fever...Samuel A. Mudd devoted himself to the care and cure of the sick and interposed his courage and skill to protect the garrison...from peril and alarm, and thus...saved many valuable lives . . . Map (db m9305) HM
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18 Florida, Nassau County, Fernandina Beach — F-376 — The Lesesne House
This Classical Revival style residence, built by Dr. John F. Lesesne circa 1860, is one of the oldest homes in Fernandina Beach. Lesesene left Fernandina during the Civil War and did not return. In 1868 the house became the property of the family of . . . Map (db m58467) HM
19 Georgia, Baldwin County, Milledgeville — L14 — The Old Governor's Mansion"Utmost Disorder and Confusion" — March to the Sea Heritage Trail —
Construction of this Executive Mansion was authorized in 1835 and completed in 1839. The governor's earlier residence, Government House, just to the south on the corner of Clarke and Greene Streets, had fallen into disrepair. The Mansion is . . . Map (db m103230) HM
20 Georgia, Chatham County, Savannah, Historic District - North — 25-37 — History Of Emancipation: Special Field Orders No. 15
On January 12, 1865, U.S. Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and General Wm. T. Sherman met here at the home of Charles Green with 20 leaders from Savannah’s African-American churches, including Garrison Frazier, Ulysses L. Houston, and William . . . Map (db m40696) HM
21 Illinois, Adams County, Quincy — The Browning House
On this site stood the house of Orville Hickman Browning (1806-1881) Illinois State Senator and Representative Senator, Secretary of the Interior, and Attorney General of the United States Friend and adviser of Presidents Abraham . . . Map (db m150022) HM
22 Kansas, Leavenworth County, Leavenworth — Law Offices of Sherman, Ewing, and McCook60 Main Street — 1858 - 1859 —
William Tecumseh Sherman Thomas Ewing Jr. Hugh Boyle Ewing Daniel McCook Jr. All four members of the law firm served with distinction as general officers in the Union Army in the Civil War. Thomas Ewing Jr. was the first Chief Justice . . . Map (db m42111) HM WM
23 Kentucky, Campbell County, Fort Thomas — 1059 — Hon. Henry Stanbery Reported unreadable
Site of his home, 1857 to 1881. Attorney-General of U.S., 1866-68. Resigned to become one of counsel for President Andrew Johnson in impeachment trial by U.S. Senate, 1868. Johnson reappointed him, but Senate refused to confirm. Resumed practice of . . . Map (db m175081) HM
24 Kentucky, Knox County, Barbourville — The Battle of BarbourvilleSeptember 19, 1861 — First Kiosk —
(First Panel): Camp Andy Johnson Established August 1861 Camp Andy Johnson was named for Senator Andrew Johnson of Greenville, Tennessee, the only senator from a seceding state who remained loyal. The camp was a refuge for the loyal men . . . Map (db m35810) HM
25 Maine, Kennebec County, Augusta — 12 — Maine's Voice Against Slavery / Le Maine Proteste Contre l'Esclavage
Charlotte Holand Vance Morrill could hold a grudge. When in 1869, her husband Lot lost his seat in the U.S. Senate to Hannibal Hamlin, she blamed James G. Blaine, who from then on she refused to allow in her house. Lot Morrill served . . . Map (db m186078) HM
26 Maine, York County, Kennebunk — 21 — Hugh McCulloch Home / La demeure Hugh McCullochKennebunk, Maine — The Museum in the Streets® —
The Hugh McCulloch home was actually built in 1787 for Tomas Wiswell. The home ha a massive center chimney and three upstairs bedrooms have hinged walls which can be swung upward and secured to the ceiling to create a large ballroom. . . . Map (db m186345) HM
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27 Maine, York County, Kennebunk — The McCulloch HouseBuilt in 1782 Birthplace of Hugh McCulloch — 1808 - 1895 —
First Comptroller of the Currency, Secretary of the Treasury under Lincoln and Johnson, 1865-1869; Arthur 1884-1885Map (db m186346) HM
28 Maryland, Charles County, Port Tobacco — Port Tobacco: Conspiracy & the Plot to Assassinate President Lincoln
Port Tobacco was the home and place of business of George Atzerodt. Although he failed to murder Vice President Andrew Johnson, he was convicted and executed for his role in the plot to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Part . . . Map (db m128954) HM
29 Maryland, Charles County, St. Charles — Dr. Samuel A. MuddTreating an Assassin — John Wilkes Booth – Escape of An Assassin —
This house was the home of Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd and his wife, Sarah Frances Dyer. Early on the morning of April 15, 1865, John Wilkes Booth arrived here with a companion, David E. Herold, and asked Mudd to set Booth’s broken leg. Afterward, as . . . Map (db m921) HM
30 Maryland, Kent County, Chestertown — Senator George VickersHelped Acquit President Andrew Johnson
At the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, George Vickers opposed secession and used his influence to keep Maryland in the Union. He became a major general of the 2nd Division, Maryland Militia, and helped form the 2nd Regiment Eastern Shore . . . Map (db m156850) HM
31 Maryland, St. Mary's County, Leonardtown — The Mural Story
The mural scene depicts various time periods in Leonardtown’s history. In general, the left side of the painting presents an older time period, around the turn of the century. As you move to the right, the chronology advances to a point in the . . . Map (db m957) HM
32 Maryland, Washington County, Sharpsburg — Not For Themselves, But For Their CountryInscription from the Private Soldier Monument in the center of the Cemetery — Antietam National Battlefield, National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
After the battle over 4,000 bodies were buried in mass graves, along rock outcroppings, and in farmers' fields. Many more soldiers died of wounds or disease. The peaceful village of Sharpsburg was turned into a huge hospital and burial ground, an . . . Map (db m157772) HM
33 Missouri, Pike County, Louisiana — John Brooks HendersonNov. 16, 1826 - April 12, 1913
John Brooks Henderson was born in Virginia and moved with his family to Lincoln County, Missouri when he was six years old. By age 10, he was an orphan. Henderson overcame what could have been a life of obscurity to be a Pike County teacher, . . . Map (db m141281) HM
34 Montana, Gallatin County, Bozeman — Fort Ellis
Established as a military post August 27, 1867 by order of President Andrew Johnson and General U.S. Grant the post was abandoned in December 1886 Captain Wm. Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition encamped here July 14, 1806 with his . . . Map (db m98279) HM
35 New York, Cayuga County, Auburn — William H. SewardBorn 1801 — Died 1872 — Resided in This House 1824-1872 —
William H. Seward Born 1801 — Died 1872 Resided in This House 1824-1872 New York Governor, United States Senator, Secretary of State in Cabinets of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. The leading figure in the purchase of . . . Map (db m88368) HM
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36 New York, Erie County, Buffalo, Black Rock — The Fenian Invasion of 1866
The Fenian Brotherhood was a group of Irish Nationalists founded in the United States in 1858 with the goal of creating an Irish Republic. In this vicinity, from the docks of the Pratt Iron Works, on the night of June 1st, 1866, the Fenians . . . Map (db m140705) HM
37 New York, Monroe County, Rochester, Highland — Frederick Douglass Home Site
Underground Railroad Sites Rochester's proximity to Lake Ontario afforded runaway slaves a direct route to freedom in Canada. Hundreds of runaway slaves were "conducted" from one "station" to another along this secret network of escape routes . . . Map (db m65156) HM
38 New York, New York County, Manhattan, Morningside Heights — Carl Schurz MonumentMorningside Park
Carl Schurz (1829-1906) was born in Liblar, Prussia (near what is now Cologne, Germany). In 1848, while a doctoral candidate at the University of Bonn, he joined the democratic revolt opposing the autocratic German government. After participating in . . . Map (db m98463) HM
39 North Carolina, Durham County, Durham, Bennett Place — Unity
One hundred feet east of this spot in the Bennett House General Joseph E. Johnston and Major General William T. Sherman met at noon, April 17, 1865, to discuss terms of a proposed surrender. They met in this house again on April 18 and wrote and . . . Map (db m58396) HM
40 North Carolina, Macon County, Franklin — Thomas's LegionA Unique Command
Confederate Col. William H. Thomas organized Thomas’s Legion of Cherokee Indians and Mountaineers is western North Carolina in September 1862. The people of this area were sometime referred to as highlanders, and local residents called Thomas’s unit . . . Map (db m75455) HM
41 North Carolina, Wake County, Raleigh, Downtown — H-6 — Andrew Johnson1808 - 1875
President of the United States, 1865-69. Born near here in a kitchen now located 1 mile N.E.Map (db m63139) HM
42 North Carolina, Wake County, Raleigh, Downtown — Andrew Johnson Birth Site
125 feet east of this point Andrew Johnson seventeenth president was born, Dec. 29, 1808Map (db m63138) HM
43 North Carolina, Wake County, Raleigh, Downtown — Presidents North Carolina Gave The Nation
1795 - 1849 James Knox Polk of Mecklenburg County President 1845 - 1849 He enlarged our national boundaries 1767 - 1845 Andrew Jackson of Union County President 1829 - 1837 He revitalized American Democracy 1808 - . . . Map (db m40797) HM
44 North Carolina, Wake County, Raleigh, Mordecai — H-11 — Andrew Johnson1808 - 1875
The small kitchen in which the seventeenth President of the United States was born stands 64 yards west.Map (db m63144) HM
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45 North Carolina, Wake County, Raleigh, Mordecai — Birthplace of Andrew Johnson
. . . Map (db m63146) HM
46 Ohio, Columbiana County, Wellsville — The Whitacre House Site
Here James A. Garfield, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson spoke. Gen. Lewis Cass, U.S. Sec'y of State, was a guest, and Gen. John H. Morgan, C.S.A., "The Raider", was a prisoner of war.Map (db m156051) HM
47 Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, Hilltop — Camp ChaseThe Historic National Road in Ohio
Camp Chase was named in honor of Salmon P. Chase, former governor of Ohio and Secretary of the Treasury in President Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet. In July 1861, a small prison was erected at Camp Chase to handle the influx of political prisoners . . . Map (db m135244) HM
48 Ohio, Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Central Business District — 61-31 — Salmon Portland Chase
Salmon Portland Chase, a renowned lawyer and statesman, was born in Cornish, New Hampshire, on January 13, 1808. He came to Ohio in 1820 and attended Cincinnati College (1822-23). Chase returned to New Hampshire and graduated from Dartmouth . . . Map (db m24621) HM
49 Ohio, Jefferson County, Steubenville — 7-41 — Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton
Born in Steubenville in 1814, Edwin McMasters Stanton studied at Kenyon College and opened his law practice in Cadiz in 1836. The grandson of North Carolina slaveholders, Stanton opposed slavery. A successful railroad attorney and War Democrat at . . . Map (db m33906) HM
50 Ohio, Warren County, Franklin — 11-83 — Lewis Davis Campbell / Robert Cumming Schenck
Lewis Davis Campbell. Two leading figures in nineteenth century national and state politics were born in log cabins located near this spot. Lewis Davis Campbell (1811-1882) served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1849 to 1858, rising . . . Map (db m81184) HM
51 Pennsylvania, Dauphin County, Harrisburg — Harrisburg's Grand Review of Black Troops Reported damaged
The Grand Review for Union armies took place in Washington, D.C., in late May 1865. The veterans marched down Pennsylvania Avenue past President Andrew Johnson amid the cheers of thousands of grateful citizens. Conspicuously absent, however, were . . . Map (db m121992) HM
52 Pennsylvania, Dauphin County, Harrisburg — Market Square During The Civil War
By the 1860s, many railroad lines met in Harrisburg. Agricultural products, industrial raw materials, and factory-finished goods moved through Harrisburg on the way to every part of the nation. Throughout the Civil War, the Union army depended on . . . Map (db m102324) HM
53 Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, Lancaster — Stevens Grave & MemorialShreiner-Concord Cemetery
Stevens Grave & Memorial Burial place of a true American hero ---------------- Thaddeus StevensLancaster County’s U.S. Representative was the most powerful congressman during the Civil War and early Reconstruction. He was a master . . . Map (db m177436) HM
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54 Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, Lancaster — Thaddeus Stevens
Philanthropy An important part of Thaddeus Stevens' legacy is his philanthropy. Throughout his life he could never recall the poverty and discrimination of his childhood without great pain. Its effect was to sensitize him to the oppression . . . Map (db m189120) HM
55 South Carolina, Greenville County, Greenville — 23-37 — Sans Souci
(Front): This early twentieth century suburb takes its name from Sans Souci, the nearby house and estate of Gov. Benjamin F. Perry (1805-1886). Perry, a prominent Unionist before the Civil War, was appointed provisional governor of S.C. . . . Map (db m15920) HM
56 South Carolina, Laurens County, Laurens — 30-6 — Laurens County / Laurens Historic District
Laurens County Laurens County was one of six counties created from Ninety - Six District March 12, 1785. The courthouse here, built in 1838 by Dr. John W. Simpson, and remodeled and enlarged in 1858, 1911, 1940, and in 1973, was entered in the . . . Map (db m10133) HM
57 South Dakota, Custer County, Custer — An Agreement Between CulturesThe Fort Laramie Treaty Created the Great Sioux Reservation
Cultural conflicts erupted across the western Great Plains during the 1860s. Expanding railroads and frontier posts located in traditional hunting grounds impacted the various tribes in the northern plains. Restrictions on westward settlement . . . Map (db m121397) HM
58 Tennessee, Benton County, Eva — Battle of Johnsonville
Some of the lesser known battles and incidents of wars have afforded drama and have portrayed characteristics of the participants far beyond those of usual recorded history. Such was the Battle of Johnsonville, fought between Maj. Gen. N. B. . . . Map (db m146444) HM
59 Tennessee, Benton County, Holladay — Fort JohnsonControlling the Tennessee River
Take Exit 133, State Route 191, and drive north to visit two state parks associated with the struggle to control the Tennessee River during the Civil War. In 1861, the Confederates built Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River and Fort Henry . . . Map (db m96639) HM
60 Tennessee, Carter County, Elizabethton — 1A 20 — Andrew Johnson
About 1 mile S.W., at the home of a daughter, Mary Johnson Stover, Andrew Johnson died in 1875. He had been a senator from Tennessee; governor of Tennessee; military governor under Federal occupation; vice-president of the United States and 17th . . . Map (db m157912) HM
61 Tennessee, Carter County, Elizabethton — Samuel P. CarterAdmiral and General
Although Tennessee voted to secede from the Union in June 1861, East Tennessee remained staunchly loyal. The residents of Carter County voted against secession, 1,343 to 86. One of those residents, Admiral and General Samuel P. Carter (born . . . Map (db m135600) HM
62 Tennessee, Cocke County, Parrottsville — Johnson's Parrottsville SlavesOrigin of Tennessee Emancipation Day
In 1842, state senator Andrew Johnson, a resident of neighboring Greene County, purchased his first slave here in Parrottsville. Her name was Dolly, and she was fourteen. Her son claimed that she approached Johnson and asked him to buy her because . . . Map (db m92476) HM
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63 Tennessee, Coffee County, Tullahoma — Tullahoma CampaignJune 24-July 4, 1863 — From Contraband to United States Colored Troops —
No sooner did the North begin its invasion than slaves fled to Union lines seeking freedom. This presented problems for military commanders and President Lincoln. The political aims of the war did not initially include emancipation. Before Lincoln’s . . . Map (db m75324) HM
64 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville — War on the Home FrontBelle Meade and Union Occupation
William Giles Harding, the owner of Belle Meade Plantation, was an ardent Confederate supporter who provided thousands of dollars to help arm Tennessee’s Confederate forces. He served on the state’s Military Armaments Committee. In March 1862, he . . . Map (db m81481) HM
65 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, Downtown — 3A 77 — Maxwell House Hotel
On this site stood the Maxwell House Hotel built by John Overton in 1859. It was destroyed by fire on Christmas Day, 1961. After wartime use as a barracks, hospital and prison, it was formally opened as a hotel in 1869. Presidents Andrew Johnson, . . . Map (db m24145) HM
66 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — Andrew Johnson1808-1875
17th President of the United States of America 1865-1869 Map (db m213210) HM
67 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — First General Assembly to meet in new Capitol
The first General Assembly to meet in the new Capitol was convened by Governor Andrew Johnson in 1853.Map (db m215553) HM
68 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — Lincoln Assassinated
Lincoln assassinated! Andrew Johnson assumed the Presidency the next day, April 15, 1865.Map (db m215632) HM
69 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — 3A 38 — Nashville Inn
First hortelry on this spot was established by Maj. William T. Lewis, 1796. It became Winn's Inn in 1808, the Nashville Inn a few years later. Among its many distinguished guests were the three sons of the Duke of Orleans. Andrew Johnson, then . . . Map (db m147737) HM
70 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — President Lincoln and Vice President Andrew Johnson
With the re-election of President Lincoln in 1864, Tennessee's governor, Andrew Johnson, was elected Vice-President on November 4.Map (db m215627) HM
71 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, North Capitol — Two Governors, Two GovernmentsThe Capitol in the Civil War
Within the walls of this magnificent Greek Revival-style capitol, designed by famed American architect William Strickland, a Confederate governor and a Federal military governor each administered the state during the Civil War. Governor Isham . . . Map (db m166572) HM
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72 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, South Nashville — Fort NegleyDefending the Capital — Hood's Campaign —
In September 1864, after Union Gen. William T. Sherman defeated Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood at Atlanta, Hood led the Army of Tennessee northwest against Sherman’s supply lines. Rather than contest Sherman’s “March to the Sea,” Hood . . . Map (db m74349) HM
73 Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville, Whites Creek — White’s Creek and the WarFighting for Tennessee
During the Civil War, Confederate Capt. John H. Earthman (a descendant of one of the earliest Whites Creek settlers) raised a company of soldiers. Accepted into service at Whites Creek on April 25, 1861, the company mustered in at Nashville on May 6 . . . Map (db m112077) HM
74 Tennessee, Dickson County, Charlotte — Civil War In Charlotte"Marauding gangs of Freebooters"
In 1860, 300 people lived in Charlotte, the Dickson County seat. During the war, the residents witnessed considerable military activity, beginning February 17, 1862, when Confederate Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest, arrived here to reequip his men and . . . Map (db m68958) HM
75 Tennessee, Gibson County, Trenton — 4B 35 — Gibson County Courthouse
The Gibson County Courthouse, built in 1899, is the fourth one to have occupied this site. The first courthouse was a log structure built in 1824, the year following the organization of the county, a process commenced by David Crockett, who was then . . . Map (db m55188) HM
76 Tennessee, Giles County, Pulaski — Thomas McKissack Jones(1816-1892) — Mayor-Judge Representative to Confederate Congress —
Thomas Jones was born in Peron County, North Carolina on December 12, 1816 and moved to Giles County with his family in 1817. Jones received his early education at Wurtemburg Academy and studied at the University of Alabama and University of . . . Map (db m75174) HM
77 Tennessee, Grainger County, Bean Station — Bean Station
This was one of the first settlements in Tennessee. William Bean and Daniel Boone camped here in 1775. Indians massacred the first settler, a farmer named English. Permanently settled by William II, Robert, George and Jessie Bean, who were granted . . . Map (db m69549) HM
78 Tennessee, Grainger County, Bean Station — Bean Station
One of Tennessee's earliest settlements. The valley you see was a warpath for the Cherokees, led Daniel Boone to Cumberland Gap and was traveled by Davy Crockett. Across Highway 11W to the right stood Bean Fort, built by William Bean, first . . . Map (db m80338) HM
79 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — "I Have Wrestled With Poverty"
Andrew Johnson was born in 1808 to poor, uneducated parents in a small building that served as a kitchen to Casso's Inn in Raleigh, North Carolina. When Andrew was three, his father died after saving two of his wealthy employers from drowning in an . . . Map (db m86608) HM
80 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — An Early HomeAndrew Johnson National Historic Park
Andrew Johnson and his family lived in this two-story brick house from some time in the 1830s until 1851. During these years, Johnson’s life changed drastically as he ventured from the tailoring trade into politics. After being elected alderman of . . . Map (db m58426) HM
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81 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew JohnsonNational Historic Site — Andrew Johnson National Cemetery —
Welcome to the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site. This site commemorates the life and work of the seventeenth president of the United States, Andrew Johnson. Born in poverty, Johnson rose from Greeneville tailor to the nation's highest office. . . . Map (db m23680) HM
82 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew Johnson1808 - 1875
17th President of the United States of America 1865 – 1869Map (db m58438) HM
83 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew Johnson
Located on the corner of Main and Summer Streets is the mural of President Andrew Johnson looking out of a window of his Land Office building. He is wearing his Masonic uniform and the Masonic Lodge was located inside a building on this site. . . . Map (db m109303) HM
84 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — 1C 91 — Andrew Johnson
Champion of Public Education in Tennessee “Can there be nothing done to advance the great cause of education?” Governor Andrew Johnson, 1853 ----------Throughout his legislative and gubernatorial careers, Andrew Johnson advocated . . . Map (db m58222) HM
85 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew Johnson and Eliza Johnson Grave MarkerAndrew Johnson National Cemetery
Andrew Johnson Seventeenth President of the United States. Born Dec. 29, 1808, died July 31, 1875. His faith in the people never wavered. Eliza Johnson, born Oct. 4, 1810, died Jan. 15, 1876. In memory of our father and mother.Map (db m93079) HM
86 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew Johnson and Family
This silhouette created by local artist, Joe Kilday, on the side of a Summer Street building depicts the arrival of youthful future President Andrew Johnson leading a blind pony which pulled a small wagon. The young girl, Eliza McCardle, is shown . . . Map (db m109311) HM
87 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew Johnson Homestead
The Andrew Johnson Homestead was the last home of Andrew Johnson (1808-1875), 17th President of the United States (1865-1869). Congressman Andrew Johnson purchased the house and half-acre lot from James Brannan in September 1851. Built directly upon . . . Map (db m23679) HM
88 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew Johnson National CemeteryAndrew Johnson National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior —
Andrew Johnson chose to be buried atop this hill, then known as “Signal Hill,” which he owned. His family members continued to be buried here in the family plot until his great-granddaughter’s interment in 1992. The cemetery became part of Andrew . . . Map (db m81607) HM
89 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Andrew Johnson National Historic Site
Welcome to the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site. This site commemorates the life and work of the seventeenth president of the United States, Andrew Johnson. Born in poverty, Johnson rose from Greeneville tailor to the nation’s highest office. . . . Map (db m93078) HM
90 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — 1C 50 — Andrew Johnson National Historic Site
Three miles west is the central unit of the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site which includes the 17th president’s small tailor shop, the home in which he lived from 1838 to 1851, a museum, and administrative offices. Other units are the . . . Map (db m58152) HM
91 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Bridge BurnersHangings at the Depot
After Unionists burned several East Tennessee railroad bridges on November 9, 1861, Confederate engineer Colonel Danville Leadbetter soon arrived to rebuild the brides and capture the perpetrators. Later that month, his forces captured Henry Fry, . . . Map (db m58073) HM
92 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — 1C 93 — Ellen “Nelly” VanVactorFree Black Female Landowner
Front Ellen "Nelly" VanVactor was one of the first free women of color to own real estate in Greeneville. Throughout Tennessee, there were few landowners of her race and gender prior to 1830. Born a slave in Virginia in 1780, Nelly arrived . . . Map (db m58278) HM
93 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — 1C 54 — Greeneville Union Convention
On June 17, 1861, delegates from every East Tennessee county except Rhea convened here for four days. The purpose was to keep East Tennessee in the Union after secession of the state. Leaders of the movement were Thomas D. Arnold, William G. . . . Map (db m81612) HM
94 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Greeneville, Tennessee
Home of Andrew Johnson – 17th President of U.S. Tailor Shop corner Depot & College Sts. Residence - - 217 So. Main St. Monument – So. Main & Monument AvenueMap (db m61946) HM
95 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Greeneville, Tennessee
Home of Andrew Johnson – 17th President of U.S. Tailor Shop corner Depot & College Sts. Residence - - 217 So. Main St. Monument – So. Main & Monument AvenueMap (db m61960) HM
96 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Greenville Cumberland Presbyterian ChurchFounded 1841
the original log church on Irish Street served until 1860 when the present structure was begun on land purchased from Andrew Johnson. The War Between the States saw the church used as a hospital and stable. The cannon ball in the front . . . Map (db m58423) HM
97 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Home of Andrew Johnson
Home of Andrew Johnson 17th President of the United States --------------- Erected by Nolachuckey Chapter D.A.R. 1926Map (db m58464) HM
98 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Margaret Johnson Patterson Bartlett / Andrew Johnson
Margaret Johnson Patterson Bartlett *   *   *Margaret Johnson Patterson Bartlett, great-granddaughter of Andrew Johnson, is the donor of this memorial and tribute to her illustrious ancestor. As heir to the Johnson estate following the death of . . . Map (db m61951) HM
99 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — Preserving the President’s LegacyAndrew Johnson National Historic Site
. . . I believe that my Father was the greatest man this country ever produced!” Martha Johnson Patterson Three generations of Andrew Johnson’s family devoted time and effort to preserve his memory and legacy. In 1906, . . . Map (db m58431) HM
100 Tennessee, Greene County, Greeneville — The Dickson - Williams MansionA House Divided
The Federal-style mansion in front of you was the home of Catharine Dickson Williams and Dr. Alexander Williams. Catharine Williams, a famous Greeneville hostess, counted Presidents Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk, and Andrew Johnson among her guests. . . . Map (db m81613) HM

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