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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Nipissing District, Ontario

Wideview of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence Marker image, Touch for more information
By Kevin Craft, July 11, 2017
Wideview of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence Marker
1 Ontario, Nipissing District, Calvin — Louise de Kiriline Lawrence1894-1992
Louise Flach was born in Sweden and grew up on the scenic Baltic coast where she developed an interest in nature. Flach became a Red Cross nurse, serving during the First World War in Denmark, and then with her first husband Greb de Kiriline who . . . Map (db m105640) HM
2 Ontario, Nipissing District, Dwight — Frank MacDougall ParkwayAlgonquin Provincial Park
Frank A. MacDougall, in whose honour the Parkway was named, served in the Department of Lands and Forests from 1923 until 1966. From 1931-1941 he was Superintendent of Algonquin Park with headquarters located at nearby Cache Lake. During his term . . . Map (db m147900) HM
3 Ontario, Nipissing District, Mattawa — Canoe Route to the West
Here, when the canoe was the principal means of travel, explorers, voyageurs, missionaries and others bound for the West, left the Ottawa River and followed the Mattawa River to Lake Nipissing, the French River and the upper Great Lakes. For over . . . Map (db m105630) HM
4 Ontario, Nipissing District, Mattawa — French-Canadian Settlement and the CPR in the Mattawa area
Francophone settlement rapidly increased in the Mattawa area with the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in 1881. During construction of the rail line, the local economy benefitted from the presence of thousands of French-Canadian . . . Map (db m105625) HM
5 Ontario, Nipissing District, Mattawa — Mattawa House 1837
Trading in furs at this junction of historic canoe routes probably began during the French regime. At intervals during the 1820's and 1830's Chief Trader John Siveright, commanding the Hudson's Bay Company's post at Fort Coulonge, sent men to trade . . . Map (db m105629) HM
6 Ontario, Nipissing District, Mattawa — The Mattawa Route
When west-bound voyageurs left the Ottawa here at Mattawa, "the forks," they faced 11 portages in the next 40 miles. The Mattawa, or Petite-Rivière, was a key link in the historic canoe route between Montréal and the upper Great Lakes and . . . Map (db m105631) HM
7 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — 400 Years of Francophone Presence / 400 ans de présence francophone
[English] The arrival of Samuel de Champlain on this site, on July 26, 1615, represents one of the first manifestations of the French language in this region of Ontario. "Continuing our way by land, after leaving . . . Map (db m215900) HM
8 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P19 — Carnegie LibraryNorth Bay Public Libraries — North Bay Heritage Site —
North Bay Public Libraries have been located on this downtown block — bordered by McIntyre, Wyld, Worthington and Sherbrooke Streets — since 1914 when a Carnegie Library opened its doors. The Carnegie wasn't North Bay's first library. . . . Map (db m215930) HM
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9 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P17 — Commerce on Lake Nipissing — North Bay Heritage Site —
The rivers and lakes of northern Ontario have been highways for travel and commerce for hundreds of years. Used extensively by first nations and European explorers, Lake Nipissing became a major highway with half the furs shipped to . . . Map (db m215897) HM
10 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P9 — Cormack Block — North Bay Heritage Site —
The Cormack Block was built circa 1890 and was named for John G. Cormack, North Bay's first pharmacist (druggist). The block is recognized as the oldest Main Street commercial structure that still stands and over the years it has housed . . . Map (db m215876) HM
11 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P1 — CPR Yards — North Bay Heritage Site —
The extensive Canadian Pacific Railroad yards and repair shops dominated the North Bay waterfront for better than three quarters of a century. CPR steel reached what was to become North Bay in 1882 and it soon became evident that this . . . Map (db m215894) HM
12 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — Donald E. King1921-2002 — "A Man of His Word" —
Don King served his country as a war veteran and also served our community as a capable, committed and conscientious Reeve, Councillor and Alderman over a 35 year period. He was a staunch supporter of community projects that he believed would . . . Map (db m215985) HM WM
13 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P4 — Ferguson Block — North Bay Heritage Site —
Scottish born John Ferguson (1861-1946), a nephew of Canadian Pacific Railroad vice-president Duncan McIntyre, arrived here with CPR steel in 1882. Credited with being a key founder of North Bay, Ferguson, whose vocation was described as . . . Map (db m215887) HM
14 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — 22 — Gateway of the North Arch — North Bay Heritage Sites —
This arch was erected by the North Bay Travellers and their friends in 1928. In 1934 this group was incorporated as the North Bay Club of the Associated Canadian Travellers, and the arch became the logo of the City of North Bay. On the 50th . . . Map (db m215997) HM
15 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — Golf Street / Lee Park — North Bay Heritage Site —
The lonely piece of pavement curving off Memorial Drive next to this heritage site plaque, and deadending at the Stanley Street bridge, was once part of North Bay's only road link to the southern part of the province. Construction of . . . Map (db m215995) HM
16 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — 4 — Jack Burrows Place — North Bay Heritage Memory —
This public gathering place is named in honour of Jack Burrows — athlete, husband, father, grandfather, businessman, Rotarian, long time public servant and North Bay Mayor from 1995 to 2003. Of Irish stock, the Burrows family arrived in . . . Map (db m215892) HM
17 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — Jean Nicolet
Born in France about 1598, this explorer, fur trader and interpreter came to Canada in 1608. Under orders from Samuel de Champlain, he spent the following two years with the Algonquins of Allumette Island. He was then sent to the Nipissing Indians . . . Map (db m107579) HM
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18 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — La Vase Portages
The historic La Vase (Mud) Portages began at the head of the nearby pond. These three portages, connecting Trout Lake and the lower La Vase River, were linked by small navigable streams and ponds. They formed part of the great canoe route via the . . . Map (db m107582) HM
19 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — La Vase RiverPoint of Historical Interest
From this point the Canadian explorers and early fur-traders caught their first glimpse of Lake Nipissing as they paddled westward on their journey from Montreal by way of the Ottawa, Mattawa and French Rivers to the Great Lakes. Champlain viewed . . . Map (db m199966) HM
20 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P6 — Mackey House — North Bay Heritage Site —
Stepping off a passenger train at the Canadian Pacific Railway Station, visitors to North Bay in the early 1900s saw a very different town than exists today. There was a large park on one side of the station, and across the street, known . . . Map (db m215893) HM
21 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P8 — Manitou Islands — North Bay Heritage Site —
The vast body of water before you is a shining Northern gem. Known as Lake Nipissing, the name being derived from an Aboriginal term meaning "little water", it is one of the ten largest lakes in Ontario at roughly 65 km by 25 km. When . . . Map (db m215993) HM
22 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — Memorial Park Cenotaph Statue — North Bay Heritage Site —
This city block bounded by Fraser, First, Ferguson and Second became the site of the North Bay Normal School, which opened in 1909 and still stands on the corner of First & Fraser. In 1917, the province deeded the remainder of the tract for use as a . . . Map (db m195967) HM
23 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P14 — New Ontario Brewing Co. Ltd. — North Bay Heritage Site —
North Bay citizens have long enjoyed a refreshing tankard and for a short time in the early 20th Century, residents were served by their own brewery. The New Ontario Brewing Company Ltd. was the area's first commercial brewery, producing . . . Map (db m215898) HM
24 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P23 — Nipissing District North Bay Jail — North Bay Heritage Site —
The first known lockup in North Bay was a rudimentary log structure built in 1886 at the corner of Main and Wyld Streets. Two years later the province constructed a court house and lockup on Bye, now Plouffe, Street which evolved into a . . . Map (db m216000) HM
25 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P13 — North Bay Arena Rink — North Bay Heritage Site —
North Bay has a long and storied hockey history and, over the years, a number of rinks and arenas have served the needs of citizens. The North Bay Arena Rink stood near this site at the corner of Main Street West and Murray Street. Today . . . Map (db m215947) HM
26 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — North Bay Heritage Carousel History
In 1999, Barry Jacobs, a dedicated volunteer with the Heritage Railway Co., had a dream; a full scale carousel to complement the successful train at the North Bay Waterfront. Rod Johnston, one of the founders of the Heritage Railway Co. embraced . . . Map (db m215989) HM
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27 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — North Bay Normal School
[English] The red brick structure on this site was the home of teacher education in North Bay from 1909 until 1972. Originally the North Bay Normal School, it was renamed North Bay Teachers' College in 1953. In 1972 the teacher education . . . Map (db m195971) HM
28 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P7 — Old Post Office — North Bay Heritage Site —
John Ferguson was North Bay's first postmaster for a few weeks in 1883, operating out of his boardwood cabin. He was succeeded by William McDonald who opened a general store and post office that same year. McDonald was postmaster for 25 . . . Map (db m215800) HM
29 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P5 — Old Town Hall — North Bay Heritage Site —
The construction of the Town Hall represented a defining moment in North Bay's early development. Until it was built, most municipal affairs were carried out at the Cormack block, located beside the current pedestrian laneway on Main . . . Map (db m215954) HM
30 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — Reverend Silas Huntington1829-1905
A zealous Methodist missionary descended from an early New England family, Huntington was born in Kemptville. With his ordination in 1854 he commenced a long Christian ministry, serving various congregations in eastern Ontario and Quebec until 1882 . . . Map (db m107571) HM
31 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P2 — Royal Theatre — North Bay Heritage Site —
The Royal Theatre, under various names and owners, was one of North Bay's most important cultural and entertainment venues for close to forty years. Built in 1908 for $50,000 to a design by H. W. Angus, the Royal Theatre, also called . . . Map (db m215895) HM
32 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P22 — The Barry Building Explosion — North Bay Heritage Site —
On this site in 1975 an accident during routine excavation led to the biggest single tragedy and loss of life in North Bay's history. In the afternoon of January 8, a five man crew from the gas company working next door using a backhoe . . . Map (db m215891) HM
33 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — P15 — The Bomarc Missile — North Bay Heritage Site —
From 1979 to 2009, a Bomarc missile was mounted on a pedestal at this site in Lee Park (now Veteran's Fields) serving as a monument to one of the most important and controversial aspects of North Bay's history in the late 20th century. . . . Map (db m215899) HM
34 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — 19 — The Capitol Theatre — North Bay Heritage Site —
The Capitol Theatre opened on this site on June 1, 1929. The sold out opening night movie feature was a "talkie" titled, In Old Arizona. Known as "Northern Ontario's Most Beautiful Theatre," it resembled that of old Hollywood. The walls . . . Map (db m215799) HM
35 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — The CF100 Canuck
[English] The CF100 “Canuck” was conceived to meet the demanding requirements of defending a country as vast as Canada. It was a two place, all weather high altitude long range interceptor built in Canada. It first . . . Map (db m215998) HM WM
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36 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — The Ontario Northland Railway
In 1900 the Ontario Government ordered a survey for a railway from North Bay to the head of Lake Timiskaming to encourage settlement and provide access to mineral deposits. Construction of the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway began in 1902, . . . Map (db m107572) HM
37 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — Veterans Fields
To mark the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII this park and the playing fields therein are gratefully dedicated to all those who have served Canada in any military endeavour or peacekeeping mission. They served with valour so we may remain free. . . . Map (db m215798) WM
38 Ontario, Nipissing District, North Bay — Winter Wonderland Carousel History
The Winter Wonderland Carousel was instigated by the North Bay Carousel Carvers. As the North Bay Heritage Carousel came close to completion it became apparent that the carvers would soon be out of work. However, this stalwart band of volunteers . . . Map (db m215994) HM
39 Ontario, Nipissing District, Sturgeon Falls — The Founding of Sturgeon Falls
The development of Sturgeon Falls began in 1881 with the arrival of Canadian Pacific Railway constructions teams and the opening of a post office. About a year earlier the community's first permanent settler, James Holditch, had acquired land here . . . Map (db m107569) HM
40 Ontario, Nipissing District, Temagami — The Temagami Station
In 1902, The Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway Act was given Royal Assent and construction of the railway, now operated by the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission began. By 1904 the line which was 1o link North Bay and New Liskeard . . . Map (db m195961) HM
41 Ontario, Nipissing District, Verner — The Reverend Charles Alfred Marie Paradis1848-1926
Born in Kamouraska County, Québec, Paradis studied at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière College and taught art in Ottawa. Following his ordination in 1881 he was posted to Lake Timiskaming as missionary of the Oblate Congregation. Paradis' travels as a . . . Map (db m107568) HM
42 Ontario, Nipissing District, Whitney — Algonquin Provincial ParkLe Parc Provincial Algonquin
Established in 1893, Algonquin was the first provincial park in Canada and the forerunner of Ontario’s extensive park system. Many methods now used across Canada to administer multi-purpose parks and explain nature to the public were developed . . . Map (db m59998) HM
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