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Black Hawk Historic Trail Markers image, Touch for more information
By Keith L, October 7, 2009
Black Hawk Historic Trail Markers
1Wisconsin (Vernon County), De Soto — 8 CVP — Black Hawk WarBattle Bluff · Battle Hollow · Battle Island
Battle Bluff ↑ Elv 1139ft Battle Hollow → Severe fighting 1 mile east between Gen. Henry's 300 Ill. militia and 300 Sac Indians Aug. 2 1832. ← Battle Island Hard fighting opposite. 1200 white soldiers . . . Map (db m24501) HM

2South Carolina (Aiken County), North Augusta — War of 1812 Tribute
War of 1812 1812 — 1815 They bravely fought and willingly died for principles they knew to be right. Map (db m30869) WM

3Wisconsin (Dane County), Madison — The Temperance Movement Battled Madison''s BreweriesThe Madison Heritage Series
Owning a State Street beer establishment wasn’t easy in the early 1900s. As the temperance movement gathered momentum throughout the country, increasing numbers of Americans wanted alcohol consumption outlawed. Founded in 1863, Hausmann’s Capital . . . Map (db m33967) HM

4Georgia (Macon County), Andersonville — The Battling Bastards of BataanNo Mama, No Papa, No Uncle Sam — Andersonville National Historic Site —
“…The Bataan garrison was destroyed due to its dreadful handicaps, but no army in history more thoroughly accomplished its mission…” General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. “This bronze is presented to the Andersonville National . . . Map (db m93022) WM
5New York (Niagara County), Youngstown — Dueling CannonsBattling for Control of the Niagara
Strategic Importance When European explorers reached the Great Lakes, they realized that passage up the Niagara River would unlock routes to the west. Traveling by water from the lakes, they could reach the Ohio and Mississippi . . . Map (db m67492) HM
6Virginia (Prince William County), Manassas — Battling for the Rocky KnollSecond Battle of Manassas — Day Two - August 29, 1862 —
Stonewall Jackson's defensive line extended nearly two miles - from Sudley Church to the Brawner Farm. Many of his 24,000 troops were posted behind the cuts and fills of the unfinished railroad grade before you. The formidable position enabled . . . Map (db m88517) HM

7United Kingdom, England (East Sussex), Battle — The Battle of Hastings and Battle Abbey — Battle of Hastings, 1066 —
The Battle of Hastings and Battle Abbey The Battle of Hastings was fought here on 14 October 1066. It is the most famous battle on English soil and its outcome had a profound impact on the history of England. William the Conqueror's . . . Map (db m128713) HM
8Alabama (Russell County), Phenix City — Before The Battle / Battle Of Girard
(obverse) Before The Battle All day that Easter Sunday the Confederate forces commanded by Col. Leon von Zinken awaited the Union Army they knew was on the way from Tuskegee. Lacking the men needed to hold it, they were forced to . . . Map (db m69058) HM
9Florida (Baker County), Olustee — Battle of Ocean Pond (or The Battle of Olustee)
Here was fought on February 20, 1864 the Battle of Ocean Pond under the immediate command of General Alfred Holt Colquitt "Hero of Olustee" This decisive engagement prevented a Sherman-like invasion of Georgia from the south. . . . Map (db m54361) HM
10Georgia (Coweta County), Newnan — The Battle of Brown's Mill: Detour to BattleBrown's Mill Battlefield
Anxious to avoid a fight, McCook left the 8th Indiana to contend with the Confederates at the depot while the rest of his command detoured south on the East Newnan Road. Upon reaching Land Lot 38, near Turkey Creek, the column veered to the . . . Map (db m94662) HM
11Kentucky (Harrison County), Cynthiana — 2312 — 1st Battle of Cynthiana / 2nd Battle of Cynthiana
(Front):1st Battle of CynthianaDuring CSA Col. John H. Morgan’s 1st KY Raid, on July 17, 1862, 875 CSA hit town via the Georgetown Pike. 350 US troops & Home Guard defended town from houses. Morgan attacked across Licking River and . . . Map (db m35858) HM
12Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Mansfield — Battle of Mansfield or Sabine Cross RoadsApril 8. 1864 — Confederate Battle Line at 4:00 P.M.~First Phase of Battle —
From this point the line extended about 400 yards Northeast, thence East about a mile. It extended about a half mile South from here.Map (db m105293) HM
13Mississippi (Claiborne County), Bruinsburg — Battle of Port Gibson – The BattleWindsor Battlefield Tour
Confederate General Martin Green had posted his brigade near magnolia church with at outpost at the A.K. Shaifer House. Shortly after midnight, Green rode forward to check on his pickets. The General found Mrs. Shaffer and the ladies frantically . . . Map (db m105844) HM
14Mississippi (Lee County), Baldwyn — Interpretive SitesBattle of Brice's Crossroads • June 10, 1864 Battle of Tupelo • July 13-15, 1864
Welcome to the Mississippi's Final Stands Interpretive Center. After visiting our museum gallery, we hope that you will tour the Brice's Crossroads and Tupelo battlefields for yourself, with the help of our audio tour and roadside signage. . . . Map (db m91147) HM
15Ohio (Mercer County), Fort Recovery — 12 — Weaponry at the Battle of the Wabash and the Battle of Fort Recovery
"Finding no great effect from our fire, and confusion beginning to spread from the great number of men who were falling in all quarters, it became necessary to try what could be done with the bayonet." --Major General Arthur St. . . . Map (db m137502) HM
16Tennessee (Henderson County), Parkers Crossroads — Prelude to Battle/December 31, 1862—the Battle/Union and Confederate Forces
Prelude to Battle Union troops in West Tennessee and north Mississippi depended on the railroad. The Confederate high command ordered General Nathan Bedford Forrest to cut that supply line. Forrest left Columbia on December 11, 1862, . . . Map (db m174205) HM
17Virginia (Frederick County), Winchester — 2nd Battle of Winchester / 3rd Battle of Winchester
2nd Battle of Winchester June 13-15, 1863 3rd Battle of Winchester September 19, 1864Map (db m159481) HM WM
18Virginia, Petersburg — Siege of Petersburg—Lee Strikes BackMarch 25, 1865 Battle of Fort Stedman to Battle of Jones Farm
By March 1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee had suffered through nearly nine months of fighting, had repulsed seven Union offensives, and had his men spread along a 37-mile-long front. Knowing that it was only a matter of time before his lines . . . Map (db m85861) HM
19Virginia (Prince William County), Triangle — 3rd Battalion, 26th MarinesRepublic of Vietnam, 1966-1970 — Memories of Battles Dim with Time —
Memory of our brothers who gave their last full measure of devotion brightens with time. Their memory enhances our lives. We remember, keep faith and honor them when safeguarding the nation entrusted to us and living our lives in the service of our . . . Map (db m168509) WM

20Alabama (Baldwin County), Stockton — First Creek WarBattles in Alabama & Baldwin County
27 July 1813 – Battle of Burnt Corn 30 August 1813 – Fort Mims Massacre 31 August 1813 – Kimbell – James Massacre 2 September 1813 – Attack at Fort Sinquefield 13 September 1813 – Wood's Bluff . . . Map (db m122631) HM WM
21Georgia (Burke County), Waynesboro — L25 — The J.D. Roberts HomeA Witness to the Battles for Waynesborough — March to the Sea Heritage Trail —
Built about 1858 in the Georgian Cottage style as a home for J. D. Roberts, the house was designed by noted architect John Trowbridge. Subsequent occupants have included a doctor's office, millinery shop and county museum. In late 1864 the house . . . Map (db m103299) HM
22Georgia (Clayton County), Hampton — The Crawford-Dorsey House"In The Midst Of Battles"
Men such as Stephen Green Dorsey represented the peak of the planter class as it existed in this locality. His father moved into what became Clayton County and built a two story log cabin shortly after the Treaty of Indian Springs in 1821 opened the . . . Map (db m70117) HM
23Maryland (Calvert County), St. Leonard — St. Leonard CreekScene of naval battles during War of 1812
In June, 1814, Maryland's Commodore Joshua Barney commanded American flotilla of barges, gunboats and a sloop in attacks on superior British forces in Patuxent River and its tributary, St. Leonard Creek. After flotilla moved up Patuxent and was . . . Map (db m3463) HM
24New Jersey (Hunterdon County), New Hampton — General Daniel MorganHero of the Battles of Saratoga and Cowpens
Daniel Morgan was born in New Hampton, Hunterdon County in 1736. Like other residents on the New Jersey frontier, Morgan's father worked for the Union Iron Furnace. Uneducated, Morgan left home in 1751 and worked as a wagoner in Pittstown, NJ. He . . . Map (db m68830) HM
25Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — Beaver Dam Creek1862 Seven Days' Battles
(left panel) Visiting Richmond National Battlefield Park The concentration of Civil War resources found in the Richmond area is unparalleled. The National Park Service manages 13 sites, giving visitors an opportunity to examine the . . . Map (db m37063) HM
26Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — Gaines' Mill1862 Seven Days' Battles
(left panel) Visiting Richmond National Battlefield Park The concentration of Civil War resources found in the Richmond area is unparalleled. The National Park Service manages 13 sites, giving visitors an opportunity to examine the . . . Map (db m40249) HM
27Virginia (Henrico County), Henrico — Malvern Hill1862 Seven Days' Battles
(left panel) Visiting Richmond National Battlefield Park The concentration of Civil War resources found in the Richmond area is unparalleled. The National Park Service manages 13 sites, giving visitors an opportunity to examine the . . . Map (db m46911) HM
28Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — Chickahominy Bluff1862 Seven Days' Battles
(left panel) Visiting Richmond National Battlefield Park The concentration of Civil War resources found in the Richmond area is unparalleled. The National Park Service manages 13 sites, giving visitors an opportunity to examine the . . . Map (db m34663) HM
29Wyoming (Crook County), Sundance — The Custer TrailSite of Sacred Lands and Historic Battles
Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer's Black Hills Expedition crossed northeastern Wyoming from July 17-25, 1874, camping within three miles of this location. forged by 1000 men (cavalry, infantry, teamsters, scientists, miners, newspaper reporters, . . . Map (db m45381) HM

30Alabama (Barbour County), Louisville — The Battles of Hobdy's Bridge and Pea River — Creek Heritage Trail —
The battles of Hobdy's Bridge and Pea River were the result of the desperate attempt of Creeks to avoid removal to the West by fleeing to Florida along trails bordering the Pea and Conecuh Rivers. The battles marked the last large-scale . . . Map (db m111627) HM
31Alabama (Limestone County), Athens — The Battles of Fort Henderson and Sulphur Creek TrestleFort Henderson and Trinity School
“Just after daylight on the morning of September 24, they opened on the fort with artillery from three different sides, casting almost every shell inside the works.” — Col. Wallace Campbell, 110th U.S. Colored . . . Map (db m158261) HM
32Alabama (Pike County), Banks — Hobdy's Bridge: Last Indian Battles in Alabama
The Second Creek War of 1836 broke out when many Creek Indians resisted forced removal after an 1832 treaty ceded the last of their tribal lands in Alabama. As hostility increased between white settlers pouring into the area and Creeks who were . . . Map (db m111577) HM
33Arkansas (Sharp County), Hardy — Battles of Martin Creek and Morgan's Mill
Near this place, on February 8, 1864, Union and Confederate forces engaged in a 12 mile running battle that ranged from the old Morgan's Mill on Spring River up and across Martin's Creek along the old Indian trail that ran from Memphis to . . . Map (db m49108) HM
34Delaware (Kent County), Dover — Battles and Engagements of the Delaware Regiment
Battles around New York City and Environs, 1776-1779
1. Long Island, August 27, 1776 2. Throg's Neck, October 12-18, 1776 3. Mamaroneck Raid, October 22, 1776 4. White Plains, October 28, 1776 5. Retreat across New Jersey, . . . Map (db m39713) HM
35Georgia (Bibb County), Macon — 011-5 — Battles of Dunlap Farm
On July 30, 1864, Gen. Stoneman with 2,500 cavalry crossed Walnut Creek & placed his cannon on a ridge on the Dunlap farm. He attacked Macon to capture the gold in the Confederate Depository; to destroy the Armory, Arsenal & Laboratories, the . . . Map (db m98661) HM
36Georgia (Camden County), St. Marys — The Last Battles of The War of 1812St. Marys History Walk
Even though the Treaty of Ghent ending the War of 1812 had been signed on December 24, 1814, and the British had sustained a stunning defeat at the Battle of New Orleans January 8, 1815, the war still came to St. Marys. On January 13, 1815, an . . . Map (db m145246) HM
37Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — 51-8 — The Battles for Atlanta
Between July and Sept. 1864, during the American Civil War, U.S. and Confederate armies struggled for control of Atlanta, the major manufacturing center and railroad hub of the Deep South. Four inconclusive battles occurred inside the present day . . . Map (db m37176) HM
38Georgia (Whitfield County), Dalton — 155-33 — Battles of Tilton<-- 2.8 mi. --<<<
2.8 miles E. of here, on May 13, 1864, a delaying action was fought as Confederates moved south toward Resaca. On Oct.13, 1864, part of French’s Division of Stewart’s Corps, Confederates Army of Tennessee, attacked this place, then garrisoned by 300 . . . Map (db m44623) HM
39Kentucky (Floyd County), Prestonsburg — Eastern Kentucky's Civil War Battles and Skirmishes, 1861-1862
Skirmish at West Liberty, October 23 1861 - Col. L.A. Harris' 2nd Ohio Infantry regiment and a company of Union cavalry, part of Gen. William "Bull" Nelson's command, skirmish with Capt. Jack May's much smaller Morgan Guards, driving them . . . Map (db m69143) HM
40Kentucky (Floyd County), Prestonsburg — Eastern Kentucky's Civil War Battles and Skirmishes, 1863-1864
Marshall's Raid Through Eastern Kentucky, March-April 1863 - On March 15, 1863, Marshall comes through Pound Gap with 1,800 mounted men, including Col. Henry Giltner's 4th Kentucky, Col. Thomas Johnson's 2nd Kentucky, Col. Ezekiel F. . . . Map (db m69145) HM
41Louisiana (Ascension Parish), Gonzales — "The Mother of All Battles Has Begun!"- Saddam Hussein, January 17, 1991
As U.S.-led coalition forces began to unleash a ferocious air war on Iraq with Operation Desert Storm, Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein took to state radio, telling his people "the great duel, the mother of all battles has begun...the dawn of victory . . . Map (db m115062) HM
42Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Battles of the River Raisin
[Marker side facing south] Describing the American victory of January 18, 1813, Capt. John McCalla of the 5th Kentucky, wrote: "I have seen the enemy, and I have seen him defeated. I have seen my fellow soldiers extended lifeless bloody . . . Map (db m20945) HM
43Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Site of Battles of Jan. 18 - 22
[Marker Front] Site of Battles of Jan. 18 - 22 Gen. Winchester in Command, and River Raisin Massacre Jan. 23, 1813 [Marker Reverse] 800 Americans under Cols. Allen, Lewis and Wells Fought desperately against . . . Map (db m20041) HM
44Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Two Battles of New Ulm
The first news of the Sioux Uprising was brought to New Ulm at noon on August 18, 1862, by survivors of a Civil War recruiting party that had been ambushed in Milford Township. Barricades were hastily erected in a three-block area on Minnesota . . . Map (db m65402) HM
45Missouri (Clay County), Liberty — Civil War Memorial
Jewell Hall was used as a hospital and barracks and this hill was fortified by Federal troops under Col. John Scott after their defeat at the Battle of Blue Mills Ferry, Sept. 17, 1861. A line of rifle pits was thrown up from the present location of . . . Map (db m45555) HM
46Missouri (Clay County), Liberty — Mass Grave Site
The undulations in the ground behind this plaque mark the site of the mass burial of 17 men killed at the Battle of Liberty on September 17, 1861. These Federal soldiers came to Liberty to prevent Confederates from joining General Price at the seige . . . Map (db m45569) HM
47Missouri (Newton County), Newtonia — The Battles of Newtonia Commemoration
In commemoration of the battles fought at Newtonia in the Civil War. The first on September 30, 1862 between the Union forces under Colonel Fredrick Salomon and Confederate forces under General Jo Shelby. The second on October 28, 1864. This . . . Map (db m78170) HM WM
48Missouri (Vernon County), Deerfield — Battles in the Marmaton ValleyA State Divided: The Civil War in Missouri
Action at Dry Wood Creek, Sept. 2, 1861 Following the Southern victory at Wilson's Creek near Springfield (Aug. 10, 1861), Maj. Gen. Sterling Price led the pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard, which numbered about 10,000 men, north to . . . Map (db m39842) HM
49New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 6 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4256) HM
50New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 5 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
. . . Map (db m4253) HM
51New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 8 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4260) HM
52New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 3 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4251) HM
53New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 7 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4258) HM
54New Jersey (Mercer County), Hamilton Township — 4 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4252) HM
55New Jersey (Mercer County), Lawrence Township — 9 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4262) HM
56New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — 10 of 12 — <br>Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4263) HM
57New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — 11 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4264) HM
58New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton Township — 12 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4265) HM
59New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — 1 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777.Map (db m4057) HM
60New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — 2 of 12 — Route of Washington’s March
Route of Washington’s march by night from Trenton to Princeton and victory January 3, 1777Map (db m4074) HM
61New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — The Battles of Trenton, Turning Point of the Revolution
By December of 1776, the Continental Army had withdrawn in disarray from New York, across Central New Jersey and the Delaware River into Pennsylvania. The British were in complacent pursuit, confident that it was only a matter of weeks or months . . . Map (db m166129) HM
62New Jersey (Middlesex County), Woodbridge — Revolutionary War Battles in Woodbridge
With Staten Island and Perth Amboy serving as Loyalist strongholds, British troops extended their reach into Middlesex County by occupying Woodbridge from December 2, 1776 to June 22, 1777. It is believed five Redcoat regiments were quartered at . . . Map (db m126352) HM
63New Mexico (Santa Fe County), Glorieta — Colorado Volunteers at the Battles of Glorieta PassMarch 26-28, 1862
On this site and several miles to the west along the Santa Fe Trail, Colorado Volunteers and Regular U.S. Troops fought a Confederate force from Texas in the Battle of Glorieta Pass. Although no clear victory emerged after two days of fierce and . . . Map (db m120478) HM
64New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — Colonial Battles Fought in this VicinityA.D. 1900
The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New York erected this tablet to commemorate the colonial battles fought in this vicinity. Champlain with Hurons and Algonquins defeated the Iroquois July 30, 1609 near the shore. Montcalm defeated . . . Map (db m9560) HM
65New York (Saratoga County), Stillwater — 225th Anniversary Battles of Saratoga1777 – 2002
Turning point in the struggle for an independent United States of America Saratoga Battle Chapter Sons of the American Revolution 4 July 2002 Originally placed in honor of our Nation’s BicentennialMap (db m9171) HM
66New York (Suffolk County), Northville — Battles of Penny’s and Luce’s Landing1814 - 1926
At Penny’s Landing Farmers and Militia prevented the capture of Sloop Nancy by British Man of War Sylph. At Luce’s Landing Revenue Cutter Nathan Hale was captured by British Frigate after a valiant defense for three days by its . . . Map (db m20012) HM
67New York (Warren County), Glens Falls — The Battles of Saratoga - 1777Historic New York
One of the most decisive battles in world history ended with the surrender near here of the British army invading from Canada under General “Gentleman Johnny” Burgoyne in 1777. The defeat ended a summer-long campaign by over 7,000 British, Hessian . . . Map (db m56850) HM
68New York (Warren County), Hague — Battles at Sabbath Day Point
In 1757, some 350 NJ Provincials, paddling from Fort William Henry, were ambushed near this site by Native Americans and Canadians, suffering 70% casualties. In 1758, General Abercrombie camped here with 15,000 men. Both generals were on their way . . . Map (db m126226) HM
69Pennsylvania (Erie County), Girard — Charlotte Elizabeth Battles(1864-1952)
Born in Girard, she overcame traditional roles by graduating from college and being named president of R.S. Battles Bank after her father's death in 1904. Battles gained national attention when she refused to close the bank after President Roosevelt . . . Map (db m179991) HM
70Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — War in the West: Battles and Campaigns
Nashville and the Western Theater The American Civil War's Western Theater was generally defined as the area west of the Appalachian Mountains extending to the Mississippi River. The Ohio River was the northern boundary and just above the . . . Map (db m178382) HM
71Tennessee (Greene County), Mosheim — Battles of Blue SpringsFighting on the Same Ground Twice
On the morning of October 10, 1863, Union Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside’s campaign suddenly arrived at Blue Springs (present-day Mosheim) when Union cavalry attacked Confederate General John S. Williams’s troops. By noon, the Confederate lines were . . . Map (db m69566) HM
72Tennessee (Hamilton County), Lookout Mountain — The Battles for Chattanooga1863
A series of battles in 1863 secured Chattanooga for the Union The city of Chattanooga with its railroads and riverboats was a vital transportation center during the Civil War. Both armies recognized its importance. In the . . . Map (db m58463) HM
73Tennessee (Shelby County), Collierville — Collierville Civil War Battles Memorial
Louisa Bedford Chapter No. 642, United Daughters of Confederacy in memory of battles fought at Collierville Tennessee Oct. 11-25-Nov. 3, 1863 Dec. 27-28, 1863 Confederate ParkMap (db m200765) WM
74Texas (Garza County), Post — 602 — C. W. Post Rain Battles
  Site of 1911-1914 dynamiting to produce rain, carried on by C. W. Post, Texas farm colonizer and cereal foods millionaire.   After reading that rain often accompanies cannonading in war, Post planned "battles" to relieve droughts. He . . . Map (db m88799) HM
75Texas (Travis County), Austin — Battles for Texas Independence from Mexico1836
Several notable individuals of African descent participated in the battles at the Alamo and San Jacinto in 1836. Joe, slave of William B. Travis, fought at the Alamo and survived. His account of the fighting is one of the most important Alamo . . . Map (db m162981) HM
76Virginia (Frederick County), Winchester — Kernstown Battles
Around this site and a mile to the west occurred two major battles of the Civil War. First Kernstown March 23, 1862 Stonewall Jackson attacked what appeared to be a withdrawing federal force led by federal Br. Gen. Shields. Desperate . . . Map (db m2632) HM
77Virginia, Fredericksburg — E-44 — Battles of Fredericksburg
During the First and Second Battles of Fredericksburg, the Confederates occupied Marye’s Heights, a defensive position enhanced by a sunken road and stone wall on the eastern slope. On 13 Dec. 1862, during the first battle, Lt. Gen. James . . . Map (db m1672) HM
78Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-8 — Seven Days BattlesPorter’s Withdrawal
Along this road Fitz-John Porter withdrew from Beaver Dam Creek in the early morning of June 27, 1862. McClellan, having learned that Stonewall Jackson was approaching Porter’s rear, late at night ordered the withdrawal to another position. This was . . . Map (db m14994) HM
79Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-80 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
On this hill, facing north, Sykes’s division was posted in the afternoon of June 27, 1862, holding the eastern end of the Union line. Here Jackson attacked, while to the west A. P. Hill and Longstreet renewed their assaults. When the Union line was . . . Map (db m15225) HM
80Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-16 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
Just to the east was Gaines's Mill, a multistory grist mill that burned during the Civil War. Confederates under Maj. Gen. A.P. Hill encountered light Federal resistance there early on the afternoon of 27 June 1862. Heavy fighting took place later . . . Map (db m14996) HM
81Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-60 — Seven Days BattlesGaines's Mill
Stonewall Jackson reached this point in the afternoon of June 27, 1862, after a circuit of Gaines's Mill. When he learned that A. P. Hill and Longstreet to the west were hard pressed, he moved south to join in the attack.Map (db m15464) HM
82Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-10 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
Here Lee and Stonewall Jackson conferred in the morning of June 27, 1862. Jackson’s troops halted here until A. P. Hill arrived from Beaver Dam Creek. Hill then moved southward by Gaines’s Mill and Longstreet turned to the east. All three columns . . . Map (db m15053) HM
83Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-4 — Seven Days BattlesMechanicsville
Down this slope in the late afternoon of June 26, 1862, A. P. Hill moved to attack the Unionists holding the east side of Beaver Dam Creek. Pender’s Brigade was on the left, Ripley’s on the right. Exposed to a terrible fire from entrenched troops, . . . Map (db m14985) HM
84Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-2 — Seven Days BattlesMechanicsville
Mechanicsville was held by Union outposts when, in the early afternoon of June 26, 1862, A. P. Hill reached it coming from the north. The Unionists were quickly driven back to their position on Beaver Dam Creek. Then D. H. Hill, followed by . . . Map (db m15211) HM
85Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-25 — Seven Days BattlesGaines’s Mill
Along the slopes of Boatswain Creek, facing north and west, extended Porter’s position in the afternoon of June 27, 1862. The line was held by Sykes’s division facing north, and Morell’s facing west. Later McCall was thrown in to assist Morell. At . . . Map (db m15008) HM
86Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-70 — Seven Days BattlesGaines's Mill
The hill to the south, part of the Union line, was assailed by Stonewall Jackson (with D. H. Hill) in the late afternoon of June 27, 1862, after A. P. Hill's and Longstreet's first assaults on the west had failed. Jackson's men carried the Union . . . Map (db m16169) HM
87Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-12 — Seven Days' BattlesNew Bridge
Leading up to and during the Seven Days' Battles from 25 June to 1 July 1862, bridges and roads played an important role in the movement of the Union and Confederate armies. New Bridge on the Chickahominy River was 1.5 miles south of here, and was . . . Map (db m15675) HM
88Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-9 — Seven Days' BattlesJackson's March to the Battlefields
Confederate Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson and his troops passed through this intersection on 27 June 1862, having arrived from the Shenandoah Valley. Jackson's troops united with Gen. Robert E. Lee's forces just south of here at Walnut Grove . . . Map (db m96723) HM
89Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — PA-20 — Seven Days’ BattlesGaines’s Mill
Half a mile south is Boatswain Creek. The battle that was begun at Gaines’s Mill by A. P. Hill, following Porter’s rear guard, culminated at the Union position on Boatswain Creek. There A. P. Hill and Longstreet, moving eastward, and Jackson coming . . . Map (db m14998) HM
90Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — O-6 — Seven Days’ BattlesBattle of Beaver Dam Creek
The Civil War battle of Beaver Dam Creek (Mechanicsville) began on the afternoon of 26 June 1862. Confederate Maj. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill’s division crossed the Chickahominy upstream at Meadow Bridges and encountered Union skirmishers. The Federals . . . Map (db m14988) HM
91Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — E-11 — The Chickahominy River & Seven Days' Battles
During the Civil War's Seven Days' Battles from 25 June to 1 July 1862, many engagements occurred along and near the Chickahominy River. Union Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan led the Army of the Potomac. His goal was to capture the Confederate capital . . . Map (db m15212) HM
92Virginia (Henrico County), Henrico — PA-230 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
Across the hill here from east to west the Union artillery was in position in the afternoon of July 1, 1862. The Union batteries overpowered the few cannon the Confederates were able to bring up. When the Southern infantry charged from the woods, . . . Map (db m14909) HM
93Virginia (Henrico County), Highland Springs — PA-125 — Seven Days BattlesGolding's Farm
Half a mile northwest occurred the action of Golding's Farm at dusk on June 27, 1862, as the battle of Gaines's Mill, on the other side of the river, was ending. The Confederates, sallying from their defenses, attacked Hancock's brigade holding the . . . Map (db m15657) HM
94Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-220 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
Here from east to west, Berdan’s sharpshooters of Morell’s division were strung out in the afternoon of July 1, 1862. Their rapid and accurate fire harassed the Confederates as they emerged from the woods and charged up the hill.Map (db m14931) HM
95Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-180 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
Here Lee met Longstreet and Jackson in the morning of July 1, 1862. D. H. Hill reported the strength of the Union position on Malvern Hill; but Lee, having cause to believe the Unionists were weakening, prepared to attack. Jackson and D. H. Hill . . . Map (db m196503) HM
96Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-235 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
Across the road here stretched the Union line of battle in the afternoon of July 1, 1862. Couch’s, Kearney’s and Hooker’s divisions were to the east of the road, Morell to the west, with Sykes in reserve. The Confederates made several attacks and, . . . Map (db m14911) HM
97Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-195 — Seven Days BattlesMalvern Hill
Across the road here stretched the Confederate line of battle, facing south, in the afternoon of July 1, 1862. Jackson commanded here, Magruder to the west. Longstreet and A. P. Hill were in reserve the battle lasted intermittently. From morning to . . . Map (db m14920) HM
98Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-190 — Seven Days BattlesGlendale (Frayser’s Farm)
This was the extreme left of the Union line at Glendale, and was held by Hooker’s Division. When McCall (just to the north) was broken, Hooker, supported by Burns’s brigade, drove the Confederates back. In the night the Union army marched southward.Map (db m15077) HM
99Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-163 — Seven Days BattlesGlendale (Frayser's Farm)
Here stood the center of Longstreet's line of battle in the afternoon of June 30, 1862. The Confederates, coming from the west, attacked the Union line just beyond. The battle lasted all afternoon, with varying fortunes and much hand-to-hand . . . Map (db m181653) HM
100Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — Seven Days' Battles Begin
By the final week of June 1862, the Union army lay sprawled east of Richmond, on both sides of the flooded Chickahominy River. General George B. McClellan planned to move that army within artillery range of Richmond; Confederate leader Robert E. Lee . . . Map (db m34665) HM

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