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Richmond National Battlefield Park image, Touch for more information
By Bill Coughlin, April 24, 2007
Richmond National Battlefield Park
101Virginia (Henrico County), Richmond — PA-175 — Seven Days’ BattlesGlendale (Frayser’s Farm)
Willis Church Road runs from here to Malvern Hill. A large part of Union Gen. George B. McClellan’s Army of the Potomac followed this road south toward the James River, four miles ahead, near the end of the Seven Days’ Battles in 1862. On 30 June, . . . Map (db m15061) HM
102Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-105 — Seven Days BattlesGrape Vine Bridge
Here Sumner crossed the river to reinforce the part of McClellan's army fighting at Fair Oaks, May 31, 1862. Here a part of Porter's force crossed in the night of June 27, 1862 after the battle of Gaines's Mill. Here Stonewall Jackson, rebuilding . . . Map (db m15655) HM
103Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-140 — Seven Days BattlesAllen's Farm
On 26 June 1862, Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan abandoned his plan to besiege Richmond and began his retreat to the James River. Gen. Robert E. Lee pursued, determined to destroy the Army of the Potomac. Just north of here at Allen's Farm, at 9:00 . . . Map (db m15682) HM
104Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-144 — Seven Days BattlesSavage's Station
Here, facing west, stretched the Union line in the afternoon of June 29, 1862. Brook's brigade was south of the road with Gorman's and Burn's brigades to the north. In a furious conflict Burn's line was broken but was restored by Sumner in person. . . . Map (db m196719) HM
105Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-142 — Seven Days BattlesSavage’s Station
Here Magruder’s line of Battle, facing east, formed in the late afternoon of June 29, 1862. Barksdale’s, Semmes’s and Kershaw’s Brigades, extending from south of this road to the railroad, made a desperate effort to prevent the Union withdrawal. . . . Map (db m196721) HM
106Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-155 — Seven Days BattlesWhite Oak Swamp
Here Franklin, aided by Richardson, held the passage of White Oak Swamp against Jackson while the Battle of Glendale raged near by, June 30, 1862. A fierce duel went on all afternoon between the Union batteries here and Jackson’s guns on the north . . . Map (db m3723) HM
107Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-152 — Seven Days BattlesWhite Oak Swamp
Here the greater part of McClellan’s army and wagon trains crossed the swamp, June 28-30, 1862. Jackson, pursuing, arrived about noon on June 30, to find the bridge destroyed and the Unionists holding the south side. Failing to force a passage that . . . Map (db m195964) HM
108Virginia (Henrico County), Sandston — PA-148 — Seven Days BattlesWhite Oak Swamp
On the hill just to the west Stonewall Jackson placed his artillery about midday on June 30, 1862. An artillery duel then began with Franklin, guarding the south side of White Oak Swamp, that lasted until dark.Map (db m195963) HM
109Virginia (Loudoun County), Dover — B-22 — Cavalry Battles
In June 1863, Gen. Robert E. Lee led the Army of Northern Virginia through gaps in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains and into the Shenandoah Valley to invade the North. Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart’s cavalry corps screened the army from Federal . . . Map (db m1454) HM
110Virginia (Prince William County), Bristow — Battles at Bristoe Station
Honoring the 150th Anniversary of the Battles at Bristoe StationMap (db m151285) WM
111Virginia (Prince William County), Manassas — George T. Stovall
This marble marks the spot where fell George T. Stovall of the Rome Light Guards, 8th Regt. Georgia Volunteers in the battle of July 21, 1861. Born at Augusta, GA, April 25, 1835. His life he devoted to his God and sacrificed in his country's . . . Map (db m1996) HM
112Virginia (Stafford County), Fredericksburg — Between Battles
As the spring of 1863 brought green to the countryside and fish up the river, the legions of civil strife faced each other cheerfully across the Rappahannock. After the slaughter of Fredericksburg, the embattled brothers held off death for the time. . . . Map (db m4726) HM
113West Virginia (Berkeley County), Falling Waters — Battles of Falling Waters“A splendid falls”
During the Civil War, the strategically important Valley Turnpike crossed the stream just above the small waterfall here. Two battles were fought nearby. The first occurred on July 2, 1861, half a mile south on the Porterfield Farm. On the morning . . . Map (db m58083) HM
114West Virginia (Fayette County), Gauley Bridge — Battles For The BridgesGauley Bridge - A Town in Between
When the war began, most residents of this part of present-day West Virginia were Confederate in their sympathies. Both Confederate and Union forces considered the wooden covered bridge here strategically important because the James River and . . . Map (db m34373) HM

115Belgium, Vlaams Gewest (Oost-Vlaanderen), Oudenaarde — Oudenaarde American Monument37th and 91st U.S. Divisions Regional Activities
This monument is dedicated to the memory of the 40,000 troops of the 37th and 91st Divisions together with the 53rd Artillery Brigade of the American Expeditionary Forces, who fought in this region between 30 October and 11 November of 1918. It was . . . Map (db m87345) HM WM
116Belgium, Vlaams Gewest (West-Vlaanderen), Vierstraat — Kemmel American Monument27th and 30th U.S. Divisions in the Ypers-Lys Offensive
This monument commemorates the achievements of the 27th and 30th Divisions which fought in the Ypres-Lys offensive with the British Army from 18 August to 4 September 1918. It was designed by the architect George Howe of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, . . . Map (db m87339) HM WM
117France, Grand Est (Marne), Saint-Étienne-à-Arnes — Sommepy American MonumentThe Blanc Mont Offensive
In early June 1918 the 42D American Division entered the battle lines with the 13th and 170th French Divisions near Souain. There it gallantly assisted in repelling the last German major offensive of the War. When the Allies began their great . . . Map (db m87323) HM WM
118France, Grand Est (Meuse), Montfaucon-d'Argonne — Montfaucon American MonumentThe Meuse-Argonne Offensive
(Panel #1) The Montfaucon Monument commemorates the Meuse-Argonne offensive. During 47 days of fighting between September 26 and November 11, 1918, the American First Army forced a general retreat on this front. The crest of this hill . . . Map (db m87055) HM WM
119France, Grand Est (Meuse), Montsec — Montsec American MonumentThe St. Mihiel Salient
(Main Panel:) This Monument has been erected by the United States of America to commemorate the capture of the St. Mihiel Salient by the troops of her First Army and to record the services of the American Expeditionary Forces on the battle . . . Map (db m87043) HM WM
120France, Grand Est (Meuse), Romagne-Sous-Montfaucon — Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery
Dedicated to the memory of those who died for their country.Map (db m92172) WM
121France, Hauts-de-France (Aisne), Château-Thierry — American Aisne-Marne Memorial
Front Panel: English: This Monument has been erected by the United States of America to commemorate the services of her troops and those of France who fought in this region during the World War. It stands as a lasting symbol of the . . . Map (db m86789) HM WM
122France, Hauts-de-France (Somme), Cantigny — Cantigny American Monument
Erected by the United States of America to commemorate the first attack by an American Division in the World War (Reverse Side:) The First Division United States Army operating under the X French Corps . . . Map (db m85933) HM WM
123Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg City — Military Operations in Western Europe6 June 1944—8 May 1945
On 6 June 1944, preceded by airborne units and covered by naval and air bombardment, United States and British Commonwealth forces landed on the coast of Normandy. Pushing southward they established a beachhead some 20 miles in depth. On 25 July, in . . . Map (db m92185) WM
124Philippines, Metro Manila (Manila), Taguig — Manila American Cemetery and Memorial — The American Battle Monuments Commission —
Manila American Cemetery, the largest of 24 cemeteries built and administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission, both in area and number of graves. 16,636 military dead of the United States of America from World War II rest here, . . . Map (db m73079) HM WM
125United Kingdom, England (Greater London), City of Westminster — The Battle of Britain Memorial
Front: The Battle of Britain Back: Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few Winston ChurchillMap (db m85843) WM
126United Kingdom, England (Kent), Folkestone — Battle of Britain Memorial
The Christopher Foxley-Norris Memorial Wall Is Dedicated To The Aircrew Who Flew During The Battle of Britain 10th July 1940 — 31st October 1940 “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so . . . Map (db m123862) WM
127Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — "Damn The Torpedoes!" The Campaigns for Mobile, 1864 - 1865
(preface) "Damn the Torpedoes!" is a familiar battle cry, but there's more to the story! The Mobile Civil War Trail is your guide to military movements and the way of life on and around Mobile Bay in the closing two years of the Civil . . . Map (db m87247) HM
128Alabama (Baldwin County), Gulf Shores — Stop C4 — "The Shells Were Bursting All Around Us"The Siege of Fort Morgan: — Stop C4 —
After the surrender of Fort Gaines, U.S. General Gordon Granger prepared to besiege Fort Morgan. On August 9, 1864, he moved by transport to Navy Cove and debarked 2,000 men and his siege equipment at the Pilot Town wharf. By 2:00 p.m. he had . . . Map (db m87246) HM
129Alabama (Mobile County), Citronelle — 14 — "Having Surrendered Their Arms, the War, to Them, Was Over"Citronelle, Surrender Site: — The Battle of Mobile Bay Civil War Trail —
On April 30, 1865, C.S. General Richard Taylor, by then back in Meridian, received a wire from U. S. General Edward Canby. The truce negotiated at Magee Farm, Canby informed him, must end in 48 hours, because Washington had rejected the . . . Map (db m126690) HM
130Alabama (Mobile County), Dauphin Island — Stop E — "Save Your Garrison."Bombardment of Fort Powell: — Stop E —
The Confederates built Fort Powell on Tower Island, an oyster shell bank fifty feet north of Grant's Pass. The Pass provided an easy route from Mobile Bay to New Orleans through Mississippi Sound. C.S. Lieutenant Colonel James M. Williams, only . . . Map (db m87239) HM
131Alabama (Mobile County), Dauphin Island — Stop D — "To Be Blown To Kingdom Come"Siege of Fort Gaines — Stop D —
Once Farragut was in the Bay, capture of Fort Gaines and Powell would prevent his isolation there. So at 4:00 pm, August 3, 1864, 1,500 soldiers commanded by U.S. General Edward Canby (but under the operational direction of General Gordon . . . Map (db m87219) HM
132Alabama (Mobile County), Dauphin Island — Stop D — “Damn the Torpedoes!”The Battle of Mobile Bay: — Stop D —
At 7:25 a.m., August 5, 1864, Admiral Farragut’s lead monitor Tecumseh steered into the torpedo field at the mouth of Mobile Bay. The admiral had ordered Commander Tunis Craven, the Tecumseh’s captain, to engage the ram . . . Map (db m87234) HM
133Alabama (Mobile County), Dauphin Island — Stop 1 — Storm Clouds GatherThe Overland Campaign — Stop 1: Fort Gaines —
To Wait and Watch In late August 1864 the Federals controlled Mobile Bay but could not attack Mobile. Admiral Farragut could not reach the City even with his light draft vessels, because the channels in the upper Bay had been obstructed. . . . Map (db m87243) HM
134Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — "Damn The Torpedoes!" The Campaigns for Mobile, 1864 - 1865The Museum of Mobile
(preface) "Damn the Torpedoes!" is a familiar battle cry, but there's more to the story! The Mobile Civil War Trail is your guide to military movements and the way of life on and around Mobile Bay in the closing two years of the Civil . . . Map (db m87288) HM
135District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — A Soldier's Journey
This memorial's central sculpture, A Soldier's Journey, depicts scenes based on the archetypal myth of "the hero's journey," in which the hero embarks on a quest, wins victory in an epic struggle, and comes home changed by his passage . . . Map (db m171290) HM
136District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — Americans All
All segments of American society contributed to the war effort during World War I. Despite racism at home and in the military, more than 350,000 African Americans served in uniform. Black soldiers were segregated into separate units, and and . . . Map (db m174084) HM
137District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — Armistice and Legacy
As American troops moved through the Meuse-Argonne, it became apparent that Germany had lost the war. An armistice was signed on November 11, 1918, effective at 11:00 a.m. — the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In . . . Map (db m171289) HM
138District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — Beyond the AEF
The American Expeditionary Forces were the soldiers and marines who fought on the Western Front in France and Belgium. But many other Americans served in the war. While the United States initially remained neural, thousands of Americans . . . Map (db m171283) HM
139District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — From Homefront to Battlefront
When the United States declared war in April 1917, the U.S. Army had fewer than 130,000 men. By the end of the war, 4.7 million Americans would serve in the military, two million of them in Europe. While many Americans volunteered or were . . . Map (db m171287) HM
140District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — The AEF in the Great War, 1917-1918
The first elements of the American Expeditionary Forces, under the command of General John J. Pershing, arrived in France in June 1917, but they lacked the numbers and training to the committed to combat. There was also debate over how the . . . Map (db m174083) HM
141District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — World War I Memorial
You are standing in the National World War I Memorial. Before you is the American Expeditionary Forces Memorial, dedicated in 1981 to honor the American forces who served in Europe during the war and their commander, General John J. Pershing. In . . . Map (db m171275) HM
142District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — World War I Memorial
Whether our lives and our deaths were for peace and a new hope or for nothing we cannot say; it is you who must say this. They say: We leave you our deaths. Give them their meaning. We were young, they say. We have died. Remember us. . . . Map (db m171293) WM
143District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — World War I Remembered
When "the Great War" ended in 1918, the United States did not have a tradition of national war memorials. Most memorials honored veterans from the local community, such as the District of Columbia War Memorial on the National Mall. An exception . . . Map (db m171292) HM
144District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — World War I, 1914-1917
In the summer of 1914, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, ignited a continental war between the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire and the Allies of France, Great . . . Map (db m171277) HM
145District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Korean War Veterans Memorial
[Inscription: Panel 1]: Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and a people they never met. 1950 * Korea * 1953 [Panel 2]: Freedom Is Not Free . . . Map (db m8829) WM
146District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — World War II Memorial
Here in the presence of Washington and Lincoln, one the Eighteenth Century father and the other the Nineteenth Century preserver of our nation, we honor those Twentieth Century Americans who took up the struggle during the Second World War and made . . . Map (db m4392) HM
147Florida (Brevard County), Melbourne — Battle of the Bulge1944 - 199
Dedicated to the gallant and victorious men and women who participated in the Battle of the Bulge, World War II, 16 December 1944 thru 25 January 1945 in Belgium and Luxembourg. The greatest battle ever fought by the United States Army. The veterans . . . Map (db m195406) WM
148Florida (Lake County), Eustis — Battle of the Bulge Memorial
In memory of the soldiers and Army nurses from the Golden Triangle Area who participated in the Battle of the Bulge, 16 December 1944 through 25 January 1945 in Belgium and Luxembourg. This major conflict with the German armies is regarded as the . . . Map (db m166537) HM WM
149Florida (Orange County), Orlando — Veterans of the Battle of the BulgeArdennes
Dedicated to the gallant men and women who participated in the Battle of the Bulge, World War II, 16 December 1944 thru 25 January 1945 in Belgium and Luxembourg, the greatest battle ever fought by the United States Army. The Veterans of the Battle . . . Map (db m7450) HM
150Kentucky (Hart County), Bonnieville — Bacon Creek Trestle
The unlucky L&N Railroad trestle over Bacon Creek received harsh treatment at the hands of Confederate raider John Hunt Morgan not once, but twice during the Civil War. The first destruction, in August 1861, was the first of many attacks Morgan . . . Map (db m39938) HM
151Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Anthony Woodson FarmBattle of Munfordville — September 14-17, 1862 —
Thomas Woodson received this farm as a land grant from Thomas Jefferson for service in the Revolutionary War. His son Anthony made his home on this site and developed a prosperous farmstead, considered one of the finest in the county. From his front . . . Map (db m40033) HM
152Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Battle of Munfordville: Day 1Battle and Siege of Munfordville — Sunday, September 14, 1862 —
An “unauthorized and injudicious” attack ... General James R. Chalmers was sent by General Bragg as a vanguard to Cave City. There, Chalmers learned from Col. John Scott of a weak Union garrison at Munfordville. Eager for . . . Map (db m88251) HM
153Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Battle of Munfordville: Siege
When Braxton Bragg arrived at Green River, Cyrus Dunham had taken command of the Union garrison. The 15th had been spent clearing casualties from the field, but by the next day, gunfire erupted from Bragg’s advance guard, starting a day-long . . . Map (db m88347) HM
154Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Battle of Rowletts StationDecember 17, 1861
Now a fight ensued such as seldom occurs … - Colonel August Willich, 32nd Indiana
In December 1861, Confederate General Thomas Hindman came from Bowling Green to probe the growing Union strength at . . . Map (db m96817) HM
155Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Fort CraigBattle and Siege of Munfordville — September 14 - 17, 1862 —
The mound on the hilltop before you is Fort Craig, a five-pointed earthen “star fort” that saw the fiercest fighting of the Civil War Battle and Siege of Munfordville, September 14-17, 1862. Forces of the 7th, 9th, and 29th Mississippi . . . Map (db m164109) HM
156Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Kentucky and the Western WarWestern Theater, 1861-1862
Other than by navigating the Mississippi River, the only way for armies west of the Appalachians to move from north to south was through Kentucky. Kentucky's rivers and railroads tempted commanders from both sides in spite of the state's declared . . . Map (db m40036) HM
157Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — L&N Railroad BridgeConstructed 1857-1859
By 1857, the Louisville & Nashville Railroad lacked only one connection for through trains to travel between the two cities—a bridge over Green River. Irish stonecutters John W. Key and sons were hired for two years to construct the piers that . . . Map (db m88353) HM
158Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Munfordville in the Civil War
The small, unassuming county-seat village of Munfordville, founded on an old buffalo crossing and home to a well-known tavern, could claim pride of place in 1860 as the spot where the L&N Railroad crossed the Green River, over what whas then the . . . Map (db m39984) HM
159Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — Pontooniers!1861 - 1865
As useful as Munfordville's small ferry was, it couldn't meet the needs of whole armies. As soon as General Alexander McDowell McCook's army arrived at Green River in the fall of 1861, soldiers immediately began building flat-bottomed boats to . . . Map (db m40019) HM
160Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — The RaiderMorgan and his Raiders — Woodsonville, 1861 —
The arrival of Federal troops into Lexington, Kentucky in fall 1861 prompted Lexington native John Hunt Morgan to assemble a band of 17 armed men on horseback to support the Southern cause. The "Lexington Rifle" then rode into south central Kentucky . . . Map (db m40038) HM
161Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — The Smith MonumentDedicated September 17, 1864 — Battle for the Bridge Historic Preserve —
Coming to America from Scotland in the year 1884, Mr. James Smith, brother of Col. Robert A. Smith, visited the battlefield at Munfordville and purchased land on which he contracted to have erected a massive and costly monument in honor of his . . . Map (db m165647) HM
162Kentucky (Hart County), Munfordville — The Woodson FarmBattle for the Bridge Historic Preserve
Anthony Woodson's fields and woods felt the ravages of war. Yet before and after, and even during the strife, the daily life of a central Kentucky farmstead carried on. As you wander the paths of the Woodson farm and visit the house, keep your . . . Map (db m40034) HM
163Kentucky (Jessamine County), Nicholasville — General William "Bull" NelsonStaunch Unionist and Friend of President Abraham Lincoln — The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky —
Son of an Influential Kentucky Family The Nelson family counted among its friends some of the most important families in Kentucky. William Nelson, born in 1824, near Maysville, Kentucky, grew up in an atmosphere of influence and wealth. . . . Map (db m70658) HM
164Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — The Battle of Pleasant HillRed River Campaign
Front On this 4 square miles in around the village of Pleasant Hill, approx. 15,000 Confederates under Maj. Gen. Richard Taylor attacked approx. 25,000 Union troops under Maj. Gen. N. P. Banks on April 9, 1864. That was the 3rd day of . . . Map (db m105670) HM
165Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — The Village of Pleasant Hill
Front The Village of Pleasant Hill was founded at this location just inside the DeSoto Parish in 1846. Pleasant Hill was a major road intersection with roads radiating to Mansfield, Natchitoches, Grand Ecore, Ft. Jessup, Many, Red River . . . Map (db m105673) HM
166Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Pelican — Army of the Tennessee
Front Brig. Gen. Andrew J. Smith Third Division Sixteen Army Corps Second Brigade 14th Iowa - Lieut. Col. Joseph Newbold 27th Iowa - Col. James I. Gilbert 32nd Iowa - Col. John Scott 24th Missouri - Maj. Robert W. Fyan . . . Map (db m105357) HM WM
167Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Harwich — Battle of the Bulge
In Memory Dec. 16, 1944 - Jan. 25, 1945 Dedicated to Those Men and Women Who Fought in the Historic World War II Battle of the Bulge In the Ardennes, Belgium Cape Cod Islands Chapter 58 Veterans of the Battle of the . . . Map (db m157863) WM
168Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Hyannis — Battle Of The Bulge1944 - 1945
Dedicated to the gallant and victorious men and women who participated in the Battle of the Bulge. The greatest battle ever fought by the United Stated Army in Belgium and Luxembourg during World War II, 16 December 1944 thru 25 January . . . Map (db m142706) WM
169Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Sandwich — Battle Of The Bulge
In Memory Dec. 16, 1944 - Jan. 25, 1945 Dedicated to those men and women who fought in the historic World War II Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes, Belgium Cape Cod & Islands Chapter 58 Veterans Of The Battle Of . . . Map (db m140414) WM
170Michigan (Calhoun County), Battle Creek — Purple Heart MemorialCombat Wounded Veterans
Dedicated to the recipients of this nation's oldest military decoration The "Purple Heart" My stone is red for the blood they shed. The medal I bear is my country's way to show they care. If I could be seen by all mankind maybe peace . . . Map (db m189342) WM
171Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — 1 — Action Before Westport
(Front of Marker): Price's Raid Confederate General Sterling Price brought three mounted divisions from Arkansas into Missouri, September 19, 1864. Fighting several small battles he marched slowly north toward St. Louis, then struck . . . Map (db m20868) HM
172Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — Byram's Ford and the Battle of WestportBattle of Westport • Byram's Ford • Big Blue Battlefield • 22-23 October 1864
History of Byram's Ford Freighter Augustine Byram from Kentucky settled here in 1839. Overlooking the Byram's Ford crossing of the Big Blue River, his log cabin stood 900 yards west of here on the rise dubbed by the soldiers in 1864 as . . . Map (db m187187) HM
173Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — Contested CrossingBattle of Westport • Byram's Ford • Big Blue Battlefield • 23 October 1864
In the frosty darkness of the early pre-dawn hours of October 22, 1864, 300 citizen soldiers of the 4th Kansas State Militia crossed over Byram's Ford here. They encamped on the west side in a nearby cornfield on the opposite high bank. The . . . Map (db m187215) HM
174Missouri (Jackson County), Kansas City — Storm of LeadBattle of Westport • Byram's Ford • Big Blue Battlefield • 23 October 1864
At dawn on October 23, this now quiet creek crossing bristled with Confederate skirmishers. They lay in wait on the frosty ground behind log breast works in the dense underbrush on the high bank on the right and front. Smoke from their camp . . . Map (db m187216) HM
175Missouri (St. Louis County), Lemay — A Triumph Of Valor
To commemorate our comrades who made the supreme sacrifice for their country and the heroic American soldiers who defeated the German Armies in the Ardennes Campaign. Battle of the Bulge 16 December 1944 - 25 January 1945 Belgium . . . Map (db m192497) WM
176New Jersey (Bergen County), Fort Lee — Veterans of the Battle of the BulgeArdennes
Dedicated to the men and women of the United States Army who participated in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II in Belgium and Luxembourg the greatest land battle fought by the United States Army under extreme winter conditions suffering . . . Map (db m54913) HM
177New Jersey (Monmouth County), Fort Monmouth — Battle of the Bulge Monument
Dedicated to the gallant men and women of the United States Armed Forces who participated in the “Battle of the Bulge,” fought in Belgium and Luxembourg during World War II. The greatest battle ever engaged in by the United States . . . Map (db m6964) WM
178New Jersey (Union County), Springfield — The Jersey Militia and Continental Army
This plaque is dedicated to those brave men of the New Jersey Militia and Continental Army who fought the Battle of Springfield June 7 to June 23, 1780. The battle took place between the bridge crossing near Morris Avenue and the east branch of . . . Map (db m6920) HM
179New York (Chemung County), Lowman — Native Voices
The 1779 campaign drove native peoples from their villages. Seneca and Delaware fought to protect their family, homes and way of life.Map (db m169095) HM
180New York (Chemung County), Lowman — Newtown Battlefield
August 29, 1779 Erected by Newtown Battle Chapter Sons of American Revolution 1907Map (db m33323) HM
181New York (Chemung County), Lowman — Soldiers of the American RevolutionBuried in this Cemetery
Libertas et Patria Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in this Cemetery Lt. Israel Parshall Pa. • Lt. Christopher Denn Pa. Sgt. Daniel McDowell Pa. • Sgt. Alexander Murry N.Y. Pvt. Abraham Brewer N.Y. • Pvt. John Brewer N.Y. Pvt. Thomas . . . Map (db m33359) HM
182New York (Chemung County), Lowman — Soldiers of the American RevolutionBuried in this Cemetery
Libertas et Patria Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in this Cemetery Lt. Israel Parshall Pa. • Lt. Christopher Denn Pa. Sgt. Daniel McDowell Pa. • Sgt. Alexander Murry N.Y. Pvt. Abraham Brewer N.Y. • Pvt. John Brewer N.Y. Pvt. Thomas . . . Map (db m90334) HM
183New York (Clinton County), Town of Peru — Battle of Valcour
11 October 1776. Across this strait a small colonial fleet fought the British to a standstill causing a 3 day running conflict that delayed the British advance to divide the colonies. This action allowed time for the Americans to rebuild their . . . Map (db m108649) HM
184New York (Herkimer County), Mohawk — Fort Herkimer
Site of home of Johan Jost, Herkimer ca. 1740 fortified 1756-57 military outpost During French & Indian and Revolutionary Wars Map (db m32461) HM
185New York (Kings County), Brooklyn — The Kings Highway1636
The King's Highway formerly the road to Flatlands Neck passed this site. Over it the Indian braves and Captain John Underhill with his colonial soldiers passed. Lord Cornwallis, on August 25, 1776, at the head of the British troops silently . . . Map (db m18403) HM
186New York (Monroe County), Rochester — Battle of the Bulge
World War II This memorial is dedicated to the soldiers who fought in the bloodiest battle waged by the American army in World War II. The Ardennes Campaign was fought in Belgium and Luxembourg December 16, 1944 - January 25, 1945 Forcing the . . . Map (db m62097) WM
187New York (Nassau County), East Meadow — Battle of the Bulge Veterans Memorial
. . . Map (db m106456) WM
188New York (New York County), New York — East Coast MemorialWWII Battle Monument
Base of Memorial centerpiece, front: 1941 * * * * 1945 Erected by the United States of America in proud and grateful remembrance of her sons who gave their lives in her service and who sleep in the American coastal waters of the Atlantic . . . Map (db m29208) HM
189New York (Saratoga County), Schuylerville — Fort Hardy
British Supply Post 1755 – 63 Here Gen. John Burgoyne’s defeated British troops in the ruins of the fort lay down their arms 1777Map (db m56862) HM
190New York (Westchester County), White Plains — The War for American Independence
The War for American Independence From October 28, 1776 until the British withdrawal on November 4, 1776 the Continental Army commanded by General George Washington engaged and held off the splendidly appointed British forces of General . . . Map (db m24440) HM
191North Carolina (Alamance County), Burlington — Battle of Clapp's Mill
Battle of Clapp's Mill On March 2, 1781, the American light troops under Colonel Otho Holland Williams of Maryland and Lieutenant Colonel Henry "Lighthouse Harry" Lee of Virginia engaged the British light troops near Clapp's Mill on Beaver . . . Map (db m28062) HM
192North Carolina (Bladen County), Clarkton — Old Brown Marsh Presbyterian Church2 Miles North East
Organized prior to 1756. Present building constructed 1818—the third on site. First two buildings of logs. Was also used for secular education until 1848. Among early ministers: H. McAden, Jas. Hall, S. Stanford, C. Lindsay.Map (db m60483) HM
193North Carolina (Bladen County), Clarkton — Whistler’s Mother1804–1881
Anna Mathilda McNeill Whistler, mother of the noted painter, James Abbot McNeill Whistler, lived in a house which stood 1300 yards east of this spot.Map (db m60280) HM
194North Carolina (Bladen County), Elizabethtown — Oakland
One and one-half miles northeast stands Oakland, the home of General Thomas Brown, an officer of the Revolution, 1747-1814. Staunch patriot, statesman, planter.Map (db m94723) HM
195North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — Nathanael Greene
[Front of monument pedestal]: Appointed Major General in command of the Southern Army October 14, 1780 Born in Rhode Island August 7, 1742 Died in Georgia June 19 1786 [Left Side of monument pedestal]: Guilford Court House . . . Map (db m6975) HM
196North Carolina (Guilford County), Sedalia — McLean House
One half mile south of this marker stands the house built by John McLean and his wife Jane Marshall McLean before 1767. Col. Wm. Washington spent some time in this house in the spring of 1781. It has been the home of every successive . . . Map (db m39617) HM
197North Carolina (Lenoir County), Kinston — Caring for the WoundedHarriet's Chapel Battlefield Park — Battle of Kinston Military Park —
As the fighting surged past the church and the battle moves into Kinston, surgeons of both armies began the task of caring for the wounded. Harriet’s Chapel became a refuge and men from both sides found care at the church. The fighting around . . . Map (db m70424) HM
198North Carolina (Lenoir County), Kinston — Fighting at Harriet's ChapelHarriet's Chapel Battlefield Park — Battle of Kinston Military Park —
On December 14, Union troops overwhelmed the Confederate line at Harriet’s Chapel. After making a determined stand, the outnumbered Confederates withdrew, fighting as they pulled back toward Jones Bridge. Union Gen. Henry Wessells spent hours . . . Map (db m70416) HM
199North Carolina (Lenoir County), Kinston — Starr's BatteryHarriet's Chapel Battlefield Park — Battle of Kinston Military Park —
In front of you is the position held by Capt. Joseph B. Starr’s Battery. Starr’s Battery defended this position against the Union advance on December 14. Finally, his ammunition exhausted, Starr withdrew across the Neuse River. Capt. Starr had . . . Map (db m70441) HM
200North Carolina (Lenoir County), Kinston — The Action in the SwampHarriet's Chapel Battlefield Park — Battle of Kinston Military Park —
A large swamp separated the advancing Union army and the Confederate defenders one-half mile north. Described by one Union soldier as, “difficult to cross, and densely covered with a growth of small trees and pine,” the swamp . . . Map (db m70438) HM

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